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Digital Media Tries To Purge Wokeness, Far Left Writers RESIGN In Outrage

2019-08-18 | 🔗

Digital Media Tries To Purge Wokeness, Far Left Writers RESIGN In Outrage. A Top editor for a woke media outlet resigned amid controversy and a hit piece against their bosses.Great Hill Partners purchased the Gizmodo Media group recently and appears to be trying to remove overt politics from the sports website Deadspin. The Gizmodo union was outraged a few weeks ago when a survey appeared on the website asking readings what they disliked most about Deadpsin and politics was an option.Its a relevant question. Why would a sports website write about far left activist politics and woke social justice narratives? I don't care about the politics I care about the sports. Not only that but one of the main complaints from the far left activist journalists was that the parent company was hiring too many "white dudes." It seems their complaints were driven by ideology.This editorial rift seems to have resulted in the top editor's resignation but this comes just after we heard Gawker's relaunch was canceled.Gawker was set to relaunch as a different company but due to offensive tweets from the new boss two of the writers quit. They specifically cited the offensive posts.At least with these companies it seems that the people running the show know that sometimes getting woke means going broke and that getting rid of the wokeness will bring a path to success.One of the problems isn't necessarily the politics however, its the fact that almost every company is chasing the same narrative of wokeness and far left politics. This means every website is basically the same thing over and over. Eventually it gets boring.

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