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Obama Warns The Left To STOP Eating Itself, Democrats FRACTURING

2019-04-07 | 🔗

Obama Warns The Left To STOP Eating Itself, Democrats FRACTURING. Obama said that often the left targets their own allies due to ideological purity tests. He called it a "circular firing squad" but most of us just call it "the left eating itself."While it's great to see Barack Obama try to calm people down I unfortunately feel it falls on deaf ears. The regressive left, the far left have no tolerance for centrism or heterodox opinions.This is why jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, and the others in the intellectual dark web are smeared by far left outlets like Vox. They have no interest in rational discourse and even go as far to calim the very left leaning Joe Rogan is far right.This is not social justice, whatever social justice is supposed to be these people have taken it and used it for personal gain and against actual liberals who are now "walking away"

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