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Leftist Activists FORCE Mastercard To Vote On Banning The Far Right

2019-05-01 | 🔗

Leftist Activists FORCE Mastercard To Vote On Banning The Far Right. Activist group "The Sum Of Us" has successfully forced Mastercard to hold a vote that would see the creation of a "human rights committee" to oversee who uses the mastercard service.The goal of the leftist activist group is to shut down access for 'far right' groups as well as politicians and activists. They stress that stopping to flow of income will stop people they do not agree with.This may be the most dramatic escalation in the Culture War we have seen yet, the targeting of major financial institutions to shut down opposition. While it sounds noble to ban certain groups we do not like it won't end there. Massive multi national corporations should not have the right to sever access to basic services based on bad opinions.Far left social justice activists have pushed for restrictions and censorship and this news marks the most dramatic escalation we have seen yet.

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A four left activist organisation called the some of us has successfully forced Mastercard to announce a vote that would allow them to ban the far right and even politicians from use their service. Mastercard, to hold a shareholder meeting where they will vote on what we're not they should appoint a human rights committee that will evaluate those who use it service, the intention behind the far right white supremacist and even politicians from being able to receive money. This may be the most dramatic escalation in the culture where we ve seen yet far left activists have targeted social media networks to get you band. They have targeted patriarch Paypal. Even Chase Bank has banned conservatives from holding bank accounts, but now they want to take away your ability even use a debit card, and this could have a global impact All the while we are seeing a dramatic escalation in rhetoric and violence from the far left. These activists groups, escalating their efforts across all fronts. Right. Let's take a look at how
Africa, is responding and what these activists are trying to accomplish. With this vote but before we get started, make sure you follow me on mines at minds that comes lashed him cast the past view. Videos, I've done have stressed problem of censorship and its escalation. So I cannot be more serious when I say I don't trust you to make sure follow me on minds because they are substantially less likely to censor me if I cover controversial, sensitive topics again minds: dot com slashed him cast. If you want to support yeah, just shared on social media top spread. The news from Buzzfeed news activists are trying to force Mastercard to cut off payments to the far right. The payment giants. Shareholders will vote on a proposal to set up a human rights committee at the company to monitor money flowing you hate groups buzz reports. Activists have successfully forced Mastercard to hold a vote by shareholders on our proposal, which, if passed, could see the company monitoring payments to global, far right political leaders and white supremacist groups. The propeller
Aims as he Mastercard establish an internal Human Rights Committee which would stop designated white supremacist groups and anti islamic activists, so just Tommy Robinson from getting access to money sent from donors in the company's card payment services. It's been conceived by: U S political activists, some of us who want to escalate the battle against white supremacist and far right groups from tech platforms like Facebook, Google, twitter, patron and Paypal one of the biggest companies in world finance and an attempt to choke off donations, Robinson and several other leading figures in the global. Far right, I've been forced in recent months to solicit donations directly on their website. The Mastercard, Visa and American Express after pay upheld band payments to them. Facebook also disabled. The donation function on robinsons fan page before deleting it completely spreading. Hate involves spending money, a windows key from some of us told Busby NEWS, whether its paying for online advertising or organizing violent rallies, whites,
emphasis groups need financial services from companies like Mastercard. Over several months, some of us has been locked in a battle with Mastercard executives behind the scenes in order to get the new committee proposal put to shareholders ahead of the company's June Annual general meeting. Document seen by Busby NEWS reveal the? U S. Securities and Exchange Commission has given the green light for shareholders to get the chance to vote on the formation of the committee. Despite staunch opposition from the Mastercard Board and executives in a posting to the S s e dot gov website, we can see, proposal five consideration of stockholder proposal of creation of Human Rights Committee. The argument, essentially, is that Mastercard could be negatively impacted if its found out their providing services to extremist groups Thus they want to human rights Committee to evaluate this to avoid any of these pitfalls. But Mastercard is opposing this. The board statement in response
the board unanimously recommends that stockholders vote against this proposal. Mastercard is committed to treating all people fairly and with dignity, and our interest in human rights extends to all areas in which our business is involved and where we have particular expertise. The board does not believe that establishing a separate human rights Committee is necessary to properly exercise its oversight of its important area and Mastercard has already taken action to cut off access to certain personalities. This story from the daily beast last August, far right fuming after big finance, chokes off money flow, some rightwing figure say they are planning Lee Action after Paypal and credit card companies cut off their fund. Raising the story highlights how far right blogger, Robert Spencer logged into fund raising site patron last week expecting to see how much money had raised in a new bed to build a studio for his Youtube videos instead Spencer found out his nascent funding campaign was over.
About as soon as it had started at Mastercard's request. Patriarch was kicking him off the platform master com. The strict or set of rules and regulations than patriotic and they reserve the right to not offer their services to accounts of their choosing patron wrote in an email dispenser, a leader in the counter jihad This is in line with their terms of service, which means it something we have to comply by back at the Busby New story. They say some of us has pointed out. The activity of Robinson, the former English Defence League founder, is running as an independent in maize european election. In November last year, Paypal Ban donations the Anti Islam activist, with the online payment company, saying it. Services wouldn't be used, promote hate, violence or other forms of intolerance. That is discriminatory. Dusky of some of us at having a master.
Our logo on their website also gives these groups of veneer of legitimacy and allows those who want to donate to do so quickly and quietly. Mastercard also benefits pocketing a transaction fee for each purchase or donation. The story notes that Mastercard is the biggest company targeted so far and that pay pal has already banned people. They say pay pal has banned payments. To Robinson. U S far right. Group prob
boys and canadian Anti Islam activist Laura looming and also acted against several? U s anti fascist groups, because the company had no tolerance for groups that promoted hate and violence, and this brings me to the most important point: if Mastercard appoints this committee, it will not stop with the far right it will extend to everybody. First Tommy Robinson, then count Dracula than Dave Reuben, Jordan Petersen people. Like me, the cliff will keep eroding keep in mind that Donald Trump proposed about border security were held by Democrats ten years ago, which means today you may hold the view in five years. That view may be considered far right but, more importantly, pay pal band, Anti Fascist ACT.
Tests, it will not stop with the right. It will impact everyone. Most importantly, it will impact everyone who opposes the establishment. The left wing groups that tend to get censored and smeared and the media are anti war activists. People who oppose american intervention and further this proposal could actually damage asked her card to an extreme degree. This story from yesterday alphabet had more than seventy billion dollars in market cap wiped out- and it says, Youtube is one of the problems. The story basically talks about how Youtube is trying to police its content more and more, to cater to an angry MIA and that's resulting in lower engagement, less views and, ultimately, less add revenue. If Mastercard decides to prioritize politics and subjective morality over providing a functioning service, it's likely they're going to cut off service too controversial groups that are actually that it
dream it may be, a mainstream conservative, like bench appear, was repeatedly called all right or far right who sees his access to Mastercard suffered because of outrage. Access to a lot of money and over time, it's going to cut off a ton of money that Mastercard should be receiving by providing a normal service? Who will be the arbiter of what is more? and what is it like? I say we ve seen the left and the right banned in response to these actions. Who is going to be the person that you would decide is smart enough and just enough to determine who should be censored, and who should be restricted. I do believe there needs to be a line for many corporations, but who gets draw that lines very difficult. It shouldn't be in the hands of a few activists to force Mastercard to hold this vote. If the shareholders aren't properly enforced what's going on, they might just say yes, it's a good thing to ban these extremist groups, not realising their handing over the power of a massive multinational corporation to delete people from public life.
Many businesses in New York don't even accept cash anymore. It's a growing trend. It's very frustrating many people, because not everyone has a credit or debit card, but this will be a serious problem if people can have a credit card you are forcing them in some jurisdictions to either leave or go without. Another store that I want to make sure, as highlighted as we talk about escalation, is an anarchist group that flooded the offices of a lawyer in Portland. They put a hole through his mailbox and damaged all of the property causing thousands of dollars and damage. Not a lawyer says he feel that cannot a victim. The These anarchists did. This was to terrorize anyone who quote collaborated with ice the reason I highlight the story is because we can see how things are starting to escalate. Mark pick image of the Anti Defamation League tweeted, anarchist violence against a law office in Portland Oregon. They claimed their goal was to cause maximum economic damage to intimidate individuals and businesses from
any relationship with government agency ice. But what was the response? Violence for sure as vandalism, but violence is a big stretch. Pick image says damaging property is a violent act, ask any manager of a planned parenthood, clinic that has suffered and arson attempt or any religious leader of a mosque, synagogue or church that has experienced arson. You can't commit violence against inanimate objects and pick image tries to no avail to lane. Yes, you can just the other day. We solve this story from Fox NEWS at the FBI's probing an aunt if a plot to buy guns from the cartel in Mexico and stage an armed rebellion at the border, and today a communist group am police, killing fifteen. I highlight these other stories to show The dramatic escalation we're seeing across the board. Attacking financial institutions is just one step to shut people out from the conversation. They will ban you from social media, but they will also take away your money. They want you to be scared. They want you to fall in line and stop speaking up there,
and argue against your ideas. So they'll seek to get you band they'll secret. Take away your source of income. They will to remove your ability to even transact with other people, if that doesn't work, they will destroy the building you workin and on the most extreme they'll plot and armed rebellion or they'll ambush police officers and tell them this escalation of serious and we have to make sure We don't allow companies to be subjected to moral policing by fringe activist groups that don't really know they're talking with or do and are lying and cheating to try and win in the culture war. People in this country have a right to express themselves.
Yes, companies have a social responsibility, but who will be the arbiter of what is moral and just? This is why we have the government. We have activists that can't get the government a change. These rules target corporations and has more of our speech, takes place on private platforms, and even financial transactions take place on private platforms where becoming extremely vulnerable. A long time ago, you had the right to speak openly and freely in public discourse, but because public discourse is taking place on privately and platforms, we have lost that right and the government can't really do anything about it. Perhaps they can if they pass a law for the time being, you have no right to beyond these platforms. In fact, they argue forcing twitter to keep up speed
what force twitter to be speaking that effectively your violin twitters right to speech itself by stopping them from censoring others. But now there targeting these financial transaction companies, because we use a trade money hand to hand. It was physical, but now it's digital and accompany handles that work. It's not governmental and you have no right to a platform. This may be one of the most dangerous escalation we have seen it yet, but The comments below give the conversation going Follow me on minds at TIM cast to stay to new videos every day at four p M, Eastern and I'll have more videos My second channel Youtube com slashed him cast new starting at six p m Eastern. They sprang up and I'll see you.
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