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FBI Arrest Six Men Who Plotted To KIDNAP Democrat Governor And Try Her For TREASON Over Lockdown


he Michigan AG also arrested 7 people for plotted to target law enforcement and the state capital.The 6 men believed that Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer had no checks on her power and was pushing unconstitutional edict.With the use of informants the FBI was able to arrest and charge the men before anything bad happened.The worst part of it is that Donald Trump and the republicans are actually winning the legal fight over the unconstitutional COVID restrictions. Trump declared victory in Michigan and Pennsylvania over court rulings in favor of his supporters.This shows why the far right is actually not our biggest threat. the FBI is able to easily stop these men but what about BLM leftist riots and Antifa? 133 days of non stop insanity with limited ability to shut it down.UPDATE: It seems these men are NOT right wing at all but may be Anti Police Anarchists. I will do an update once more information is out and I do some more vetting.

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