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CIA SLAMS CNN Over Publishing FAKE NEWS About Trump And A Russian Spy

2019-09-10 | 🔗

Even The CIA Is Slamming CNN For Pushing FAKE NEWS About Trump And Russia. A bombshell report, yes another one, from CNN claimed that Trump may have compromised a CIA asset.It turns out the spy was living under his real name in the US peacefully and that Trump wasn't even in office when they started to extract him from Russia. The CIA called CNN's reporting "simple false" and said that the plan to get him out started in 2016 and had nothing to do with Trump.Once again fake news from the media gets shut down within a day. You have to wonder what these companies are doing to get it wrong so often and in such horrible ways.Recently the media claimed that Trump thought it was raining when it wasn't. Not only does it not matter at all if he thought it was raining, but apparently he said his supporters were soaking wet because of bad weather. Media pounced, said "ha! its not raining! Its actually sunny and 88 degrees!"Yes, because is hot sunny weather people get soaking wet from sweat.This is a good example of the absurd nonsense media tries to pass off as newsworthy and it also shows how they make assumptions about people without confirming key details.

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