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Democrat Charged With FELONIES Sparks Political Crisis As Civil Unrest Erupts Nationwide


It seems like the conditions for the unthinkable are being met.A Democrat engaged in rioting and was charged for it, now there are accusations of a conflict of interest, calls for the police chief to be fired by the Vice Mayor how is the daughter of the Democrat charged. This has led to calls that the Vice Mayor be charged with a crime now as well.At the same time we are seeing an escalation in the unrest across the country with right wing groups facing off against far leftists, Proud Boys clashing with BLM rioters and Antifa.While street level violence is an indicator of potential unrest, combining this with local, state, and federal level political crises and we may be meeting the conditions for the unthinkable. Collapse, a coup, civil war, revolution, call it what you want.Democrats are adamant that Trump is rigging the election but they are the ones changing the rules, it's leftists that are rioting in the street.My only advice is to stay away from cities come November.

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