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Anti-Trump Smear Backfire Escalates, New York Times Staff In Full Panic Mode And Its Their Own Fault

2019-08-31 | 🔗

Anti-Trump Smear Backfire Escalates, New York Times Staff In Full Panic Mode. Several days ago the New York Times accused "Trump Allies" of trying to embarrass their staff and journalists by digging up old tweets. The Times Was slammed by everyone, far left, left, center, right, basically everyone.The Times is not above the rest of us and if their staff posted bad tweets then they are fair game same as us. In response to the backlash Times staff are deleting tweets and even locking down their accounts.A memo was sent out warning staff that they were no longer a protected class (Yes I'm being snarky)But for some reason these elitist journalists think they are special and protected but now they are learning a hard lesson.The newspaper was recently exposed as having an Anti Trump bias in a leaked transcript. They thought they would be allowed to enter the fray smearing Trump and his supporters with impunity and there would be no response. Journalists today are more like activists than journalists. Their goals are to push an agenda or to drive outrage clicks for profit. The Times has even started hiring far left journalists and has been pushing outright activist journalism.If they want to get into the weeds with everyone else then this is exactly what you'd expect to see. I'd be more surprised if conservatives and the far left didn't react at all to be honest, this seems entirely predictable.

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