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Zoning our way through it


Matt is joined by Emily Hamilton of the Mercatus Center to talk about the way that zoning and land use policy affects property value, housing availability, and affordability. They discuss some example statutes from those laboratories of democracy, the several states, tackle the most divisive issue in all of housing Twitter, and Matt just lets totally loose about how he's not allowed to replace his home's windows.


H.R. 4307, the Build More Housing Near Transit Act

2006 Arizona Proposition 207

Kelo v. New London (545 US 269, 2005)

"How policymakers can improve housing affordability" by James Pethokoukis and Emily Hamilton (May 4, American Enterprise Institute)


Emily Hamilton (@ebwhamilton), Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Urbanity Project, Mercatus Center at George Mason University


Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias), Slowboring.com


Erikk Geannikis, Editor and Producer

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