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Sarah, Ezra, and Matt parse through Trump's State of the Union address and the response delivered by Rep. Joe Kennedy III. Referenced Works: Matt's piece on the State of the Union: Donald Trump has no solutions for America’s big problems German Lopez's piece that Ezra mentioned: Trump’s pathetic response to the opioid epidemic The Health Care Cost Institute report Sarah referenced: 2016 Health Care Cost and Utilization Report Further Reading: Dylan Scott's piece on the address: State of the Union: Trump’s abandoned promise to bring down drug prices

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This episode of the weeds is bought you by the new Showtime documentary Series, the trade, the train. An immersive five parts theories about America's heroin crisis is an intense, comprehensive analysis. The trade follows the users, the smugglers, the cops and the cartel Nobody has a story, don't miss this really cool new documentary series. It starts February, second, at nine p m only on Showtime weeds. There's gotta showtime dot com and intricate weeds. You get a thirty day, free trial that offer expires February, twenty Eightth, but that's how much they think you're gonna love the shell. I think, I'm too tired to come up again something hello welcome to another episode of the weeds on the box media podcast networks by three places here today with as Recline Sarah Cliff not Tuesday, is Wednesday
because we wanted to watch the State Union Tuesday night, for we could tell you what the state of the real state of the union is, and it's it's amazing but let's get this Hathaway Steady Union, he did what based said he would do, which is he offer a pretty normal state of the union speech. He read off of the teleprompter. It was reasonably competently done in its atmosphere, acts but think what was interesting about it from the weeds perspective is. Usually when you're looking at President's first real state of the union is technically the one when they come when they do. They speak right after that, bring into office? It's not a steady, the universe that and addressed to Congress, but but so this was his first real state of the union. really use had opportunity to unveil their second, your agenda. The first years is push. You know that their get through some of the big pieces of policy they they pushed on the campaign. That was true for Donald Trump. They did up.
the european replacing that didn't work out. They d tax reform and I did work out into usually the state of the union too. on bail and make the case for what you want your second year to be about and the second yours, big producer in the position trumpets in which is Republicans have congressional majorities now, but a year from now, those congressional majorities might have been voted out of office and what was really striking to me about the speech was was basically no forward looking policy Unbailed Donald Trump, send it is administrations record. He talked a lot about the strength of the economy. What he just did not do was offer anything about what he wanted. Next, you wanted somebody else to write and infrastructure bill. His you know created this Massive immigration negotiation, maybe like people to agree with them, but there is no case for for the next year, and that was also what what I thought was notable. There is this sort of joking on Twitter, where earlier in the evening, because they came out in and the big term they're gonna use was a new american moment and
She went to use one of these. Like a new american moment, the new american foundations, a square deal for a new America like all these. It's always here is my five point plan for what my big agenda looks like and you just men were in a numerical moment now. If there is no new american moment agenda populated thing about it is that you can get the impression from watching the speed There is no policy making happening in the Trump administration and, like that's, why they didn't talk about it, but in fact the crop is working on a plan to take the most vulnerable people in the country. Right, low income, sick people with healthcare needs and make their lives dramatically. Looks like that is a big point of policy fighting working on a plan to do that I mean we're talking about everything I have met. Many more winograd considered always talking about doing it. Ended there talking about doing it on snap. You know me like they are plugging away things. I feel we relentlessly
initially Donald Trump personally, but like his team that get up in the morning and they say themselves like what can we do to make life harder for poor people in America and their their struggling with weak congressional majorities, but they're they're doing what they can? You know like they they have taken up. This mission, that, like things, are it's like us a little too easy, to be living in poverty in America. It's a little too easy to get medical care and without it, without a make that harder- and you didn't kidding, offer an alternate characterisation of that agenda to mine. He disliked
he doesn't want to talk about it. He thinks it's very employment, literally not now it's how he thinks it's very important. His administration is bearing a meaningful political cost to say that there will be offshore drilling in the coastal waters of South Carolina Republicans, who represent those beachfront areas like they don't want to do that. Democrats, don't want to do it catastrophic implications for global climate change, but, like Trump is like he is that much he's thinks big oil companies have to hard in America and his work and he's gonna make endangered wildlife in Alaska, pay the price, he's gonna make beachfront property owners. The Atlantic pay a price like they're they're. Doing that you didn't mention it you just to mention any of the things that he's doing, because I think he knows his agenda is completely and defensible and then, instead he talked about things that it would be possible.
To make progress on like we should do something about family. We but they're not doing anything about that right. Like it's just it, it's just like total rise above all nonsense, and I think I I am appalled a new like every time. I see cable news reaction to download from doing anything and, like I thought somehow, like the reactionary last night, was worse than what I'd seen before like it may mean Angry like he goes up there. He was always Norma give its not normal to just by constantly about everything. The way he does, and he continued to do it to his speech, like it's disgusting, when one thinks it stood out to me that using with a family leave thing is, there is certainly it felt like an acknowledgment of some significant problem. Like I was watching a lot of the healthcare staff and theirs section where he talks about the fact proscription drug praises are incredibly high? That is Jefferson. True, he talks about the opium.
traces, what a disaster that is that as a hundred percent true- but there wasn't, as as I was saying, I M like here's, what we're going to do it, there wasn't like this prescription drugs. Is our high, so I am going to push legislation that will let Medicare negotiate drunk prices there was. You know a vague line like it's gonna, be a top priority to reduce those prices, but literally nothing about how one actually the Ngos, should eating grin on Paul Ryan's face when from starts talking about family leave. it was like an amazing moment. It was like Paul Ryan realized. He been struggling, always lifelike. How Why sell the american people on my like relentless agenda of doing nothing, to solve any problems for anyone except rich people, and he never figured it out, and then there were trumped up there he's just like say and we're gonna, get people, affordable, family leave and Paul Ryan he's, like trump start going to do that we will get it
I'm just going to lie and he's kissed chocolate, and this is just you know pervasive in his speech, I think I would really encourage listeners. Dylan's, guided, fantastic peace rests yesterday, kind of war, king throughout Trump, has been making this promise on drug prices for the past. yeah it's kind of out of republican orthodoxy. To make this a priority we're drug prices, but it was surprising and interesting to me the first time it happened like Erlich. Here's this guy, who has, as you know, was just too dead, maybe a bit of a wildcard. Maybe we'll do something on this, but it is a hundred percent like not been a priority at all You know we saw data from the health care costs institute. There came out a few weeks ago. They found that the price of risk drugs, those that fastest rising type of healthcare price, this is not, and I dont think that is because of trust like I just think it. It's just something that is going on in the industry that there are no steps being too then too, to push back
Instead, you know it the same and there is mention of the individual mandate repeal, and that is certainly true, that the republic, european time their requirement to carry health coverage and beginning in TWAIN, nineteen that, standing law there was not a mention of the problems is causing like an estimated three million people lost health, insurance and twentys, nineteen and most of the experts, I've talked to a tribute that to the really, certain policy environment, that the Trump Administration has it had so to me, like that linked to this speech, it felt like a knowledge men like of proper, but a lack of you know like use. They usually there's, like I remember from losing their bomber ones. A lot of like- and here is like the five point plan it would be like a little vague, but then there'd be like white papers or come out afterwards. I kind of clarify it. There was no lake here's my plan on drug praising right. Here's my plan to Lake turn around the copyright epidemic, so I think this is a really good and import
Point and in one way to get it, it is to say imagine that Donald Trump had not become president deep into a many many many years on, in fact, the longest consistent Stained economic expansion in american history, so imagine that he did not become president after the stock market had begun moving into record territory, so that, like every tick upwards, would be more record territory. Imagine we did not become president after Parliament had been falling four year after year after year after year, so they do continue getting pretty rate really low. When he's in office, I mean I found just as a listener by far the most persuasive part of the speeches when he just running down good economic data that he's not really responsible for but imagine if he wasn't able to do that right. Imaginative unemployment were six point. Seven percent or Vienna six point three percent, something not unbelief really bad, but not great, either imagined the stock market, were you know, chugging along, but a little shaky and he's out there
and his record but his and real unpopular tax cut for big corporations, giving the energy sector everything and anything they want this, blazing health insurance markets such that already receiving as Acerra. You point out a take up in the uninsured, and we expect that is to become of a big jump over the next couple of years. And he's out there trying to defend that that agenda. What Europe is currently able to do to wrap himself and economically. She doesn't deserve, and by As an aside note too, that the person who probably as you deserve the most credit for that performance in the basket years, at least a person who was not in the Obama administration observes that credit is JANET Yellin who Trump declined to Rio. Went to her job raising her job. This we get she's like actually one of the people who lost her job, not because we thought you doing a bad job, including trump. We said she is doing a good job, but just like he did and appoint her so
We're gonna go with a somewhat less qualified white guy who's, not terrible out no problem thrown Powell. I found in fact that he was an incredibly useful source on the death dealing with here is he's really really smart about that stuff, but as a monetary economists I mean he's just actually literally, not one, and so what I found fascinating about this is that if you, if you divorced Trump and the Trump presidency from the economy, that predates him and he's being able to take advantage of their is just so little there. There is so little we're looking. There is so little backward. Looking the agenda doesn't sound good when, when you go through it and ends it relates to a peace, Matt Road, but actually really do think it's worth beak, rewinding like a year and thinking through what the theories were of the from presidency, of which there were many
and some of them were much more threatening right that he would be like, like a capable, competent rotarian right. That was a big strain of worrying, including worries, and I had. I think it has been an incompetent president with authoritarian instincts, but another was it. He was gonna overseas convulsion of american policy, an ideology that he was gonna overturn. Much of what the conservative movement wanted, that he was going to focus on a whole different set of things and even the sympathetic version right there that the diversion of Trump ISM that a lot of people we would like a club was it Donald Trump got a lot dead, end even feel like I'm, yet to respect the fact that he was elected, because you have these white working class communities that are not in this telling brow. Enough to get sympathy from liberals and not rich enough to get sympathy from Republicans and Donald Trump heard. Their concerns he under The way they are being racked by opium leads the way they are Seeing their children looking to a future that was bleaker than the future, they had come from the way that they were
absorbing a tremendous amount of pain from the closing of manufacturing plants from our trade agreements with Mexico with China and the Donald Trump Gonna come in and he heard them and had spoken to them and he was going to reverse all this. He was. We were going to have a president who's going to have a particular focus on the needs of these communities, and he just doesn't There is all this talk about the deed and, in case mortality, that's right, the the damn despair Thank you. The deaths of despair among among whites he's done nothing in fact done. Things that are going to make her white people. and everybody dies earlier. There is just in terms of the things that Trump was meant to address, specifically in uniquely he has not tried to address him. Her mom Lopez had some great piece on how little he has done on the opiate crisis in its first year. He is not putting out a plan to addressing the second you. It's not like you said. Look I sort of hey back the Republican Party near once I did Obama CARE appeal. I d tax reform, but now now go and after China
put in real effort into the opium crisis. You know we're gonna. vital I see in these communities fish No there there, and if no there there, because Donald Trump doesn't care about any Matt was saying that he thinks it. Donald Trump knows that the specifics this agenda are unpopular. I would be absolutely astonished. solely astonished. I mean I would. I would definitely bet significance, amount of money that, if you who asked Donald Trump, what his team is due on Medicaid that he cannot in any way give you an answer that stuff about the way. He has no idea and could not describe it. I could be wrong. I it totally wrong about that. But if it has been, grubbed whom I could hardly get has been described him that way. I think he does not understand it at all and the central feature of trumps presidency
The recent Paul Ryan is smiling so big from behind him. Is it what Paul Ryan was hoping has been more true than he had ever imagined, which was the Donald Trump just does not care enough about any of this stuff to hold the line on at TED to try to appoint people who we with him on it so he is out there, on the one hand, running the kind of trumped communications presidency that the Trump reality show that happens on twitter he's feuding with, FBI and cheesy and health required then, and crying jokes humor and, on the other hand, more or less doing what Paul Ryan wants him to do, congratulate and has been of a deal. I think congressional problems are pretty happy with when you think about what Donald Trump was. To be an american life. This unbelievably disruptive force. It is just notable to me house ball. The state of the union was how small he looked up there. How small the vision was all the Pandit says about says,
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and should be politics among why people, I think what you really saw in this way. The union is a Donald Trump has strong opinions about swayed and the Donald Trump truly believes that Donald Trump political appeal to white working class voters is built entirely and races right, like that, that's what speech is, and everything is done and what does it give? The technical analysis about- because I think I think, would be easy to watch a speech. I think I know what you're saying, but I d be easy to watch a speech in Nazi about why I mean that that he does not need to do anything. has not made in his presidency a single policy move that will improve the material well being of white working class people. He has made many policy moves that will significantly harm the material interests of white working class people and his belief is that
can survive politically an agenda that relentless assault on the concrete material interests of working class Worldwide Americans by engaging in this pornographic theatre in which the blood libels against, but he no immigrants- and that was on display in this speech, which dedicated I didn't really add up. All of the air time has been given to named street gangs by american President's in nationally televised addresses, threat past two hundred fifty years of american history verses like Donald Trump discussion of S. Thirteen last night like it would be an insane barge heart, can only mean like his thesis about America. Is that
letting salvadoran kids into your high school is a mortal threat to your children's physical safety, and his this is about politics. Is that whipping people up into hysteria about the presence of? Let you know, immigrants in the United States is like all he needs to do for his politics is like blood curdling. Display? In my opinion, that was like weirdly like Jake Tapir Ass, I was like. Oh, there was beautiful prose and speech, and I I don't know- I don't know what people thought they were watching mare, you mean a weird backdrop, told us happening in the middle of a supposed negotiation on a dark deal, and I think that is like What was another thing that like didn't, really come up, da the day again you are. He said: Americans are dreamers using all Americans, because people who grew up laid out what his view on the documents to be fair to him. Here I had it or point plan, unlike what he like
you wanted in exchange for dream. She just couldn't back to school, it really is wrong about. What do I mean by that like another complicating factor of the term presidency, that door written about before that, he doesn't seem to be. They gave very clear spokesperson for what the White House is doing, and I think a lot of times things get model that I think, It would be hard for me and I think, a view of that speech to walk away. Thinking like this the guy who, like really wants to protect the dreamers, we could go further. Redirect, like mad, is talking about real overwhelms that, unlike groups Latinos together in a way that, like very, very vicious, unlike very eatable negative and description and I'm curious like how this interacts with the actual policy making that is happening right now. You know, because I really give I like some
who you know is more hard line. Anti immigration I would come away from this- might be like yeah. Look, let's like stick two m, as thirteen like, let's lake, really like you do as much as we cannon? Then Spain can be cleared like this specific immigration policy change. That truck made right was that Obama in his final couple years had said he was gonna, take ice off for the job ice, being immigration cousin, the fortunate off the job of like hassling, random, undocumented immigrants Would he wanted ice to do instead is to use them as a kind of some What mentor ie like organised crime task force, that was going to specifically target like TAT, and national criminal organizations and focus on deporting violent felons who were immigrants to be like Emily thirteen red, and this was incredibly controversial. Ice agents really didn't like it there.
Labour Union, Indorse, Donald Trump, Donald Trump talked constantly about this support from the ice union. He comes in. He installs John Kelly. When security secretary and it begins very effectively- dismantling this Obama policy Red Select now under Donald Trump ices, no longer focusing its attention on Emma's, thirteen and other transnational criminal organizations. They are going to public schools and arresting dad's as they drop off their kids. They departed a doctor who lived in detail for five years, based on some misdemeanor conviction for from years ago. It was a story in the in the many times about Cambodia, in families. There had been a ham- I don't know That is why this wise, but at some point they were not accepting sort of deportees from the United States,
when humanitarian grounds years ago, some judges head like waved deportation orders against cambodian immigrants living in the United States. So now there's people who have had clean record for the past ten or fifteen years. That ice is going back through their files, picking them up right selected This is trumps. Policy right is, do much less much less than ever before, deliberately the centrepiece of immigration genocide, do less to fight s, thirteen and then the centrepiece of his each was. If you see a Salvador included your high school. You should free the fuck out because it means S. Thirteen is gonna, murder, your children and it's like so vile. It's like it's me Jim being like a fifteen year old immigrant in high school. In like a score, we haven't been their lot schools, tough, you know and as the President of the United States is like saying, hey kids like watch out
that guy he MIKE it's look it's easy and and then in his is to choose, like oh four Dhaka, we need a deal. We need to change this visa lottery, which we hand out visas randomly well. I guess what that's not how that works The other pieces are. We need to stop the practice where you can bring over unlimited quantities and adjust. It renders does not the power that it, but what I want to hold on that four minute, because that this I think, is really important. So he laid out his doc ideal and some of that had to do with the wall and stuff, but some of it had to do with diversity visa programme. What you heard about on the weeds before and the chain migration Programme- Donald Trump, pretty viciously- Miss described chain migration talking about how bring. Basically anybody who is in any way related to you and also on a limited number of anyone wishes not hatching migration works. You cannot bring anyone. You cannot pray. Unlimited members, it is not easy to bring people so one whether he's lying, whether he himself doesn't understand its view
very, very hard to constructed the owl when already the thing you are trying to make it beyond is being violently miss described. The other thing is that one thing, Donald Trump does not say publicly whereas I can tell, even though it is a very very important part of the deal is laying out. Is it the sum total of what he is trying to do is to cut legal migration you- could imagine a deal that would it change the way we let in immigrants right, it would be less based on family reunification and more based on. You know economic now if the country as defined by some one or other- and it would we not- diversity visa programme, we would be in a move. It diversity, visa lottery would move it into some other sets of how we apportion be says ends. Overall flow of legal immigration be the same. That is not what Trump wants Trump wants: a substantial cut to immigration- oh, I think, is striking about that. Is he never argues for it. Now, maybe you could say that
some men away by constantly demonizing immigrants he is arguing for. It is pretty clearly saying that immigrants are making a man. got worse off, but but the really, something notable that maybe this is a centrepiece of. legislative fight, that the Trump Administration is locked in right now, it is spent Thirdly, the way they have changed this fight they have come in and in a way people did not expect, and- and I really would recommend Friday White Genocide edition of the weeds too, because it has a very, very good discussion at this, but in a way people did not expect they. Ve really focused on legal immigration. In fact, with the dealer proposing would do would allow for a pretty large scale. Amnesty of people who were not authorized in order to legal immigration going for this whole idea that they are only worried about Quantum leap. Immigration is not true. He doesn't make the case for that. He doesn't loud and argue for that as part of an agenda, he doesn't argued for the why that would make America better it it should have lurks in the background. It is what he is
I being, but you need you like: secret immigration, walk Dakota Ring to it to two they'll at that of an almost a hundred is in there. He knows what it is, but he then describes it is this kind of reasonable compromise which he's, not explaining why there is a debate he's our explaining. Why he's right in the debate and in these miss describing the policies that are actually under description again this is within the speech of people like it. It's such a great job, but but that's not helpful for moving a legislative negotiation forward. Em, it's not how this works and it is based on. I think, some some pretty, whilst up, there's also peace in that. What he's talk much in migration and all this in protecting the nuclear family, he's literally trying to make it harder for families to be here together. He's literally trying to make it harder for a legal immigrant here to have their family around them, and when you want to talk about people being radicalized
talk about crime in and all that eat. You and you want hung about what the trumpet musician appears to be afraid out, which is what is happening in Europe when it issues in you as you have, a lot of men without their families. I mean this is a big topic of discussion over there in when their talk when immigration and how they structural receive a lot of men who come there. king, and they are not allowed to have any family there. So they dont have they dont build ties and they don't. You know they dont assimilated to the culture they dont build route. Sir put down roots, we I think part Our success is a country in assimilating. Emigrants has been to actually focus on. Yes, I have your family here, sit down roots, Bilbil life, like you, know, beep beep, part of America. Donald Trump wants to change that he doesn't just one immigrants to become more american. He wants it to be fewer immigrants and for the ones who are here for to be harder to become American. Yet this is something that jumped out of me it another way. They think it picks up on what you're saying is it felt like a lot of times I felt like this one medium.
It had a lot of shouts to individuals. There are a lot of like these moment, and I know this happens a lot in speeches, but it felt like this one had an especially high number of them and a lot of them. You do there, there's one that really like stuck with me, that kind of felt like it lost the humanness of light. People who he says its policies are fighting for us. This is from the section on the opium, But Denmark, where he's? U? No talking throw these terrible statistics. You know a hundred seventy four deaths today, sixty four thousand american drug overdoses and twenty six ten and then he tells the story of universities and in a story of incredible generosity, about this police officer who found a woman who was about to inject heroin and she was pregnant, He convinces are, you know, not inject the heroin because, furthermore baby and they adopt the baby, and I think what an act of like courage bravery and generosity, but we don't hear anything about like what happened this to this woman
who is like the thing that is supposedly the problem like she's the one at risk of becoming one of the a hundred and seventy four deaths today or sixty four thousand overdoses each year and just they felt like an odd way. You know bay, but kind of fitting in a way we ve been talking about. They didn't really think. about you know like who the people were What solutions you might offer them, instead a kind of seem to ignore the actual on their that you had someone who is using heroin, unlikely addicted to add, and you too, but we don't learn what happened. Stir You know this family adopts her baby. She becomes very incidental anyway. In a way it is the really setting aside the humanness of the people who are going to be affected by at the Trump administration, does there doesn't do Adobe originating like speak to you know your thing about Jane my
vision, is a kind of forgets like what that these are. The actual people like you're talking about their lives and making their lives easier difficult. Zero g like prosper economically, to set down route to? U dont in this. Of this woman. You know get off heroin access, medicate medication, assisted treatment, it does jumped out at me as a very way and am could disappointing way to frame to frame that particular problem that he was addressing? I thought every time you hear Trump talk about beautiful babies and beautiful children, which which came up a couple different times, and I thought their moment really hit this because he's like he's talking about the baby- and he just like, leaves the mother out of the story You guys what watch the sopranos, but in the end, the second to last episode doctor healthy as we oil. Our society's new research about about sociopaths right in this is that this line in the article that that jumps out
and changes the way she she thinks about Tony, and it says the criminals, sentimentality reveals itself in compassion for babies and pets. and I always see that in Trump, it's like these leg, Obviously, babies are wonderful. Petsmart pets are great, but they're, not gonna, like full human being beings who do faintness and can annoy you in and things like that. And it's it's this this. Nuclear sentimentality about about the beautiful baby is paired with a total lack of compassion for, like a doll. Human being that that I think you see there in the opium discussion. You, which is weird just like no actual You were saying to us everything this like nothing here too, like this, a problem like like how are we going to help people like it, like it's, tough and like obvious
Lee the unborn foetus. Is this like perfect victim of the acute crisis up, but the real drugs Skinner home like they probably did something a mess up their lives at some point, but it's like if you want to make he's better. You have to deal with that and I give to help real people as they are, and this like none of that in in tromp or anything he does, and it's like. He can't even confront that idea of light suffering. That isn't just just from a place of like pure innocence, because it would require some sort of some sort of policy making and some sort of I don't know, actual caring about people that the dislike it seems completely alien to, let's take a break and then let's talk about the Ginger Kennedy.
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you can get free shipping on your first order when you could ever lane dot com, slash weeds, that's ever lane dot com, slash weeds ever land, that Tom slash weeds. So that the democratic response to what are actually a lot of from responses have hit, responses appear to be multiplying The main democratic response was by Jo Kennedy, the third right and I was sort of working on my trunk peace when what, when this began and looked up and it was really striking his eye. I think I've seen Joe Kennedy before, but I'm not really focused on really looks like a Kennedy really looks like a candidate has handed adventure candidate, but a man like that. eyes- is up powerful genetic trade. Anyway, we should listen to the speech of the corner might year, because I was focused on putting up this article but met you re.
like the speech, an a lot of people really like the speech, and that is unusual because nobody ever like stated union responses the last one. Anybody liked was Jim web in two thousand and six. I believe it was yet this was a huge head. It seemed to us. I will show Kennedy, is a star which people had said that to me, but I just had not run into before I'd like to hear what you, what you saw it I mean just we need mean one reason he was able to give a good response speech is that, as we ve been saying, trumps, It was like so hazy rights it would like you were having these are hard to do, because you have to read a response for speech. You haven't bad basic. We just had to guess you'd be like trumpet touch on some trompe and themes, and so I can respond to that. And since then
didn't, do anything other than a kind of like touch and its trump in themes. It didn't have that, like point missing quality that a lot of these respond speeches do have it's not like. He failed to rebut some like major argument. The trump rolled out cause because there weren't any arguments and what I thought was nice about Kennedy Speed. was that the momentum and caught for a while now initiative, dichotomy sphere between do we stand up for The concerns of We shall minority groups and an you know too, and to an extent I gays and lesbians by women in a sort of specific identity groups who feel kind of oppressed by Trump ISM. Or do we talk about economic issues that are meant to have a broader appeal or appeal to white working class people or or something like that and
most Democrats fall short of somewhere other on that spectrum and there's this kind of like very woke Hillary Clinton message, wishy deliberately down, please economic policy disagreements. Epps up: the idea that racism is bad, there's the the Bernie Sanders version of this, where you like, really front load economic disagreement, but then like also endorse. All the progressive policy claim
an unreal points. There is a kind of moderate third way is version and Kennedy did a good job. I thought of hitting the notes that Barack Obama was famous for which is to just sort of say that these things collapse under a single spectra and that its in a gala, Terry and Vision of society, in which we don't devalue people, because they are sick or because they are gay or because they are black or because they are poor and that we are all in it together as Americans and
I have always felt that a bomber delivered this message effectively in part because he's black and so was not sensitive to the critique that he wasn't speaking aggressively enough to the particular concerns of african Americans and I've been saying for a while. The Democrats I can get on goods do need to court more white voters just mathematically. I really agree with them to share a peace that was on box about that and then in a weird way. I thought the pudding african american candidates up there too then talk to white people is like a smarter idea than putting white candidates up there too. Then like talk about how into black lives matter, they are, but it was interesting. I think bold and ultimately effective strategy of Kennedys to just like
talk pass the fact that in some cases, like so ridiculous because he's a Kennedy he's like a fifth generation heir to a giant fortune talking about equality, but he just kind of like Lou through it and was like me too, and black lives matter, and also we need to help factories and until it out, and it was just like he's a good speaker. It's a good speech like it. it's a sort of weird pairing of messenger and message, but he just started to just sort of gave the best speech that they could ride and he's good at delivering speeches. And so I thought it was really good I think this is one like, as I'm sure Oliver listeners and it was really easy to birch and get made fun of, like generally, people who give this speech like there is the The like hate speech. There was the Markov Rubio Water incident. There is extensive Bashir last year and that we are diner and could make. It is like
the bar is one too many trump country. I guess, he's a farmer governor of Kentucky and they like it was such a weird like they sat of in this big diner. So I do think like the bar. Is credibly low for this particular speech. Stena Ben the post, at a good piece about how this is like really that job, nobody in Washington wants, it seems like it's just constant. Don't look? You can really like dived down political career, but one things. You know that carrying man describe it that way. It feels like a really touches on a key test. Between the two parties, which is this concept of deserving s alike? Who who deserve to be American who deserves to get benefits from the american government? Like who do we count as like that group of People- and I think that is something that really we seem come out very clearly, both in rhetoric and in policy? That's one place where, if you like things, actually line out pretty closely in the
Hump Administration with seems to be that they are expressing this. You know that there are certain people who are more? Does having you know, because a veto in health policy, for example in Medicaid, because they work and therefore they should get health benefits, there's the same kind of job going on in the immigration space as well, and I think the can we see that develop pretty clearly on the republic inside the sense that you do. You have to do something to deserve the benefits of the american government, and I think what Kennedy was articulating were clearly was an opposite. This Of that, which is, is not always the easiest fur Democrats to our ticket as our really as pull that surprised me when I was at a healthcare conference yesterday that most Democrats actually support work requirements and Medicaid with which really surprised me about fifty sixty percent. Actually, like the idea of recall, medicated rallies to work. So I think it was an interesting to see him
articulating this vision of equality either when I think that is something that some Democrats selling struggle with internally of whether that fits with their own view of the constant sitting you noted to that point. We need people are age nor accord. We were very accustomed to the recession that began in the late Bush years and the democratic come back and then Obama's struggles with that recession and now like trumps in the economies better and troubles bragging on it, but in a sense the ideological logic goes, the other way round if you listen Donald Trump and he's like the stock markets, gray, unemployment is so low. The economy is booming. That, to me really sets up progressive, egalitarian arguments that are, ok, so, like annoying being so fucking stingy with our health, ensure swayed where's. It's like Ok, the economy is a catastrophe. We need good. We desperately like we're gonna get
jobs from somewhere man that really sets up well, conservative arguments filling. Why are you putting These environmental regulations on companies like people really work rate, but it's like if things were fine like in quoting quote the economy than unwilling raises the question like some: why are so many people being allowed to suffer election? We do something for the demagogy. willing to let go there and we'll get trumps right. The economy is fine, but it's like if the economy if you don't grow, and along month after month, more and more make sense to sort of concede that point and say, like you, come he's good so like. Why are we gonna like roast the planet and of the highest child poverty rate in the union? The thing that is watching Kennedy speech reminded me of is that I'm not saying, I think, joke anyway, for president to be different freshly when the primary any of that, but that parties are really bad in the aftermath of the loss of projecting what they are going to do to win again.
I always think of this period, for Democrats is re candid, two thousand and four after George Bush substantially increased his victory margin over two thousand John Kerry was be in the Iraq or is already a disaster. Democrats took this as its deep rejection by the country. There are all these maps showing that, like an acreage like nobody wanted for Democrats anywhere, even though it had been a pretty close election, and so then they're all these talks about it all has Democratic party become the party gay marriage and, like a feat, liberal, cosmopolitans and Cappuccino Jerry girls I mean There- is real soul searching on the democratic parties, part and sell their became like a fad for Brian Schweitzer, who is a tough talking, Montana governor? Who are both ties. Like maybe Democrats need somebody who is bolo ties and ignore a southerner like Bill Clinton and though they end up doing, is electing a guys. Mr Brok, Hussein Obama and his liberal african american politicians from Chicago its literally the opposite of everything they
all saying right after two thousand and four, but it worked because you don't we fight last war and Similarly, Kennedy is not at all the message. I would have thought they'd put up against Donald Trump for all kinds of is also occurs reasons related to the parties, internal divisions right now, which in others the me Sanders weighing and there's the wing that feels very under threat from a pretty bigoted presidency, and you know then there's the reality. The democratic party a party of that is overwhelmingly female minority and its support. It's not true, by white man, and yet here's your Kennedy up there. You know a white and scion of one of the richest, most powerful political families in history and- and there is a sort of rapturous response to him, and they just made me think that the twenty twenty field is more is yet more open than I had been giving it credit for, because more things than I had been assuming might work on B. The Democrats have been
really trapped in an argument that is being framed as economic populism, verses, identity, politics, but is actually in reality, Bernie Sanders versus Hillary Clinton and has very particular dimensions related to the strengths and weaknesses of those two politicians, but other politicians have different strengths and weaknesses and will be able to merge these arguments in very different ways, and you. I think that the party has more appetite them. I had thought it did. I thought there is more rejection of Obama in two thousand. Sixteen than perhaps really is not the Democrats, don't like Obama, they do is extremely extremely popular but that there was, it seemed to me a sort of feeling that well the whole changing didn't work out. Quite the way Democrats wanted it's another, you gotta go much harder and much more specific and you know take on the fight more directly Kennedy obviously had some hard edges enough.
beach, but it was a much more hope and change and big picture kind of speech you. It was more inspiration than it was just confrontation and view. That was something I thought would be weakened in the democratic party. But if it's not, we can at this moment I think it's probably going to be even less so aid. He knows you catered democratic primaries and twenty nineteen and twenty twenty. So I think the book but Kennedy should may visit the field, is more open and that the next democratic Standard bearer may not be from the group of people. I've been watching most closely and may not sort of look like where you imagined the party was going there. Interestingly contrast to Bashir last year, which was like oh we're, gonna shoot someone from Trump, in three years, southern accident is going to sit in his diner he's going to talk about the people of Kentucky Young. It feels like it. Unity to go back, you know, as far as you are going to go back to last year and feel like a big shift, you ain't, I mean I thought it was. Did you has Watch Bernice speech on Facebook
I did not, I think, is interesting, because what what he did was I thought it in a way this will probably inside all the relevant internet fan spending with you. If you took it, he took a very like as recline tack, which was just like he? He took trumps sixteen campaign like at face value and like delineated, obvious things Trump had promised. He was gonna, do take on and just like expurgated other ways when shrub had not done those things and then asserted that, like that was a giant failure and then it's like I was watching those. On the one hand, links is good, like this is like a good like forensic debate performance the hand I was like scratch. My head, it was. This is like a weird exercise in point missing, like what Donald Trump promised to do was like to make white people feel like they are. The only authentically american ethnic group- and he is absent
Delivering on that promise of inquiry- not even talking about that, but I guess like that's, like the Bernie Sanders debate in a nutshell- aren't you the one who says it that the key to Trump is to talk about him as a normal politician and looking at his policy proposal immediately is hopeless like I and I- and I agree with that, it was this tat he was like it was all the good any was weird I did not. I thought it was tactic clean sound as like. A election pitch in a way it also with left me cold as like a person whose mad about Donald, You know I mean, whereas I Kennedy was was was Kennedy expressed, how I feel about things like. I don't feel that Donald Trump has betrayed his core promises, like I feel that he has fulfilled in like a terrifying, horrifying kind of way
on the other hand, like Bernie, is correct that, like you, should take seriously the imperative of getting people who voted for Barack Obama twice and then voted for Donald Trump till I come vote for Democrats again and that you probably don't do that by being like hey asshole people with either of you ve heard it for this more I'm. Instead, you do it by being, like hey man like Donald Trump, you promise you some good stuff, but I haven't really delivered in legged Sally if it seems too, to me, analytically, but like it a lot of sense readily give your. If we try to run for reelection and Pennsylvania, like Bob CASE, he is like, you probably want to pay attention to what Bernie Sanders and another of having pissed everyone off unexpectedly, the very end of the weeds, gonna exit. That's the weeds, fading through the bushes I Comber Simpson. They give eliciting regular producer Peter for being up early tool to help us on this special posts, state of the union recently we like it or not- and Sarah and all
get me. We were all very late and we are all here early. Thank you to us. We will be. Did this and eighty seven million for rank such a long speech Thank you to the members of our facebook. Their open can comment on my outside popular point than you could be a member of our Facebook, reopen if you join us. If you search for the with SAM, you will find that previously and thank you to the people who live in our everyday and they go to the outward signs and use our promo code. You keep the weeds, running you're the real heroes here and we'll be back on Friday,
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