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Conservative States Now VASTLY Outnumber Liberal States

2019-02-24 | 🔗

Conservative States Now VASTLY Outnumber Liberal States. According to new data from Gallup the number of states where liberals and the far left outnumber conservatives and the right are down from 9 to only 6. The data shows that conservatives outnumber leftists in 25 states. Many of the states that are tied are key battleground states going into 2020 so democrat and republican alike will be focusing heavily on winning these states.As the Democrats pursue feminism, identity politics, and far left policy they leave behind moderates. This to me shows why more states are now becoming conservative. As more moderates feel left behind by far left democratic policy they begin to identify as conservative as vote republican.

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A new poor from gallop shows that liberals now only outnumber conservatives in six states which is down from nine and that twenty five states show a significant conservative advantage. One of things I ve talked about quite a bit in the past couple weeks is how, according to a programme galloping pew the Democrats I want to move more moderate. Not conservatives also want to move further to the right, but the percentage people associate with the Democrats, who want to go further left its only about forty percent, so something interesting happens, at least and in my opinion, for the moderate Democrat when you look at the presidential candidates right now, the twenty nominees they're moving further and further laughed and closest candidate to you as a moderate is going to be a Republican,
in my opinion shows us why this may be happening, that when you ask someone who used to be a Democrat, who did they side with they're going to start believing their conservative, even if they're, not because they have no choice? Today? Let's take a look at the latest information, but also go over some stories in the past four years, which I think exemplify why many people feel pushed away from the Democratic Party, but before he started major, you follow me. Overhead mines at mine, Stockholm, slashed him cast for setting up a distributed. Newsroom called the sub first newsroom for New Youtube, gentle suppers, where we want you to get involved and sheer stories you think mark getting enough air time. If you want to support these videos, just share them on social media top spread. The message of our story from the Washington Examiner gallop. Liberals outnumber concern. But if it only six states down from nine, they say the number of states were liberals outnumber. Conservatives has dropped more than thirty percent with just six now. In that category, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington and New York and know how
according to the latest gallop survey in every other state, but California, where conservatives and liberals split twenty nine percent to twenty nine percent. Conservatives led nationally those wedded to themselves. Conservative hold a knife point lead, they add before conservative start to cheer gallop said the gap used to be twenty one points and a handful of the state number fall in the margin of error, but the server still shows a large swathes of red and pink states. Book ended by the whole West Coast, New England and the MID Atlantic, including the Washington DC area. The only MID West state shaded, light blue, which signifies less conservative than average, is Illinois the residents of most Eu S its are more likely to identify a conservative then, as liberal in their political ideology in twenty five states, the conservative advantage is significantly greater than the national average income in nineteen quote highly conservative states in which conservatives outnumber liberals by at least twenty percentage points
gallop. Now I chose this source on the article specifically because examiner tends to be conservative. I could be wrong. That's at least how I see it, and I definitely want to look at the actual gallop article, but there's something I find particularly interesting in how people identifying politically I made a video o koyo. Quite a while ago, where I asked people to take their political compass test. Many people thought they were conservative and they sent me messages and posted images of their political compass test where they said I was shocked to find I was a social, liberal, meaning you're just centre left, because they really thought there were conservatives, and the reason is the main stream left has begun to adopt far left rhetoric when, in reality, most Democrats and most centrist or centre left and visuals, don't realize their actually on the left because they don't allow. with mainstream either to terrorism. But let's take a look at the actual Gallup Poll and look at some more nuanced information. Bad this chart words as Americans, political ideology by state twenty eighteen, you can see dark red is highly conservative
pink is more conservative. An average gray is about average, and then you have light blue, less conservative than average to blue, more liberal than conservative and there actually only six states that are more liberal and conservative, which I gotta admit rather shocking. To me, it means that a lot of very important states coming to twenty twenty are average, meaning trump has a good chance of winning. They haven't swayed and we can look at the obvious contenders that lean slightly more liberal and still the way the electoral colleges set up. These votes are going to go to a Democrat in all likelihood, but these gray states are where twenty twenty Kennedy may want to focus on two interesting bits of information, Mississippi ranked as the most conservative state and twenty teen with fifty percent of residence, identifying s, conservative and twelve percent. As liberal for a gap of thirty eight points, twenty nine percent of Mississippi and said they are moderate and nine percent had no opinion. Massachusetts was the most liberal state in twenty attain, with thirty five percent of its residents describing their political views as liberal and twenty one per.
and ass conservative Massachusetts was the first state gallop, measured with more liberal than conservative, identify errors in two thousand eight and has been the state most consistently leaning, more liberal than conservative. They then go through a chart of every state which shows from conservative down to liberal, so you can see starting with the recipient. It goes to Alabama South Dakota, etc, and we can see that there is actually more states that lean conservative, which basically is the summary of the article now I know many of you follow. My videos have seen this several times at this point, but I need to include it for anybody who may be new to this concept if you're not familiar according to Gallup November 13th to 18th two thousand and eighteen most Democrats, fifty four percent want more moderate policy. Only forty one percent want more liberal. Now many progressives contested the idea that means more liberal
I think, and the colloquial sense it means moving further to the left. We can easily see that conservatives want to move to the right and so do Democrats and these results were repeated by pew in January, twenty nineteen poor. We can see that fifty three percent of Democrats want to be more moderate, only forty four I don't want to be more liberal, so, as I explained in the negatives video, what I think happens is somebody who is a centre left. Moderate Democrat is looking to their left and looking to their right. When you look at the twenty twenty presidential candidates, there adopting far left rhetoric their embracing the green. the old which, for some reason, includes identity area in ISM, along with environmental ism, which confuses me, and quite honestly, it pisses me off. I like environmentalism, I dont want to support and identity Aaron piece of legislation.
So other Democrats, presumably in a similar space to me, are looking at a Democrat and saying they have gone so far left the closest option is likely going to be a republic it now. For me, I probably still one vote Republican because it not reflect my values, but there are a lot of people they're looking for core issues and are trying to understand and if the far left is willing to embrace censorship or their willing to be mean and push people away. The conservatives are standing not that far away waving offering up a beard have a conversation. It's going to be very easy for conservatives to convince the moderate Democrats. There. No longer Democrats and in my opinion- and am I in my experience- I've seen this to be true, former occupy watery activists, now trump supporters. For me, former Bernie Sanders supporters now trump supporters. That actually was shocking to me. I went to a party and I met people with Trump hats on who told me they support me since occupy Wall Street. Yes, there were people who supported the left wing activism of occupy war. Now Trump supporters
a few reasons why I think this may be, and I want to highlight a wrote, a recent news story that may exemplify the issue. The stories from Today Bill MAR mocks Middle Americans as less affluent and educated saying they want to be us real time host bill more on Friday, derided Middle Americans and red states as envious of their blue state counterparts in wide, ranging from that also included criticism of Amazon, CEO Jeff bases for not building its headquarters in poorer states, HBO Mar blamed basis for pitting wealthy cities. Against another in a real estate battle over where the next Amazon headquarters will be built, while ignoring states that he argued would benefit most from thousands of new jobs. This, after a previous deal too, in New York. City fell through bill, more willing to say we have orchestras and theatre districts and world class shopping. We have chef Wolfgang Puck, they have chef boy, our deep. He continued. The blue parts of America are having a big prosperity party, while the big sea of red feels, like their invitation, got lost in the mail.
and they still use the mail. The comedian wound to explain why he thinks red state voters are so quote. Pissed off the fly overstate have become the past overstates. That's why red state voters are so pissed off? They don't hate us if they want to be, bill mark a lot of criticism for that statement because it seemed like he was insulting the reds dates and he's kind of was a bit disrespectful. I can understand why people feel that way, but he brings up a really good point. People tend not to care about, what's happening to Middle America, they tend to care about the loss of manufacturing jobs. These people feel dejected on the media, puts out stories talking about Bill MA making fun of them. For having chef boy, your d, it does feel that way. We can take a look at the story from the Washington Post and twenty seventeen trumps first DC dinner. As present an overt cooked fifty four dollars stake period with
chop period. When I heard the story, it actually fascinated me, and I immediately understood why so many people decided to vote for Trump outside of political or policy reasons. I grew up on the south side of Chicago there's, a reason why we would eat well done stakes overcome with culture, because when you're eating crappy low grade me, you gotta cook him through and they dont taste that good, say slap catch a bottom.
But what does it say to a poor middle American? Someone who doesn't know a lot of money may be lost their job at the president, each food, the way they do at the president likes his take the same way they do and makes them feel accepted and makes them feel normal. But what happens when the elite journalists start ragging on trumped for eating like a poor person? What happens when they start ragging on middle Americans for being uneducated when they say? Oh we're, the college educated we're smarter than you. Well, it makes people resentful and it makes a lot of people want to vote for Trump ins. To spite you because you're a mean person, but we also have the store for just a couple days ago. Well, some retweeted Trump employs acumen on conspiracy, theory believer as pastry chef at moral logo. She post about you and on gingerbread houses and two and unbundling.
The story was heavily criticised even by people on the left for targeting a private individual who is not newsworthy. Glenn Greenwell tweeted. This media practice of shaming low level workers, ordinary citizens and powerless people for their political views is disgusting. Punching down bullying like that time, CNN drew Griffin, badgered an old Florida woman for unwittingly posting a russian ad well summer responded by saying a Trump employee. You seeing her position to promote a violent conspiracy theory is obviously newsworthy and well Chamberlain. Responded quote you! in her position, she is ape, History chef, it really
It does seem like as many different factors playing into trumps favor for one. As I mentioned, the Democrat seem to be imbracing far left rhetoric. The reason for this, I think, is because of twitter seriously. The squeaky we'll gets the grace and those who post the most aggressive hot takes, will get more retreats, and these politicians looked at this. They see what could shared and they think this must be what America wants, but most Americans are engaging on twitter. Most moderate liberals are probably not getting into flame wars on the internet, but the politicians believe this bubble on the internet is real and they chase after a moderate Democrats, then look at the party and they look at who their options on the think. These people are too far left for me. What do I do, but then you have
some people in Middle America or being insulted and mocked and targeted by a liberal elite media. Whether or not you think the media is a liberal institution are overwhelmingly liberal is not the point when they feel like it is now, according to research and especially from Pew uneven lab. Yes, we know that media tends to be overwhelmingly liberal, but it seems like the establishment Democrats in the left, dont really pay attention to how regular Americans feel or they just don't care and so based on these factors. I am not surprised to see that now there are more states that are identifying as conservative or where conservatives outnumber liberals. Then we ve seen in a really long time states that are more, likely to be liberal down from nine to only six. At a certain point, when you start hacking, people insulting people and moving away from what people are actually looking for, the closest thing available to them is not going to be the far left. Their moderate
The only thing they can do is a publican does a huge mistake for the Democrats, and I think I have said it before. I think Republicans the right has a clear path: the victory for a long time. Moving for eliminating an accomplice below gave the conversation going, you can follow me on minds, asked him gas station new videos every day at four p M, Eastern and I'll have more views on my second general. You took outcomes left him cast new study at six p m Eastern Next rang it, and I will see well next time
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