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Native Activists Lied, Media Covered For Them in MAGA Incident

2019-01-21 | 🔗

Native Activists Lied, Media Covered For Them in MAGA Incident.Why didn't major new outlets look for proof? Why didn't they try to get a statement from the Convington kids themselves?Media outlets pumped out fake news without doing any work to fact check any of it. The lies were even provably false in the main videos yet regardless CNN and others put Nathan Phillips on TV and let him lie about what happened.We now know as the story unravels that it was all fake news and that the activists were acting in solidarity with the Hebrew Israelites and later lied about how it all went down.

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The job of a journalist is to collect information, figure out what is or it's true and then disseminated to the public in age of social media. We have this problem that is getting worse, where there's so much noise, it's harder and harder to know. What's true and what isn't and now journalist are more important number while on the ground reporting it? as necessary, because so many people have smartphones can film things that happen on the ground. We need people who are willing to go in and dig deep and figure out what really happened. The problem we have, though, is because information travel, so fast activists are lack. Hang these narratives producing propaganda and starting mobs online that could destroy people's lives. What happens when the media is chasing a click bait? The media is chasing after an opportunity for viral interaction and money. They join in the mob because it will make them wealthier and thus We now have a media class in this country that is more interested in pushing the mob narrative because it means they'll make money.
The story about the modern kids was mostly a lion, in fact, the native Americans, who came into that group of kids, We on television, most notably nation, thought the man himself did line, and we can. This is actually retracted some of his earlier statements, but where is the media calling him out? where the news organizations admitting that they were wrong. They aren't today, let's take Look at exactly what happened yesterday, and I also want to take this opportunity to highlight just how dangerous these situations are becoming, because we have a wave of death threats against the children and, unsurprisingly, social, is doing nothing to stop it before started. Please head over to TIM, cast dot com forward, slash down. If you like to support my work as a month donation option, I take up the currency and the physical address and even a shop, we can buy clothing. I designed myself more important if you really want to help out simply share this video with your friends and help spread the most
on social media. There are a lot of different angles to cover and I can't cover all of it, but I want to highlight a few instances where the media presented lives with out fact checking and we'll start with the statement made by Nathan, full the native american man before we saw the full two hour live stream when I started going forward and that mass of groups of people separating in separating and aside to allow me to move out of the way our proceed, this young feller put himself in front of me, Ed, wouldn't move, and so I could. If I took another step, I would be put in my my person into his presence into his space man. I would have touched him and I would have been the the thing that the group of people would have needed to bring on me that narrative was published far and wide. Not only
CNN. We can also see a source CBS News, quoting him by saying, when the other throwing aside letting you go, he decided that he wasn't going to do that when I was coming up the steps. I seen him start putting himself in front of me so slide it to the right and he's slide it to the right. I slide to the left and the slide to the left. So the time I got up to him, we were right in front of him. He just positioned himself to make sure that he aligned himself with me so sort of stopped my exit. Anyone who watched the initial video knows this was not true one of the videos. I was going viral that provided a slightly larger context in the activist video showed Mister Phillips, actually walked, up to this kid, but it was later reported by the New York Times that Phillips clarified. It was he who had approached the crowd and that he had intervened because racial tensions, primarily between the white students in the black men coming to a boiling point. There are a few other lies that need to be pointed out in a video by call out Tie Tano posted Instagram Mister.
Not stood outside the Lincoln Memorial and wipe his eyes. I heard them saying build that wall build that wall. He said this is indigenous land, we're not supposed to have walls here, singing you are hurt or hurt him saying build that wall. This video clip quickly went far and wide posted too many news outlets with many people saying look how sad it was that these kids were taunting. This man
as he cries and says they were saying, build that wall. However, based on the two hour live stream. No one has been able to hear any point. Anyone chanting anything like build that wall or anything having to do with Trump, and this is acknowledged by CNN themselves. It wasn't just Phillips, but the other activists, Kya Titano, a student at the University of the District of Columbia, participated in the indigenous peoples march early. In the day she said, the teams were chanting, things like build the wall in Trump, two thousand and twenty those chance we're not audible in videos reviewed by CNN. Why didn't the media do any round work. Why did the media look for any videos? Why was it that random people on Twitter had to aggregate this information and then prove all of these media outlets wrong? The New York Times CBS Cnn activists were calling for violence against these kids. They were calling for these kids to die. We even have high profile personalities, associate with CNN and other outlets who are actively encouraging violence. Even
when the news was coming out at the narrative was false. Also one tweeted, I guess all the it's in my cats shouting build. The wall was just my imagination. It literally was no yelled build that wall. Why Russell Aslan's so comfortable tweeting out to two hundred and eighty one thousand followers, something that clearly never happened, and we can see that he got ratio. That means three point: four thousand people replied to this tweet, but only three hundred and seventy, People retweeted it Reza sauce is still pushing the false narrative, because activists don't want to let it go. Why the media companies calling out the fact that the native Americans were defending the black hebrew Israelites Why are they now saying he was trying to defuse a situation when even a statement by one of the Americans was that these kids were bigots and or standing in spiritual solidarity with a known racist hate group, a statement
published by one of the man who claims to have been in the group. Many people identify this man, but I'm going to say allegedly for the time being, though I think it's fair to make that assumption, based on his Youtube, account his photos and other images. He said in his Facebook post of a sudden, this mob of youth from Covington Catholic High School make their onto the steps overlooking the african american brothers and start heckling them with loud Margaret, and I quickly realize, what's going on when the White Bro next says: they're wearing Maga, hats and shirts. At that moment, I'm looking to my bro Namath, because Now he has his drum and I thought I want to go over there and stand in solidarity with the brothers and just saying the important I want to go over there and stand in solidarity with the brothers and just saying now. Many people have pointed this out and said: maybe he and didn't realize it was actually going on. He claims. Making Maga chance, we'll see in and says that was not audible to them. If I or anyone else heard anything related to Trump, he wanted
and of solidarity with the brothers many people said: maybe he didn't, it was a known racist hate group, the black hebrew Israelites, actually at the bottom of the statement, there's an update, even though the hebrew Israelite brother said some disrespectful things that I heard earlier on during a rally I still put that aside and wanted to help that's their teaching. We have ours and that's what makes us equally beautiful. The most egregious statements made by the black Hebrew Israelites happened after the natives had already low. But before the natives arrived, they were yelling things that were considered to be homophobic, racist or sexist. Natives knew this in the statement by for these men who we presumed to be one of the men, he says he,
What they were saying was disrespectful. He also says he wanted to stand in solidarity with them and he mentions the hate from the markets. He said they're making model chance. None of that is true, the people being hateful words of the model kits according to their statement. They were chanting to shout down the bigots yeah. I guess because people want to jump to conclusions. Everyone just piled on and the media ran defense for the lights from the activists, but now we need to go to the more extreme point, and this is where it's probably important tell people that law enforcement needs to be contacted. We can't allow high profile individuals to encourage or incite violence against children resolves line once again with one.
Most notorious tweets. Honest question: have you ever seen a more punishable face than this gets now he's not telling people to punch anybody, but he's mentioning that he kind of feels like he wants to, which is weird in and of itself, and it's got three thousand retweets, but it only escalates from here Kathy Griffin, put out to our massive following that she wanted names. Shame If you think these efforts wouldn't docs you in a heartbeat think again. This is also a violation of twitters rules. Now doxing isn't as bad as physical violence, but Reza only said the guy was punchable, now she's calling for action once again it only escalates from here.
This is verified. Twitter user said I never spank, my kids, I want to slap this one expressing her desire to smack a child who did nothing to next profile. I'm told is a character, not a real person, but it's still a verified twitter account with a decent following encouraging people to commit violence against this kid in exchange for autographed albums. Now again, I don't know this person is real. Some people said he isn't, but it's still a call for violence. Now it gets more extreme. This verified user called for the death of these kids called on people to actually go and harm them called on people to lock them a school and burn it down. Next, we can see a user that doesn't seem to be very high profile, all kind of verified user, but he called for a shooting at their school and now for one of the most egregious examples. This verified twitter user wanting the kids to go screening into a wood chipper and shows this image of what appears to be a body being pressed into a wood, chipper and blood being sprayed out of it. And finally,
I like this statement from a Buzzfeed news, culture writer. I have watched all of the videos you can understand. The situation was more complex than the first video and still recognized by the sight of that face caused a visceral reaction in so many yes, I can understand it's because people are racist. It's not reverse racism. There is just a contingent of people who just adamantly hate white people, and so they saw this kid standing on the steps smiling and they got enraged. The kid wasn't smiling because he was being cocky or anything. We now know the kid was just an awkward kid who didn't really know what was going on. I think, when you take a fair look at the entire situation, it really does seem like these young kids thought the native american man was joining in their chance. They were chanting much longer than the natives were even there, so you could think about it from their perspective. They're. Trying to round out hateful big, a known racist, homophobic hate group, they're chatting they're school slogans, they're chanting, school models and things of that nature, an american step up, Bang Drum and they start clapping and
sing along with the drumming, probably assume. I think the guy was joining them to drown out the bigots. How crazy we've come to a point where a group of homophobic racists are yelling things. Young people try to drown them out to stop the hate native Americans. Try to intervene to actually stop them and people take it as though the bad guys were the kids who are trying to end the hate Essentia Lee acting in defense of a known hate group, and now, even though we know the activists lie, these kids weren't chanting, Mogae things. We know that the natives who stepped up new, who that Hebrew Israelites were an knew, what they were saying. People aren't calling out the activists for what they've done in this situation, they're just trying to say. Oh maybe it wasn't that bad and maybe it's more complicated, it's absolutely more complicated. But now we've got people calling for the
of these children's and people like Reza Azlan, doubling down an refusing to acknowledge that his claims make no sense saying. Maybe it was just his imagination that kids were chanting, build the wall when it literally was, and that's truly terrifying at this high profile individual who I don't believe you still see and show what is a high profile, individual still pushing a claim that never happen, when CNN themselves say those chants were not audible. What was he listening to? In my opinion? I think he just feels comfortable making that claim, because he believes the mob can't be wrong. If so, many people are saying this happened. How could it not have happened, but in reality he never actually watched the video you can tell, because if he did, he would know
didn't happen. Cnn watched the video and they said it didn't happen. So I have to wonder why the media is refusing to acknowledge their mistakes. But I'll say this: how many news outlets actually did research, mostly none? How many news outlets actually try to get a comment from the kids? Not very many of the New York Times, didn't CBS, didn't how many news outlets or how many personalities who work with news outlets, how many celebrities encouraged the mob or actually advocated for violence? I think it's fair to say at this point: we are facing an extreme media crisis. I made my second channel talking about twenty stories. The media pumped out about. Write a narrative that turned out to be completely fake. We now have this story where children are being threatened and even though many people have come out and apologize to be, even though we're seeing the more nuanced picture, there are still activists planning on vandalizing their school and there is a protest planned for tomorrow who are actually going to shut their school in protest them. Even though we now know they didn't do anything wrong. But
I know what you think in the comments below keep the conversation going. You can follow me on cast stay tuned, new videos every day at four pm. I have Videos on my second channel Youtube: dot com, slash him cast news starting at six pm. Thanks for hanging out and I'll see you on, next time.
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