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CNN and MSNBC Bias Is So Bad Reporters BANNED From Appearing

2019-05-31 | 🔗

Credibility Shot As Reporters BANNED From Appearing On CNN And MSNBC. In a surprising turn The New York Times has banned its staff from appearing on CNN and MSNBC shows, specifically Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O'Donnell over the shows being "too partisan."CNN and MSNBC have gone so far off the rails that now the NYT is worried that if any of their staff appears on the show they will be accused of partisan bias.While this has always been true of Fox news, many leftists and far left activists claim that only Fox News is biased but now we can see that the polarization is getting worse and MSNBC and CNN are being treated exactly the same. While the idea of left wing media or liberal bias has existed for a while, this is direct proof that even the NYT feels its bad.This comes at a time when Rachel Maddow's ratings are their lowest yet and CNN is laying off many staff members.Perhaps this is a good example of journalism's Get Woke Go Broke

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