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NBC Published MAJOR Conflict Of Interest For Personal Gain

2019-01-27 | 🔗

Calling Out UNETHICAL Journalists Following Mass Layoffs at Buzzfeed and Huffington Post. Following the news many people began posting "learn to code" on twitter at these former clickbait writers. "Journalists" were outraged that anyone would dare be mean to them on social media and instantly began demanding twitter take action.But no action was coming.None of these users broke any rules by criticizing leftist writers for being bad at their jobs and Twitter agreed. But following this a new narrative emerged that it wasn't simply means tweets, it was a coordinated far right campaign against journalism.This is just another biased narrative pushed by activists to gain personally from the controversy. They use massive platforms to make changes at these companies that would benefit themselves and far left activists.

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In response to the mass layoffs at Buzzfeed NEWS, AOL Yahoo enough post many people on the internet send the message learn to code to these people who are losing their jobs white because whatever doesn't, industry, experiences mass layoffs, journalists, write articles, saying why? Don't you just learn to code seemingly lacking any empathy towards the person who lost their job? Thus, these people decided to send a message to the journalists saying basically, the same thing: but LO and behold, the journalists are outraged. How dare they say this to them, but now we can truly see the real lack of ethics coming from these people in response to a lot of mean tweets. Many of these journalists are angry, that twitter isn't banning any of these people for simply I mean, but why would twitter twitter and banned the people who are harassing the Covington kids? Why would they ban anybody for simply being mean, and now we can? CNBC News in a conflict of interest because of one their reporters has actually
story about this failing to mention, he is in fact a subject of its own story and is advocating for action. This is a major violation of standard ethics. Today, let's take a look at controversy surrounding learn to code, and I will give you a really good example of unethical journalism and why people are just so angry with these fake before we get started head over to mines, dot, com, slash him and follow me there because of the change. Just Youtube. I want make sure I have a legitimate back up on a separate platform that is not.
The major networks. Out again, am I and yes dot com, slash team cast, there's a really important point that needs to be made in everything. That's happening with Boston enough in post. This story from the Columbia Journalism review the digital winter turns apocalyptic the story. Talks about a lot of the General NEWS we heard they say we already knew that local newspapers were near the bottom of their death spirals running with skeleton crews, as hedge funds believe them drive. The legacy brands, including New York Times Washington, post even la times, are doing fine for the moment, thanks largely to the Trump bump and billionaire owners. But nobody thinks that's a sustainable trajectory for industry growth so that left Buzzfeed hopping opposed vice and box, which word exactly expected to keep growing forever, but
We hoped would make it long enough to hire us when we got laid off from MIKE Mashable Gizmodo Media Group or vocative. What became clear this week that the digital natives do survive. It might not have much to do with news gathering which both investors and advertisers have recently discovered an allergy to the hard news. Bloodbath was particularly cute at Buzzfeed, which lost not only its health team and National news desk, but also the diggers behind a lot of the sites. National security coverage. The brand's want to spend pennies to reach millions and ensure that their ads never appear anywhere. Potentially controversy
news is not a pathway to that future. There are a lot of people celebrating what's going on and there are some people who absolutely deserve to be fired and there are some people who absolutely do not. There were some really good reporters at Buzzfeed NEWS. Yes, a lot of people are going to re coil in horror, because they're so used to Busby pumping up complete nutter nonsense, which they often do, but there are legitimate reporters working at this company and whenever these layoffs happened, you mean you need to realize. The first people to be caught are not going to be the opinion desk. They did the opinion desk writers. It's going to be hard news for one simple fact: legitimate investigations take time and resources and could potentially be fruitless. Tell that to an investor. I need a hundred grand for this year to investigate a major corporation. I I believe is engaging and corrupt behavior they'll, say
right and if they aren't, then we get nothing well, there's nothing to probe, there's nothing! The publishers know product. Why would I spend money on it and this is what happens the investors and realize you can hire more click, bait and rage bait writers to pump out trash because more likely to make money than legitimate news reporting? But I will point out: there are many people who have jobs that I don't quite understand why they have jobs in the first place or why they're paid so much money. One thing I pointed out on Twitter is that I used to do labor. I would load planes an airport, often lifting about fifty thousand pounds per day. Many people were often get injured.
And they would take time off and they made about ten dollars per hour. And then one day I found myself in a New York NEWS room where people are drinking coffee sitting around doing nothing, many of them alcoholics and having cocaine addictions getting pay between fifty to a hundred thousand dollars at the high end to sit around talking about Brad Pitt's junk. I'm not talking about legitimate news. Reporters I'm talking about the culture, writer's opinion, writers and people just crank out rage right who get paid more than double what What day labor is actually get paid. Why should they get paid so much money to do so little? I never understood, but hey the industry supported it. In reality, it was venture capital. Many of you are probably already aware of the learn to code to me. Basically, people are posting, this supercut of many different stories telling minors and coal miners they they should learn to code and how this is a great thing, but when people point this back in their direction, they get outraged that anyone would dare say it. It would seem like a complete and utter disdain for blue collar jobs.
Another really important point. Is we brought as to why these companies are collapsing for one their operating for the most part off of venture capital? They don't actually make money, never learn how to survive. They just get investment burn through it very quickly and then lay people as a site expands. That's a side needs more housing and more food. That means, if you produce food as a site expands, so will your market share and you will need to hire more people. Thus, we will see more farmers or we'll see more people producing equipment for farming will see more people working on homes will see more plumbers and more contractors. That makes sense, but sharing information doesn't need to expand because one In writing. One opinion blog can still reach ten million people, one hundred million people, even a billion people, there's no limitation to information as society expands journalism will not expand with it, and thus an investment into digital media is a bad idea and folders
sure I have been offered investment on numerous occasions and I've rejected all of it because it doesn't make sense. You need to grow organically. These companies should have hired these people in the first place, to pump out opinion and culture pieces that weren't making money, and now all they've done is bring people on for a few years burn through their money, their investment and then fired them. And now these people are upset about it right Maybe so, but it's unfortunate the business didn't make sense, but I want to show you an example of why people just absolutely detest modern journalism and I'm not talking about Buzzfeed and I'm not talking about having post I'm talking about NBC News and something that greatly pissed me off on the 24th Ben Collins, who was a reporter for BC, news tweet it absolutely nobody is taking this seriously enough, especially the people running. The platforms that have created the sort of guerrilla basement platoon of empathy, free children who think school shootings are false. Flag
Social media exacts will never take their role in medicalization seriously. For a simple reason: it's a defense mechanism. They did not intentionally create something that is used as a weapon of division and violence they'll accept any alternate explanation that works as a bomb collins. Who is a reporter friend, the news, goes on this long screed on the twenty fourth about how he wants to see these platforms take action and how he is outraged that they won't he tweets. Finally, there needs to be out Jul accountability. People who run social media companies would have to be completely asleep. Do not see this by now to not hear these stories
they're living among widespread violence and discord, their algorithms are a betting they just let it auto play. Man Collins clearly has a perspective and a mission he wants these people to do something is a fair fight user. He believes action needs to be taken by the people running these companies. So what does he do? He publishes this story. Four Chan, trolls flood laid off Huffpost Busby reporters with death threats. The threats are part of a coordinated campaign organized on the far right message board. This is only somewhat true, but this piece doesn't disclose that Ben Collins himself is an advocate for policy change and has been actively advocating for these platforms to make these changes. This is a complete and major violation of journalistic ethics for an individual who is campaigning for change not to include in his story that he is the subject of this story. The stories about threats received by these individuals by other journal.
He falsely concludes based on a tweet from activists activist eleven, a freelance writer whose primary income was a political column for having post before editor. Or laid off this week. She claims that four Chan threads are showing. This is a coordinated effort by four Chan, but that's not technically true, that's only partially true and it would seem The goal of this piece is to push on narrative. That is a specific group of people on a specific form, driving this harassment well for, and does play a role in many of these coordinated campaigns. It's not like its own, see them doing it or that it originates there. It's just one forum. However, it's easy to cherrypick that bit of data and claim this is a far right, coordinated campaign when in reality, there are a lot of people on Twitter who are not coming from four Chan who are joining in in that rolling because that's twitter
What is many of these people are also coming from Reddit. It is not necessarily a far right campaign, but that fits their narrative very well and they can point the finger at the social media companies demand. They make a change presented, their narrative three major publication, where they don't disclose their actively engaging in a campaign. To fact change, their activists and what happens a day later, Ben Collins, then tweets my mentions are still absolutely riddled with death threats. But my favorites are ones like this, which complain that journalists aren't being threatened, then in the same tweed. Warn them of hangings in the day of rope do something twitter, and this is how Ben Collins injected himself into the he wanted change to happen. He wrote the story about without disclosing he was advocating for this change personally and then, when he is impacted by the backlash, he highlights the select instances where people are making threats against him to prove his case. I find the outrage very interesting and it's selective be
Matt, Holden, tweeted Jack. One reason journalists were writing about targeted harassment on twitter before you guys were taking it seriously is because they have born the brunt of it, which continues today. Once again, this Buzzfeed news writer has revealed they are writing about a story because they personally impacted and are demanding change. That would solve their personal problems. We can then see that the images posted by Mat Honan are not in fact any violation. Twitter's rules he's highlighting someone saying this made my day: fake news begging for a job by Bich, don't hire them. They produce fake news. Now
these aren't anyway harassment or a violation of the rules. It's simply someone who is laughing on Twitter and they're allowed to do that, and this is why twitter isn't taking action, but I'm going to pause to point out that if twitter didn't take action against the people who are advocating for illegal activity against the kids in the Covington case, why would they ban anyone for simply being mean on their platform if they banned these people would have to ban everyone. But this is a example of the harassment they're receiving a look, don't get me wrong. Death threats are never okay, anybody, who's, sending death threats or threats of violence against anybody in the platform. Well, that's a crime. They should be suspended and banned. What these people are complaining about, that they're complaining that people are being mean that to them at their insulting them, and thus we can see the quartet effort using the mainstream media NBC News to propagate a fall
narrative to benefit a private individual. This is an absolutely great example of corruption, the kind of corruption that leads to people happy that these people lose their jobs. But it's one thing: when people criticize Buzzfeed having a post for being digital click, bait blogs it's another when these activists at NBC News are weaponizing the platform to push their narrative and solve their own private matters. This Buzzfeed news writer is outraged that Twitter said what you're reporting does not violate the rules. I have had people send me death threats and it was told it didn't violate the rules. I hate Twitter just as much as many of these people probably do and that's why I'm actively moving over to mines, because Twitter is trash. Let's take a look at this image. He post he reported someone named affects Strat Pro Twitter said there was no violation of the rules, one that is outraged about this. But what exactly did affect strep Pro tweeted him excited that Buzzfeed finally laid off Tyler came to Kate
and many others. I always rejoice when enemies fall. Liberalism is an incurable disease. He sat. I'm excited that Nick P, winning and eight hundred plus liberals were laid off yesterday. It was a great day. How can post has turned out to be the spear of fake news and liberal? propaganda. None of that in any way a violation of the rules, and it's obvious- and this is just one small account. Why did he think Twitter would step up to remove his critics from the platform when they wouldn't even remove death threats against me and many of these kids Covington High school? Of course, the people who are watching this video likely already understand and agree There is a serious problem in journalism that activists have infiltrated. These platforms are actively pushing for policy change and are actively trying to get these companies to provide them special treatment and will weaponize something as large as NBC News to get their way. This model behavior extends far and wide
it's unfortunate. So I pointed at the beginning of the video when the cuts come. It's the real journalists who get cut first because they're the least profitable. As these companies continue to fail, it will only get worse. Good journalism gets cut first and in their death throes they will pump out the most insane. I'm ridiculous garbage you could possibly ever see You know just in the comments below we'll keep the conversation going. Follow me on mines at cast, stay tuned, new videos on this channel every at four pm and. Videos on my second channel Youtube: dot com, Slash TIM cast news starting at six pm thanks for hanging out- and I will see you all next time-
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