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Far left Democrats Are Failing In Their Districts, Abysmal Polling And Almost No Top Donors

2019-08-14 | 🔗

NOTE: Yes I noticed The Gaffe saying Beto was running for Congress and I do correct that in the video.Far left Democrats Are Failing In Their Districts, Abysmal Polling And Almost No Top Donors. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has raised an absurdly small amount of top donations from inside her district. According to the Daily Caller only 10 of her top donors, meaning over $200, came from inside her district.Her total in district top donations is only 1.4% of the national average. Similar results can be seen for the other far left democrats known as the squad who raised between 2-4% with Ayana Pressley standing out with 30% (though she is far less famous according to polls)The percentage is less relevant than the reality though. Far Left Democrats and even other high profile politicians are being propped up by people outside of their jurisdiction.Beto O'Rourke received tons of support from media and celebritiesand according to McClatchyDC Stacey Abrams received 62% of her top donors from outside of Georgia.Why does it make sense for people outside of Georgia to fund a democratic governor? The governor represents the state not people outside of it.I don't care if youre conservative, republican, liberal, or democrat to me it makes no sense for people in other localities interfering in elections that won't impact them for the most part.I understand a democratic governor can have an impact on other states but the point is that our representatives should be working for us not external donors.

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