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Maybe collusion, probably obstruction [Special Crossover Edition]


Ezra Klein joins Zack, Jenn, and Alex in a crossover episode with Worldly on Robert Mueller’s just-released report. They explain the special counsel's main findings on collusion with Russian election interference and on obstruction of justice and why they aren’t good for Trump. Then they zoom out and talk about what this whole episode reveals about the health of American democracy and how this gives a green light for Russia and other authoritarian powers to intervene in future US elections. Given how important this report is, and how early they got up to cover it, your intrepid hosts were too tired for jokes this week — sorry.

The full text of the report, compiled by Alex for your reading pleasure

A refresher on who's who in the Trump-Russia universe

Here's a look at the collusion section of the report from Zack

Here's another take from Zack on Attorney General William Barr's worrying role in all of this

Ten examples of potential obstruction in Mueller's report

How 11 legal experts evaluate the claims of obstruction

Zack and Future Perfect's Dylan Matthews break down the big winners and losers from the report

The Big Vox Explainer on the Mueller report

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