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Trafficking, and trafficking panics


Dara, Jane, and Matt on Wayfair, massage parlors, and reality.


"The modeling industry is filled with exploitation—this labor activist is fighting back" by Sara Ziff, Fast Company

"American Airlines Reportedly Accused a Black Social Worker of Kidnapping the White Child In Her Care. Now She's Suing." by Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Reason

"Sen. Josh Hawley Says He 'Took on an Asian Trafficking Ring' and 'Freed a Dozen Women in Sex Slavery.' That's Not True." by Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Reason

"Trump has turned the war on trafficking into a war on immigrants" by Melissa Gira Grant & Debbie Nathan, The Appeal

"ICE Agents Fight Sex Trafficking by Paying Potential Victims for Hand Jobs" Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Reason

"'White slavery': the origins of the anti-trafficking movement" by Laura Lammasniemi, Open Democracy

"Baltimore Mayor Says Men in White Vans Are Snatching Young Girls for Sex Trafficking" Lenore Skenazy, Reason

"The allure of child trafficking conspiracy theories" Ben Sixsmith, Spectator

"The Making of “The Trafcking Problem”" by Ine Vanwesenbeeck

"American Fringes: How the extremes define our society" by Nick Fouriezos

"The bogus claim that 300,000 U.S. children are ‘at risk’ of sexual exploitation" by Glenn Kessler, WaPo

Polaris Statement on Wayfair Sex Trafficking Claims

White paper


Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias), Senior Correspondent, Vox

Jane Coaston (@cjane87), Senior politics correspondent, Vox

Dara Lind (@DLind), Immigration reporter, ProPublica


Jeff Geld, (@jeff_geld), Editor and Producer

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