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Far Leftists Tear Down Thomas Jefferson, Trump Was Right And This Attack On America Will Reelect Him


While they may claim its an uprising or revolution, the far left is helping Trump much more than they could realize.Democrats in the Pacific Northwest have been defending far left rioting in such a way that one would be daft to believe this isn't helping Trump.Recently in portland far left rioters toppled a statue of Thomas Jefferson, one of America's greatest Hero's and quite possibly a world hero.Trump predicted this, he said in 2017 how long until Antifa and the far left start pulling down statues of Jefferson and Washington?These riots are now an attack on everything it means to be an American, something we can only assume will shock your average citizen.Perhaps this is why Trump and Republicans had the biggest fundraising day ever this past week raising over 14 million dollars.The far left revolution is not a fight for social justice or equality, its an accidental Trump reelection campaign happening all over the country. And as police resign and Democrats call for us to abolish the police or defund the police the outcome seems predictable.#FarLeft#TheCHAZ#Trump

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