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Conservatives Are WINNING The Internet, Democrats Self Destructing

2019-06-03 | 🔗

Conservatives Are WINNING The Internet, Democrats Self Destructing. A Democratic group called The Third Way is pleading with Democrats to ignore Twitter as the far left user base and overly woke progressives do not represent American voters. But alas to no avail, the woke far left rejects centrism and is driving dems further to the fringe.Meanwhile Conservatives mass produce memes, make jokes, and get massive engagement online. For conservatives and the right the internet was a new opportunity to bypass mainstream media bias.By many metrics we can see the left has free reign and conservatives are being censored. While censorship does affect everyone, conservatives get it more based on numerous reports. But this censorship is only bad for the individuals censored, for conservatives as a group they are getting cleaned up and made to look good as the worst actors and even innocent ones get suspended.While at first glance it may seem counter intuitive this leaves the worst far left actors to dominate the Democratic conversation and only the most professional and well read conservatives. Certainly all individuals deserve free speech but in the end the censorship is backfiring horribly on leftists as woke social justice types run wild.

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