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4CHAN Has Made CLOWNS Racist?! Or Maybe The Media LIES

2019-04-06 | 🔗

4CHAN Has Made CLOWNS Racist?! Or Maybe Media Is LYING. Right Wing Watch is claiming that clowns are now a symbol of the "far right." But what these activists fail to understand is that everyone uses memes and simply because ONE person made a claim on the internet does not make it true.But the far left activists don't seem to understand this likely because they are in a bubble. They claim Honk Honk, or Clown Pepe, is a new "far right" symbol. "Journalists" in the same bubble see these stories then go on to accuse random twitter users of being secretly "far right"This is not social justice, this is mania. They are obsessed with everything being a "dog whistle" instead of realizing some things are just meant to be silly. Some things are just memes or part of meme culture. But so long as the regressive left claims memes are far right, the far right will own them.

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