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Democrats Impeachment BACKFIRING And They Know it, They Risk Losing Everything In 2020 To Trump

2019-09-29 | 🔗

Democrats Impeachment Push BACKFIRING And They Know it, They Risk Losing Everything In 2020.The Democratic party can't seem to stand up to the media. A story breaks and they bend over backwards to appease the outrage machine. But The media does not have the Democrats best interest at heart, they just want clicks. In the end Pelosi, who has resisted impeachment calls repeatedly, has caved in and pushed forward with an impeachment announcement.Trump is raising millions, new donors, and new money are pouring in. But for Democrats, multiple stories say that the scandal will overshadow their moderate policy agendas and could not only cost them 2020 but also the House majority.Nancy Pelosi even acknowledges this stressing that they will keep the election focus on the issues but in the end even if they lose impeachment would be worth it. But why?Surely they will lose in the Senate. Not only that but the accusations against Trump are flimsy and only serve to backfire against Joe Biden. The only real winner will be the far left democrats who want to see Trump and Biden hurt by this, but if this helps republicans and Trump then no amount of pain or damage will matter.Now We have the ex PM of Ukraine demanding Hunter Biden be investigated and a media refusal to acknowledge the evidence. A sworn affidavit implicated Joe Biden yet the media and left refuse to acknowledge it. We really do live in two different universes.

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