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Democrat Far Left Push Makes 'Never Trumper' Declare Support For Trump

2019-06-29 | 🔗

Democrat Far Left Push Makes 'Never Trumper' Declare Support For Trump. The Democrats are beyond losing their supporters. In one story published in the Wall Street journal a man who refused to vote for Trump in 2016 has now declared he will be supporting the president in 2020.It's something we have been hearing a lot, #walkaway. The campaign which calls on Democrats to abandon the party and join the Republicans. In the WSJ Story the man says its not about Trump but about a counter punch to the absurd positions being pushed by the Democrats.It seems like 2016 is playing out again in repeat and the Democrats and media have learned nothing. Outside of the Democrats far left, social justice pandering, we are seeing media smear the actual popular candidates Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang.Media is claiming that Russian bots are propping them up to try and upset the process so Kamala Harris of Joe Biden can;t win. This premise is absurd.If the Democrats don't get their act together then they will not be able to win in 2020. Or as it was written in the NYTimes "Democrats will lose the elections, and they deserve to"

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