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S5107 - Fauci Faces FIRING As MASSIVE Scandal About To Erupt After Fauci Admits Funding Went To Wuhan Lab


MASSIVE Scandal About To Erupt As Fauci Admits Funding Went To Wuhan Lab, GOP DEAMNDS Fauci Be Fired. Dr. Fauci has consistently been wrong and flip flopped on the covid pandemic.

Now after finally admitting US provided funding to the Wuhan Institute Republicans are demanding he be fired immediately. Lab leak hypothesis is gaining more and more traction and Trump may have ben right all along.




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Today is made twenty six twenty twenty one and our first story, Doktor Anthony vouches basis, calls for his termination with be fired, act. Republican, saying should be terminated for flip flopping. After he's now admitted U S, funding did go to gain. Function, research at the wheel, Hon LAB in the lab theory seems more and more plausible in our next to stories. Actually There is a series of incidents where individuals hit protesters with their cars, crime is skyrocketing and black lives matter is backfiring. It's just getting worse in Portland crime, murder of eight hundred percent before you get started, leave us review of you, like the shout. If you're really like the shout share with your friends, give us five hours. Now, let's get into that first story. Publicans are calling for Doktor Anthony value to be fired after the umpteen. U turns uncovered and
origins. The daily mail says he now tries to defend giving six hundred thousand dollars to woo Hon lab too study how viruses can transmit from bats to humans before the cove it outbreak. This is this is called gain of function. Research. The general idea behind it is that we manipulate viruses to make them more potent so should something like this emerge in nature. We will know how to combat it. Will fetch you denied this. And questioned by Rand. Paul now he's come on said well, we did provide money to one group. The money did find its way to the wheel online. and the story is becoming more and more prominent is becoming more and more mainstream loudly Cuyp hypothesis, seems to be the most likely scenario as to how covert ended up becoming a pandemic? it may be one of the biggest scandals in the history of the: U S, hundreds of thousands dead, the you West, providing funding which made its way to these labs and then
media lying clang? It was claiming it was racist and was a conspiracy theory and Only now, almost a year and a half after the emergence of this virus the pandemic. Are we learning? What may be the true origins, I must stress, we dont know the true origins, but it seems like the pieces are lining up at the very least found she probably should leave his position. He should resign, if not potentially be fired, without she's, been on. Every side of the argument has not been an effective leader and that's it. You can like the guy, that's fine, but he said before don't mask studies at where mass than he said, double master common sense. Then there's no data suggesting double masks. Work then Durrant Paul when it was questioned under oath. We didn't provide funding for gain a function, research, then even politics back said well. They did, is arguing semantics demand, clear,
is not an effective leader must, where things get quite annoying, we can talk about lab leak, fine, but we don't know for sure. So what? What? What should we do? What we should invest, Donald Trump and might Pompiers launched an investigation and Joe by recently, ended it. That was the big news that came out just the other day bite and administration quietly ended the investigation into the origins of covert. Now. Why would he do that? But then something changed another story today emerge saying Joe Biden calls for an investigation into the origin of covered teen, so it sounds like he's just taking control and want his own investigation, but unfortunately for us that is still not true. According to the Deputy Whitehouse persecutors, they're going to be relying on the World Health Organization and China to effectively investigate themselves. So the official investigation is it going to be taking place
and the current investigation will be to assess the information from these groups. I wouldn't call that an investigation, it seems, like Biden, is just shutting down and that's irresponsive but I can't say I M surprised: many people have lost faith. Or how I should say that way. I think a lot of people never had faith with binding this place. But when I say a lot of people are losing faith, it's because in the past few months, Joe Buttons net approval has been going down. That was never particularly high. His approval writing is on the decline, and now you have people question the narrative from the mainstream media. How it was it was races to suggest that the virus may have come from on lab and now all of a sudden mental plausible theory. Let's break down exactly what's going on what Republicans are saying what Biden is doing and what this means for support for the president before we get started had over two TIM cast, dot com and become member to get access to exclusive segments where TIM cast iron podcast, but more importantly,
when you remember, you are providing us with resources to keep doing more of this, and we are hiring people we are gonna be doing shows on the ground. Journals was coming soon. We're already taking pitches for many documentaries and an field investigations. So what are we doing it? That's! What your membership gets us and you and as a member you get access to this exclusive to that exclusive contents. No forget to like this video subscribed. General and share this video. If you really support my work, that's the most powerful thing you can do, let's jump into the story see what Republicans are saying: the daily mail reports Republicans call for doktor found to be fired or resign after umpteen. U turns on Covin, they say House Rep Warren Davidson, a Republican from Ohio on Tuesday proposed the fire to act. Acronym stands for, incompetence requires early dismissal, brought up a couple. gotta give a rat round of applause, for that acronym, brilliant doktor found it
odds with the CDC Davidson, told Fox news. He has repeatedly put political science ahead of the science uncovered nineteen and that's true, even the head of the did he see. One point said: maybe lab leak makes sense. Republicans have criticised, devout yet other public health officials for telling the public to refrain from mask wearing an early days pandemic before reversing the guidance, as the case count. Increased nation wide last year they say FAO cheese critics seized on comments he made for criticising the decision by republican governor of Texas and We're states to lift mask mandates in March at the time fouch each other up. Any me I'll, just and top Democrats, including President Joe Biden Blast, the decision is premature, though covered nineteen cases have continued to drop in those states, as well as Nationwide House Rep Guide russian dollar, a Republican from Pennsylvania, told Fox NEWS on Tuesday at the mixed messages from thought. You was nothing new. He has been wrong,
intentionally, deceptive and inconsistent throughout this entire pandemic. A few examples of she's failures include claiming their very little risk to Americans in January. Twenty twenty I checked. All this is true even said: go go accrued! It's fine opposing trumps. China trap and then crediting it with saving lives and wrongly predicting an explosion of cases in Texas after Governor Abbot lifted, the state management It is long pastime for doktor value. To stop talking to the american Public Vouchers resign, or we fired immediately earlier on Tuesday Voucher defended the. U S, modest, very respectable funding of the wheel on laboratory, which is now at the centre of regulation as a possible source of the covert nineteen virus voucher, the head National Institute of Allergy and infectious disease appeared before a congressional budget committee on Tuesday, he defended, Alex, in six hundred thousand dollars to a group called Eco Health Alliance, which then paid the womb.
Instead of biology to study the risk that bat corona viruses could, in fact, humans under the terms of the funding, the money could not be spent on gain of function, research, a controversial practice which explores how, MRS mutate and become more transmissible or more dangerous values at the It was essential to pointing out that the sea is operated early. Two thousands was eventually trace back to back bats. Now I want to stress, they say the money could not be spent spent on gain a function, but so that this is why I am very careful with the language: it's not that fatty funded gain a function, research directly on to be very careful here because they use that phrasing to climb up. We didn't do that, no one here it was thought you provided funding to a group. The group provided provided funding that funding went to gain a function. Research, so FAO Chee provided funding which was used for gain of function, research,
think it's fair and important due to draw that distinction, because it seems more like what we're dealing with is incompetence, negligence and failure to accept responsibility for what we, the United States government it or I should say what voucher end. You know he did in his role quote: I would have been almost a dereliction of duty, it would have been if we didn't study this Only what you can see these things you ve got to go where the action is. He said you dont, want who study, Batson, Fairfax County Virginia to find out what the animal human interface is. That might lead to a jump. Species, so modest collaboration with very respectable chinese scientists, who were world exports on corona virus, and we did that through a sub grant from a larger grant to Eco Health It sounds like found. She knew they were doing, gain a function, research. He added the larger grand six hundred thousand dollars over a period of five years
so it was a modest amount. The purpose of it was to study the animal human interface to do surveillance and determine if bet, viruses or even capable of infecting humans. Where was found she last year when who sang it wasn't true sounds like men people in the government knew there was a strong possibility that it was their research and a failure of and at the wheel on lab which led to the outbreak. I think that you should be fired. Frances com director of ETA and H. Had said earlier in the hearing that the American taxpayers, money that went to the one instead of biology was not approved to conduct gain a function, research funding by the less government of region one has become immensely controversial on May ten took a Karlsson uses. News Joe to question the deadly experiments that were going on there following day ran Paul grilled Fouche about the funding which reinstated with a different grant in August and PR reported after another Your grant was block in April twenty twenty amid concern over safety at the wheel on lab p,
all insisted that the money was being used for gain a function. Research found she insisted. It was not you are entirely and completely incorrect found. She told Paul. The age has not ever and does not now fund gate of function, research in the war in the one, instant that is semantics they didn't want to directly fund by their own statements, whether you trust them or not, but the money did go to this place. Now. Here's work. It's weird Fox news reports, Biden, State Department. Quite Lee ended teams, work probing covered origin investigation was examining a virus stemmed from from a leak from a war on into Of our Let me lay out a very simple timeline for you. We learned about covered in
January of last year, I would say in the mainstream we started seeing these reports are to move on and is locked downs. Many people were concerned. I did reports on it for this. I was demonetized you to put restrictions on my content. Eventually they realized this was likely going to spread to the. U S into Europe and other countries I was gonna, be bad, then, all of a sudden, you said: ok now you can talk about it, but let me give the time why wouldn't let me look what what type of politics and censorship seem according to the Wall Street Journal and several other reports, there was an investor done by the: U S which found in November of twenty nineteen, three individuals from the wound lab were hospitalized with some illness. Previous reports talked about but at the wheel on lab who either been bitten by a bat or peed on by about high. I remember you
I'm a programme manager, Google right now. Lots of people are looking for ways to learn new job skills. That's where we created Google career certificates and online training programme for fast growing fields, like I t, support, project management, data, analytics user experience, design and more you dont any prior experience, and you can be Jobbery in about six months. So put your skills to work, go to grow. Dark Google slash certificates when the covert outbreak started, the initial I policies we were told was added emerged from a wet market. Now, that's plausible. It is actually for most of us who are not deepen. The weeds on gay function, research and will on labs but as I always said, I think it's plausible like loudly- was certainly out there and I reported on this, but many People are saying it was likely the wet market. Nice said, listen. If you come to me and say, there's unsanitary conditions and people have these with the animals are being sold on the open.
Do that really is a likely possibility? The virus emerges from their I'm willing to accept that that conclusion, but I still think it's important talk about the fact that the war on lab was like across the street, but we didn't know and to be fair. We still don't because we're things get bad now. It turns out that there was a report that say people got sick and they were hospitalized working in the war on lab. There were numerous reports when back years suggested security biosecurity for the one lab was sub power. It was only a matter of time before something like this could happen. This should have been more prominent. Instead, what did we get in a new threat from drew Holden? He said the covert path that that the key good pandemic could have leaked from a lab in war on, went from terrible racist skins, mercy theory to plausible overnight, for the mainstream media without a shred of accountability. If you don't believe me, look at these stories now will jump activists, but that's an important point at the time
you were. You were a fringe conspiracy theories. Pellet effect was debunking Tucker Karlsson, they were debunking. No, laureate sore making these claims. Now it seems it's the most likely check this out the Fox NEWS story about Joe, but an ending the teams work, probing the covered origin ground dot news I use their browser extension shows you that, while Fox NEWS is buys to the right, they say across, won t sources you are. It is overwhelmingly the right that is covering this story. What does that mean? Only thirteen percent of the stories are from leftwing sources. Seventy five percent of the news outlets tracked by news that are covering bite and ending the investigation or right wing sources. But then we have this. From the New York Times. Not many others are covered Breaking news Biden calls for
U S intelligence agencies to we double investigative effort into the origins of the virus. It sounds like Joe Biden wants to get to the root of this. I disagree It seems like Joe Biden shutting down the legitimate investigation wanted by launched by the State Department and now Joe Calling for a review of existing information and trust of the World Health Organization and China, the daily collar tweets, Jean Pierre Quote- we're just going to continue to work with the World Health Organisation and the World Health Organization is going to continue to work with China on this on the probe into the origin of Covin, the journalist asks: why do we think that China would cooperate? Jean Pierre Deputy Presbytery says this is something that you have to ask the chinese government so there it is Fox NEWS reports, the bite in State department,
and at an inquiry into the origins of the carbon nineteen pandemic that was investigating whether the virus stem from a leak out of the room on instead of biology the by ministration terminated the inquiry which was being out of the State Department, arms control and verification, Bureau, and initially, launched at the request of former trumped secretary of state, might pale after being briefed on the teams in it. findings in February and March State Department spokesmen, NED, pray on Tuesday denied shutting down the inquiry quote. There has been incorrect reporting at them. An heiress administration shut down an investigation by the State Department, Bureau of Arms control and verification into the origins of the covert nineteen pandemic. Here the teams work ended after delivering airport in February and March, adding that all relevant parts of the department continue to work with the Inter agency. On this matter The world continues to have serious questions at the earliest days of covert nineteen, including its org
and within the people's Republic of China. China's position that their part in this investigation is complete is disappointing, odds with the rest of the international community. That is working collaboratively across the board to bring an end to this pandemic and improve global health security the lab origin theory is very possible and China must be held to account, former assistant secretary of state for international security and non proliferation. Chris Ford pulled Fox NEWS. words that he found out this past December about the ABC investigation, which had been kept secret from him and bypass depart. Went and intelligence community biological experts. Here the team had been told not to share its work with him or the intelligence community I had procedural concerns and structural concerns. A stable state of our official earlier told Fox NEWS: that Secretary of State Antony Blinkin didn't disband any cell looking into the orgy took over nineteen. Another department, oh
he employed, a single contractor who was conducting research on several topics, including corroded virus, that contract or according to the official left the state Department before blinking COM Asian divide administration investigation into the origins of the kind of ours pandemic is currently being out of the White House. National Security Council. Fox news has learned that David Asher was the contractor leading the investigation, Ashura, history of investigative work, tracking money for the Ache Yukon Network, North Korea's Nuclear programme and top Al Qaeda leaders, but has fallen under scrutiny from former state government officials. I'm in a fox Ashura defended the investigation and said that at the time some State department, colleagues were deliberately playing down possible links to China's biological weapons pro.
when it is: U S, law to engage and effective arms control and non proliferation not facilitated via a scientific cooperation in the name of the threat, threat, reduction or refusal to engage and ineffective in effective compliance with communist countries that openly aim to incorporate synthetic biology into future warfare. Let slowed down a minute fox, says: Biden, State Department, quietly, ended teams, work into problem. Of an origin, and they say they have confirmed this. What it sounds like is, there was a specific group working on this and they were taken off of it, but the Biden The administration is shifting investigation elsewhere and that's what we're looking from the New York Times. I wonder what that's really about when we then learn that we're just gonna have to ask China if we trust them. It's very confusing, and it's very strange, but there's not much more, can say about it. we don't know. I don't know what the bite administrations plan is. Not the Fox news.
I continue sang David, five, a former big Department official during the trip administration was part of a small team working with ashram. The covert origins fight this week underscore the importance of learning how it originated. There's a fight through fight, though said there has been a terrible failure for fifteen months on the part of the. Look and the U S, government, to recognise the plausibility of the lag lab league possibility. The widest has criticised the who and China for its phase one report for its lack of transparency. The report called the prospect of transmitted from an animal reservoir to an animal host, followed by subsequent spread within that intermediate house, then transmits to human likely to very likely and I'll said the idea that the virus may have leaked from the one instead of our algae, extremely unlikely. The report called for further investigation in every area, except the lab like ipods us. The story from Fox NEWS is long, but it concludes a spokesperson for Eco Health, told Fox business on Tuesday.
That its found that its funding from the ages frozen with no guidance on when it will be unfrozen. So a Fox news is reported, but they ve ended this. It still sounds like they're talking about Biden, continuing it, but again to stress. It seems like what it means for them to continue. This investigation is we're. Gonna rely on the World Health Organization than you, times reports. President Biden on Wednesday asked you S intelligence agencies to redouble their efforts to determine the origins of the Krona virus, saying in a statement, but he was calling A broad government report that incorporate finding American labs and other federal agencies on whether the virus was only leaked from a lab or trams transmitted by animal to humans. This is where I find it very very interesting. They say he asked intelligence official to report backed him and ninety days and the other stuff Fox news. They say that the initial inquiry in the state of our men started by Trump bypassed the intelligence community. Could it be that Donald Trump did not trust the I see in this invested
and gave the task to, someone else to keep under wraps and then when Trump did not get reelected and Joe Biden did Biden that ended that probe and handed it off to the I see. So perhaps there of an investigation, but it comes down to perhaps we trust do trust the intelligence agencies, or do you trust, Donald trumps? Non proliferation, team at the State Department perhaps doesn't matter its political, maybe to always be political. In the end, I think the biggest problem we have is the media and their unwillingness to just port fact based news. They say it's debunked because their experts say it's debunked, but they ignore other experts and thus we're in this bind where we're just left confusing a hole in the back at the very least Anthony found. You should probably be fired. I think it's fair to say, I want to show you this this this threat from your Holden, because, of course I can give
the news and readers report and try to break them down. But what's a TIM cast sudden without a media criticism right, drew hold. Says. You may remember that much of the really bad coverage was focused on Centre Tom cotton suggestion that we better on stab the potential for a lab leak from on the difference in for We here from your York Times during May twenty and may twenty is stark in one where they said, Senator Tom Cotton repeats fringe theory of colonel virus origins. Then they said another group of scientists calls for further inquiry into origins of Covin drew It wasn't just your times, there's a lot of ammo from CNN to now two months ago. They write a piece writing off, theory as something like a comic book. Yesterday, the total changed without any reference to their own role in the previous debate in the first or this ad Lib Blake cover. Nineteen theory is like something out of a comic book, virologist site. Now they say information on women, researchers, illness, further debate, the pandemic origins. He says if you go back further
thence coverage gets even worse earlier When you twenty, they ran c c p. Talking point Chinese Communist Party, suggesting it was all a political pact based on this information, over a year later. Cnn in the same questions President Trump and esteemed were planned for Chris Eliza. He voice for CNN on this in February. Twenty twenty decided on CNN factor who concluded you. Can you can say that that you can say that didn't happen about Lovelock? Yesterday's into baffled doktor bout. You wasn't entirely on his side anymore, so much for trust the science he says. Why is Anthony faulty hedging on the origins of the corona virus. drones against aid enough when twenty watch unopposed, accuse Tom Cotton, offending the embers of conspiracy theory repeatedly debunked by experts. We know that's, not true politico. It goes on and I did reference this thread before, but it bears repeating just to a certain degree. If you have an already
seen it now to bring you to what this means for Joe Biden support over the past few months. What little support Joe Biden had has teetering on the brink of zero. What we have here is civics. Do you have prove or disapprove the way, Joe Biden, his handling his job as president. Now, if we go back to January twentieth as job on an energy at five percent net, approval. That means there is that he's another disapprove and slightly more, that do approve over time. We sought drop rather too ethically, I mean from five zero, even going down to negative one on March Fifth, floated back up to zero and then
floated around zero, reaching his highest two percent and eight between second and today, Joe Biden NET pertinent net approval is at zero and was previously at minus one. If we look at the trendline, we can see that Joe Biden has had forty seven percent approval, forty seven percent disapproval and six percent. Neither prove nor disapprove. I will also state that it seems like the power might be about to go out as I'm recording this so we'll see what happens. I think Joe Biden has on a bad job. I think he's flit flopped quite a bit and we don't know necessarily if we, if he's doing the right thing I think it's probably a bad idea to have ended one investigation and shift the shifty investigation to the I see. If that's what's happening, it seems to be the case. I think what we need is more investigations and more resources put into this, so we can understand what really happened. Those who made mistakes, fine people make mistakes, but they need to be held accountable if it was a mistake for doktor vouchers
he need only say we didn't expect for this to happen. It was an error and we can know how do we solve this, bloom unless we know and that's one of the biggest problems we face a lack of accountability, Does anybody really want on the democrat side to go after fetch? You probably not Republicans? Of course they do. It's all political fear. I think there. A problem that arises from all of this. In that, in the end, we will just get political tribalism tearing this country apart. I want to show you this next story, which is a bit off topic, but I still think is important to discuss in the reference to Joe Biden leadership whether or not found she should be fired. What Republicans are doing timed out? Come next adviser says these. Twenty three states ending extra unemployment benefits early and one knowing there is very little to do with the wheel on lab where the virus, but it shows you that
Joe Biden has been cut consistently advocating for one policy measure. Republicans have been at odds with him: like Joe Biden, is only really representing blue states. Joe Biden wants to extend the unemployment benefits three hundred dollars for some time. Many people suspect that this is causing economic crisis resulting in people not wanting to work in just fastfood. Restaurants, Republicans don't want this other twenty three states are now rejecting the federal unemployment benefits, which means people in these dates lapsed our working gun. If they want money, the Democrats want one plan the Republicans one another- and this seems to be hyper polarization reaching a very serious escalation when it comes to covet text in Florida, of course, have reopened and they are open to reopen for some time and we saw Texas doing well they noted in these other stories. There was no, split nation from Fouche. Yes to why Texas wasn't seeing these very serious problems, even though they ended their mass mandates floored as well. There was no answer yet bite instead who came out and said we ll
Glee Mead mask mandates. We likely need further restrictions. Moving forward so it is brought to you by Verizon, It's your business to the power of the rise in five g and get new five g phones on them, plus the five do business unlimited plan, that's right for each employee, so afraid today, at a store near you or online verizon dot com slashed by g upbraid, five ultra wide ban available only in parts of select cities, five g nationwide available in twenty seven hundred plus cities with select trade in and business unlimited plans terms apply limited time offer was you speaking to blue states? Thus, with this investigation into the war on lab, we can see the investigation started by trumpets, is halted and then the investigate by Biden in those he trusts carries on? I don't like the game. I don't like it We need to take this seriously. We need to end the hyper partisanship and am now you do it by an obvious
We did not trust the people working on the investigation for Trump Trump clearly did not trust the intelligence committed some of whom were very much opposed to him. This level of distrust shows at the highest level. Our country is fractured and a very dangerous way, and they should be cleared anybody vouchers on a bad job. What do we get? Our Well, the left only reads certain new stories. The right tends to read news stories and are now what's and then no one can agree on what reality is, but this should be evidence for you please, right now, Republicans are, in fact you to be fired. Please share stories like this, with people on the left, who don't read news from conservatives, as I showed you ground, not knit dot. News shows how the Fox NEWS story is on Biden, State Department, ending that the state of women's work investigating the covert origin
is overwhelmingly being reported by the right. Let's put the full coverage from ground out new you can see the furthest left source covering the store that that at an end, its department was CNN, I'm sorry, but an editor statement. Investigation was CNN, take a look at us than your post at the centre right outlet, reporting, hot air and Spectator USA Report, thus even the gateway pundit twitchy and shown any do come, but there are no leftist organizations covering this. The furthest they get is CNN, which ground users left organization. This means this will be a huge blind spot for people on the left who will only see the story from the New York Times saying that Biden has doubling redoubling investigation? and even those on the right might not see the New York Times which, when you, bull stories. The conclusion seems to be fairly easy to understand Joe Biden
is taking away the investigation from those tromp trusted and giving it to the intelligence community, whom he trusts ground, as agreed by the way, there's not a sponsor spot, but it's great that their breaking this down and helping you understand the hyper, partisan but this country, so this is it. This is the kind of thing you need to share with people, so they can understand what's happening because people on the left won't another's happening. So what as a conservative will say, you see. Joe Biden ended the investor It will say what are you talking about? He doubled. The investigation is working hard on this conservatives who don't read the New York Times, won't know and liberals and leftists who don't read right. Wing news won't know either here's the big difference. as I've noticed several times, conservative still tend to read: mainstream media and you have the hill and Forbes covering the story as well, which means while conservatives likely will still read the New York Times. There probably gonna hear both versions of this.
And those that are willing to watch my videos and share them will likely sables we can get a better understanding of what's going on with the investigation into lab leak and why Fouche III should probably probably be let go but doesn't left. Don't they don't watch conservative news, they do red conservative news. They overwhelmingly just get their news from leftist sources. They think CNN is good enough to be fair. Cnn did report this, but what about those that are for further left progressives, those that reads a slight dot com, truth dig or things like that I don't know anything about it. They are just going to see Joe Biden as the good guy who's doing the right thing and they're not gonna, understand the fractures that run so deep and then you'll see it on twitter programme.
If who are shocked and confused by rhetoric around cold civil wars and political fracturing, because they don't read the National Review because they don't read the New York Post because they don't read the daily collar, but people were the daily collar, still do read CNN and, unlike CNN, they think CNN lying, but that's one of the biggest problems we face in this country and I back to the point vouchers, but it is asked her. I think it's about time he's been called out and he's been fired. Joe Biden will not fire him. This bill likely will ass at any and fetch. You will keep providing bad information. Talk to your doktor about. What's right for you, if you don't like him, get a second opinion, but don't get your word from tv doctors only with their necks segments coming up at eight p m over at Youtube outcomes. Left him Castillo L thanks rang out, and I will see you all them. Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of George Floyd, and Obviously we saw protests around the country, many of them,
Small, but we still did get a right in Portland. I don't think anyone surprised to hear that and we did see a driver injuring to protesters on the Brooklyn bridge. and an why pity vehicle side swipes another. Now should be surprising anybody. I honestly don't even know. What's the point of reporting at doing a segment where I'm like a halo, look protesters marched in rioters through bricks and start fires in and then somebody got hit an abroad is their marching in the street, and it feels like the eight hundredth time I've done a story talking about this, but there is something funny that comes after the news and its report from acts Yos which, which strikes at the heart. Of media bias and the ramifications for what all of these protests have accomplished. and maybe I should say accomplished because it makes it sound like something good happened, but the note something bad happened, sober suburbs arrest rates surpass urban rights. This I find hilarious. They mention that,
in the suburbs utopia cops arresting more people on in the cities, which is just a shame and progress is, and how could you not? They say it's its progress in the cities, that crime is skyrocketing and police art making arrests anymore. No, that's the results of things like this people going in streets and marching on the Brooklyn bridge. I remember when people marched on the Brooklyn Bridge and they got arrested for doing it. But what a point now worthy political push from the left is well effective they get what they want policy wise and then you have there's a twofold problem: the media. By where they lie to defend these people, which results in more policy changes which negatively impact everybody. But the media also feel leaving the bias when these organizations right fake news like it's. It's not progress, no. It's a shame that cops in the suburbs actually arresting people that frames things.
And it makes people in these areas thing may be cops shouldn't be enforcing the law. But then you look at the flight from the city's, because the massive increase in crime and its it's a loop. It's an endless spiral, it's only, going to get worse or on up until we actually can break through the media buyers and start calling it out for what it is, but one, which is why my segment. Yes, your main channel, I said call these things no go zones. George Floyd Square they know goes on. Third, plus shots ring out, don't who is the language of the biased, dont, use the language of the media, George Lloyd Square shut up. Ok, this is a day. Tourist Area, where they ve barricaded it off the police can't get in there. gunshots people getting hurt shot at an locals are complaining about it, a dude of Amerika, a medical offers an act. Medic. What someone who was there to treat people yet shot and killed, and then you look at the chance,
and they call an autonomous zone, don't call it that that's what anti for calls it no goes on. Why look I'm trying not to be biased? You look definition of an orgasm, that's it. But if you keep, the game where you use the definitions of the extremists than you are framing things, the way they want anyway, I digress and give a shoutout do ground, not news. I don't take a lot of sponsorship. Most of you know that almost never directly spots are taken sponsors sponsorship from anybody, but look at this. I pull up the story, driver injures to protesters on Brooklyn Bridge and why peaty vehicle side, swipes and other, and I'm seeing the ground dot news, browser extension, which show what it shows me. Man, of the outlets as many as they think they can. They can catalogue the outlets that are reporting this news and, as you can see, one hundred percent, of the news outlets that are reporting. What happened on the Brooklyn Bridge are from the left neither does not necessarily mean that literally every every year.
organization that wrote about this is on the left. It's just what grounds is tracking, but I do think this is a fantastic service. Look the media's, obviously biased, and I think one of the cruellest things about ground is their blind spot feature. So I've recently started using their up go to ground dot news slashed him pool download the app get the browser extension, no joke I this is awesome? Ok, so I'm gonna, I'm gonna, be using this now in met in many of my videos to show you the bias why that only left wing outlets are reporting on. This will probably cause they're taking it as a slight against them, but we also have another story. The Portland Riot, Portland police declare right make multiple arrests in Portland Right right ground, not news, they actually show you all of these different outlets. Better reporting on this, how the reporting look at this time and location who, with which countries Reporting on this we got Canada, the United States, and then they may even
you the time things were posted, who posted at first, my northwest fourteen hours ago, and his other Alice is it. This is red, took us out by distribution. Ten of these new sources are biased rated for our centre- that's fantastic. They say they get we appointed as far right, maybe you'd you dont, like necessarily how they ate it: right things, but you can see that NBC. What is his NBC News has left take their word for it. So it's absolutely fantastic, though, to ground dot, new slashed him pool, and you can download this up, and I am so that they wanted to sponsor the channel, because I genuinely think this is a great service it this was going to do. when you're reading the news you might a story about if there was one about like Rand, Paul and I'm looking at I'm reading, the news about ran Paul, getting physically attacked, and I'm like this should be Your news, I'm sorry, I'm not physically doktor- was that, though, the guy shearing forward basically celebrating his attack on what should be huge news.
and then you can see, there was almost exclusively being reported by the right share this with your family, because what Never your shadow, my story, if they're like iron, You know I thought you said this robot inside this back. Look that's only coming from the left, you seeing what the right is is seeing, as you have to agree with them, which could at least understand what you're not getting news. eyes because it s a story where it's only reported by the right. You can back about you to see this story and that's really cool that ground. Not news breaks that down so so definite check it out, as I said, you're gonna see this this this the extension for round news in the top bar ground out new Slash Temple check it out, just get into the news. Look the sponsor perfectly for maize, like probably the longest sponsor spot. Just because I genuinely think it's fantastic and I and what do I do on this channel in Alma Giles RAG on the media for there Yes for fuelling this chaos and making everything worse, and I want to show you ok, look down
for interest to protest in the Brooklyn Bridge Riots in Portland Portland, and flames again be Elam riders, rural frozen bottles at police, launch fireworks, torch dumpsters as citizens into chaos. Ass on the anniversary of George Floyd's death- and you can see interesting, what's coming from The Portland story is actually fairly balanced. You ve got a bunch of different centre right and right wing outlets and left wing outlets as well a centrist out reporting on this riot, and you can see everybody should be getting this information, but not everybody does because, even though we can see that the biased distribution is thirty percent laughed forty percent under thirty five percent right, the p who only watch far left news are not going to get its own. So take a look at this. You gotta even read deeper, so the right in Portland. don't know what else you want me to say about it, because it happens all the time and I'm upset that things are done about it. But here is a perfect example of why many people on the left don't know and dont understand, Antiphon, don't understand the violence and
in the chaos when, when you see that they say my Northwest Centre Right Fox NEWS is right, wing and gateway upon it. Is the farthest right out of its authority, far right, but the furthest right. That means on the right to every degree that you could move right. People are going to be seeing this story or the opportunity to see it. But when you look at the lap of the left in the far left there not covering this at all, it's just centre left news outlets their covering this, which means the people who are like leftist dsl types. They don't read this So that's when you can say hey. Maybe we should share this in this direction. Let me show you how this biased manifests. I love it from acts. Yos now this is only you can see. The extension says not enough. Publications have reported on this, so only actually also supporting this news. They say suburbs arrest surpass urban cities check this out.
suburban city saw a higher arrest rate than urban cities, despite having substantially fewer violent crime. Arrests according to a new finding from a policy group that money criminal justice and racial disparities, did you catch that? Let me just stated again, suburban cities saw higher arrest rate despite having statutory, fewer, violent crime, arrests. Could it be that when you actually take care of low level crime. You actually stop crime from escalating, maybe here's. They say why it matters The findings released Wednesday by the vera instead of justice suggest suburban cities making less progress, awry the policing, while beggar cities adopt reforms are you kidding me with this by the numbers in tone
Sixteen for the first time in U S, history arrest rates in suburban cities were higher than those in principle cities with populations greater than fifty thousand there, instead of justice, interactive arrest trends tool revealed. Could it be that cops, are defended and demoralized and aren't actually doing work any more in these cities. Since two thousand number of arrests of both black and white people. In principle, cities dropped substantially by more than thirty five percent each the organisation found, but in suburban areas during the a period the number of arrests of white people dropped by nearly twenty four percent, while arrests of black people increased by two point. Six percent, nationally black people arrested at more than twice the rate of white people over the past twenty years. The! U S, s in a twenty percent decrease in overall arrest
lower rates of racial disparities and arrests and lower youth arrest rates, and there they say things of actually greatly improved in this country. But you see the big problem with these people if they can't view anything outside of array, lens? And so when you see there, like you, arrest right bill or gown. Could there be a different correlate How could it be historical poverty? Could it be wealth disparities? Yes, that's what the data shows its, not race, its poverty? Why? How do I know this will? First of all anecdotal evidence which is fairly meaningless, but I grew up on the south side of Chicago, hey, guess what bunch of white people complain about police brutality? A bunch of white people getting their doors kicked in by cops, are being treated like crap because they are just not rich. They can defend themselves, but your white people being forced to take plea, deals and go to jail
but your white people in gangs. Poverty now understand the idea of historical. Often poverty have done documentaries on it, but the problem is you get these leftists? They look at this in the only thing they can see is rice, and thus they dont solved the problem. So then you get the shocking and sad reality there. Not smart enough to understand the data before them and they feel in such a way that they say it's less progress when police are enforcing the law. Can I show you this? You want to know what perpetuates historical poverty, murder, crime, death, property crime murders arising the most and a few isolated precincts and major cities? It's it's. it's a shameful spiral, man, it's it's said Anne and I blame black lives matter,
they say martyr wave in. U S, cities is hitting typically poor, neighborhoods, typically blackened hispanic. Do you understand now crabs in a barrel sort of you, ve got people in poor areas trying to fight their way out. poverty breeds crime and these high crime areas where the police don't go any more they're, not police in here that making the arrests crime is going up there. Not there. There going in any more because people are complaining and it perpetuates inequality, and maybe that's what these progressives want, because then they can say, see racism vote. For me, if the cops don't go to these neighborhoods and don't stop crime and dont arrest criminals and don't help keep these places safe, crime gets worse historical point.
He gets worse in the suburbs where the police are making arrests for lower level crimes. You dont get the higher level crimes and thus people then build wealth. It's a shame that has to be a partisan left or right thing that many of these left us don't understand that their advocating for something that is going to make things worse. these well to do liberals who live in the suburbs who are more than Bilbil, I gather cops, are bad get rid of him in here like Bro, you gonna make things worse for these people. You are making things worse for these people and their like so long as it's, not in my back yard. Actually else goes on to say between the lines. It appears. The worsening racial and equity in arrest and suburban cities is being driven by disproportionate arrests of black people for less serious offences. That demonstrates police treatment of black people and white people in suburban cities continues to worsen. Justice suburbs become more diverse, with
Growing black, electing a middle class, but suburban cities are slower to diversify police departments like larger cities, where black Latinos, our more politically organised and sure it would be absurd of me to to act like racism doesn't exist or that cops camp erase it. Of course they can be absolutely they can be in many probably are, but they overlook what one of the biggest aspects of of of what's happening. They overlook poverty and class issues while Well, I think there is a an interest of the establishment elites in making sure that you know opera is, is oppressed and a homeless white veteran is the oppressor they don't want. You pie Wall Street coming for their money? They don't want Wall Street bats cut going for the short squeezed had to strip funds money. When he's hedge funds, they don't want bitcoin supporters to break from the system. They want you to be.
hiding with each other on the basis of race, which has very little bearing on whether or not you actually have power in this country, and isn't it crazy to say that, because everything the left says is that raises everything and white privilege and unjust, like Will Smith has one hundred million times more political power than your eye that do it's got money he can pay, he can buy, he can influence. Ok to be fair, I've got a political show. The lot of yours is a lot of political influence in there I can. I can. I can recognise that become on Oprah, oppressed, Serena Williams, oppressed, that's just not true. I understand as racism. I understand this historical poverty which is tied to racism and we ve been fighting tooth and nail for decades to stop that we can do in a pretty good job of it. Read lining unblock bussing, hates illegal. still remnants of this, and we are fighting to stop it and we ve come to appoint now where we ve made it illegal. Hey you get discriminate on the basis of race. Now we need to target class Now we need to say: ok now that right,
It is no longer a factor because its literally illegal to discriminate for these reasons now make short by going out by targeting class based issues providing resources, education, safety, a police department, well funded police of good training, a fire department to these areas. We can then lift them up education, especially we don't get that we get black lives matter, activists, people who have multiple homes and well to do liberals advocating for removing the police, which result in more crime with more violence, more death riots, and then you get more poverty. How is it helping the black community when anti FA goes to poor neighbours and smashes things up to be fair? They went to the mag mile in Chicago It's a wealthy shopping area, smashed things up that I get an list are going in the neighborhoods. What is that prove order answer when they smashed up black owned businesses or one that video of Anti folly.
two white women are sprayed paid into the building and two black women are like you're. What are you doing like get out of our neighbourhood like? Yes, it's these uppity well to do liberals, that they look at the surface and then these women are like we're helping you were helping. How was it helping when these people in Portland hurled projectiles at cops whose at Helping Ireland, ITALY and others are best theirs? I think there's two lawsuits in Portland norms are nuns. I think it's in Seattle because of the the far left terrorist no go zone that was set up called the Chaz, the chop, the police wouldn't go in and then people got shot and killed and the security there shot and killed. Other people is that how you want to live with that other people to live. Apparently, that's that that's what they're going for. How do we break through this? Well, I mean it sincerely when I say we need to shuffle through media bias.
Need to be aware of these stories and whose reporting it and who is and who is not reporting it surprise. Surprise Every one on the right has an interest in reporting the Portland Riot. The centre has an interest in reporting the Portland Riot, but the left and the far left have ignored the story. Not completely amounts in ground. News is absolute, but you can see in their distribution left in far left. Don't talk about the stuff. So what happens? I see a post on Facebook in the like anti fa. Is real thing- everyone should be anti fascist and am I get because you read slate and slight won't tell you they're going around smashing black owned businesses, because you read these news outlets that don't cover this, because it makes them look bad. Maybe it's true of conservatives, you know, but I think veils we'll cover the news, but they'll be biased. You know right wing news. Outlet will talk about the capital, they'll talk about, what's happening with it, but they'll framing away, that's more beneficial, so at least
conservatives know about it, and this right here this biased distribution might be on at ground on. This might be the best way to understand one of that one of the biggest aspects of the problem here. How is it that I can have Michael moles on TIM cast? I aroused very conservative and we disagree and a whole lot, but we you have a conversation, a cordial conversation. We agree on so much and its because. every level of the centre to the right are interested in talking about the news, whether it's for or against, but the left doesn't want to do. That. now it's interesting, as I will say, if you look at the dot, biased distribution for the vehicle pushing through the protests, you can see that ground hasn't rounders hasn't tracked rightwing sources. So for one it's not absolute! It's not only that the right! That's talking about everything
but there's been other studies that have shown liberals only get there. News from liberal sources and conservatives get their news from both, but mostly conservative sources moderates get their news from both, but mostly liberal sources, and it makes sense the news you get a fax your worldview. If you don't know what happened, how can you be for or against it? I will? I will state you know when I look at this vehicle pushes through protesters, they say the right as covered it. I do find it surprising, Maybe it's just a matter of time until conservatives are alike, knew no car pushes the protesters, but when you think about this, this is a story that frames the protesters as the victims. So I'm not surprised, you're, not getting the right talking about it and I'm not surprised you got the day, beast left sources and NBC, and always that are left islets. Absolutely talking about. Oh, no. The poor protestors it's me my seat there like they say they say. Oh all, these reports,
It's our passing bills that allow people to run protesters over, and it's just not true. The anti riot laws allow people legal immunity if they are fleeing while under attack, is very different in this circumstance, is a driver's accused of pushing through protest, the Brooklyn Bridge and injuring three people well, people shouldn't be blocking straits and then what happens as you ve seen it New York, we ve seen it and in Seattle, people bang on the cars and they threaten in Portland. They smashed out the window. So yeah, I'm not surprised, someone's gonna be like I'm out and all they did was pushed through. But of course the left always frames like the apocalypse like there being run over an hour now and they they like it. It d, Charlottesville or something like that. We need to find a way to break through the bias, so to allow people to see the blind spots. So it's just convenient for me that ground I knew with a sponsor the channel and shape they provide the service. But it's really sad, that's no crime as guinea
worse in minority neighbourhoods and it's the fault of black lives. I then the media acts like it is not it like. It's like its progress. The suburbs are safe. Alexandria cause. Your Cortez said she wants police in cities to act like police and suburbs she's. Other member. She was like, I think, policing looks like the suburbs in this, herbs their arresting more people for pet for for lower level crimes and thus their not seeing an escalation in crime. Ok go for it, but you have demonized defended and disbanded in some instances, your police departments. It's no surprise. Things are getting worse for poor people and minorities. In turn, I leave their necks segments coming up at one p m on this channel and I now see well then, in my previous segment I talked about protestors,
I hit by a car but riots and about crime skyrocketing. Then once again, there's another story talking about very similar issues, but new data points. Not only do we have another story about a in a car? The protesters our banging on the car, and then she pushes through them when they they claim that you struck them and they broke their leg or something this lady is getting charged with like intentionally hit someone in a car accident. I believe North Carolina. So congratulations late. You live in these cities. This is what happened When you don't pay attention, you we'll be surrounded by these psychopaths l, Bang, on your car and if you tried to escape because important, draw weapons and smash windows. You try to escape your at fault. I warned you above about this that the police will say it is easier to beat you over the head and make you
regular citizens suffer than it is to deal with a violent mob of terrorists. The police will arrest you make no mistake and now we're seeing martyr skyrocket if you d, guess which city would the highest explosion and murder rights. What would you pick? It's probably not a fair question, because you ve clicked the time all of this video and you likely now it's Portland, eight hundred percent- and I found this fact check where like conservatives are claiming. Murder is up sixteen hundred percent in Portland. That is not true. It's only up eight hundred per cent I saw that now. Like Bravo conservatives. Bravo because you forced them to fact check and report on something they would love to sweep under the rug blacklist,
address, failed support for black lives matters in the gutter, as you probably know, because of the civics data, which I can always just pull up and love to pull up, not support for black lives matter accept seven percent. Now that still means there is more support than opposition, but the collapse is real down from the beginning of Only twenty before there was like any big black eyes went around a dead twelve percent net support before Brenna Taylor was killed before any that news broke. and now we can see it's down to around seven percent. Here's the story, the fraternal order of police have put out some data police Group Knox calls to fund police on anniversary, Floyd death. the Hell reports, a top police lobbying groups slammed calls to defend the police on Tuesday as criminal justice, reform advocates and others mark One year anniversary of the death of George Floyd, the national, fraternal order of police which described it
as the world's largest organisation of sworn law enforcement officers, blasted calls to define the police in multiple tweets joke about it, the group's national vice. Labelled the rallying cry as not a national, nor reasonable policy position asserting murders are skyrocketing in cities that are foolish enough to try defending the police, Joe. You are correct and this is why I very much defended the police. I'm not happy with a lot of things. The police have done on that happy with gun confiscation, which yes, is very real. The Democrats are like no, it's got me to take your guns. Bromide guns are like. I have a bunch of guns. You can't bring in certain states because they ve already banned that. Yes, the Democrats are having Joe Biden Job grass. Take your guns, although the eighty have does this going it alone And smarter if they flies under the radar yeah. Well, I'm not a big fan of the police enforcing whatever a law or whatever their told to do. But I also
I recognise the world isn't rain, boughs and Candy Keynes. You don't get to live and your goat utopia with zero police if you're going to live in densely populated areas and you're going to in areas with with poverty, high poverty rates to see crime and unity, law enforcement. Now I can certainly say we should have criminal justice reform. What I mean by that is dude if you're getting arrested, because a cop things you ve done something wrong. Just shut up. Keep your mouth shut. Get your lawyer make phone call, do it ok, you're not going to win by fighting cops. However, what we do need, I think is more a more human approach to a lot of law enforcement become too it's become too robotic there, like You are jaywalking, so he's your tickets. I did come on cut some cuts on people, some slack take it seriously. People should should obey the law, but we ve gotta have some. You know in terms of penalties. I see people it's like you're being sentenced to four years for a drug charge, and, unlike what's that got to do, is that really gonna help
person improve their life, no you're putting them in prison for four years. It could help them get off drugs, yeah, I guess, being in prison, but sometimes people in prison. They still manage to get drugs anyone. So what are we really trying to accomplish with that system? Anyway? I digress. The police are necessary, but could be different in my opinion. Instead, what we get our extremists sang, abolish the police well to be firm, is often say: I live in an area with cops, but also live in an area that extremely sparsely populated. So I'm responsible for myself Joe Grimaldi, says defend the police has not irrational nor regional policy position. Murders surging in every city who was foolish enough to try anyone continues to bluster on this answer. The real question of whether you care about your community or you just want to score political points, and this is why I said cops. Stop answering calls in these areas. It seems like they did and there's data to back it up. The F o Peter,
on. Twitter account sounded a similar note, sharing a photo of sky rocketing murder rates in Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Portland, New York, Chicago allay in Washington DC. The inn he's in murder rates ranged from twenty two percent too, Hi is eight hundred percent wow the groups granite, Annie gases of what these cities have in common. The organisation asked before note They have all turned the keys over to the deep on the police mob. Look at this Portland, eight hundred only thing about it is you're, not gonna. Tell me at this is coincidence it, many days left us or like yeah, but in red states and red cities. Crime is going up to and, unlike you probably pandemic, related stuff in poverty work, poverty related stop but come on. Portland is like the bastion Anti fought defined the police. It is like a badge. In other words, it is the is the epicenter. It is worth it
just riding the other day. So the cops having their building set on fire over and over again, answering these calls and murder is up. Eight. Hundred percent Yikes man. Now here's the Portent thing you need to understand shook. I've go is up. Twenty two percent, however cargoes, murder rate insanely high, so that two percent may still be like one hundred murders, whereas Portland eight hundred could be like two hundred or a hundred right. So it's a comparable growth. Perhaps, but I have the data and will put up they. Gonna talk about George Lloyd, whatever the f o peace comets pushing back on calls to reform police funding, came as members of Floyd's families met with President button at the White House,
families in DC on the anniversary of his death to calm lawmakers, to pass police reform of legislation named in his honour. The George Floyd Justice and Policing ACT Act passed to the house in March. but has stalled in the Senate. Amid disagreement over the issue of qualified immunity, the doctrine protects data. Government officials, including law enforcement from LA building civil suits unless they violate up. since clearly established constitutional right and Republicans want to keep the legal principle principle intact, go shades of patent legislation report on Monday that they remain optimistic, but the prospect of reaching a compromise on the bill. When asked in a Fox news interviews, Saturday, Moving qualified immunity doctrine would deter people from one to be police. Grimaldi said it would certainly impact officers wanting to take this job quote. I believe it is reasonable. promises that can be made to make sure that we all forward on a path where we want to reduce officer involved shootings in this country. It's the goal that everybody wants to reach
emphasised. However, the need to discuss the actions of the other individual seen with that officer because they ultimately determine how much there's an officer may or may not have to use. That is a fact that us. It's also a fact that there are videos of cops being bad people. One very where a guys on the ground, his hands behind his back complying at cop kick them and had seen the video is. It does get recycled a lot and when they When those cops need to be immediately charged with a crime. If a cop runs up it punch someone's had whose already complying charge them with a crime. However, you see video or the eightieth agent refuses to comply in the cops are like put get on the ground and put him on the ground. If you dont want to comply, don't be surprised when the officers use more. They escalate force to subdue you. This is what I understand about a complex society, a cop walks up to and he says, show me your hands, I shall my hands here.
Put your hands on your edible my hands on my head. He says turn around. I turn around. He then frisks and then I say: is there an issue? Officer has be quiet. I say: ok keep my mouth shut. You know why you have a right to remain silent and you should and I've had. This is This circumstance happened where the cops then say sorry about that we're looking for someone, you fit a description. My apologies have a good day and you D, with it swallow your pride stopped screaming and crying about the fact that sometimes major joint investigation, you'd be their people. The Kabul be like you what your hands up and I put my hands off for nothing. It's like showed. You know going to show you my. Why, we live in a free society. Is it supposed to be, and so I understand your rights, but there's also responsibilities possibilities means that if we have police- and we asked me, do a job and that cop you don't know what he knows, he may have just watch someone beaten old lady with it with a club or or Pistol Weber, and now he's trying to stop this.
I'd like to help that happen. I also recognise that some cops are dirty. We had reason report Only that there's, a cop planting drugs on people got convicted of that. We need to make sure those bad guys are weeded out, but the problem is lives matter is doing, is the opposite, its keeping the bad cops in and is making the good cops leave just like with gun controls that how it works, like we want to make guns illegal cycle case? Are the people who already care to abide by the law are to be the ones restricted and the people? Don't here, get away with it when they make it just following orders than the people who stay in the force. Just followers and the good cops who think who want one actually be out there. There's on unread. It is great a guy's on a motorcycle in his lane splitting it. That is its when you drive and between the cars and then he drives past squatty drives up and he sees a squad colonies. I ah oh, no, I'm in trouble, and so the squad goes in front of him and he's on the other on the side of the road is driving on the highway and the squire. Our turns his lights,
motorcycle pulls over couples over the cop gets out and goes I gotcha and he's laughin and the more subtle guys. I am sorry man, I just he's, like I know, and the Copp girls, none at all, you're cool body. Listen you just you gotta check don't do it. I got a point over. Otherwise people are gonna get mad. So just just chill out your good and the guys like thanks brow and that that's that's a great come it's a great cup, it's a great great cop. That's what I'm talking about we'll refuses reform. When somebody gets arrested and the conflict, I don't I don't know, I don't care tat to a judge its. I do. What are we trying to account? Wish you want to stop a guy in a motorbike from lane splitting you pull Over and above that that I got you don't do it again, bro they're, not gonna, do it. They may do it again later, but people still speed after getting speeding tickets. The point as what's the best way, to stop someone from doing it. The couple them over stop the guy stopped the next time the guy Lane splits.
A cop can do the same thing: Bryce, where I'm I'm giving a dumb you'll get a ticket. Don't you do it? We got it. We gotta we gotta, be more personable and has a lot of people believe in like harsh penalties, but clearly harsh penalties. Don't stop! breaking the law. They pass these gun laws where their alike you'll go to prison. all these years. What we got, people still go, get em and they go to prison. It doesn't change anything make it harder for law. Abiding citizens we want be more of a community where people do good things because they are worried about. Doing bad things is funny. I started. talk himself about Singapore? If you leave litter, table like at a fast food. Restaurant you'll get a ticket, but the reason people don't is not because of the ticket. It's because other people going to be like you, What are you doing? Man like I eat here? Don't leave a mess. I saw this this mean about in Japan. They don't. I janitors for schools. They make the kids clean the schools and then kids are invested in whether or not the school is clean. Cousin
but he wants to be the person, a clean up, the sludge, but you have to so they try not to make a mass knowing their spots. Ability is on them when you pass the buck to somebody else. It's when people start it when they start ignoring their responsibilities. So here we go. We can see that the crime is skyrocketing check. This from Miss BAR Portland murder rate up, but not sixteen hundred percent Buzz Patterson said Portland DE funded law enforcement them rate, is up sixteen hundred presented a year. Sixteen hundred percent well done lives We then see people saying what do they think was But while that does it get your attention, nothing will miss bars. Analysis, Miss bar. Covered that, while the murder written Portland is on the rise on the rise, you say it does not appear to be up six hundred per cent. according to the city of Oregon crimes, debts there, three homicides in the first quarter of twenty twenty
the rise offence, count by category assault. Two hundred and twenty two thousand two hundred twenty two homicide: three human trafficking, nine kidnapping, abduction, seventeen sex offences, a hundred and fifty eight. here's the best part, while the city's official homicide estimates from February twenty twenty and later have not yet completed the quality control process. According to the Portland Police Bureau, the city recorded, it's too, The third homicide at the end of the first quarter of twenty twenty one, that's an inn Of seven hundred and sixty six percent, not sixteen hundred- and I see that I have to wonder- there's a clever play by conservatives, King news organisations into fact checking something. So the fact tat comes out, I actually its eight hundred percent weight and their reporting, a crime, a murder rate increase of eight hundred percent, the social media post. Also implies the increase in. I was I just due to defining lawn force when our more work may be needed,
who verify this area. Crime rates, city of Portland about the rise since two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and eighteen there were twenty two sides. You don't think, there's a correlation between the increase in crime and the police. Why Portland why? Eight hundred percent crime is getting bad, but in Chicago you see it's up twenty two percent and that's like eighty people, that's a lot more more than the increase in Portland. So that's what you got, what you gotta watch out for what the stats there like look at these cities. Look at that the crime increased Chicago twenty two percent on, like that's, actually massive dude, Minneapolis fifty. These are all massive Washington DC where the crime is way higher than Portland. Portland is starting to become more like these places. Here's a funny thing lets a Portland had ten murders. Last year they have a hunt. A hundred murders next year a thousand percent increase. Then next year they have a hundred and one and they say a one percent increase. You see, I would normalizes that's what you gotta pay attention to now
along with the funding the police. You also the insanity that is, people going to jail and getting charged, because the extremist right of control moment to black protesters are struck by a white driver after they blocker Car and bang on it, while marching against killing of Andrew run a North Carolina on George Floor, the anniversary of George Floyd I cite LISA Quinn. Forty one of Greenville faces two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill by the use of a motor vehicle. I am not a fan of police, the bad cops, all that's left. The DA's are being propped up by extremists and its. If conservatives don't realize what's happening well, then you're in trouble It's quite simple: isn't it isn't it? This woman was arrested by police? Oh I'm just enforced and write the law, the key
So the ones who are enforcing this. I watch the video this lady didn't do anything I mean she may have hurt somebody, but she pulls up they bang on her car and she pushes through very very slowly what you suppose you let them just beater car smasher windows and an attacker one per in Provo Utah got shot because these extremists ran up and shut them, and it's the police or doing the enforcing it's the police or making sure this woman is going to jail. I hate crime, but it is in. suppose it they're looking to possibly of charging or with a hate crime for what you're drunk in your car mind your own business. When a group such attacking you and you a mile two miles an hour and someone falls and they say you tried to kill them. You ve been warned
derivatives libertarians, whatever you ve been warned libertarians, are probably against the police anyway, but conservatives you're being warned the cops that our here are willing to throw that the cops that remain cause. We saw it, you know, see out two hundred cops walk out. Those are the good ones. Those guys we're like now MCA. Do this you're not gonna. Make me do this, I'm leaving out that these are the cops and stand up for themselves. The cops with principles, the cops. Without this I am I'm fine I'll stay. I will These corrupt politicians will make sure this lady goes to prison. You got it. The cops could have been like we're, not arresting her. It's not going to happen if somebody else to do it. problem. We saw in not with a tell us German New Jersey when a local cops wouldn't do it. They call them out of out of town cops who are like. I got no problem violating your rights,
and so long as those cops, the ones on the force justifying what they do, we're in trouble. But I'll tell you what the mcclosky is. When the cop came, the cops came to confiscate their weapons. They said, don't blame the police, don't blame them. You know that, he's doing their job growth spine Elite Mcclosky can come out of the house with guns to get my property, but then they just drop to their knees and like the boat to the cops war, confiscating their weapons. Do that spineless to beef, ere. I recognise the cops common there like your visit, is a criminal investigation or take robins. Ok, you comply with the law, but you dont defend them. You dont praise them. You post, therefore, once aid, these are the cops enforcing unconstitutional law. We have a right to defend ourselves. They are taking our weapons away show the cops face because so long as conservatives, let the cops get away with this kind of stuff, but keep doing it. What's the downside, if the cops gulp against the left Us-
just born a city down if the goalposts conservatives conservatives lick their feet, so the cops are gonna, be like you arrest. It's easier to arrest the lady in the car then to deal with those who are attacking her in the first place. How many times I gotta point stories like this before people finally say. While the jobs are more likely to arrest the innocent citizens, as opposed to the violent mobs, are going on bashing windows and shooting people. Did this lady engage anybody? Did she seek anybody out now? Did she drive her car into them? They ran up to her car and when you know a car fights a person, typically the car wins, and for that she's being charged with assaulted, the deadly weapon, we intend to kill incredible seriously, go see the videos you barely drives. She, like just net, barely go through and then she said she leaves the sanction was trying to kill people. It's gonna keep happening,
The dossiers are far left the cops, don't care, they will come to your house and they will arrest you and then don't be surprised at the conserving like we don't blame the police officer there just doing their rob shore, the unsure that thought, Wilkie, you warm at night. While you sit in solitary confinement for trying to protect your family, so keep thinking that keep digging is not their fault for being the ones who literally took you to the gulags. Ok, now literal go live but will see how things go. But when you are sitting in prison and you're like a sought, the cops fault I mean they're, just the one who brought me here. It's the system is broken the system only changes when you stand up against those who enforced the system. However, their necks segments come up at four p m over at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast thanks, bring it out, and I will see you all them.
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