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NEW Project Veritas EXPOSES Secret Censorship Of Conservatives

2019-02-27 | 🔗

Project Veritas EXPOSES Secret Censorship Of Conservatives At Facebook. In an interview with a former Facebook insider Veritas discusses ways in which Facebook was targeting meme culture and conservative users. Documents published show that using certain words could get you listed as a troll and high profile conservatives like Stephen Crowder and Mike Cernovich were being suppressed by Facebook.The main issue here is that so long as these tech giantslike Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube embrace the far left, and social justice intersectional feminism while banning conservatives and the right they are forcing the creation of alternative or parallel economies which is the next step in civil conflict.If the censorship continues and alternative platforms continue to grow we are heading toward a very unstable future.

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Today project where task published a story where they say Facebook insider is revealing secrets about facebook and censorship, the targets conservatives, they revealed several documents which show Facebook actually maybe de ranking or de boosting conservative content. So people can see it was particularly interesting from what project virtuous released. Isn't it shows Facebook staff are clearly a part of the tribal left and their even targeting meme culture of people, who are probably not even conservative, who just engaging sharing means they can flight. This mean culture with trolling, even though sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't I won't take a look at the project verity story, but I want to talk about something very important. These texts, And send their censorship is creating the circumstances required for actual civil war, parallel economies, suppression of speech- this isn't getting rid of extremism- is creating an alternative community alternative society where people,
and still flourish by forces separation between the mainstream and the alternative when we get into all that major you're following us over at mines, dot com, slash suppers, we're we're setting up at a stroke, newsroom. The ball is have you share stories and helped fact check and basically shovel. Information, you think isn't being highlighted enough. If you want to support these just share them on social media top spread the message: the story from project veritable facebook, insider leaks, docks, explains de boosting troll report and political targeting in video interview.
The keynotes, an insider formerly responsible for content, review and facebooks intellectual property department, speaks out and loses job facebook engineers plan to demote, bad content. Conservative facebook page live streams secretly de boosted, no notice to page owners, Facebook and classify uses as trolls based on their vocabulary, then punish by limiting bandwidth blocking comments. Facebook engineer, hateful content is coming from right, leaning sites special features triggered leading up to important elect. It's bizarre view of hate speech includes content from conservative commentator. The story from veritable includes a near twenty minute video and I'm not going to be able to get into everything, but I will go over some of the important issues they say. Project verities has obtained and possible
documents and presentation materials from a former facebook insider. This information describes how Facebook engineers plan to go about policing political speech screenshots. My facebook workstation show the specific technical actions taken against political figures, as well as existing strategies taken combat political speech, one of the first images they shall. We can clearly see trigger the special features one and they highlighted leading up to important. Elections. The insider says that, unlike many actions that Facebook content moderators can take against pages, the DE boost action which appears to occur algorithmic, really does not notify the pages owners with these de boost
I've stream things there was no warning sent to the user. These were actions that were being taken without the users, knowing in one image published by verities. We can see this. Are you a facebook troll? Do you use words like ree or Normie share popular means join or like many different facebook groups? They say: tactic five build a troll classifier build classifier that predicts if a user as a troll trolls have distinct vocabulary with rare words, cock, sucked, re Normie, I Arel lulls, shadowy et cetera, accounts that post anything with hits to the mean cash or toxic common cash are more likely to be trolls, troll means and toxic comments, are like marked bills, which we can use to identify. Trolls membership in certain groups and associations with other troll accounts would likely help. This could be a stand alone classifier or be integrated into deep entity classification and the fake account index. The story says: according to the insider, the documents revealed a route.
He and suppression of the distribution of conservative Facebook pages, the technical action she repeatedly saw and for which project virtuous was provided. Documentation was labeled action de boost, live distribution, said the insider. I would see this term appear on several different conservative pages. I first noticed it with an account that I can't remember, but I M, were once a started looking at it. I also sought, unlike certain features page sought on Stephen crowds page as well as the daily callers page. They add conservative commentator, Stephen Cutters page had been suppressed before in April. Twenty. Sixteen and crowd are told project veritable. They settled a dispute related to the two with Facebook out of court. A screen shot of inaction. Log on my sentiments, as Facebook page provided by the insider, shows the tag. The insider believes that they d boost code suppresses the distribution of life stream videos on Facebook. There many left wing activists working in digital media that will claim that there is no censorship against conservatives, but time and time again we see the evidence and it doesn't go away.
There are people working for big tech. There are people working for these. Media outlets were all aligned with an identity and tribal left, and it is my opinion that they lie, The reason why I would say there long is that we have known for years due to the admission of Facebook employees that tech companies routinely suppress, conservatives and conservative views, yet they insist after the fact that it's not true the Washington Post, published the story, May Twenty sixteen did Facebook bury conservative news, acts, staffers, say yes and, as reported by project Vartos Stephen crowded did file a legal motion against Facebook because it was reported there supper. Sing them, whilst probably not surprising to anybody who uses Youtube that there's more evidence of conservatives being suppressed on social media. The reason why this is so poor
is that we are now seeing the emergence of a parallel society and its in its infancy, and I really do mean society. This is what you mean. This is a circumstance required for an actual civil conflict as their people fighting in the streets as there are people being suppressed. We can see that whenever this culture war is has escalated to a certain point where there have actually been bombs planted at certain locations, most notably a police department in union organ and a statue which I believe was Texas. Now it's hard for their to actually be a legitimate civil war. Unless there is a separation and an ability to fund rays and make money, we heard recently that pay pal was working with the S PLC. The southern poverty loss Hunter to determine who to ban and pay PAL has banned people like Alex Jones and Laura Loom or, for instance, in a story from the Wall Street Journal pay. Pal Ceo grappled with fringe groups. We can see that paper says the southern
How very law centre has brought them things. While he says they don't always agree. We have our debates with them. We are very respectful with everyone coming in. We will do the examination carefully. The story makes reference to info wars being suspended by hell as well as gab Paper has a near monopoly on the internet. Stripe is the next biggest company. If you want to exchange money online you're, pretty much gonna go to these common We have also heard stories of Mastercard banning people and we ve though heard several instances of chase bank banning people. Banning people from Twitter from Facebook and from banks does not get rid of them and makes them more desperate, but it also creates a market opportunity for pair allow economic systems following several bendings unpatriotic many people move to a site called subscribe star.
Scribe star was then shut down by Paypal and the financial times rights. This story pay pal shuts. Russian crowd funders account. After all, to write influx patriarch ban people, many people, including myself, decided to move to a different platform because, in my opinion, is extremely dangerous. That patron would remove people over their opinions on different platforms. One went to subscribe star, but then activists decided that they shouldn't be allowed to raise any money, unsubscribe STAR and targeted the company hurting the income of people who had absolutely nothing to do with politics. You have now created an alternative economic flow subscribes to. I was able to overcome this problem and began using a different payment process while this did make things more difficult. All you did was ensure that there is now a by vacation in what systems people are using. Monopolies are bad, don't get me wrong, there should be competition.
But when given no choice, separate social media sites will emerge, and this only guarantees that, for one people don't need your services anymore and they won't use it and to they're going to be communicating with only the most extreme. People who have an x, caused from society. You are creating an alternative society where people will flourish and if the communication stops. That's when the fight, begins. We are now seeing a new system created by GAB called the centre. Vice news rights users. Far right social network gap can now comment on the entire internet called the centre. The news service. Let's users comment on news articles, Youtube videos and even individual social media posts. Even if those sites don't have comment sections or have comments switched off but the centre service has effectively created a shadow internet. Another step in the by vocation of society,
Only users of the centre will interact with each other. Is that going to be healthy? Hell? No, its not twitter has a big problem with filter bubbles. Soda Google and sort of Facebook. You only see certain bubbles in certain content, so what s happening is people on the left aren't exposed to be on the right and vice versa, and this is good for media companies who want to fan the flames real people up and get those rage clicks, but it's really bad for society, people don't argue with each other. For the most part, they argue with their own tribe about what the other tribes perceivable doing. Thus, like a game of telephone, their rhetoric becomes more and more extreme. This isn't going to be healthy for gab and it certainly not healthy for twitter or any other platform. Now I don't blame gab users for wanting to have a place where they can talk about their ideas
This is what twitter is doing. So what you tube Facebook in all these platforms are doing it's. What pay pal is doing your forcing people into an alternative digital society which will only result in the rudder becoming more extreme, and it will only continue to grow. You are hurting your ability to actually help create a cohesive society and what can happen, then people will continue to smear each other as the worst of the worst, the great battles, will escalate, and so will the violence in the Wall Street Journal story. The ceo people says not everybody faced with the actions we take, but I think most would agree that we act in a consistent manner and we act in accordance with our vote He and I would say to a certain extent, this is true anti for accounts and follow up. Accounts have been banned as well. They tend not to get as much traction, because leftist act
Western digital media dont want to write about it when they lose. However, it still creates the same problem. Parallel economies pay pal is a near monopoly. People aren't going to stop working simply because you ve cut them off. If people can figure out who find themselves in alternative means, we will fracture society, and this creates a breeding ground and the potential for actual civil conflict. They don't need to use your system anymore. They won't you. No control over them and things are going to start falling apart. This is all in its infancy. I'm not saying that right now, we're gonna start seeing people markings mysteries of guns or anything like that, although we have seen that to an extent so long as these social media companies continue this practice, they are sitting in the ground for actual civil conflict. I've said time time again, it's gonna get worse and I think it really will you just more examples is anyone's. And sub conservative censorship. I would say people on the right are probably not what people on the left are going to continue to deny it. Why, because their them benefactors of the censorship, let mentioning the comments below
lemme. The comments below the conversation going can follow me on mines, extreme cast stay to move, There is every day and this channel at four p M eastern time and new videos coming up on my second channel Youtube. Uptown slashed him cast new start in six pm. Thanks rang it up. And I will see you all next time.
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