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Russian Meddling IS NOT An Attempt to Help Donald Trump

2018-08-01 | 🔗
Facebook has recently taken down 32 accounts that they believe were fake and pushing propaganda designed to target the left AND the right. The goal seems to be to get everyone to fight each other. When the media frames it only as Donald Trump and Putin colluding then people on the right assume its more trump derangement syndrome and don't take it seriously. When we hear about Russian trolls meddling too many people only hear about it targeting the right. But they want us fighting, they want the left and right at each others throats. And its working... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ouo8GrUNg0Y&list=PLxQaod7tWvYL-svWumeiRiecB2yrXODIR&index=2&t=0s

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Yesterday Facebook announced it had taken down. Thirty two facebook and Instagram accounts for coordinated and authentic behaviour. Apparently, these accounts were targeting the left in an effort to spark confrontations with the right. A lot of people are scared about russian election meddling and the midterms are coming up. One of the things missing from the narrative and one of the ways in which the media is complicit in this problem is that everyone keeps focusing on Russia supporting tromp when we have known for a long time that the russian muddling as well as other foreign govern. Meddling has targeted both the left and the right. The goal isn't necessarily to get down from elected. It's not necessarily to ensure Republicans win in the men terms its to disrupt the. U s it's to disrupt our so. Let's take a look at exactly what happened with Facebook Instagram. I must take a look exactly how who ever is behind this meddling is targeting
left avoid started. I've got something new to announce. I have been officially given access to Youtube memberships on any of it: and my channel you can see this joined by and by putting it for four ninety nine per month You can access to an exclusive lives, dream and potentially more parks, as I hold them new life just started it of you want to support me on Youtube. I gotta do is click that nobody just beneath debate. The story from the New York Times Facebook identifies an active political influence campaign using fake accounts facebooks.
On Tuesday that are identified, a political influence campaign that was potentially built to disrupt the mid term elections with the company, detecting and removing thirty two pages and fact counts, engaged in activity around divisive social issues. The company did not definitively link the campaign to Russia, but Facebook official said some of the tools and techniques used by the accounts were similar to those used by the internet. A research agency, the Kremlin linked group that was at the centre of an indictment this year alleging enter.
Parents and the twenty. Sixteen presidential election Facebook said it had discovered, coordinate activity around issues like a sequel to last year's deadly unite the right white supremacist rallying Charles Mill. Virginia activity was also detected around hashtag, abolish ice, a left wing campaign on social media that seeks to end the immigration and customs enforcement agency. Between April twenty seventeen and June twenty eighteen accounts ran hundred fifty adds costing eleven thousand dollars on the two glove once they were paid for in american and canadian dollars. The pages created roughly thirty events over a similar period, the largest of which attracted interest from four thousand seven hundred accounts. We have known for a long time that whoever is meddling in our politics is targeting both the left and the right, the leading theory from U S. Intelligence is that it is Russia doing.
And if you were to ask my opinion, come on, of course, Russia's probably screw with our elections. There are massive power and they're, probably a lot of other countries that do this. Do. However, if you're gonna go on the word of a government that the official termination Russians are doings, but what people are missing What the mainstream media is missing, the narrative is continually about how Russia is interfering in helping tromp. Their narrative is continually about russian and trunk collusion and the Robert Mueller investigation. Looking for collusion and the problem with this is, I dont think Russia was trying to get Trump elected so much as they were. Trying to stop Hilary from getting elected or more broadly just generally disrupt amount, in culture and politics, because any disruption is bad for business, can slow economic growth and allow rivals and other countries to surpass us in terms of influence and power. This story from slate may eleventh twenty eighteen, russian trolls were obsessed with black lives matter. This story is from three months ago.
No way before the latest announcement, so we know that whoever is meddling by the russian trawls or whatever their targeting the left. One add was targeted to exclude Hispanics an Asian Americans, but include black Americans who enjoy the writing of my Angelou and are interested in a trial of imprisoned activist Mumia Abu Jamal. It included text about like a Johnson. A black american sniper who shot five police officers during a rally against police violence in Dallas, the ad claimed the mainstream media was working to paint Johnson as a member. The black lives matter movement. The mainstream media are telling us that the protest against police terror is a violent, antigovernment riot veteran clearly trying to cultivate distrust. In the media, among racial justice activists and those directly interested in writing about race and systemic injustice, this particular add, was shown in July. Twenty. Sixteen it and included a video with a map of local television stations across the country,
This photo, which they say, was bought by the internet, research agency or russian trolls shows I find it very disturbing and the black Panthers recalled terrorist and sent to prison while KKK still exist and legal, and they show a photo where you can see a man with a child, and then you can see another man in a car with a mask holding a noose. Now, when you take the latest news into consideration that these trolls were targeting the left and the right we'll trumps statements, then kind of makes sense and I'll explain this story from political trump now says Russia is meddling in the elections. For Democrats. President Donald Trump on Tuesday claim that he is very concerned that Russia will be pushing very hard for Democrats in the upcoming midterms contradicting his earlier statement. He does not believe Russia is still interfering in. U S
tax and renewing his allegation of potentially rigged elections. I am very concerned that Russia will be fighting very hard to have an impact on the upcoming elections. Based on the fact that no precedent has been tougher on Russia than me, they will be pushing very hard for the Democrats. They definitely don't want trunk. The present tweeted, naturally, the people who believe Trump was colluding with Putin in Russia are met. The story they feel that trompe simply trying to deflect only look at the official reporting where we can see that Russia is actually targeting both the left and the right, at least according to you as intelligence agencies, and We didn't consideration. The goal is actually to disrupt the: U S not support someone What trumpet saying is no better or worse than people claiming that Russia was helping him in the first place Do you believe that Russia's meddling, let me make that clear. Not someone who necessarily trust the intelligence agencies just come out and I'm gonna take your word for it, but I think it would be silly if you didn't think they were attempting to disrupt
currently some way, and there is a lot of reporting from before this election cycle back years ago, when people like Adrian Chan when actually checked out the russian trawlers to MAC, who is a reporter for NPR, is Washington Desk tweeted risk what he said. Testimony at Senate Intel hearing Quote automated accounts of the far left. An farmer extremes produce as many as twenty five to thirty times the number of messages per day on average, as genuine political occur, across the mainstream. The extremes are screaming, while the majority whispers he continues the russian Seventy seeks to turn the normal differences of opinions among Americans into headlines about unbridgable political divisions. American journalism has a responsibility.
Hard in itself to these manipulations above testimony is from Doktor, John Kelly, founder and ceo of Graphic via a social media intelligence from any includes this exhibit in his tweets. It says, exhibit in Senate Intelligence Committee, hearing a graph showing an assessment of internet research agency efforts in Russia and the United States note the spike in the Irish: U S activities in mid twenty seventeen long after the intelligence. Did. He warned about russian efforts now. This exhibit claims to show report secret dot com and although he says this was uses, evidence taken with the grain of salt, but it is interesting because when we look at how russian trolls were targeting Russia at the height of the invasion of Crimea, we can see a spike. We can see more crimea propaganda, the down basque conflict, regional power. Expel, roosts, let's keep and then there's election day, and we can see the blue line has gone up, but it shows here, may twenty seventeen a much
Your spike, and why has this story fake facebook counts, are getting harder to trace? It basically follows the same reporting from Facebook above the far left and far. Like accounts, but it shows this example resistors shared and that a sponsor post story has shown that fascism must be stopped before it becomes too late. We can see scheduled for settling of ember. Fourth, twenty seventeen there's a swastika behind President Trump, its call for people to go times square and you have five hundred and twenty people confirmed, is going on August. Fourth, patriot prayer and the problems are such to March in Portland and Anti far, as announced they're going to counter it, and this is exactly what these people want. However, they are maybe they're russian, maybe they're, not if you trust the government than they are or who knows what they want the conflict. They want to so division among everyone, the narrative,
Needs to change. Russia is likely meddling in our elections and our politics, but because the media keeps painting it as Donald Trump colluding with Russia, many people who support trump dont want to believe it because they think it's just more trumpeting. Arrangements intimates more lies from the media, but when you frame it more honestly than that and say, Whoever is meddling in our politics is targeting everyone and they want you to fight each other. That's an entirely different message so to whoever is why, this and whatever you believe, the one thing we need to take into consideration. Is we shouldn't let this stuff drive us insane there a lot of people in media. There are a lot of arrests that our riding the wave and they are complicit they're they're, making money their building followings and there
lying along, and I assure you I have made some videos that probably helped whatever this goal was unintentionally. I want accuse everyone. Also being a useful it, but that is still a goal that whoever these people are, what they want. No left accuses the right of being useful idiots. They are sowing division from the left and the right, but we need to say: is there a valid points that liberals hold and conservatives hold and we should do every can to stop people from beating each other in the streets? I d The solution is because, whenever this is its working to make matters worse, it's not just about tracking down whose meddling once the false accusations and witch hunt against our people. I know people who have been accused of being trawls of being Botz, I'm sure many of you have been accused of being a troll or a shill time and time again from people on both sides, because we don't know who is doing this. We can't see it and there is an inherent flaw.
In social media. The security doesn't exist to prevent this kind of attack, and then people are going to be chased out of five bars and restaurants. They're gonna be accused of being fascist, white, supremacist or communists, and the more this happens, the more it actually divides us it, then take much to start a massive fire. All they had to do was dropped a little spark and everything ignited and as more people on the left and right fight each other in the streets, for whatever reason for everything is right. It's just going to make everything. Worse has been going on for several years, and it's going beyond the point where people are being tricked its action. Being built into people's core identity. People are going to stand up for what they believe in and they act We believe these things to be true at its ingrained in that has come to a point where Even even if I show someone this fake post, they might Remember having seen it and just believe it to be a fact, theirs.
Actually therapists, talking about Trump anxiety disorder from the constant negative headlines the last thing I'll say it's not just the manipulation and the mentally its them. The media, who is chasing the Trump bump, trying to get bigger more ratings, trying to make more money. They are adding to the fire. Maybe Facebook, He trying to shut his accounts down, but probably not going to work or Maybe it's true that they're wrong and Russia really doing this. The problem is ultimately, we just don't know for sure, so trust who you want to trust and there's not much else. I can tell you so let me note. Thank you. Tell me now come at below will keep conversation going I think Russia's muddling, I think a lot of people are- and I'm really concerned that things are going to keep getting worse. So we'll see what happens, but you can follow me on twitter attention stay tuned new videos everyday at four p m, and if you more snarking fond opinion, videos on Youtube COM, slashed him cast news for new videos, everyday at six, p m and once again
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