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ANOTHER Hate Crime HOAX Exposed? Are They Really On The Rise?

2019-04-25 | 🔗

ANOTHER Hate Crime HOAX Exposed? Are Crimes Really On The Rise? Last Thursday in Winnipeg police responded to reports of a crime. But yesterday it was reported that the incident was believed to be a hoax and police arrested the three cafe owners and the woman tho claimed to have been a victim.Stories like this seem to be more and more common place but the far left will tell you that they are rare. They will claim anyone challenging it is far right or lying.But the truth is the data is not so clear as to say one way or another. While social justice groups will tell you things are getting worse the data from the FBI doesn't tell us enough and to make it worse the data collection has been entirely inconsistent year over year.With more hate crime hoaxes appearing in the news it is no surprise that many people doubt these stories when they emerge.

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Last Thursday, police and when a peg, Canada responded to call about a hate crime. A woman had been attacked and the cafe she worked at was vandalized with anti semitic graffiti, but as it turns out, police now believe the whole thing was state they arrest and three shop owners and the woman involved saying that made the whole thing up. This story. Isn't this problem as the Jesse smaller incident, but its very similar, and they both join a growing list of hate crime hoaxes now people on the left will tell you, hate crimes are on the rise and they can cite FBI Data, but the data is actually complicated increase could be due to more agencies, reporting and not necessarily more crimes. People on there, I will say, though the exposed hoaxes prove the increase is due to people. About it. This conversation than bleeds into the political sphere, the other data Bernie Sanders was boot and heckled over his. Sponsor the question: how would you deal with the increase in white supremacist violence? Many people on the left are convinced it's getting worse, but in reality it's really hard to understand
Let's take a look at the specific hate crime and Canada. I will look at the data to better understand the new ones and the increase in hate crimes. But before we get started, give gotta go over to minds, dotcom slashed him cast and follow me there, because I don't want to have all of my eggs and a single basket, especially a censorious and biased basket. That might ban me for covering controversial issues. If you want to know, this video, just sharing on social media top spread the news. The store from city news that senior police say anti semitic attack at when a pet cafe was a hoax. What looked like an anti semitic attack at when a peg cafe that drew public concern and political condemnation, was not a hate crime but alleged sham staged by owners of the business police. Had Wednesday officers respond last Thursday to report that a woman who worked at the Burma Ex CAFE and Bistro was assaulted and the business was vandalized spray painted with hate related graffiti. It was the night before pass over.
After a lengthy investigation, evolving twenty five officers and a thousand hours of investigative work police said they charge to three owners of the cafe, including the woman who is reportedly assaulted, with public mischief. Last night investigators formed the belief and came to the conclusion of the incident was staged. Winnipeg police chief, Danny Smith, said I am hugely disappointed and, frankly, angry. This fact We has used hate and racism in such a disingenuous way. In doing so, they have allowed cynicism to creep into the discussion cynicism that trivialize is genuine. Victims of hate police were already investigating early reports of anti semitic graffiti. At the cafe, dating back to December, as news of last week's apparent attack spread a go fund me page was set up to help the owners. Politicians also condemned the crime when a beggar stand with members of our jewish committed today and always as we combat racism and anti Semitism and defend human rights together, Mayor Brian Bowman wrote on Twitter at the time we should
condemn. Last night's active Hated Burma CAFE and Bistro and support when a peg police and its hate crime investigation, the jewish federation of what a peg said. It was deeply disturbed to learn of the police allegations filing false complaints of criminal acts of anti but as we are not only illegal, they undermine the important work necessary to counter Anti Semitism and hate in all its forms. The group wrote in a statement to media. We reiterate our appreciation of the work of the Winnipeg Police Service and their continued support. The jewish community. It's hard to know exactly why someone would do something like this. In the instance of Justice Mallette, it was reported that he was trying to increase his salary by getting more press and making himself a sympathetic figure. It could be the same thing here. They were fundraising online. It generated a tunnel tension for them, but we're guards of the motivation. These issues manifest in the public in very dangerous ways. Yet Today we saw the story from Fox NEWS: Bernie Sanders visibly frustrated as hecklers unload at she. The people form for women of color
new, so that centres faced similar backlash when you responded to an audience question about white supremacy by discussing emigrate and the federal minimum wage, as well as his sweeping Medicare for our proposal, the audience loudly plotted when Alison reminded Sanders at the core of the question concerned. Violence against minorities- this is a presidential town Hall Forum, type event where the left is saying this is happening. You need to address it in reality, the amount of hate crimes in the U S is actually relatively small. I mean we have hundreds of millions of people here and Only a few thousand hate incidents, but whether or not we are seeing an increase. It's really hard to understand the first thing we need. Is take a look at some fact: checkers. This story from fact check dot, org the facts on white nationalism. In the wake of the attack on to New Zealand Mosques, President Donald Trump said he did not see white nationalism as a rising threat around the world, but rather a small group of people that are very, very
serious problems. Experts, however, say there are a number of indicators that suggest white nationalism and white supremacy and violence inspired by them all or on the rise in the? U S and around the world. The data they cite comes from the southern poverty loss enter the Anti defamation league and a study by the centre for strategic and international studies, which found the number of terrorist attacks by far right perpetrators quadrupled in the U S, between twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen, and that farmer attacks in Europe rose forty three percent over the same period. Among those incidents CS, I estates the rise of attacks by white, supremacist and anti government,
We must as of particular concern. Unfortunately, the group cited by this fact check are unreliable narrators, they first sight the southern poverty loss under which has been discredited for many reasons for one investigations going back decades have found massive issues of racism and sexism within the company, so much so that recently, the founder and present had to resign. Unfortunately, I don't think we can take the word of a non profit that was riddled with racism and sexism as an authority on issues of racism M and, more importantly, for both the eighty l and the S PLC. Both of these organisations make their money by tackling specifically far right wing violence. It doesn't mean that you can't trust these organisations is essentially the S. Plc can't be trusted because there is actually out it as being racist from the top down
that I'm going to ignore the information league has questionable definitions of left and right. In my opinion, they believed that black identity, extremists are left wing and white identity, extremists the right wing, and I don't understand essentially how that distinction comes about. More importantly, the eighty eight makes its money by fundraising off of these issues, which means, of course, they need to tell you, there's an increase their trying get people to donate therein lies the serious conundrum of nonprofits. Take my word for it. I was a non.
A director for a couple years, our for many of the largest organizations in the country. I do not trust any of them. In fact, one of the main reasons I left was because they frequently lie because one of the tendency to push a sense of urgency- that's literally what they call it a sense of urgency, meaning you have to exaggerate the problem to convince people to help you fight. It doesn't mean you can't trust the adsl they're, not always wrong, but its questionable. If we're going to take the word of a nonprofit dedicated to one political wing of this, culture were the best thing we can probably do is just look at F B. I crimes districts, unfortunately, its also substantially more complicated than just say it's happening. Where does it? Let's take a look from FBI, DOT Gov? They.
Say law enforcement reported seven thousand one hundred and seventy five hate crimes to you see our in twenty seventeen up from six thousand one hundred and twenty one and twenty sixteen. Although the numbers increase last year so to the number of law enforcement agencies, reporting hate crime data with approximately one thousand additional agencies contributing information. The report hate crime statistics way. Seventeen includes hate crime, information for last year, broken down by location, offenders, bias, types and victims. We can see that, according to their graph race, ethnicity and ancestry, was nearly sixty percent of all. Incidents with religion followed in second place
then sexual orientation, disability, identity and gender. I do find this interesting owing to highlight gender identity made up only one point: six percent of hate incidents, the F B. I was clear that this may be due to an increase in agencies reporting and that hate crimes might actually be down it's hard to know for sure. In fact, Forbes even highlights that they say around five thousand of the crimes were categories as crimes against persons, while about three thousand fell into the category of crimes against property such as burglary and vandalism is important to note that much of the spike can likely be attributed to an increase of about one thousand police departments choosing to report hate crimes. Nevertheless, civil rights advocates still claim the numbers are vastly under reported, because many victims refused to come forward and the data only includes crimes reported to the earth
the eye when we scroll down? We can see that, based on this reporting, hate crimes have gone up for three years, but even Forbes recognizes thereabout, a thousand more police departments choosing to report the hate crimes, and this is why our question these activist organizations like the Anti Defamation League and the southern part of laws under or right wing watch, I need to tell you: there's an increase. They dont me to tell you the context. While you can argue that the end justify the means. I personally don't feel that way. At any rate, this data rather unreliable because it doesn't. They tell us anything. How can you haven't inconsistent metric you over year and expect to draw conclusions from that. Of course, the nonprofits that need the issue to exist to raise money will claim. It's true doesn't mean that all nonprofits are bad, but it does show a problem inherent with many nonprofits speaking as someone who used to be a direct around profits, it was widely set.
On low level staff are nonprofits goal should be to put itself out of business. Tell that to the executive directors, making six figures. You should be out of a job within a year, they're not going to be happy they need to shift the need to push and make sure their message stays the same. So what do you think people will assume when you see websites like this fake hate map, dot com which tracks hoax hate crimes or the website fake hate crimes, dot org, which also presents a list of various hate crimes. You will then end up with many people, believing there is no increase its just people lying because look at that. First for some reason people are staging. These hoaxes, of course, all of this information just becomes part of the culture war. People on the right will say: the increase is due to hoaxes. People on the left will say: that's nonsense. Hoaxes are rare,
and they will smear each other, because, yes, people have highlighted my videos, an issue claiming I'm lying about hoax hate crimes, but I'm trying to do my best to present the new ones. Here is a story from the Washington Post and orchestrated attack against truth. Are the clash over hate crimes, become one more culture war, but, interestingly, the Washington Post leaves out some very important context when they mention the increase and hate crimes accorded FBI. They don't include the very important caveat that it was likely due to an increase of a thousand police departments reporting they say hate crimes have grown in major american Citys in each of the last five years. According to the centre for study of hate and extremism, the trend has been particularly pronounced in places like Washington D, where the number of hate crimes has nearly doubled since twenty. Sixteen. Since then, according to the centres, preliminary figures there have been fewer than fifty false reports of a hate crime across Amerika out of an estimated twenty one thousand reported hate crimes over that time period, a rate of zero.
Point three percent. The story says that white supremacist groups have for years called hate crimes faked or described whites as the true victims, but such allegations have accelerated in a media environment where new stations and websites have clear political leanings, social media amplifies every political difference and accusations of fake news and media hoaxes are regular and pervasive. I don't believe the wash it imposes trying to deceive people, they genuinely think they're right just like everyone else does, but I need to point out. They don't include that important context, the increase likely being due to christian reporting. We don't have reliable data on this, and this is true for most different types of crimes. The more important thing I think we should take away from all of this is that, even if there is an increase in hate crimes,
We should be dealing with them and trying to solve those problems. They make up an overwhelmingly tiny minority of the crimes that actually impact this country. I more concerned about gang violence and gun violence, robberies and theft than I am hate crimes. While hate crimes are particularly agree, because of what they represent, they don't happen merely as often as many other common forms of crime that we should be focused on dealing with in the Washington Post. They say, Wilfred Riley and Associate Professor Kentucky State University and author of the book that will be released next week. Hate crime hoax on the left is selling. If they re swore said the left was justice
healthy for the polarize debate, its polarization to say there is a massive surge of hate under our president, he said. Liberals often characterize all hate crimes as attacks on innocent people of color. When you don't know what happened- and this may be the most important point overall, in fact, Jack DOT, Org story- they say exports caution at the FBI's Hate crime stats are an end, perfect way to track the rise of white nationalism, not all of the hate crimes overall were committed by white nationalists. The data do not identify the perpetrators that even if we are to assume that hate crimes are on the rise, many people After our assuming its white people attacking people of color when in reality it could be people of any race attacking anyone else have any rights, it could be letting up attacking the black person at present, attacking the person we don't necessarily know- or at least they dont quantify the ideology behind the attacks.
Truly you're gonna get many people on the left or right divided on this issue, and I think the important thing to point out is for the most part. Data is unreliable, We should be vigilant and make sure we're not falling victim to hoaxes and the same time, and we should be aware that sometimes hate crimes happen, but we should probably treat crime the same way. We should investigate trying to determine who the victim is and what the perpetrator is. Prove it beyond a reasonable doubt and then be done with it, but of course This issue is going to be a massive weapon in the coming twenty twenty election already worse. Impact Bernie Sanders, where there are angry that he isn't addressing issue properly, because they really believe it's true Are we really dont know solemnly there? Let me know what you think in the comments below and we will keep the conversation going. Do you think- it is mostly hoaxes or do you think the reporting is just wrong. You can follow me on minds at TIM, cast state and new videos, everyday four, p m Eastern and I've morbid for you on my second General Youtube outcomes. Lashed him guess news starting at six p M Eastern Bank sprang up and I'll see you on that
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