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Ocasio Cortez CRUSHED The Democratic Establishment Proving The Leftist Mob OWNS The Party Now


AOC was up against the machine in a grudge match. Wall street was dumping money into the race fueling her establishment rival Michelle Caruso CabreraBut the establishment Democrats failed and MCC was unable to muster the support she needed to win proving the far left now controls the Democratic party and its only a matter of time before the corporate Democrats are gone for good.This doesn't necessarily mean Republicans and Trump will lose though. Many leftists argue this proves America is progressive and wants more far left policy. But all this proves is that the Democratic party itself wants AOC and says little about moderate and independent voters.If this trend continues and the polls are correct however, this could be the end of conservatives in this country forever. Trump is not guaranteed to win and so far things are looking bad for him.#AOC#Democrats#Republicans

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