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The great American gerrymander


Gerrymandering shapes our political maps, which in turn shape our policies. While there are concerns about how hyperpartisan voting maps are becoming, there’s one state where grassroots organizers have changed the system. On today’s episode of The Weeds, we pass the mike to one of you and answer your burning questions about redistricting in this polarized era. 


Where Did the Term “Gerrymander” Come From? | History| Smithsonian Magazine

Opinion: Gerrymandering on steroids is the new normal | CNN

Redistricting experts weigh in on results of first general election under new maps | Detroit Free Press 

Ratf**ked: Why Your Vote Doesn't Count, a book by David Daley 


Jonquilyn Hill


Sofi LaLonde, producer

Cristian Ayala, engineer

Libby Nelson, editorial adviser

A.M. Hall, editorial director of talk podcasts

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