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Are Universities Discriminating Against Men?

2018-05-23 | 🔗
The Department of Education is investigating universities for alleged discrimination against men after a student complained about several different programs. The idea is that if woman are the majority of degree earners and college attendees than programs that benefit women are helping the majority and discriminate against the minority.But what do you think? Are Colleges and universities discriminating against men?

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Yale at the University of Southern California are being investigated by the Department of Education for discrimination against men and they started after a student complained that if women Are the majority of universities and the majority of those who earn degrees, then programs that benefit women are discriminate Tori against the minority who are men visit I think, because these programs were created to encourage women to go to college, but it would seem that they succeeded. An women are now the majority. So is this the turning point? Are we now going to see social justice advocates side with men who are the minority or do you think this is? actually going to be more trouble, and if this should've succeeds, and universities do implement programs to get more men involved. What does that say? about racial inequality and social justice activists focused on race. Before we get started, make sure you head over to patrison dot com, Slash TIM cast and click become a patron. There are many different here's to choose from most, notably at tier one. You could,
just two behind the scenes, photos and videos, an bonus commentary when available. So please consider becoming a patron to help support. My work today from the hill, Department probing whether Yale discriminates against men, It's investigating whether Yale University discriminates against men by offering specific programs and scholarships for women in at higher ed reported Monday that the department launched the probe last month after a student who is not affiliated with the university filed a title. Nine complaint occurs at Christophe as a doctoral student at the University of Southern California claims Women are no longer a minority in higher education and therefore jales programs that specifically benefit women violate federal gender discrimination LAW federal it shows that women make up forty nine percent of undergraduates at Yale nationally more than fifty six percent of college, It's where women, as of last, fall according to inside higher ed, it be cause
complaint, initially included. Gail's women, center and Department of Women's gender and sexuality studies by the department will not investigate because they are not exclusive to women according to inside higher ed in an email pen, pals wrote that filed a complaint and a similar one against his own institution because of civil rights advocacy though he This campaign in his email as a disinterested pursuit, he has considered filing complaint against Harvard unit any but settled on hail with the goal of creating some sort of president women aren't. Increasing majority in college is Pekka said via email. Male students are far more likely to drop out. Also younger men are making less money than women despite working in more hazardous jobs, his your statement is at least partly inaccurate. Two thousand and sixteen report from the Census Bureau revealed that, despite significant strides by women median pay of young women is still eleven thousand dollars lower than that of young men. Now, I'm going to stop right here to make a point about this article on what they've claimed it seems that you've got.
Different issues, Pegasus saying that younger men are making less money working in more hazardous jobs, but inside higher ed attempts to refute that claim. By making a statement all women across the board, these are two issues and I'm not looking to get into the gender wage debate or anything like that will come to that in a second. The independent women form also covered the story. They said some interesting thanks. My second reaction, Mr Part, because it might actually have a point, is at least worth looking into and if nothing else, his complaint puts claims still Pock on the left that we then are almost always victims of discrimination in a different light. For example, you may have heard that women slightly outnumber men in college campuses. Slightly, the Wall Street Journal reports, men make up forty, two percent of undergraduate college students, nationwide according to the national Student Clearinghouse Research Center and have been in please steady decline since falling into the minority around one thousand nine hundred and eighty, the growing gender. Is due in part to rising college, going rates among women and by economic recoveries, boo
being male dominated sectors like construction and manufacturing, which draw men away from school. You can even look to Stanford and go back as far as May 28th, two thousand and thirteen where they have a post Women earn more degrees than men and the gaps keep increasing, keep in mind. This was five years ago, according to data from going to education on college degrees by gender? The US college degree gap favor, women started back in nineteen. Seventy eight when for the first time ever more women than men earn associates degrees. Five years later in nineteen, eighty two women earned more bachelors degrees than men. For the first time, and women have increased their share of bachelor's degrees in every year. Since then, in another here's by one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven women earned. A Geordie of masters degrees for the first time, finally, within another deck more women than men earned doctors, degrees by two thousand and six and feed domination of college degrees at every level, was complete for the current graduating class of two thousand and thirteen the department
education estimates that women will earn sixty one point: six percent of all associates degrees this year, fifty six point, seven percent of all bachelors degrees. Fifth, Nine point, nine percent of all masters degrees and fifty one point: six percent of all doctors degrees overall one hundred and forty women will graduate, with a college degree at some level this year for every one hundred men that article is five years old and the gender gap in college continues to. Grease. So maybe Mister Peck's does have a point that, if universities keep creating programs to benefit women, men are going to get left behind an if the true goal is to bring about equality. Diversity's. They need to do something to stop this shift where men are no longer going to school and they need to find a way to bring these levels back to normal, Gender wage gap is an interesting aspect in this dynamic because it
women earning more degrees. You'd expect them to be earning more money. But that isn't the case when you compare full time work to full time work. Now the gender wage gap is very complicated when you compare job type to job type. The gender wage gap just entirely disappears, but there still is a wage gap in favor of men by three to five percent by a bunch of different standards. Now, let me say: This is an extremely complicated issue, but for the most part it is believed that the under wage gap. When you compare apples to apples like the same job, like a male teacher versus a female teacher, men are going to get slightly more simply because they are more likely to negotiate. However, across the board for full time work, men still earn more than women. According Eustis to women still earn less than men with older women a lot less. So why is it that, when you compare full time work to full time work that women are getting paid less? Now? I want to keep this in the context of college, because there are arguments made about negotiation and there are arguments to be made about working more hours. Even if you are full time. One of the issues.
That, even though women filled forty seven percent of all jobs in two thousand and fifteen, they held only twenty four percent of stem jobs. And if you're not familiar with what stem means, it is science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These tend to be the jobs that pay a whole lot right now, for whatever reason, people working in the tech, industry and science and math More money than those who have liberal arts degrees or our teachers, for instance, and there's a simple reason for this popping over to Quora, so can hear it from someone else other than me. They asked why do stem jobs pay more than liberal arts degrees. One of the answers says it's. Fifty thousand nurses are needed and one hundred thousand qualified people want to be nurses wages are likely to go down because of most of the extra people are willing to accept a lower wage in exchange for a job they enjoy it. There, certainly not going to go up, and fifty thousand bomb technicians are needed, but only thirty five thousand qualified people want to be bomb. Techs employers are forced to offer higher wages to entice people, wanting to work as bomb techs wages, most certainly aren't going down. Now I want to point out that
jobs are just more valuable than others. People have to pay more for jobs that are harder to do or that require significant training If someone goes to college and spends a ton of money to get a specific degree, so they can work in a certain field, you've got to pay them enough so that it's worth going to college to do this issue is absurdly complicated and I'm not an economist. But what I will say is if majority of women aren't working in stem than there are female, dominated fields which probably are facing some kind of market saturation or just might be valued less by society. So when you compare the hard numbers of full time, worked a full time work. Men make more again. I want to reiterate when you compare job type job type. The gender wage gap almost entirely disappears, except for what is considered to be the result of negotiating tendencies among men. So, let's be rational about this. Mister Pakos does have a point about women in universities
diversity is probably need to create programs to bring more men into schools at the same time. By that same logic, if he does want to uphold and identity politics standard than women need some kind of program to get them into stem. So it's not one for one. You could say the universities discriminate in some places, but don't in others and that they encourage women into stem, but need to encourage men to come to college general, and this is why identity politics be can become dangerous because you want to advocate for benefits for your tribe. But what happens when you I've wins. Your own logic will be used against you and, if you want to, that there is a patriarchy and that men hold all this power and you need programs for women. What do you do once women actually come out on top and dominate field well by your own argument. You need to create programs for men, but let's step outside of all of this college nonsense for a second and talk about, in my opinion, the real problem. The real problem is that people are going to college expecting there
get a good job they're taking out massive student loans, then finding out there isn't work for them. They have to take low, paying jobs because of market saturation and competition, but they need more money to pay off their loans and it creates a huge problem. What we need our entrepreneurs, we need people willing to say maybe college, isn't the right thing, and you should just work as much as you can, wherever you save up money and then start your own business. If all we ever have are people expecting to work for someone else, actually there won't be any jobs, because you need someone to work for, in which case we need, who are willing to work at someone's company and we need people who are going to start these companies. But now I want to introduce a new segment. I'm going to be doing in my videos where I'm going to pull you guys in the community section of my Youtube Channel and today it as I was editing, I asked do you think is an universities, discriminate against men. Five hundred and four Two people voted. Seventy seven percent said yes, five percent said no an eighteen percent
onshore shadow zero. Twenty seven said yes, man here, I was discriminated at university, two hundred and twenty one women to men at my private university Dustin, I guess as said yes, the entire legal and social structure discriminates against men. Adam Davidson said unsure. I think it may depend on exactly what you mean. There is some stuff to point towards Kerra educational systems being designed in a way that results in women being more successful on average than men. But then you of schools needing to inflate their male population relative to their own standards. They don't want worse than a six thousand and forty percent man, woman split to avoid decreased female mail applications and rye n says. Yes, as universities push victimhood, and as an say that white straight season, mail cannot be victims or, worse, are racist, sexist transformers homophobic public by default. Men have actually, the struggle against risk factors that can lead them to a lower path? well, not side with universities, a return to fact is needed
it goes on to say, potentially measured the question, but at fifty percent of the population is Saturday minority, then? Yes, it is discriminate Tori, two males, I'm going to try and do this in every video and incorporate your responses, but still comment below, and let me know what you think our universities, discriminating against men. Do we need affirmative action for men to get enrollment numbers up? It's an interesting argument, because guys, essentially on the side of identity. Politics saying that if you're going to benefit women than once, women are You now have to do the same for men so comment below it will keep the conversation going. You can stay too new videos on my channel everyday at four hundred pm, and you can follow me on Twitter Teamcast. Thank you all much for hanging out, and I will see you all tomorrow,
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