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German Lopez joins Matt and Sarah to talk about Attorney General Jeff Sessions' most recent move on marijuana, how Trump spends his time, and child mortality in the US.

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What time is it map its policy to allow them to another observer, the weeds and the box media Potass network? I met with laziest out with me today. We have sir Cliff as usual and also the great, Lopez sitting in four as recline, can great show coming. Wouldn't talk about Americans dying and talk about policy time, sparing Umbria and for the weeds but but we we hope to have some policy time. We. This is policies, and I am obviously time all the time is not as it. I am yes but what we asked her to come and join us because it was them some significant news this week, marijuana policy, which is a specialty of his
and something that we wanted to talk about it to make it a somewhat surprising move really said it came to spite me. I am. Can you just explain my brother? but what happened? There is a little surprising because saw essentially what the attorney general did and he could have done this year about, but he chose to do at the start of this year. I is he rescinded. Obama era Guide and says that essentially allow states to continue with Eliza marijuana without federal interference, marijuana still technically illegal under federal law. But what these and, as from the Obama administration, that is, they allowed states too essentially carry out third level. Education they should have. I say then made aid certain criteria. They were things like you can't let legal marijuana land on kids hands or be trafficked across straight lines, I states met those criteria- the federal government which was supposed to keep its hands off. So
like what they had been doing under the above. Second term was sort of. quarantining, legal marijuana in the states that were legalizing right we're trying to make sure you becoming like a piece of operations for interstate marijuana distribution. That's right, the main policy and whether any violations or as a kind of just like the Colorado, ATO and Washington were able to abide by these and, like everything was pretty chill as long as that. This is actually one criticism of the Obama Aragon says. Is that There was never any harsh in oarsmen right? You could interpret these guidelines to be really struck, so can see with some marijuana is always going to end up across state lines, no matter how good state our regulating their systems the Obama administration, at least idea the and what not then really go after anyone in huge way so
What sessions change is now he's time prosecutors. You know why you can make your own judgment. You can look at federal law which prohibits marijuana and you can look what's going on in your jurisdiction, and you can decide if you want to prosecute these businesses that are legal under state law, but not under federal law, and this was switch. Why, when, when George W Bush was president We didn't have the commercial legalization in Washington and call Otto, but we did have medical marijuana dispensaries, particularly in California, and they were very much federal law enforcement target right, as particularly in California. There were high profile, re training, some answers during the early years of the Obama administration and into, these memos and these guidance came around the Obama administration. Pretty much continue. That but after Colorado and wash and state, became the first two to legalise into that. Twelve, the Obama administration started changing tracks on its and its policy. It had also
done an earlier memo in terms of just medical marijuana that also try to push back considerably a rating medical marijuana dispensaries, and so we, All of that, though, the raids kind of starved and we ve been to his boy were now state or just kind of moving forward with legal ASEAN. There are now eight state, be nine states by the end of the week because reminders considering legalizing marijuana, although not for sales, and It seems like like for the most the thought of her majesty out of it and now unclear exactly where this will go. Federal prosecutors are released. Statements essentially saying well some of them have suggested that they will be more strict on legal marijuana. The federal prosecutor Massachusetts did Massachusetts, legalise pot, arms, others have said like in Colorado that they're not really going to change what they were doing, but this is except what we would expect from what sessions said key. He essentially told her
scooters. I can do what they want. So it's not going to be up to individual prosecutor sit side exactly how strict they are on enforcing federal law. Here. The thing I wanted to have you talk about what we ve learned from Colorado in Washington and this experiment that's been running for what is it like five the man how many years, five or so well the sale started in two thousand fourteen and call out our own Washington's less than thirty. Even let it get three four year experiment I was When you think about all this research, you read on Colorado, Washington, like what do you feel like? We know, changes. When a state legal, as mayor one, I think the two things that comes to mind are like the public health effects and also the ECB negative legalizing marijuana and I'm curious like what's? Was trusting like what stands out to you about? What's true in these places We ve learned in a few years ago to caveat this by saying. Well, it's
pretty early. If you talk to me about this always cars in its early, we couldn't wait a few more years, but there has been some early research so far in some surveys done and what we found. Is that it's not? the end of the world that a lot of people feared Colorado, T Marijuana uses actually down, which is contrary to what people who supported prohibition would have expected a few years ago in Washington state. The numbers are either up slightly or there about the same as they were during legalization. Fourteen marijuana use there, I won T marijuana use, go down. The question is whether equalization matters enough to teens that they're using more pot or if they were gonna use, pot less or more pot anyway. Why mechanism is also part of the few, that, if selling drugs to anyone is illegal, then maize, while some friends to a seventeen year old. But if you can the living selling drugs to nineteen year olds,
it's illegal herself a seventeen year old. then you may as well, so you would be learned. Man might actually follow the wire yeah. I'm I'm just always skeptical of that, because I think once you legalise something it's, this can become more accessible and adults will start giving it to made selling it to their teenage brothers or sisters or something I always found his tea, and it was easier by marijuana. Then beer, That's true. That was my experience. That was also my experiences, the team, but has to get to by other no experience. Okay, so teen uses like maybe down. Maybe it's slightly up of acknowledge that the answer it's just not dramatic. Otherwise, we ve seen crashes, are, maybe it's the involving I use are may be slightly up. Die depends on which study or looking at I should mention the other side- this is obviously marijuana. Arrests are way down and since our huge racial disparities in those that's a good thing
or for addressing racial disparities in the criminal justice system. The remaining arrests actually still have pretty big racial disparities, but general, there are ways your rasta, that's generally the outcome. You would expect them and legalization its desire. The legalization mostly been an insane with low african american populations that way yeah. That's true, but even then, even in those states are worked, pretty pornographers disparities- saw it still good to see those kinds of our come down, but I think some of the most telling openness is actually medical marijuana here, even though medical marijuana, I mean it's called medical marijuana. There were deftly a lot of states that were not very strict about, forcing them side of that. California in particular, and that is, as is notoriously about at this and the Mather trying to do now they ve fully legalise or try to enforce more regulations, but up to last year's are or doesn't mean, I'm gonna this and the UN. This does suggest that when you do open up access to it,
medical marijuana, you would expect more use and more dependence to go up and there have been a few, that studies on as they shut out specifically in places that allow dispensaries that allow commercialization. Essentially, you do see and uptake use independence among adults, although not as much in teens. So that cannot speak to what we ve seen so far here and there some without is, I mean marijuana. More pleasing marijuana is not the end of the world, it's not a particularly dangerous drug, but there are some public health concerns with it. In terms of I mean I I mentioned car crashes, which is a public safety issue, but there are also things like like: if people were more people are using marijuana. Then I mean one research. I d, always says that we know that people harp they smoke a lot of marijuana, not increasing their chances of winning a Pulitzer, something like that and theirs also concerns with, then there are some studies indicating that it can produce problems like increased mental health issues, particularly psychosis, that, even though it has
Has medical benefits are also physical, health concerns to consider in terms of smoking and and that kind of thing, but the so that's that's why people are concerned. It thought that it the marijuana, this super dangerous, stronger in the same way alcohol or tobacco are, but it is some to consider, and at least a downside, to leave. Allocation of access goes up, and I mean what do we expect to see happen under at this sort of new regime? I mean is there a likelihood that there's going be a substantial shift in the available. E of marijuana if s attorney is say they want. You know come forward with it with a new tough on pot. Should have, or is this probably sorting nothing, I'm in Should? Should you be
I don't know, I beg the gay. Should we worry about our marijuana? Civil law should should people who you know you concerned right have been who live in Massachusetts like is this? Is this can be the end or orbit I've tried asking the Justice Department will to sleep more anti marijuana prosecutions and they have said. Maybe we don't know it's, it's really weird how they don't even know sent another answer to these questions, and really it's gonna come down to, federal prosecutors are doing individual federal prosecutors do want to crack down of some of them? Do choose to crack down echoed deftly, have a chilling fact of your marijuana business, if it's kind of our top process an expensive process to go through this licensing regime- and you see at other. Businesses are getting shot down, seemingly at the whims of a federal prosecutor. That is probably going to make you think twice about this one example is marijuana. Index stocks actually fell, which is
The same thing that we have now a days but actually fell India after of this decision, and that has re concerns about whether investors are gonna, be a little shakier about putting one into marijuana businesses in and so on and so forth in terms of the sort of pushing this down to the? U S. Attorneys, if like you, said how this really work: I mean there's a there's, a d, a field office in Boston, there's a that's like an agency of people who are pretty committed to you. No war on drugs, type rhetoric in the absence of this kind of memo. If they, you know, decide to drive down the street, you know Look up some marijuana shops in the yellow pages come in with their badge sailor Kay the steps illegal like can S attorney really liquid even what what are you gonna? Do? It I guess I'm trimester. What's the what's it
of command. He read that when you have a presidential directive saying like no leave these businesses alone. You know, then they get left alone. and when you can say and like I don't know why- shrug ie like we have? No, we have no national policy on this question. Everybody just go, go! Do what you want right, that's that's one of the most I mean tat. It could be that federal prosecutor in Massachusetts. Besides, I'm gonna run across the street and just lock up every one of these dispensaries and in California somebody could just back. I don't I don't care about those businesses. It's real weird way, and particularly framing that the Justice Department in sessions use, they said This is about bringing the rule of law back to the? U S, but if you really mean that the new mean the rule of law, as in it's going to be enforced. A hundred percent of the time- and this is
the kind of doing the opposite way in just it's totally confused. It speaks static. How I feel, like I've, seen a Trump administration acting in a lot of areas that this is something far our friend and I ve talked about a lot there is actually using uncertainty is like a to where you knew to occur? Well, I guess they don't I you probably understand the politics, it is better than I do for some reason I wanna go as far as you know, a saying: ok, now you do this again and like having a directive like the Obama administration, dead, they're kind of putting in this limbo- and I think you see very similar actions with immigration and you note meant to depress immigration without actually. Committing massive resources to it? I see a bunch of doesn't like you're right now, words like unclear of nine million kids will keep getting health insurance SAM through chip. It seems pattern to me of how the Trump Administration uses uncertainty as a policy tool
the end, and that that matters I mean that changes. How people behave you when you're not really sure the rules are being around your life in your business. It was odd about it is that this sort of uncertainty inside uncertainty, Wade like the pre memo approach, was it the dossier was not like writ large super focused on merit which was illegal in most places and local law enforcement thing, but in place is where they were, allowing dispensaries to operate with very lax rules. They were deliberately targeting them because they were like you- I mean marijuana- is illegal under federal law. I think aid now Crazy interpretation of their mission was that they needed to enforce those words try to prevent marijuana from becoming legal and like target openly operating. Dismay. There is, then the Obama administration pulled them back from that trying to say like no we're going to defer to state officials.
but the Trump policy of saying we're defer to federal, officials, but local ones. Is that gets very straight Emily, isn't it difficult to say. What that's supposed to accomplish right to say that federal law federal law instead of being enforced spotty according to what the local elected officials, one does a federal laws can be forests bodily according to what their own federal these want is is where I think the swayed to understand this at least away. I've tried to think about is that session in his world? If he got his way, he would absolutely crackdown on every single legal marijuana establishment, the? U s I mean he has long said he made comments like good people, don't smoke marijuana. He said that he would once a federal law enforcement to really crackdown on these places, but I think the way he has run into is
forces. One is that the Justice Department probably does not have the resource to crack down on all of the marijuana businesses that are now out there so alleys unless they would want to like hurt their mission in terms of reducing violent crime or anything else that such as wants to do so that one day, and the other thing is that marijuana legalization is just extremely popular die. really well in the? U S and they pulse, particularly while in the states that have actually voted it in and also The complicating issue is that some of these states They Colorado Nevada. They haven't look and senators. So if say, the Justice Department went into these states and started really. cracking down a marijuana legalization that could pass people off and they might be ok. I don't like this overcome government. That's doing this right now, migration, both for the Senator and then they might those in the Senate or something like that. I mean there are these bases. That there are these people,
or concerns that they had to think about now, because as much a sentence would love to crack down a marijuana, it's just not a very popular idea. You talk through lake summit. the things we learned from these states. I'm curious like what are you here when you talk to folks who don't support? Marijuana lies legalization. You talked evokes justice or look at the statements they put out. What is the rationale they off? Is it just about? this is the law, unlike our hands, are tied or like? What's the case, and is there like a compelling case that here against legalization like what's the best argument against it and what we hear from the Trump administration. I think the best argument is essentially making the case not even a surly against legalization but against commercialization, which is that We have done a really terrible job regulating companies that sell legal drugs. Over the years I mean we have. Tobacco still kills hundreds of thousands of people a year
Alcohol is eighty eight thousand deaths a year, opiate epidemic causing by pharmaceutical companies I mean so the concern is: if we have a similar for profit interests come in and really market their drugs irresponsible, with marijuana that could cause problems. The capital? That is that we do know that marijuana is as dangerous as all these other drugs I just mentioned so who knows exactly how risky that would be, but that generally, the best argument is that there really worried about big marijuana coming in and just released marketing the drug irresponsibly and to the extent that the sessions mammal create uncertainty and my create a chilling effect, think some of the hope is that it all slow down investment into the marijuana industry and in that way, might so down some of these big marijuana businesses from taking off the question is how how effective our it should be in the long run, because the next administration,
men and just overturn this mammal on it doesn't look like me innovation is going away just be, those member anytime soon, but that that's generally what their third outwardly see playing out. There is marijuana like the states. Fourthly, dot com, and by handful like they lay like. big marijuana that mom and pop marijuana, this pointer it still. I mean this- is one place where Stuffily still early. We have seen these bigger com. These form in the past four years that are interested in really making this national, not just state wide market and really starting. The push like this is standard you want for part in advertising. Here we have the best ideas for farming, cultivating and selling marijuana so you're, beginning to see some of that start to happen, but is something that you would expect over time. Anyway, just I mean we ve seen this with other industries that the bigger players are coming in by its out too early to say, and even under the Obama memo regime. There Still,
pretty meaningful federal legal restrictions on marijuana, businesses related to their access to the banking system and some other aspects I answer the most sort of advanced marginalization had been in sort of secondary businesses for related to the marijuana trade, but you haven't it hasn't been possible to create like marijuana like retail store franchise in a way that you know there is for hamburgers, but you don't further steps towards legalization. Could You were just expected to become like a born, more normal kind of business ride to that tap on a minute one of the the criteria and that in the Obama memo is that you cannot do interstate trafficking, right, so I mean you would not be allowed to grow your marijuana, Colorado and ship to California, so that alone limits just how babies, businesses can get and also the bank. There is also the camp Doc certain taxes because of the book federal power
vision and that that all limits, how how big these companies can get there. Found ways around it. So there are like credit unions that are starting to try to that these marijuana This is due some banking by that does limit just how far they can wait, a review think about any other agricultural commodity way. Deep. The interstate trafficking in like corn products is integral to the hall. asian of the the food system. Right I mean it's isn't typically the case that you grow everything in the same state as the people who would consume it. Written in the thing, is you doubly dont need to its? Not lay there are other you could consider dried herbal products is only transport, but I M also me I'm curious if you run into this near parting around, but a few years ago I was at a healthcare conference in Colorado in one of the failed traps as like visit a marijuana. Which I signed up for anything
mt deregulation, at least at the time, as well as two years ago, every plant as tagged unlike the state, knows about every single plant The guy was running. It was as dutch guy who used to do like hydroponic tomatoes and was telling us a lot about like all the You don't seem like a very formal greenhouse, invite and but a very highly regulated green. Also, they dont have the tag every single tomato plant and his old, like tomato factory. But there it is. like every single one of them. Had this little state tag on them, and it seems like that still, probably a a or cost of entry to the marijuana industry. Is that you're gonna be dealing with a lot more bureaucracy and regulation of your product by this house this is called the seed to sale model where you would essentially track from the sea the failed at the marijuana make sure say within the stadium and what not generally, that that has EL been true in the states that have legalise my glasses.
Gonna be regulations. I kind of ease up on that as more seats, expand and maybe, as the federal government begins, changing how it handles marijuana, because now there has been this push back and there has been have spent these legislative proposals, to stop the federal government interfering in any way with states at has legalised marijuana recreational purposes. There. Congress She passed a budget rider that already does is for medical marijuana, but now, like Nancy he's out there saying what we should do this for a full legalization. Because is there much it can do like. I give you, like our in Massachusetts, know those guys, king aggressive. Can you do, to protect her industry. It doesn't seem like an obvious solution comes up to. Maybe I'm curious if they're, like thinking through grounds at this point not really is The federal government wants to take you to court. We're just gonna have to go to court, Sir
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now you can go to square space, dot com for a free trial when you're ready to launch and use the offer code weeds to save ten percent of your first per of a website or a domain that is square space come offer codes weeds. I really like using square space, and I think you ought to. This is a small thing in the news, but I feel very interesting. I actually a story that Jonathan Swan did where he was leaked, some copies president trumps actual schedule, as opposed to their public schedule, that that sort of posted on the internet on that day forgot hours a day, every day blocked out for the present watch television and they call it executive time which, which I think is funny. I told my wife. I need some executive time last night before I finish, the dishes and but then there is also this policy and the differences unclear. So we know one of the one of the days of the schedule that Jonathan Swan got. Ahold of is a Thursday from a few
weeks ago, where policy time was at eleven executive too was at noon lunch for now and then executive time at one thirty, so we do not have reporting right now. The difference between policy, it executive time, but they're they're, both sea, to be frequent appearances on the trouble calendar along with lunch, which a separate one time lunchtime. important you launch. I guess I can't get over how dumb office? I mean honestly, it is so incredibly stew every here we have the person in the most powerful role in the world and he wants a sharp to work late because he wants to watch television, most Americans, I'm sure, would love to shop to work late to watch television, but I think all of us understand that's not ok, yet the president, it has The other thing about this is that it is all the key needs to.
The news to catch up on the world's events. We have access to the bank's intelligence for master in time as the security briefing, which is probably better than the slowly reported. It just shows that this is all it seems like it's all for vanity. Tromp wants to see what people are saying on on tv about him, and then he wants to know how to spend what he sees on tv on his twitter account issues. This is so so ridiculous. I think there's something important here, which is something that I think baffles a lot of liberals is like how is it that Republicans don't see? Dont look at this shit show and say that we need to bail on this disaster and the answer is that some of this stuff that looks to a trump sceptic like a should show like he's watching five hours of television a day.
Is what republican establishment types actually find to be? Okay about the trumpet demonstration that he has appointed to lead agencies? Alot of republican party people? they are doing things say, are each of their doing their deregulatory. Things are throwing basically normal right wing things. The men- Congress and Capitol Hill, are doing basically normal right wing things, and the present and who does not have deep connections to the Republican Party is not, stir being their work right he's here watching tv he's doing some tweeds, but but this to them is ok what wooden worried them about tromp right when a total outsider too, to conserve, the conservative movement swept in started, in primary started dominating the poles. They worried that he was gonna, shake things up right, that we were gonna, get the single pair healthcare system that he floated or he he said at one point that he thought
the federal government should leave. Marijuana allow why'd. He he said lots of stuff and you could imagine a world in which Trump is hard at work. You know what the phones talking to his contacts and the business community talking a Democrat and he's governing in this very idiosyncratic way and it's like a big confusion, but he's not doing that stuff he's taking these retains a heritage. We think he's letting a staff from the government, like, I think, appalling that, but like it's, this this is. Why I think this is what Mcconnell finds reassuring. It's like his bet that Trump would let congressional Republicans run the country is paying a sort of that- and maybe this is true- I'm getting into the mindset enough, but it's executive time has its own damaging consequences of. We see this pattern again and again of wood. Is to be watching something on Fox NEWS and then sending out like some absurd tweet, is related to it. We saw the tweets
North Korea and the nuclear button. We saw this lake weird tweets intelligence over the weekend. I don't think sends to think of executive time is like passes like European around like not consequential legs, taking time. Actually leads to Twitter I'm like twitter time there that, given that the like that is affecting american foreign policy, and that is like actually part of what is happening in the United It's not just please, and that is in it actually is an shapes. You know how Trump thinks, approaching things they do get. He cabinet secretaries, but the end of the day. The key is the President and here you ve matters- this whole system of american government, on the other hand, to mass point, if you wanna, take a really cynical view. All of these things All these controversies, the stupid, wait and what not they do. Let Republic
Stu some things without getting as much attention. So one thing is a tax plan. I think a lot of us were a kind of perplexed last year. Why this wasn't getting more attention as Republicans or working it through and maybe tromp scandals. Trumps shed, show just was sucking while the attention and also takes the mats point in that really this is it explain that in many ways this defied what Trump promise on the campaign trail and yet Congress was basically able to do what what it wanted to Republicans in Congress were able to do what they wanted. I am able to get really cynical view these distracting twitter, they do? Let Republicans in Congress do what what they want. I mean I'm not saying it's good. I'm just saying. I think if you want to understand what keeps the machine rolling flower right, it's Republicans, don't it
republicans, don't want and engaged president like. If MIKE Pence were president, I bet they would want him to be working hard, but because the didn't is Donald Trump They like it that he's disengaged and doing you know, go into the football game. and tweeting about how he heads As for the national anthem, and do you know, watch and Fox and redoing CNN means, like their fear, is that his instincts, which we see frequently just like his policy instincts, are a little all over the math and like they don't want him to like buckled now and then and work on things now. Elsie was pretty pretty terrible. it's just an odd thing to get elected to didn't, and this is how you will you so many things you could do and like? This? Is how you're going to use your time I mean
Yes, this is his decision, but it seems there is so much will he could be like a like. I guess I can't watch tv all morning, there's like airport. They get fired from box, but I have like a lot of free time and my schedule, the watch tv, because I'm not in charge of the United States and adjust it's a very odd situation that were in the lake you get Elect, into this office, and this makes up a good choice of your tongue. When I things where does that he chooses to spend his executive time watching cable news, I mean you know. I've been watching Brooklyn nine on Hulu, like us, really funny places for together, yeah good places, an excellent Joe. I mean this is cable do is exists in is like a lemon all state between, like relaxing just like chilling out by like not doing your job and like actually focusing on the job with the presence of United States. Where, like it's about politics, largely
but it hasn't, it doesn't like help Trump govern America constructively and it does we wonder right if he was just like zoning out and watching baseball games and so called fair enough, but like what I don't understand the upside is to watching cable news under basically any circuits. Thank you just wants to see what people are saying about him on tv and tweeting. I can't what chance now just dead would probably not make any sense they would have, while our asylum Donald Trump Alive tweeted. He should. He should do game, phones, binge watch and live tweet. It would be amazing. I bet he's approval rating with sore it's time for policy time, though, on the weeds, where we don't watch? Cable? Ok, so we started about tell us why? Why is everyone die such as every I mean today, we're gonna. We talk about everyone dying on the last Tuesday weeds today, we'll talk about even more depressing topic of children dying. So there is a price. he's stunning research paper that came out yesterday in the academic Journal Health affairs that compared the United States?
nineteen pure wealthy countries, the covert, includes Canada, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and what it fine and is that the United States ranks last in child mortality, and it is in the worse not like we have the lowest number. We have the most kids who are not surviving to adulthood. One of the few, the stats from this, that it is found really shocking? is that in the United States children are seventy percent more likely not to survive to adulthood than in this group of twenty countries that Since nineteen sixty one has worked out, two six hundred thousand excess child hundred? If these it had been. The implication that statistic is that if these kids had been born elsewhere, they would not have died and that american kids, american teens in particular, are
two times more likely to be victims of gun home homicide than in our poor countries, which obviously expected more gun deaths in the United States, but eighty two times just like a magnitude. away in this research comes out at a moment when he we d This has gone a hundred and one days without authorizing the children's huh insurance programme and When I talk to the leader out there, the study machine stack are whose at Johns Hopkins University, one of them, we talked about, is just a real lack of security and safety, not that exists in the United States when he thinks about why? his findings look like what they do. He thinks about the fact that we're failing to re, authorized health insurance programme for kids that each one of the other things that shows up in this study is significantly higher rates of death from premature birth for infants, exploring extremely premature. You can work back
words a little bed and you see that a lot of moms and the United States are only getting Medicaid when they become pregnant by virtue of becoming pregnant qualifying that way might have a lot of untreated health issues going into pregnancy are going to might lose coverage shortly after delivering, because there no longer pregnant that you this system that is not setting american kids up for success and its leading to some really horrific that's right now. One of the things is stuck out to me about this paper. Is that The data goes through two thousand ten. So if anything, you would probably expect us to have gone worse in recent years, because one thing we have seen since two thousand ten is this drug overdose epidemic. In the? U s that other countries same anywhere near to the same does seem so ready so that that anything indicates that these despair, it is between the? U S and other wealthy nations are of anything getting worse at the time where work is still
still on the air, whether children's health insurance as even gonna, be an added and also actually fire. Homicides among younger adult have also drawn up in the past couple years, and I think car crashes, which are the other major causes, then pretty They will buy to me it's a drug overdose that really stick out, because I know that among young, it on it and older, lessons, which are one of the big groups here I have seen unintentional poisonings go up to the point that they now surpass. Firearm homicide because of driver events worth emphasising. This is data that is largely pre open for the yes, yes, the zones in twenty two and then suddenly, based on everything we know about the international trajectory of opium debts of drug overdose, tat this gap will widen to since So unless there's been some miraculous improvement in maternal health say what owner with we might have not have I voted for this a little bit last week on the weeds that maternal health is in arguably more dire straits with kit with China,
Their mortality, our number is going down and she's going to slower than pure countries with maternal mortality. The number of death actually rising. It's not just that were doing what worse than our poor countries like we are getting worse while they are getting better than I do. The one countervailing force would be the affordable care act and millions of gaining healthcare. age, a lot of unit, folks who particularly with medicate expansion, able bodied single you wouldn't have qualified might be qualifying. I don't think that's a strong enough countervailing forests to US The things you guys are talking about, but that would be the one thing that would push against some of the neck, have trends that are probably happened over the past eight years. When I would say I mean this is a great example of how under tromp, but but really going back. I think too, when Republicans took Congress in twenty Levin. The american political dialogue has drifted sort of risk you to what I would consider an objective assessment of.
problems in american life. There, like Sometimes it really. We pay to bleak. A portrait of America like this is a country that does well. I'm a lot of different international dictators like we have the most biggest best cars, most housing, we have the highest birth rate, you know, but then there are areas that we are lagging on and we just have. See you in any effort at like sustained policy focus on some kind of clear problem area. Right like there was no issue in like Eric intact, like America's tax burden, was unusually low for an oecd country. Before the Republicans passerby tax at Bell, but that was just like that. They really they don't like taxes, but we're not like delving into severe problems in anything that site proportionate to their severity. That point I mean
it's not like? We don't have a well known crisis to deal with right now we have the opium epidemic, I'm still that lake that that has not really move Congress in the way you would have hope or expect them to to be moved. It is that that's it's just striking to me how and I mean we're timeline, executive time, right, businesslike. Basically, my here's. The thing right, like Fox, didn't show this study I'd like a problem with the president. Getting his information from a channel that sea its mission is doing propaganda for the president. Is that, like they dont cover, that link is not Donald. Trump fall, like literally the atta ends long before he became president a bit. It's his responsibility by right to like here bad news about America and then to try to get something going to make it
by its even Ligon vision. Another world where you know executive time is a actual policy briefing where someone says. Ok, they cures and important study and important news article that came out this week. and then you know the one of the things the president can do is really set the tone, but what he wants. He is a lot of people at his disposal who could be researching different policy options Deciding what is a priority kind of sites like micro glimpse into this with the opium eight commission. it seemed very briefly to be a priority, but My understanding has I launched and in that, in the sense of much of a priority but seems to have not done much beyond that. But they want to point out. I mean, if you listen to last week's episode. You know a little bit of this already are low.
Ranking and childhood mortality. It's part of a larger story about life expectancy falling behind in the United States. We saw data recently that life expectancy has declined over the past two years. Most due to happen, reporting on a story about this, mostly due to increased, overdoses, mostly from opium AIDS, epic role for functional recently and for of stalling of productions and cardiovascular disease that these two tracks. Happening in tandem, are seem to be perverse saying. Our gains in life backed and see you have them colonel death rate going up pretty significantly for the past decade, These are some really troubling trends, but they are one that in their big, but there also ones you address through Paul see, so they there there they are not getting dealt, than any serious way and in governing right now yogi the Opium Commission. Due to what you said, I mean it came out.
Its recommendations, ants and sounded pretty much heard nothing about what whether those recommendations be implemented supposition. And Conway's on it. But I don't know Well, that is, and what their interesting about your right above this is kind of how it that one of the things about universal systems as they create a space of support that these children have all of their lives, whereas frack our friend health insurance system it really create. This chaos and makes it difficult for four Well, somebody who who wants to get health care? It might have just change ensure, so they are not sure which doktor they can go to which specialist taken used- and I am that must have some sort of a fact on how people are able to access health, care, and it's just another way that, like a universal system, probably could could at least help him. reducing these kinds of this horrible statistics, I am, if you're out there, Ning use your executive time well, recommend
the weeds, add to your friends, join, join the weeds Facebook group Baghdad deeper into these issues in us the word maybe get some get some people in the White House to take take a little policy time to listen, finds a big problems out there till then around for joining us, ensure producer, Peter Leonard, and we will be back on Friday.
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