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Our Generation Is FAILING, Why Jordan Peterson Is One Remedy

2019-03-18 | 🔗

Our Generation Is FAILING, Why Jordan Peterson Is One Remedy. Our greatest threat may be our own success. Bulldozer parents give rise to the regressive left, calls for massive government intervention, and censorship.It seems that in our own success we have lost risk and responsibility. Without risk young people grow up overly sensitive and scared. They demand authority solve their problems. Without responsibility we become dejected and angry.Jordan Peterson's rise to prominence can be explained by the need for guidance and responsibility. His lessons can help guide young men toward solving their problems and finding their mission. But this is only one side of the culture war.On the social justice and feminist side we have utter outrage and in our desire to protect the weak our society has caved to the demands of petulant children who can't fathom dealing with struggle.It isn't simply conservative vs liberal, authority vs liberty, the culture war is extremely complicated and encompasses many ideologies and factions. But one thing is certain, helicopter parenting, bulldozer parenting is paving the way for violent and angry children who never experience adulthood to take over society.

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