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Far Leftists Enact Racial Segregation At "The CHAZ" In Seattle, Right Wing Groups Rise Up Over Riots


One plot of land has been segregated for Black and Indigenous people only.This is par for the course for far left activists. They actually favor this kind of segregation. While I can't say to what extent they are employing racial policies here we do have pictures of the segregated plot of land. In another video they announced that white people must give black people ten dollars.This type of overt racialism is common among the far left and flies in the face of true liberal values. But while this may be shocking to the average left leaning person Democrats running Seattle don't seem to care at all.Meanwhile, in response to the left wing rioting and vandalism right wing groups are rising up in the UK to defend statues and push back on the far left.Right on time the media blasts right wing groups as far right and hateful.#TheCHAZ#Antifastan#Democrats

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