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Antifa vs. The Day For Freedom

2018-05-05 | 🔗
The Day For Freedom is a rally in London led by people such as Tommy Robinson, Sargon of Akkad, and Count Dankula, among many others.With many people being "deplatformed" these individuals decided to hold an event to discuss the importance of free speech.Today we sat down with Zuzanna, "Opinionated European" on Youtube and Twitter to discuss the event and what might happen.

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Everybody I just arrived in London because tomorrow is the day for freedom and Enjoying right now by Susanna, who is also known as opinionated european who's, going to tell me what's going on what the event is about and what what what we can expect so first, why You just introduce yourself and what you do and we are that also known as the pain into european opinion Euro on Twitter. I, basically I'm independent journalists working on some projects right now trying to extol is basically governmental leftwing media for what they are, who they are and yet so, so you say, you're another one of these conservative personalities that I tend to interview all time for some reason base, oh god, I'm also involve where's. Really what is done.
On right now in the United Kingdom and trying to make an impact, not just that of sitting in front of my camera, and talking about you know my own perception of how the world should be, so the reason our values we met. We met last summer's here during the liberalising and then that would appreciate Before that video came out, the Deva Freedom, video, which yeah and nice. You see I've always personalities with doktor on their mouths and an eye. You were one of them, and so I think you sir, you surely must know what's happening well with this what it is so there you go yeah personal. Basically, the thing that tipped the balances for the people who are organizing the event was. Time being abandoned, twitter and also learn southern region have had about Martin seller been banned from the country for doing so
but stand basically, what is going on CAN in Europe, but predominantly in the United Kingdom is legislation which is restricting freedom of speech, like the public order act, for example, as well as just the general attitude of a lot of people, is that we should be restricting free speech and that there is a difference between prestige and hate speech, which we basically agree with, and so we think that just crying. It is unusual, want solve any problems, and so all these people who are involved in it decided that is important to put up this event to show how many people, the silent majority, basically actually want free speech and support this fundamental right that simply they are afraid to speak their mind and understand that, because they feel alone, I'm in the UK. We have this thing called the silent Tory phenomenon in Tory. Is they dislike for the conservative party and basically people her conservative rarely speak about it breaks it. Voters rarely speak about it, especially London, because it sets
liberal environment, and so we want to show basically that there is a lot about that. We know we we are A major review sound fifty two percent and yeah, don't believe in free speech, what we said. It was the public order. Act is always a yes, that's one of the laws that regulates. I'm free speech in the United Kingdom gives one when it is to obey p. It. Has it? Has racial, religious he's, gonna hate speech way? yeah yeah yeah, so. The creative I'm wrong united when events here in London for Youtube and they couldn't define HP, everybody's got angry when the people who are like we want eighty. If policy and the one person who didn't me we're all. I define it and typically is defined, as you know, target a marginalized group are targeting a group
with some disrespect for it. Crematory language based on race, gender, national origin, things that so is that basically use that a functions that similar to make our perception of the hated each policy or yes, you basically have like within some laws. You have you can have lost that are, are if crimes that are backed by rail just or racial hatred or run yet base. So that is one thing Then you also have hate speech laws which basically are very badly and all we really know about them is based in that case law, so obviously how the judges and the courts have ruled on those orders, and so we have the case of combat killer. It was found guilty of being grossly offensive. Now. Nobody knows grossly offensive is right, because one can make a joke about. Let's say: oh beast people-
or if you make a joke about. I don't know that the eligibility community then immediately that come to hate crime because you are targeting, a marginalized group with potentially disrespectful language and so Nobody really knows, as you said, what hate speech is that it is at the end of the day, but you know clearly, there is still there there's those of prosecutions following detailed speech laws and from two thousand and sixteen to and seventeen there has been a think tank hundred percent now make more heavy became rapidly. There has been a significant increase of prosecutions for AIDS each basically, so What does it I'm gonna be? Is cuz I didn't know. If there's going to be like a big protest, I know you have time he did that thing where he went into speakers corner and people showed up just the other week. Sargon had a march, I sent a shotgun but the liberal, but this is gonna work and organised,
then you are or theatre like. What is this, while also, basically, We will work and I think I set it up intervals. Traveller glares squirrel swear in collaboration with the police and ensuring public safety, making sure that there are going to be any any aggression going on all these limited as much as well. Obviously there is none of your stage backstage a very large screen on a bus so that, on the pretext of interviews that we have with like Lauren enragingly and myself as well, can you make dream so on both those in my next question, because a lot of people seeing used answer this ban anyway, Laura Brittany and Martin are featured in this video, but they can't come here. Yeah exactly and so basically what the organisers of diet is included them within this by featuring letting the video, because, though there one of the reasons behind this protest is defined as they were banned for exercising the right to free speech with everything is wrong,
But on top of this we also trying to include them in the very banned since they can actually be there so by showing them under the large screen. I don't want you ve seen, or even people working have seen those prerecorded one minute interviews with them those are going to be featured basically for the already there already up on you down there there on Tom, you haven't safer when the vote. When did those go up with even going up for like the past couple of days? ok, so you think God allow the area, so it is Gavin gonna, be here in London, yeah, yeah, wow, and I mean one I too is people say that Milo wouldn't chop that Milo wouldn't come a lot of. What is he gonna, be here here? I've already, while that's interesting so Joan of getting an ominous. Isn't
Secondly, a while ago I went to a significant event in college may be quite a few of you heard of it, and basically Anti VA, came to disturb the band and brought smoke bombs and and something that incite recorded. It God, like four hundred thousand using twitter, isolate you went by large and then a groan, twitter and conduct of one of the other gross was there, because I saw that she had a polish lagging her name and it turned out was busy brown and choose to work for the rebel, we became really very good fancies and introduce me to let people so that's how it happened rather, simple, you're gonna, find really funny. There was, I think, is an article from Archie that talked about that kings colleague Incident and sergeant outright. Oh right, like protest, there's something alright speech and I'm I'm like a twenty cause. If you watch the video saga, in the middle of disparaging the outright when the Prodi
just come in screaming no right, you weren't! We were there for that year. I was there to these basic. Whether talking about was free speech and and down. Yonder was talking about how Youtube and all these paths that venture to have a right to exclude speakers, because it is their private property where thank always is agreeing because his arguing, was that this was a public forum rather than private property was basically that kind of disagreement between them. But you know we didn't have a chance to finish at because Finally, what he actually brought up the already I mean start on a twenty two people who what people who watch this probably know who he is and probably know that he him marks the opera. You ready. Its edges absolutely crazy to meet one of the things that I I ve been talking about. I dont want very, very often, but has come up a bit in the past week or so is your Jordan Peterson call the darling of the all right or being called the alright intellectual.
There is another aspect outside of the free speech issue that affects. Basically, everybody was involved where their maligned by the press by activists. Where are you leave us in their direct spirit? I bet you're wrong. What happened in these sulphur example hope not hated. This group that supposedly promotes hope, rather than hate and friendship, band and diversity, and basically day took the video, the probable and they caught up other people. Color from that tunnel and felt raises and said that we are racist and there were promoting hates. They went the other way open and called ass race, and so it's it's strange hissing and then all these people who were in the video they started to treat about it like. Are we not in an? Why were we cut out and yeah basically because they wanted to manipulate the evidence that this is some sort of,
and that it really isn't one of the guys in the video has the symbol. It's it's, last October, the inverted version of it. So basically he is. Hangs malaysian and in the South asian south asian countries than the swastika mean something different, but it's better than another drug use that there might be a rustic, the original version of it precisely so it's the one that supposed to mean good luck and and basically had no idea what it needs. It only came. The earth and open to some other people who are studying at my university who came from China. The also didn't understand the significance that it has here and so no doubt that mark there's nothing you can do with it, but the fact that people are taking it in saying that he is supposedly a chinese Malaysian that sees kind of You know it's, it's disingenuous, because when I when I first saw it
I know it was invited, and I know that it comes from like spiritual where that kind of thing, but at the same time, like it doesn't matter I don't know what that similar means and as far as anyone else concerned is literally Gassalasca space yeah it doesnt you know. So, of course I don't use it and there was a sort of- perhaps I suggest, that actually, perhaps maybe you will be very- we added it. But then you know that's not what the event was about. The people would serve. The time was that this institute or scarred in his face- and you know everybody wants to be honest about the participants. So it really is interesting, because I suppose that all these Hubner Hagar Cultural, rather than stand, they would want to be accommodating of other countries that are really not under using all his evidence, manipulating evident. In order to prevent us in this really bad light. When you are not dangerous. Political alignment is, I know that I saw it on his spoil. Converse tests show that he is like social umbrellas.
Centre left, but I wonder if there was a chance you know you guys to bring any left wing speakers other than because you know all those argon does it broke compassed as it shows that he's left a lot of people still perceive him as being right. So I wonder if there was any attempt to brand people who are proceeding, left absolutely and we actually arbour bring out empower who he was. Actually, he interviewed learned starting on one point and he has been falling Tommy Robinson for years, trying to expose him, and yet it is going to speak. The strange thing is that he himself always draw a distinction between hate speeches we speech, but because we think that breaches of fundamental we wanted given that platform. So you can also,
but that his argument is really a difference between high speed in free speech, and perhaps in that way you know we are we're going to call today and you charge the date in that sphere and hopefully because we have so many arguments that we are going to convince the larger population that they should stand on our side, So we have definitely been offered to bring people from the left of your money. Where your mouth is. I guess yeah. I saw we earlier from from him saying like. Let me speak, let me speak so I guess you guys are. Let us speak up here. Oh well, any final thoughts before we get it right for tomorrow. Really excited one more thing that anti planning- and you spoke about the senior Billy already. There is quite a lot of anti by that, I suppose
suited to the imo, may anti exactly the airline she fell, but also from my university interim from other universities. There is going to be quite wild. What is happening, but we're just hoping that that basically, the police and also the people were going there. He merely on our side, are going with the mine said there were we're not going to fight we're going to be peaceful and we're just gonna be participating this protest, because if the fight and aggression that is going to happen, there is going to outline the mission statement of this event than is basically a failing in what we wanted to achieve. So hopefully he wants you to maintain peace and order, and everything will be fine. I'm feeling the news will turn to clashes the story, one being about antifraud, disrupting or something all we can do. This is seen as much effort into the abandoned make sure that, at the end of the day, resonate with as many people as possible
cool. Well, nice fervors in Antarctica explaining it. Do you have your dimension? Your agreed, you re thing before you, some, if you guys just stop if you join us, if you look at the United European on Youtube and at opinionated you're on Twitter, you can find me there from our group. I beg you so, thank you all so much for hang watching as well. You can follow me on Twitter at TIM Cast, subscribe to Jennifer more videos and new videos every day at four p m tomorrow is gonna, be a podcast discussion and I I'm going to say who we are going to be doing the package with just yet Don't if we actually gonna get that the conversation and before you know before I have to go to bed or do you just get ready for work or whatever, but tomorrow where's the actual event, so I will possibly be lies. Dreaming will see what happens, but and they re other state again thanks for watching stay tuned, because we don't know what what's gonna happen, but we'll find out areas
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