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Republican Millionaire "Hell bent" On REMOVING Ocasio-Cortez

2019-04-22 | 🔗

Republican Millionaire "Hell bent" On REMOVING Ocasio-Cortez. After the loss of the Amazon deal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saw her approval and favorability plummet. AOC Claimed this was due to right wing propaganda but that claim would seem absurd considering people in her district likely don't watch Fox News or right wing sources.But now the far left Ocasio-Cortez faces a wave of challengers from the Republican party as many people feel she is neglecting her district. The self described democratic socialist will have to contend with the entirety of the Democratic establishment and now Republicans as well. With polls showing that far left 2020 democrats are not fairing too well it seems like she has a real challenge ahead of her.Democrats have floated eliminating her district, setting her up with a primary challenger, and have often disparaged AOC and her progressive group. While many people will claim the Green New Deal is favored by Americans, not one Democrat voted to support the bill in fact several voted "no"

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Following the failure that was the Amazon deal in New York, Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez's, unfavorability rating skyrocketed. Now she'll have I believe it's just right wing propaganda. That's making her own constituents not like her when ACT It seems like they feel she's to focus on the national stage and isn't representing them. It's now being reported that a multi millionaire worth over two hundred million dollars is targeting Okasi Cortez and trying to get her out of office. At the same time, there are several Republicans who are now planning to run in this heavily blue district. This is very bad, the news. Considering the Democrats don't want her either they've talked about a limb getting her district or setting up with a democratic primary challenger to get her pulled from office there, a lot of people who don't like her, and it would seem that she's only really being propped up by the activist left on social media. Today, let's take look at exactly what's going on with this mystery multimillionaire donor and the republican challengers who are seeking to unseat Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.
Before we get started, make sure you follow me on minds at minds: dot com, Slash TIM Kask. This platform is not part of the massive tech olog. I believe where they will censor your thoughts and opinions, and this is But I want you to follow me here so in the event that some something unforeseen happens to my channels, you can find me here if you want to support this, go just shared on social media. Job spread the news from the New York Post so Kazio Cortez targeted by mystery, multi millionaire donor. He says AOC surging national profile has inspired a trio of republican opponents from our home district, along with a multi millionaire mystery donor, who could help close the gap in her follows a long shot race against her just three months: taking office. The democratic socialist congressman challengers include an egyptian american journalist, who has already tossed her hat in the ring and an Nypd cop turned high school civics teacher and conservative talk radio
producer, both of whom are seriously exploring a run against her and the fledgling challengers could get help from a wealthy New Yorker committed to backing and Ocasio Cortez there's? Definitely national energy and money on this race, bronze republican chairman, Michael, when Dino told the post, adding that he has been in touch with a mega bucks donor hell bent on getting a see tossed run. You know, wouldn't defaulted on his name but said the individual is worth over. Two hundred million dollars plus has connections to raise money in Manhattan. Tom Doherty, a former deputy to former Governor George Pataki, said a republican challenger to a see would be able to raise real national money. We need to put individuals Ford and make the and
how much work for reelection to reset the three potential contenders agree on one thing they believe it caused. Protests has neglected her district, which encompasses a northeast section of the Bronx, including Throggs Neck and Park Chester, and the northwest portion of queens, including Jackson Heights. In college point. She completely ignores the people in this district, medical writer, Ruth Papazian. Sixty one told the post or an interview at the home style, italian eatery Patricia's of more spark Papazian, still lives a few blocks away with their eighty five year old mother in the same apartment. She grew up in after parents emigrated from Egypt in nineteen. Fifty six I've lived here, my whole life. I know the heart and soul of this community. The people here have scratched and clawed their way into the middle class and they're not about to be impoverished. With high taxes, it will take to make the gray
New Deal and Medicare for all rich fell. Does forty who worked for former New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie before joining radios, the mark Levin show as a producer joke of the congresswoman's? Initials also could stand for ambition over constituents. Well does launched an exploratory committee in February, he's met with republican clubs in the Bronx and queens they're, really really kind of discouraged. The fact that she was elected on this platform of representing the district because she ran against former Rep Joe Crowley, positing him as being a no show and she turned out to be very much the same way. A no show person. However, they add a sees spokesperson. Corbin tried, disagrees, saying, citing AOC strong polling numbers trend at it. The reason she has the support of the people in the district is they realize the work she's doing at a national level is time back to the district Medicare for all of the green who deal all of these priorities. This is just another story in a long list of people coming after Ocazia Cortez. They really don't like her. In fact, CNN
ran. This story is about a week ago. Nancy polo see just won't, stopped rolling, Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez. Again, this is from CNN. The story says house, Speaker, Nancy Polo see, isn't even trying to hide it anymore. She takes a dim view of the narrative that Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez of New York represents some sort of powerful future of the democratic Party. The latest evidence came Sunday night with an interview with Polo Sierra on sixty minutes, and this exchange happened. Leslie stall says you have these wings AOC and her group on one side policy response. That's like five.
People stall. No, it's the progressive group is more than five well. The progressive I'm a progressive yeah in the story solicit says the divide between Pelo C n A was. He represents a broader disagreement within the party as it continues to grapple with how to deal with President Donald Trump because of what has represents a new younger. We have Democrat, who is far more willing to confront Republicans and to fearlessly push a very liberal solutions that could open them up to counter attacks in the GOP hello. She is old school, a liberal yes, but someone who has built a career on real politik, finding workable solutions, Amit a longer game view of politics. So here's the story so far, not only as a Kazio Cortez being challenged by the democratic establishment, potential democratic, primary challengers, she's, also facing republican challengers, and then we saw this in March or Kazakus. Approval rating in New York declines following Amazon Deal collapse, while Trump Hammers Democrats over socialism
the story says that Okada Cortez has grown less popular in New York, even among Democrats following Amazon's decision to scrap its planned offices in Queens thirty, one percent of registered voters in the state view the freshman House, Democrat favorably, while forty four percent have an unfavorable view of according to a Siena College poll released Monday. Now, while we know many people in her district did not like that, she was opposing the Amazon deal. She would have. You believe that it's Fox news is fault in this story. Alexander kind of does is blaming her low approval, among Republicans on Fox NEWS, relentless, coverage of her once again, citing the same statistic that only thirty one percent of respondents in a Siena College poll of registered New York voters released Monday said they had a favorable opinion and forty four percent said they had an unfavorable view of her about a quarter. Twenty six percent said they didn't know or had no opinion of the freshman lawmaker. In fact, in a
story from last month they talk about how the more people learn about, because you Cortez the less they actually like her in this post from Gallup. A concert has better known it, but image skews negative. While there has been a ton of bad news for because you protest these past few months, things are looking up the same institution from the earlier posts in a college released this story, because you're Cortez viewed favorably by a majority of voters in her district. They say. Currently she has a positive fifty two to thirty three percent favorability rating among voters in her district, nearly three months into our first term in Congress and forty, eight percent of all voters and sixty one percent of Democrats would vote to reelect because of our test in twenty twenty,
while thirty nine percent would prefer someone else. According to a new CNN college Poll of New York, CD fourteen registered voters released today and the data is rather confusing because I'm not sure what they're trying to say here. Forty eight percent of all voters is not a majority position. Are they saying all voters in the country 'cause? I'm not sure why that makes sense then say that there's a fifty two to thirty three, it's rather confusing, but suffice it to say the same institution that said her polls were down, are showing they've gone up. So maybe she can recover from this. In fact, many people in her district that are Democrats at least overwhelmingly support her positions, which is good news for her, but the democratic establishment doesn't like her because she got into uh using an exploit democratic primary ing, while it may seem like an exploit, it's actually just how the system is supposed to
this is a must function in such a way that incumbents never really get challenged well, because you're Cortez, just as Democrats and the other people associated with her faction, are trying to upset moderate Democrats, and this is why the Democrats don't like her, but now with republican challengers, she's, getting attacked from all sides now, regardless of whether or not she wins. I think there is a bigger trend here in that. As I said before, Democrats don't want to go far left. They don't maybe in her district, but for the most part. Unfortunately, Democrats want more moderate policy in a tweet from Nate Silver. He says early state democratic activists have very different views of the candidates than the polls quite down on Sanders and bite, and and not really feeling battle at all. In one of the images we can see that when asked who they would not consider supporting
Tulsi Gabbert is number one nearing. Sixty percent of respondents Sanders at fifty percent. We can see that many of the more far left, leaning candidates will not be receiving support from early state voters, and we can see that Kamala Harris is number one. In the other image. We can see that, according to this data, Kamala Harris is still leading. The poll share of respondents said they were considering a candidate or had already committed to support a candidate in the twenty twenty democratic presidential primary and there's Kamali
first right on top now for those of you who watch my videos, you know that, in my opinion, I don't think the far left will really stand a chance at least not now they've fractured the Democrats to such a degree. I don't think they will be able to form a coalition that can defeat Donald Trump in twenty twenty, and if they stay on this course, two thousand and twenty four will likely go to Republican again. The Democrats unfortunately, are far to split, and this is reflected by a story in Bloomberg. The far left won't take over the Democrats, the post two thousand and twenty party will no longer even try to get by and from rejectionist Republicans, but its policies will still be pragmatic. When we look at the relevant data, we can see that Other cats are splitting further and further from the center to the far left, and I've showed many of these graphs many many times, and what that says to me is that Democrats today are two obsessed with their activist based on Twitter, so they're losing touch with reality, and thus we end up seeing people like 'cause you're Cortez get chased after by these moderate Democrats. They praise the green
who deal when most most Americans that are moderate are saying. No. We don't want this now, of course, they'll use polls to try and claim that everyone supports it, but in reality they don't labor unions, don't at least Republicans don't so who are it actually representing. There are many loud and vocal activists on twitter, and maybe that will guide the party into the future, but for the time being, there is not enough unity within the Democrats for them to actually pull forward. Whether or not a Republican, however, will be able to beat AO seen around district, that's a long shot and remains to be seen, but with someone worth over two hundred million dollars and with many people in New York upset over the failure of the Amazon Deal, partly due to a Kazakus involvement. Maybe she will actually get such a strong push back. She could actually lose. I think I'd be pretty damn nuts, if Republican won her district, but with enough money, it's possible something in the comments below keep the conversation going. You can follow me on mines at TIM stay tuned, new videos every day at four hundred pm, and I have more,
just for you on my second channel youtube dot com, Slash TIM cast news starting at six hundred pm eastern thanks rang out- and I will see you all next time,
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