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S5131 - Trump Supporter Warns CNN That CIVIL WAR is Coming Unless Trump is Reinstated As Arizona Audit Ends


Trump Supporter Warns CNN That CIVIL WAR is Coming Unless Trump is Reinstated As Arizona Audit Ends. Democrats are definitely hyping up the fear of conflict as the Biden administration brings the war on terror home.

While the GOP and many republicans seem totally disinterested in engaging in any kind of battle for culture Trump supporters are a very different bunch.

Unwilling to back down Trump supporters are expressing fears that conflict is coming and we may be headed to civil war.




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Today is June: twenty ninth, twenty twenty one and our first story a trump support speaking to CNN said must Donald Trump Israel In stated, as president soon there will be a civil war, while one trumpet what is words is an indicative of much many people. Share the sentiments, internet story, Tucker Corals and says that a whistle blower veal. He is being spied upon by the USA and they plan to leak. His communications to discredit is don't get em removed from the air and at last story the delta variant is here s Angeles is reinstating its mascot guidelines, even if you are vaccinated, so it seems we're artless of whether or not you got the vaccine. The lockdown may be coming back. If you like, the show, give us a good view and give us five stars and if you're really like the show, share it with your friends. Now, let's get into that first story
in what may be one of the most ominous statements. Yet as fears of conflict, violence, and maybe even civil war or on the rise, a trump supporter. seeking to CNN, said that, should the former president not be In stated soon there will be civil war now, mostly cutting the person did actually say this. It was just one guy had a Trump rally. I dont completely disagree and that's the point. but come on, this is becoming a trending story. The Hellas reporting it Sienna. Leftist journalists are running with Sang Trop supporters are calling for civil war? Oh? No? Well. The discussion has been happening for a long time. Just last night during Korea on the show when we were talking but the prospect of a peaceful divorce that many The states in this country do not want who live the same way as the other states, and that before things got out of hand, there needs to be a peaceful divorce. I think it's a bad thing. I really do we gotta keep our focus on
what China has been doing in the rise of these international conflicts? The? U S, breaking apart is terrifying. the sad reality. Is it may be true now this one too, supporters had there could be a civil war and he may be right. We ve been deal with a culture wore a cold civil wars have called it and it's gone we may be in an era of fourth and fifth generational warfare, so maybe it won't actually go into full scale. War may be, there will just be a country. Breaking apart But what are we hearing now topical and saying earlier that Joe Biden, ministration spying on him, at least according to whistle blower, who spoke to him. The leftist sang tuckers lying, but we have already seen the tit for TAT Adam, if spies and a journalist so then Trump spies on Adam chef in here you go. Both sides willing to use power to a certain degree. Republican seem less like to use it, but both sides willing to use power because they feel that we are in some kind of conflict. The left says that Republicans arena,
the rights as the Democrats are evil, and I know I know many of your already sang yeah. Well, our side is true incorrect and it may be that one side is more correct in the other. Most of you know, my biased does not lead. Leaned led me to the Democrats, of course, but all that matters is that people are drumming up this conflict because they do not respect the diverse I d say, nor do they believe them and now we're seeing something Lasting several states have been sending either police or National Guard to Texas the taxes water back is Texas feels like the federal governance, abandoned them. Shutting down the wall and more and more videos are emerging people rushing across the border. This could result. Several states saying no confidence in the federal government. Now I think we ve seen harder times in the past, but the question: is it right isn't it harder now there has ever been. The question is: will this law
to something more serious or something worse. Perhaps California is banning state travel to several stay. West Virginia Florida and a few others? The divide is happening and I dont know what we could do to actually stop and at the same time, as we are having this clear conflict between political factions, there is an economic crisis. Gas prices have reached a at. I think what we're dealing with a seven year high Is our skyrocketing and were only about six months in to Joe Biden presidency. Naturally, this is going to cause very serious tensions, so may be. Is one loan I'm supporter say: there's gotta be a civil war. Maybe we can look at that storing say, come on the hill, it's one die
Maybe there's a reason why their showing the story it doesn't matter whose right o, whose wrong it matters at both sides, are looking at the saying that it's going to happen. They believe it they want it. Not everybody does, but it certainly becoming well. People are starting to believe that its inevitable and that's why call for peaceful divorce. Let's take a look at some of these stories. The these spying, the sending troops to the border, the conflict as the gettin creepy before we get started, had over two TIM cast dot com and become a member to be accessed. Exclusive members. Only section. Last night we had the wonderful and amazing Adrian Currie, she's, absolutely incredible, and in the bonus segment for tempests calm, she talked about the deep dark secrets of Hollywood that their basically open secrets is the things we can talk about a note of their very serious conversations. you. Wanna check this one out, but when you support him cast out com you're, also having our newsroom, we we just hired, I think, for more people to do production.
And news for TIM cast outcome, so we are expanding rapidly if you think we're doing a good job and you- and you want to see more of this than please become a member at him. Casta come like this video subscribe to this channel and share the video with your friends. Let's read the story. Look at us three things and six hundred ninety five shares tromp supporter warns CNN, reporter of civil war, a former president not reinstated soon now. Could there be something to this Well Arizona? Conducting an audit met, Brainerd told me on TIM cast. I wrote to buckle up for what about come. I have not seen any evidence, but certainly there are many people who support the president, who are very confident something is coming. Well, here's one trump supporter Report CNN, reporter Donnie, O Sullivan, spoke with several supporters of former President Trump out of his first post presidential rally on Saturday, many of whom told him they fully expect the real estate mobile
reinstated before the end of the summer and warned of potential political violence in America. If he's not he didn't lose. I know he didn't lose. One woman told O Sullivan, indicating she believe. Unfounded claims made by Trump and other Republicans that widespread voter fraud led to an unfair election that swung in president buttons favor now menopause right there and just say this. As I explained in terms of the civil war, it doesn't matter whose right it matters. Not. Certainly it matters to a certain degree. Okay, so element look at back when I say that Joe Biden, one, you turn the tv, they say: here's the vote count Joe Biden, one Joe buttons in the White House. A lot of people seem to think that there is fraud. Not see any evidence. I have had these conversations. I've had a lot of people mention circumstantial evidence. Okay, I defer to Matt brighter, who said buckle up and we'll wait and it'll take time so be it. I'm willing to see any evidence that comes out for the time being. There isn't
there's some circumstantial evidence of some things, but Donald Trump has not the President job and got eighty one million votes, and you ve heard my conversations. If you all the special bonus segment with Steve Bannon? I think what happened is I've long maintained is that Trump got ocean's eleven and the way describe that is the year before they were doing a bunch of pro like vote in the park. They were changing the laws that melon voting. doing everything in their power to play the long game and I think from didn't, get it but we'll see. Happens what you need to understand about the laugh in the current adoration of this cold war, our called civil war whenever it is, is that the left has something technically right. The leftists believe this fascistic are
I should say they operate under this fascistic principle- that there is no truth but power. That's not correct. There is truth. There is objective reality, but in terms of politics, power can sometimes trump the truth in its horrifying and what that means is. If there are people who are lying, cheating and stealing, and they have the power to do that, then the lies become law, not that it's true, we know something's art, true, but they maintain that power. So you talk to me about what you think it means to win I'll. Tell you, those who have the power. One doesn't mean their correct, but will see what happens thought it. I'm willing to wait these rapid up and look over. There is a certain stories that are coming out about this, but what this guy same I say many other supporters who gathered for this Saturday rally in Wellington, Ohio warmer. a billion carried scientist slogan, saying like Trump wanted and socks, it's about all of them, and twenty twenty and the next one. Another woman told our Sullivan about our Trump won T shirt, Sullivan Presto women on the election
result saying, but he lost though in twenty twenty right. No, she responded. A third group of Trump supporters indicated before the rally. The one message they hoped to hear from the former president is that he's coming back troubles are partly been pressuring allies and conservative media, and other confidence to push his claim that the election was stolen and suggest he will be reinstated as soon as August. There is no mechanism by which such reinstatement could happen. That's true when I've talked to Steve Bannon and that brain or Dave justs, We are an uncharted territory. That's it! I've had a few people mentioned to me privately sang. I respect that you had them on to say these things. Of course, the things they said you to bans you for, but they felt like, there's been a lot of claims without evidence that there's been several months where they're like this is gonna happen in March, and this is going to happen in April and, and things don't happen, that's fine, though I respect their right to their process. I look forward to see what they present and we will talk about it when the evidence comes out for the time
The only thing we can say is that bill marked billboard mentioned. There was some fraud on a lot of people, don't like bar the left, hate him and the right hates him. He didn't do a comprehensive investigation. At least many trump supporters say two things are not happy with the result, but it seems to be right now. The only thing we have is that yeah James O Keefe caught some fraud, but not enough to affect gap. The election, and you need to make sure you do not underestimate your rivals coming and twenty twenty two. If you want to win and twenty twenty four, you can't operate under the assumption that system doesnt work and that you lost because- and this is something Steve and said to me. You got a lot of people who demoralize to believe these things. They are not going to show up, and I think that brain into something like that as well. The idea is, you need to make sure people believe that you go out and vote and you can win, saw put it this way. Sorry. I know people want to believe as a lot of evidence. There is not there are so,
a law suits that I thought should have gone through their process of claims and they were shut down by the courts in what seemed to be really trashy manners, but for the time being, we're gonna see what what the Arizona Addis ought it gets us. And then we got to see what happens in Fulton County in Georgia in there was content, and there are some really conflict trump supporters, but I'm not going to sit here and claim things exist that I have not seen I have certainly seem some seen some interesting bits of evidence. I digress, though, let's get back to the politics at hand. Quote he's coming back soon and you guys are going down a Trump supporter in Washington. Again. If I am wrong, Although Solomon sparking laughter from others in his group, the Miller we already knows it was a fraud he won by over eighty percent of sorry. I do not believe that look you to be implemented twenty sixteen, they didn't expect this in turn down narrow victory. That's what banning told me, fellow Americans, it's no surprise were in a recession,
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and say a bunch of things I just get banned. I could make a video and just tat wherever the mainstream media says and just half the time be lying to the media lies, or I can say this look at the bigger picture. Is there going to be violence and civil conflict? I believe we are inching towards that every day, it doesn't matter who's right and who's wrong as a matter. What claims are being made? It matters that people believe them. The left believe that they believe the right believes they believe and that's what you need to understand now. You can choose to believe what you want. I'm not telling you. I have all the answers and I know everything in fact, I've got a lot of you probably know more than I do. The fact remains: who will that there were entering towards conflict and someone is gonna, have more people than the others, or at least more confidence. They all dimension ah RON continued he's coming back before the middle of August and what, if that doesn't happen, o Sullivan asked we're going he'll be in a civil war because the militia will be taking over. The man responded, assault described member of the right wing, free brasenose militia group who attended the rally, Total Sullivan
he was at the? U S, capital. On January six, when a mob of Trump supporters breach the complex. This guy said he wasn't actually in there. He went on to say you know, I don't think anybody have one inside, but when you're worked up in the moment and the adrenaline is pumping, you know just happens. The man in a cab larva said one woman told Us Sullivan, she believed that the insurrection was completely staged. I know that's not true, because we have excellent journalists who have been here who were on the ground and washed. It happened and news of the people who are there- or I should say recognize them from other events- may be sorry. I think about your book out, worked up, got really angry and strongly the capital. I think some people were leaden by cops, but here's where we got your ears were at took us out from the Hill Arizona America County to replace all voting machines after GEO P audit ominous dressed again, you go and do your research believe which want to believe what I wanna talk about his big picture, stuff, Republicans right now,
given that an item for the mother about Republicans but tromp supporters are calling out this as suspect saying we. We audit the machines to make sure there working properly and then you remove them either. That saying you don't like the fact that someone check your machines and and is trying to hold you accountable or want to replace the machines with ones that haven't been checked, which is just no matter which side your on the left is saying: we must replace them the right tampered with them. The right a sandwich. Maroni Accountable now you're swapping about. So there is your circumstance here, choose your side. I suppose. Of course you know where my. by us lies. What's read, they say, Rezoning Maricopa County announced Monday that it plans to replace all of the voting machines that were turned over to the state Senate, and other officials overseeing the audit of between twenty presidential election results. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors released its response
to a letter from Arizona Secretary of State Katy Hobbs, in which she expressed concerns regarding the security and integrity of these machines given to the chain of custody. A critical security tenant has been compromised and election officials do not know what was done to the machines while under cyber ninjas control, I shall he's gonna fair. You got a third party group doing an audit. Ok, I guess you gotta change the machines, but there's there definitely needs to be a public group, an independent investigation that goes through these machines. Because it's an election, I mean why? Wouldn't we in response the county, told Hobbs? It shares your concerns and added that the board acknowledges the Sectaries data, forty as errors on his chief election officer to determine what equipment is acceptable for use in Arizona elections. Accordingly, I right too. notify you that America County will not use the subpoenaed election equipment and any future election monitors. Letter added
A press release announcing that decision. The county vowed to never use equipment that could pose a risk to free and fair elections. The announcement comes after the Arizona Senate in April acquired the voting machines from dominion voting systems. In addition to nearly two point: one million ballots and voter information from the member third election. The report approved subpoena as part of its election recount the Arizona Senate turned over the voting machines to cyber an unjust. The firm contracted to oversee the audit to determine if any of the equipment had been hacked are manipulated, approach, independent audit ordered by America. County has already found that there were no irregularities or issues with the voting machines or their tabulation votes. The cyber ninjas It was spurred my Republicans mistake: state works, as concerns over the validity and integrity of the counties, election results and repeated unsubstantiated claims of widespread fraud in the twenty election that have been advanced by former President Trump, Hobbs among other Democrats and voting analysts have can
the ongoing audit, which has lasted much longer than previously anticipated as a partisan move basin unfounded conspiracy theories. The secretary of state last month specifically sought to address the concerns on the voting machines that were obtained and reviewed by sovereign and just which has had no experience and auditing elections, the firm CEO, Doug Logan, has spread conspiracy theories of the twenty twenty election in Arizona and now deliver tweets. Lummix pause for a second you. So they add these things to pay. The well cyber ninjas has no experience auditing elections. When was that Last time we had an election audit. How often do action on its happen- how many companies have experienced doing that? It's kind of a weird thing to say not say this: we should audit every state or fifty of them, I'm not kidding if we want confidence in the system and you are trying to convince ordered, Trop supporters. That believe that you know that you dont, like Joe Biden, you want to convince them. Joe Biden has the president. You do the on it, you spend them.
what's the alternative conflict fighting violence? We don't want that's, so you can spend money on an bullets in a pcs or you can do and audit they ve done some reviews of the elections, but this is a legitimate hard on it. You ve got constant surveillance, constant security, three different groups checking each bouts of being checked three times it'll be interesting to see what they cannot with, but that one cannot for a fee months. So I'll see you in the meantime, we have what we have more news: Arizona audit body claimed CIA may have produced disinformation and election fraud in new film. You know a man. This is a fight for ideology. They're gonna be a lot of people who will make claims in an attempt to pre empt any findings, guess what may be in Arizona didn't find anything, and so already there come out make claims. Well, the Democrats are already making those claims to hedge. What may
In fact, several articles, I think one was from slate there, like it seeming increasingly likely that Arizona, gonna claim that Trump is the real winner or something that affect ok, whatever we live in the truly stupid as two times, but there are real world promptly to focus on it's not just about controversy over an audit order. Trump supporter said took us out from star. Stripes, Texas, governor sons, five hundred National Guard troops to border for humanitarian crisis, yeah texas- doesn't have confidence with the federal government is doing the stories from March nineteen. Twenty twenty one hit my birthday by the way there they they did this because in jobs got in. He said not a wall he's out of bringing in more illegal immigrants, or, I should say he increased. The pull factor by saying he was gonna, be helping. People out by ending trumps remain in Mexico policy, which, officially, on two July first and so Texas was
forced to act. We then saw Rhonda Santas June twenty fifth, he was going to be you. You will be sending fifty state police officers to assist Texas on the southern border, an amazing why why is Florida getting involved in others this from Newsweek South Dakota, Governor Christie, known to send national Guard troops to Texas Border, what's happening on the border, That's resulting in these states feeling the need to intervene. I'm sure many Democrats would just say ah they're just doing that to make you know, Biden look bad, but with border crisis we know we do. We know we have a border crisis and Biden engine Saki and these in the knees governance they know it too, and so commentators is finally going to the border. Why cause Donald Trump is going to the boy? What are they doing about it? The things that the Bush administration has done has made things worse
and because they will not assist taxes? Other states are stepping up. What scares me South Dakota sends troops to Texas Florida sends pull us. troopers to Texas. We are seeing states assist other states who are at odds with the federal government, Newsweek reports, no more public and made the announcement twitter. On Monday, she becomes the latest GNP governor to pledge assistance to Texas, Governor Gregg, Abbot and Arizona. Governor Doug Deuces Odd, invoked the emerge. He management assistants compact on you tend to Morrow Morning officially announcing a fifty National guard troops. Texas, stop secure our border, known, wrote the bite into an Israeli and has failed to keep America safe.
we shouldn't be making our own communities communities vulnerable by sending police to fix by its border crisis. Ok, maybe the Democrats will come out and they will say this is just an attempt to make by look bad. The problem isn't really that bad who need South Dakota. You see what's happening if that's true, it's worse than you realize it's bad enough of jobs in stopping the ball and taxes panicking it's worse, if they're sending troops, because there actually just at political odds and trying to win office, that's where it! So it's worrying me. That's what we're were inching closer towards some kind of break up. Here's the story from K Remo to CBS. This is from June. Third, they don't want us, they dont have to have us seven rural counties back seceding from organ the greater Idaho Movement is pushing for at least eighteen counties to leave their homes.
and join? I mention this in a previous segment, those living on the audio pike S you'll, hear this isn't an upcoming segment. This says to me: the people are starting to get serious. The conversations are travelling and the more people see things like this. You know they actually voted to secede the more they ll feel, confident that they too can challenge the systems enough and what happens then is Oregon going to descend in police. Here's! What I'm trying to show you! You see what happened to the Texas border. You see South Dakota floor to say we will intervene, What happens if these seven rural counties in organ say Need we no longer recognised. State of organ is having jurisdiction over us, so they stop paying taxes, stop complying. will Oregon call in help for say California's National Guard. What if they do, what, if Washington, what if they say to Washington, we need some national guard to come down your quell the rebellion.
possible it's possible? They say we need interstate compact assistance. Now it seems improbable. I think nobody wants to believe is thus happening, but it is from the Ip California bans state travel to Florida and for other states. The Abbe reports, California added five more states, including flora, to the list of places where state funded travel is banned because of laws that discriminate against members of the algae, BT, Q, community, the state attorney general announced Monday Democratic attorney general Rob Wanta added Florida, Arkansas Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia to the list. That now has seventeen states where state employee travel is forbidden, except under limited circumstances, quote, make no mistake: we're in the midst of an unprecedented wave of bigotry and discrimination in this country and the state of California. not going to support it, lawmakers and twenty sixteen band non essential travel to states with laws that discriminate against the algae Bt Q community?
the twelve other state on the list are taxes, Alabama, Idle, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota Kentucky North Carolina candidates to be in Tennessee. the five states newly added to the list have introduced bills in their legislatures this year that prevent transgender women and girls from participating in school sports consistent with their urgent gender identity block as to healthcare and allow the discrimination of the algae BT. Q, commended community bond. To said Florida Montana, Arkansas and West Virginia pass laws that prevent ok. Let's we read that the quota sign into law they'll, allowing certain publicly funded student organizations to restrict algae, bbq students from joining without losing funding. I'm not here to make a judgment on those states are necessarily on California simply to point out, states are asserting what they will not support and what they challenge. California saying then we will not be working with you, so where does all of that lead. I think when you see the political strife and now,
you'll start seeing the economic strife. These things will mixed together in a pot, and people will say I've had enough whether it's the left or the right. How many people you think in California are saying bigoted awful states? Eighteen percent of the population is getting fifty senators. That is not fair and I've had enough and how many the right owing to say we are sick of the big cities claiming that they control this country just because they outvote their rural populations does not give them the right to seize government. If you weren't going yet true, the blue states have massive population centres, but take those blue cities out of the states and their all red states. There are red and that's it they'll claim. Oh, we ve got x amount of people in the state and its blue. Yet will half of them are Democrats,
the fact is Trump get. Seventy four million votes binding its eighty one million. You can make arguments what would you think of what you don't think, that's the number that its report and I certainly think I've seen a bunch of really dumb people with no business in politics, voting people I know to have. No, I do the talking about voting for Biden. I believe, as I do. I should say it's the it's. The only thing I can say: let's get the evidence out there and we'll talk about it for the time being, it doesn't seem to be that there is anything substantive, but there are other tapping. There are claims. I'm told the buckle up. I will until then I don't know you want me to say, but I will say this: gas prices hit seven year high as stations run low on fuel ahead of the fourth of July, the New York Post reports, the nationwide average As for a gallon of regular gas at three o nine. On Monday, the highest Americans have been asked to shell out ahead of the holiday weakens and twenty fourteen. According to date,
from the American Automobile Association AAA forecast that forty three point, six million Americans will travel by car. This weekend quote two eighty nine percent of U S. Gas station are selling regular unleaded for to semi five or more. That is a stark increase of the last fourth of July, when only quarter of stations or sign gas for more than two twenty five Jeanette Magee AAA spokesperson said: road troopers will pay the most to fill up for the holiday two thousand and fourteen and there's no sign of prices. Cooling off with AAA Signup price at the pump will likely continue to rise through at the end of summer. So what caused this? In twenty? Twenty one gas is on the rise now in twenty eighteen. Gas went up, stopped short of three dollars, leveled off a little bit lower and then went down dramatically twenty nineteen. It went up a little bit before the summer and then went down again it's on average higher. Now, of course, many people are blaming Joe Biden, for this
I'm not super concerned about whose fault it is I'm concerned about, is this will cause economic strife. You get someone to make fifteen bucks an hour. They got to pay for gas to get to work. I got to buy a bus ticket. That means gas when gas goes up, everything else has now the guy who gets fifteen bucks an hour and is like we did it. We won fifteen dollars an hour says fifteen bucks an hour rain by me. Anyting. I can't pay my rent. I can pay my bills, I need more, economic strife will come and when people struggle,
feed themselves and pay their rent. An you add on this political controversy. You will get lots of very angry people. Looking for that outlet, the rights we saw last year with George Floyd many people said that it was actually the lock downs. People were mad about George Floyd for sure, but they had pent up rage from being locked in their cubicle apartments for months and they finally snapped as it goes when forty percent of someone's income goes towards food, so they say that's when a revolution happens and apparently we're getting close to them. so what do we do? I am fairly optimistic. I know this has been a fairly pessimistic segment, but for all the negative I think we may be dealing with some very serious hardship moving forward, but the night is always darkest before the dawn,
he could see these very serious struggles in the end. I do think we're gonna be freer and safer because of it. I do not believe the evil will succeed, they may gain ground, they mean they may gain control for some time, but in the long run I think we're gonna be ok. Now really do I mean things are bad. We ve got the story from sea and on millions of jobs and a shortage of applicants welcome to the new economy. That's right, we're hiring here, but tempests outcome and it's actually been hard to hire certain jobs as a lot of jobs up for grabs, lotta people who don't want those jobs.
working or art applying so what's happening. Where are the people at the political conflict? Isn't dying down these people being interviewed by sea and on our saying it's gonna get bad? Should I care about what some old people you know, older people and a trump rarely have to say? Maybe not maybe young people won't do anything and dont care in life is just comfortable for them, or maybe it's not Maybe food prices are going up, maybe more lockdown are under way. There saying the delta variant we gotta wear, masks and social distance again. Maybe that will lead to people saying I've had enough and I just can't take it anymore and then you look what's happening ideologically shore people might get mad about not having coffee for breakfast and I can't get mad because they
can afford my bacon orbeck is not showing up or they can't buy gas, but then they see something rage inducing and ideological. They say that's the problem, it's your fault and then it gets serious. I do not believe right now that Donald Trump will be president in August at the most ridiculous, maybe he'll win in twenty twenty, for some people are talking about Republicans running the house and then I can come speaker of the house. That would be hilarious.
For the time being, I just don't see it. So what are these people get to do and it doesn't happen? Are they just going to go away, or are they going to keep up the news in the conversations that drives them angrier and angrier? I don't know. I just know this. It was almost three years ago we heard about the cold civil war. From that Princeton, professor, we saw battles in the street. It's only got worse to the highest levels of government. Now, so is something coming maybe, but I certainly think it will not be what you expect it will be. I don't think it's going to look like what you think it will look like, but an autonomous can happen and that a psychic I get a lot of things wrong. We get some things right. Why get things right and pretty surprised you know like while that scary, but I think a lot of people on the left and the right below
we're headed towards some kind of very serious disaster. However, their necks segments coming up at eight p m over at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast. Banks rang out- and I will see woven last Night- Tucker Karlsson- made a bold claim on his show. He said that a whistle blower had a broached him provided his show with communications that came from tuckers, fallen or email the only place they could have come from and stated that an essay was spying. Tucker Carlsson and was planning on leaking. His information is communications in an attempt to get the show removed from the air it's hard to know. What's true these days, while. The relation is within the high levels of government. We have clear delineation between factions, the establishment, the Anti establishment Tucker Cross and, of course, as one of the most prominent anti establishment voices, if not the most prominent. So do I believe it
It's hard to say for sure to say for sure, but I will say I would err on the side of tuckers telling the truth. I dont see a reason for him to lie. Perhaps these pre empting- something like this- I don't know, maybe talk really. The villain, maybe someone who works for his company, has the communications and he's trying to claim at Vienna say to protect himself. In the event some damning information comes out, or maybe talkers telling the truth. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy to me. Did you make things up in to degenerate, partisan conflict now If you ask the left, they'll have, of course he is he's a liar. Is a deceiver actually took her curls and maybe, like the most honest guy on tv, I don't agree with everything he says, but should this story
of true, it is one of the most horrifying developments we ve seen so far. They report took a process, as Biden Administration is spying on him are at this point, perhaps right now in Arizona they have announced they ve wrapped up. There ought it we don't know exactly what we're going to get from it, but I can assure you this Youtube will probably ban any one who talks about the audit in Arizona, so this will get particularly interesting. I wish I could mention the audited happen. That's news. We know what happened The results are, rumours are already circulating about what they found. I spoke with Matt Brainerd and he said buckle up. You can check that out at TIM cast dot com new website should be launching soon so, but if you scroll backbone, often find that met rendered episodes
a bit about it, not enough details, not enough evidence for me to make a definitive statement, but I'll put it this way. If it's true, but the Bite administration is going to be spying on opposition journalists and personalities and don't be surprised when it gets bad gets real. Then I was watching a clue from CNN this was it what's the guy's name, Donnie, O Sullivan and he's going around, asking people at this Trump rally. What they think is gonna happen. One guy claims that tromp will will re enter off or something in August. I really really do not believe it. I just come on. You know times, they ve said this that are otherwise I gotta be Marge. It's gonna be vapor, oh no, not targets than I dislike ay I whenever it at all, believe it. When I see it, I'm not, I'm not believe only that stuff, but One guy said that he was even a militia member. He said it was wrong.
for people to go to the capital, but that it really does believe violence is coming, not benefit optimistic. Lately, I've been a bit optimistic thinking about what we're doing a team cast outcome. I've been a bit optimistic based on what we are seeing and even with the story about Tucker Karlsson, saying Spied on amid optimistic, this is this: is someone in the end? I say standing up for what's right and if more people do this, we can avert the long fall. But if people dont step up and be brave, then there will be the long fall by here. The story about Tucker, and while we can talk about the threat of violence, civil war or a peaceful divorce, whatever it as the fraction of this country. When I hear that people the USA are not standing up for this on ethical, ill, probably illegal behaviour and are willing to go to Tucker inside this is what's happening. It shows that there are still good people that are saying no to the chaos. If people don't step up within these agencies when their committing the
Yes, well, I don't have a calm crimes, but when they're well spying on people- I say: don't let him if we ve gone crimes because they legalised their ability to spy on the american people centrally violating a fourth amendment rights, the cost using a swiss cheese, but if they are people who are willing to stand up, then I believe at some point. If enough people stand up, then we will just stop where we are. The evil. Amoral crackpots will be stopped in their tracks. The reality is, the establishment does not have total control over the people. Just the institutions and the Woke contests are a tiny fraction of his country, but too many people are scared to speak up. This individual was brave and forget. You can do two things become a member at him. Casta com help support work in our journalism. It's something good! You can do if you like the content, we do and you like the fact that we're analyzing these stories were to be hiring more people. But if you want to be brave and you are work
for an organisation where you see illegal activity or malfeasance that you want to blow the whistle on. You can always go to project very toss because they protect you. They'll support you James, O Keefe, is a true fire. Take a look at the story and though, when a break down, let me let me just Magritte this way. Adam Schiff published. I would be very careful, but I say this for legal reasons. Adam shift was accused. of publishing the private phone records of a journalist and then later denied. It then came out recently that done Tromp was spying on ship and ship is outraged. I don't care whatever in the point that is Trump spying on chef, why you try to find the source of leaks from the government and that serious thought to government security but spying on a congressmen? Even if I don't like the guy,
but Adam chef, spying on journalists, you see where this leads to a tit for tat. My sides right your sides wrong. It doesn't matter who's, side, neuron. Now, of course, the disaffected liberals that the culture were right, conservatives trump supporters- I think all of you get this The left doesn't the left. Us are like all your goes. Tim pool talk about civil war again. I'm not saying anyone's right or wrong. I'm sorry That, when you see Trop, say I want information on chef and ships, as I want information on journalists, Tucker Karlsson, its notification from a whistle blower saying we're there's that the USA is spying on you, I'm going to leave your communications to defame, discredit you. This is psychological warfare. Now it's almost borderline hot war. It's not economic! It's not info war, its partly in for war, but this is using the weight of law enforcement against individual citizens for politics
power. This is the border of some kind of hot water. I wonder why I wonder how it happened, though I mention this. Yesterday you had five yeah yeah, I think was five counties and EAST organ voted to secede from organ enjoin. Idaho many people say it's a pipe dream. never happen. Oregon won't allow the eastern serfs to leave the federal government, never recognise it. So what does happen while these people and organ art voting to secede from the union, their voting to secede from Oregon? What happens if they stop complying with the state saying we no longer recognise your jurisdiction. We no longer recognise your authority because we, the people, have revoked our consent to be governed
I have chose someone else and it's the founding of this country right. So what are they going to do? Was working or I'm going to send in state police and occupy Eastern Oregon when these people saying no that'll be really interesting and who will come to their aid? I don't know what happens if these people are still paying their federal taxes but stopped paying their state taxes. I'm talking about entire counties. We are dangerously close to these people have already said we do not What Portland is doing so we will see, but first, let's start with what's going on spying in tit for tat, they all reports like across and says by admin, spying on him that our budget personality said the war. On terror, is now being waged against american citizens. Falsehood say that his show has heard from a whistle blower within the. U S: government who informed Karlsson, an producers at the annex.
quota monitoring our electronic communications and is planning to leave them in an attempt to take his show off the air. Now, that's a shocking claim and ordinarily would be skeptical of at Karlsruhe, told yours, the whistle blower, who is in a position to not repeated back to us information? story that we are working on, it could have only come directly from my texts and emails. There's no other possible source for that information period. Tiger said the USA capture that information without her college, and I did it for political reasons. Thousands others show has sent a for your request and to two at related to any alleged info. and gathered by the USA and other agencies on the show We should personality offered no additional evidence to support his claim, which do scrutiny from several users on social media. Let's analyze the sub, let's analyze, this scrutiny rightly p, mosses talkers, making serious accusations with no proof and is basing corroborate
on the story he allegedly is working on that none of us know about maybe, as columns were picked up. We know d, O J, clotted com of journalist during Obama and Trump presidencies. Perhaps perhaps sucker Karlsson is being tricked by a hacker. Somebody who's spoofed than email is pretending that this information, I dont, think Tucker. Would we Nellie just come out, say this unless they have done at least a little bit of verification, meaning. If someone comes and says they're gonna, say whistleblower? The first thing I do is verify some private information about them: I look up. Their email address, I'll check their social media accounts and I'll try this individual is telling the truth did Uppercross. Do that an imaginary, probably did Ranger camps has Tucker Karlsson, the USA isn't spying on you, also the B, I wasn't bind the insurrection. Critical race theory will not result in genocide, but you will say literally
thing to get attention, you're a sad strange little man- and you have my pity. Why that's a weird thing to say, this Karam guy supposed to be like from CNN or something across and making the climate We do we analyze it. We assess it. They'll is reached out to get a safer comment. Carlson's comments came in a segment, began by discussing remarks from President Biden, the top law enforcement officials have identified. White supremacy is one of the greatest threats in the. U S. Cousin said he spoke to FBI agents were portly, told him. There are very few crimes committed by avowed white supremacist. Americans are in fact much more likely to die from a lightning strike than at the hands of a white. Supremacist Karlsson argued white, supremacy may be ugly, many opinions are, but it's not a meaningful threat. Divination. While I agree with that last bit, but some we're talking about
an escalation, we're talking about the stupid spectre of white supremacy, not perhaps its being used the cudgel as a manipulation technique to gain power to justify the federal government going after certain individuals, shut them down target militia groups or any one who may be a threat as their consolidating power hears us. Laurie from salon. Adam shift calls for investigation after Report Trump Administration spot in his family. This baseless investigation will not now closed is another example of trumps, corrupt weapon, zation of justice I don't believe so. I don't believe this is an example of trumps, corrupt weapons, zation of justice. This is old trump and the government going after leaks and the USA is spying on people and we know that Obama spied on journalists and prosecuted more what oh blowers and journalists under the espionage act than all other president's combined
Why should I be shocked that tromp was looking for a liquor and, if that's true and Adam ship is making this claim sure? Ok, it is shocking to hear the president was was investigating or spying on Adam chef, but what about? But what about the story? Now, that's Tucker Karlsson is being spent on. Should I believe it's not true when you are claiming that tromp was spying on a congressmen, know that bowling power, take that power and use that power, and there you go they're going to spy and we're going to see the escalation of this, such as Mr Karlsson, check out the story from the Wall Street Journal. Opinion second shift threatens press freedom when the server what state exposed a journalist and sources. There's an instant chilling effect this from December. Ninth, twenty nineteen. So a year and a half ago, reports came out documents were released. Adam chef, published private data will not limit. Let me let me just read because for legal reasons we can be very careful from the Wall Street Journal
federal bureau investigations, domestic investigations in operations Guide, the Bible for agents, has long denies that journalists, the cat g and lawyers deserve special protection, because the constitutional implications of investigating their work, penitence, who confess to a priest source to provide confidential information to a reporter and clients who seek advice from council, are assumed to be protected by a high. of privacy, which must be weighed against the states interests in investigating matters or supporting records. Judges and members of Congress also fall into a special FBI category because the constitution's separations powers. The FBI and Justice Department have therefore created specific rules governing agents. I'm sorry governing agents, actions involving special circumstances, professionals, which include high level approval and review. There are also special rules for supporting journalists if the executive branch by and by extension, the courts that enforce these privacy Protection
Observe the need for such sensitivity, it seems reasonable that Congress should have similar guard rails, ensuring that the powers of the state are equally and fairly applied. How Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Shift apparently doesn't see things that way. His committee secretly authorized subpoenas eighteen t earliest earlier this year for the phone records of president trumps, personal attorney, Ruby Giuliani and an associate. He then arbitrarily extracted information about certain private causing me them public money. The calls to Mr Schiff chose to publicize found the special circumstances. boys, a fellow member of Congress, Chairman Nunez of Intelligence Committee, ranking members out his buddies. Publican to lawyers and a journalist, John Solomon. They published his private details of his phone calls. Was that fair game
Donald Trump is investigating these actions. Is that fair game pucker Karlsson is being investigated? Is that fair game? The point, as both sides will use their moral justification for why they should be doing what they're doing Of course, many of us probably believe yeah, the It is wrong to spy on Tucker yeah were wrong to spy, to publish a private information of a journalist and trumps lawyer. The left will make their arguments as well. That tromp was wrong to spy on Schiff and they were justified to go after corruption, because everyone thinks the other side is the evil said. Perhaps we are right. Perhaps our side is the correct side, but does it matter The escalation is here. He asked Nation is serious there
spying on journalists. It's been happening, Adam shifted it, and now, according to a crossing Biden, is doing it. Oh bomber, did it what it trumped do? Perhaps something similar, because people are weapon icing, the power of government for their own political gains and what happens when the factions view each other's is inherently evil and that must be stopped or the true threat to democracy democracy? They say what the Democrats keep saying that Republicans are the bad guys there, the wing Party of White supremacy and I'm sorry, that's a lie, its one hundred percent, not true. It's not true Republican seem to set on their hands. I really get much done. Of course, strange because I hear from some act was on the left. The Democrats are doing the same thing, but let me break it down for you when the Democrats make demands like we want universal Healthcare Republican, say Now, for the democratic say, we want a ban, your air fifteenth, their public and say no, where the Republicans,
We want to ban government healthcare programmes, they don't agree with the Democrats. There just gone the speed limit. Where the Republicans to say we want to repeal gun restrictions for the most part at the Fellow level. At least they say slow down. Their Democrats will ban some of it, but just give us some time when that's the direction we go Republicans provide no meaningful opposition to the Democrats, so the Democrats come out internet, they say he's activists say we could have universal health care. If the Democrats would just vote for it. And the Republican say we strong Republicans to resist the Democrats. Ok, so long as that's the case, the Democrats are the only ones pulling and that's really happen, as the Republicans are like stakes in the ground to be pulled out there, not resisting they're, not pulling back so
We see an escalation of tactics where they're going to manipulate they're going to spy on people where they're going to use the weight of the federal government to go after political rivals. What think that means tromp may respond sang someone leak that like at the bottom of it, and what do we get from Adam Schiff? He go straight to a journalist, private records. Joe Biden go straight to a journalist, private indications, knots in written in blocking and action, not in it up with with Donald Trump on action had been taken leaking and he wanted to figure out who or why. When we go the Democrats, they take action preemptively, they want to know you're doing beforehand, veil publish it. So what do you think's gonna happen? As the Democrats gain more and more power, they will be the instigators and outside it,
really democratic republic in those are just avatars brand names for some element of the political body in the culture were, I fear what Mandeb happening is stories like this are gonna freak people out you're gonna end up with maybe Eastern Oregon, I mean look yacht record heat slamming, Pacific Northwest right now take a hundred and twelve degrees right now, and you know what's happening as these big cities are using the the eastern counties as serfs. Now most their tax revenue power doesn't come from these, but a lot of it does so they're not going to represent them they're not going to provide for them, but they're going to it.
direct from them. Eventually, these counties might just say no and their local police departments will say no and then what state police wife to come out and shut down these cities and occupy and make a rests. That'll be scary, maybe won't happen in eastern organ. I don't know, but what do you think happens when they actually do leak? Tucker, Carlson's private information may be Tucker Karlsson, pre Empting. This will stop it from happening, because now the information gets leaked people a point, the finger at the bided ministration, but if they're already engaging in this behaviour, how long until at all just goes up and then people to say I've had enough non compliance is powerful. These states are already saying that they're not going to comply taxes in Florida
later when it came to the covers frictions. California has now banning Florida and for other states saying if you, if you are working for the state, you cannot travel to these places. Why? Because of their politics, no joke because of their politics? Why is it that we should be beholden to the whims of California when they want open borders and vague demand? The sense count, the people they let in the country illegally. That's actually happens. Illegal immigrants come to California, get counted in the Sensus and it gives California political power. I believe it was the heritage foundation that estimated to get about one extra electoral vote, not the end of the world, but that still substantial to free vote based on the fact that the census counts non citizens and then congressional seats are apportioned based on the amount of people, not citizens. And then your drove out is based on how many seats in Congress. You have you see how this works. Why should anyone else in the United States stand for something like that? I dont know and with the speed of communications these days with our ability to make videos like this and each other and.
videos. It seems likely that more and more people are going to be apprised of the situation and when it happens, there will be a rapid response and you stayed months. You say a long time now. It's happened happening faster in, her. So that's where things get a bit more worrying, I suppose maybe took Rosen's wrong, maybe someone's manipulating him, I don't think Tuckers an idiot. I think he did the basic level of fact checking. I think he looked into this person's name probably said this: guy works for the USA, it's true or contractor, and their spying on us. So do you think they're spying on you, they're, probably spying on me as well, especially as we start ramping up TIM cast out come I can only imagine they're gonna start spying on a communications, try and figure out what stories working on things should get interesting as the curse proclaims. May you live and interesting times, maldiva their necks segments coming up at one p, M,
this channel thanks for hang out, and we will see you all them, and here we go mask mandates are back baby. We are getting reporting from Sienna that in lost Angeles. The public health departments reinstated the indoor mask mandate, regardless of vaccinate vaccination status due to the Delta and the c b c is rethinking their prevention measures even for the vaccinated were also now hearing the World Health Organisation is from bottom half we'd go urges leave vaccinated people to continue to wear masks as delta covered variant spreads from the Wall Street Journal dealt a variant outbreak in Israel, infects some vaccinated adults tapping, Australia, is gonna, be re entering its lockdown, the delta variant Desir, the meat is all over it and they're saying even if you are vaccinated now before I get an olive this youtube effectively. Obligates me to tell you
Nothing about to say should be taken as medical advice. I actually agree with that. In terms of you to rules. There are a lot of people who post really dumb videos about really dumb things. Then people listen to air Aki. I understand their concern and this one when it comes to giving medical advice you gotta, give it up to a doctor, People tell me they don't trust their doctors, I'm sorry I don't know I didn't, has doctors who do you trust right? Imagine a plumber and your like my toilets leaking, but I don't trust the plumbing industry because you know they want break your plumbing signatory Hiram. It's like dude who'd, you hire. Then you have to hire a plumber. Go you doctor talked your doktor about all of your medical issues, medical needs and ask for medical advice if you're unhappy get a second opinion, Youtube got a bunch of crazy rules. I'll tell you this, but we gotta talk about these things. It's very important because their political issues that need to be discussed, they went the nonstop. They said everybody
vaccines. There, a bunch of angry doctors now posting on Twitter, because the New York Times or something this is something that, in your time, came up exactly what happened, but it was like a lot of stuff. is about kids, defying their parents and going on getting vaccinated stories about people going like Mcdonald's or seven. This is why I say to all of that. You gotta go you document. I don't like the idea of people walking up to a stranger who does another medical history and giving the medical advice so, like I said, I understand why you tube. Does this internationally agreed with the censorship, especially when you get people like Bright Weinstein's, whose podcast has now been demonetized? They are effectively shutting down these conversations. I would like to discuss any and everything that needs to be discussed. I recognise the importance of not taking financially play and medical advice from people on the internet, but these are new stories on pulling up from certified news outlets that bring up political questions about the vaccinations and, ultimately, what it ended up doing there telling us that, even if your backs,
We are seeing this dealt variant, it sounds like a lot of people will not want to get vaccinated and I put an interesting it's at its an honest question, Why should someone go out and get one of these vaccines dogma booster shots? some outlets at was NBC, say as some people are mixing up. I did. I think it's all a bad idea. Doktor doktor! Ok, don't talk to me about it. But why should someone a look at this? I, even if your vaccinate everything's lockdown right clearly something doesn't work right in terms of the mutation. Just generally happen, there was no and I'll be all solution. So here's where we are along until you think this art locking everything down again how until people just say it didn't work, I am not entirely convey. but just because Allie is doing this, it's going to result in mass lockdowns again, because I think people have reached their wit's end. I can't imagine regular people just being like okay, where to go back to locked these people are kind of losing their minds, but in many respects its happening and
could be the precursor the CDC saying we're all gonna figure, this one out. Here's the story from CNN they the more dangerous and more transmissible delta variant has spread to nearly every in the: U S: feeding health experts concern over potential covenanted spikes in the fall the very it was first identified in India and is now considered a very of concerned by the: U S, CDC, meaning scientists believe spread more easily or cause more severe diseases, but other variant now accounts for about one in every five new covered infections. In the? U S, the cdc I said, and with more than half of the population still not fully vaccinated accorded the CDC health experts and officials worried that region. with low amounts of virus protection could see surges in the fall and winter. Ok, I'm to be talking about things that Youtube has banned people for so make sure. If you ve made it this Fargo TIM Cast, dot com become a member because that's what we are building up to make sure in the air that we get banned on Youtube
It would be, I mean if it would be crippling. I mean that's an understatement, but at least will still have something up was above the published on content, but I gotta be us. I think if we get banned off you tube Youtube. Is the airwaves point. But let's talk about some serious issues: the delta variant they're, telling people right now that they're gonna be like king things down you gotta wear masks, even if your vaccinated, this will absolutely disincentive eyes people from getting vaccinated, because there would be asking these questions if I get vaccinated, I'm stuck me locked down than what's the reason to do it well talk dear doktor, C C, figure out. What's right, for you, the both your medical history, the general idea, I suppose, is that if everybody gets the vaccine, then there is less likely less. It's less likely is going to be spread of carbon.
But if they're locking down anyway and telling me that you think of accented a lot of people going to say no to this, and this will likely, in my opinion, prolong everything that's happening. Although I got to say I don't know how many, how much, how many people, how much people in general have faith in any of stuff, because it seems like it never ends. There's some things to consider. Other alot of people were posting Syria stories and have serious concerns, and many people have doubts it's hard to know how to cut through the bs and figure out. What's true, especially in this day and age. I just don't know so. I get my vitamin d as recommended by Doktor FAO cheat
and I asked and I try to eat right and just generally be healthy. I wash my hands and I get medical advice from doctors and when I'm unhappy I asked for a second opinion, but let's rate and talk politics, they say former FDA, commissioner. Scott Godly told CBS that in terms of delta, spread the. U S is about a month or two behind the UK, a country that has been dealing with high numbers of cases, despite relatively high vaccination rates for those such countries whew h o advise last week that even the fully vaccinated should continue to wear masks already and allay the the pace of this vote. spread, as motivated officials, to reinstate mask gains for public indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status. I turn to the Maldives. It was normal one hundred percent nor can you not honour percent, because there are still some people walking around with masks on and there still sign saying socially distance, but nobody was. I
I just can't see that these states open up. There aren't meal to reinstate this, because people's brains will explode as they call a precautionary measure, the l, a county department of Public Health issue, the voluntary mass guidance Monday saying it was necessary until health officials can better understand how into who that other, very disrupting experts have said that evidence points to vaccines like those from Madonna and Pfizer Bio intact, providing high amounts of protection against the variant but allay public health. Director, Barbara Fairer, said it is not clear what the future variant will be as it becomes more prevalent. That's particularly interesting, but not all local leaders are reinstating preventative guidance. This time New Jersey, governor fell morphine on Monday. That masked will not be mandatory in the state school buildings. With more than to me, until schools open morphine noted. These rules could change putting on how the virus spreads and what the CDC decides. This is our best sense of what back to school. Look.
It's far more than an educated, guess, Murphy said the story girl. I'm saying act now to fully immunize your child before the new school year for parents, parents worrying over the possibility of regional variant surge in the fall. The time to act and eight children for school is now Many large school systems, including Atlanta, Fort Myers, Florida Flagstaff for four. Fires, Arizona, arms, Fort Mahars, Florida flags that there is on it and the entire state of Hawaii Start School in the first two weeks of August. It takes five weeks to be fully vaccinated Pfizer vaccine. The only one authorized for adolescents ages, twelve to seventeen. That means, for example, Atlanta students needed to their first shots by July first to be fully immunized, where the first day of school in August fifth. Pfizer vaccine is given in two doses: we we we we. We know all this. Some vaccines offer a years of production that can studies show there have. but he's claiming that the delta variant will be stopped by the vaccine, but there's one
very, very important thing. I can already hear a lot of people questioning whether not children should get the vaccine due to the current data released by the CDC and recommendations by the CDC. Instead of me telling you It's simple, I had a conversation with a friend of mine and they said that you know they went to their doctor. The doktor just told em we gotta get back to also bring your kids indicate the vaccine. Then I said wait, wait, wait. That sounds like a political opinion. I don't care who you are police, the opinions of radical issues. I will not accept seriously medical issues I do, and if you do you do, if you do as a problem with that. Well, then we got bigger problems in this world. Many people have banned for saying a lot less that I'm saying now. But I'll put it bluntly, when you talk to your doctor, if they bring up politics whatever you need to get a second opinion you, some one to go through your medical history and say this is what is being recommended. This is what is approved by the FDA and Ass,
A lot of these conversations resolve all point. This out. We got Brett, no Brahms, Brett Weinstein's right now. That's a friend of mine. I was another whatever reason but Weinstein's as you, too demonetized both dark horse channels, wiping out more than half of our family income, their message drop the science and stick to the narrative, or else no Youtube review. This video censorship kills belts. Tighten incomes can be replaced. I believe this is the wrong thing. There is an interesting conundrum that I believe Youtube is faced with. There is FDA Guidelines and CDC guidelines about what is acceptable and what isn't? There are two prominent drugs there's hydroxyl clerk when that we ve seen studies come out talking about when taken with zinc, has reduced symptoms and a new study
from Oxford Report published by Reuters and the guardian, suggesting that Iver Mexican, which is another banipal word, does reduce viral reproduction rates and can reduce symptoms? However, neither of those have been approved by the FDA and the FDA says they are not effective treatments. I see a lot of blunt, what our sang look at these studies. Look at these studies, one hundred percent- I am- and I mention them right here- one of the studies from mad or x. I ve is preliminary, not peer, reviewed and says it should not be used for and in an actual clinics to elect. The study should not influence clinical use as much as I do not like the censorship as much as I think need to be here. Talk about these things and unwilling to risk having his conversations for the sake of informing people. I do think it's fair to say that these are the rules for Youtube. They're, not approve
and the studies are preliminary, but here's what I did I reached out to Google, why Google says that you cannot say on Youtube that Iver Makin is an effect treatment. There was a study put out by Oxford, suggesting that I've reacting was promising and may be effective. I reached out to Google and them should I say, not to trust the science because Oxford put out this study. You see the problem with their rules. at an official response. They said so long as you mentioned. The FDA is not approved this so long as you mentioned the CDC guy. Lines and all that stuff. We welcome the conversation and the debate, and I gotta be honest. I don't trust Google or Youtube Brett Weinstein's is an actual scientist and evolutionary biologist who brought on several in very smart people talking about he's medications, and my understanding is that Brett did say. These are not after yea approved,
perhaps the issue is, I guess he was recommending their use very heavily. I'm not gonna. Do that because I'll be honest with you guys, I don't want to be legally liable. If someone says you know, he said to go, do x and I think that's probably what Youtube's biggest problem is with us, this, if you get people coming out in saying things there like can we get sued now are pushed back on that claim as well section two thirty baby, you can't hold you to responsible for what is said by third parties who produces content, so I do not believe you tubes excuses for censoring content. I just don't my personal stances. I've heard the conversations I just roof. I defer to my doctors, I get my he's from tons of people saying you know ten, the the doctors, you know they don't know themselves and I'm just like I'm a throwback to our saying before. If I have a pipe break, I call plumber. If I've and electrical you know out you're something iconic, an electrician,
Ivan Electrician, come in and start talking about, breaker boxes and voltage had one guy be like for one hundred and ten. What are they doing? You need one hundred and twenty, and I don't know what that means. Thank you for fixing it that's my issue. number one sons actual actually scientist talking to doctors and that's where the real problem comes in its really. For me to be like, I understand you tubes rules, because I'm not a doktor myself and I certainly wouldn't recommend anything and I'll. Tell you that a doctor, but what happens when you get doctors coming on and saying here that they recommend their patients and you to ban them. That's the challenge. So no one else to say in terms of the censorship beyond I will not command anything I dont know if their effective I've, Google search some stuff. I have a friend who got injured from the vaccine. This is as far as I can tell. I have confirmed many that deals, and there are many stories like this actually limit limit. Let me show you this is from a fox six. Now these are news guard certified. Senator Johnson families speak covered vaccine adverse.
Actions, vaccine injury is a real thing right now the official narrative is that there are still a relatively low compared to the hundreds of millions of doses, given, I actually think that is an important bit of contact. We need to pay attention to when we deal with like the flu shot. You have this thing called the vaccine, adverse event, reporting system and people will report, though its typically under reported, but how many people really get the flu shot? Is it a hundred plus million like they're saying now have gotten the covered x? You know what our. If you vaccinate more people, you will get more reports. We have to make sure or not falling victim to the sky The problem is simply because we are seeing so many stories. We assume it's worse than when the reality may be that just more people have got vaccinated. However, I do think what RON Johnson did was good, because people have a right to know about these adverse reactions. They happen. A friend of mine had an adverse reactions. It affected his nerves and his legs in his arms
I know of two people out of my family, my friends, who have been negatively impact. It though you hear a lot of people, do get side effects lie gum. You know I've fatigue or tired measures, and some people have more severe side effects again, let's make sure we're not falling victim to the scaling problem get just because there is way more people getting the vaccine. We assume it's worse than it really is whoever you ultimately make the decision for yourself and a lot of people are gonna, be liked him. You needed warn people on stuff, I'm not a doktor. I I don't know what medications you take. I see some or the prescription bottled gonna, weird warden, icy commercial- if we words are not the expert on this stuff, so I can't tell you what, I can only say be responsible. Take a look at the news, get the proper medical opinions and take care of yourself. now radio day. Thus, even saying these words it's like do we really trust you tube to be honest? Well, since they are the ones who gave me the guidelines, I have known
problem saying these things in saying: fine, so be it, but it is not to take it down, but there are family speaking up and they have had adverse reactions in this new story from Fox now, a twelve year old girl named Mattie De Vigo, deck date. Gerais has been hospitalized three times rushed to the emergency room times and the mother says that she was completely normal before the vaccine. I believe she was saying she got the Pfizer vaccine. Our friend of mine got the Pfizer vaccine and I posted his threats: he's retiring from music he's thirty five he's been playing
for twenty years, but due to a variety of factors, one of which includes his constant pain and fatigue. He just can't play drums anymore. It's made a very, very difficult for him. He can still play he said and emphases eat. It does seem to be improving, but it's been over a month. Now I bring this up because he did talker several doctors who told him I ve, met and is not approved, and just because you hear things on the internet doesn't mean it's true and I I look. I want to believe a lot of things, but I see people posting on twitter talking about. I remarked that, unlike that doesn't mean anything to me. I'm sorry, I see brought one son and he talks about this stuff and, unlike I'm sorry man, I'm a sceptical person and eyed, and I hear the stuff- and I say ok, but what do you do in the end? You gotta talk to your trusted. Medical professionals. Don't take advice for me, my advice is to talk to medical professionals and will always be in the end, and I want to heart
What about that because it just being a dead horse? The lockdowns are, are gonna come this will shake the confidence of regular people, they're not going to have confidence in the vaccine. If they're being told like allay is saying it doesn't matter for vaccinate or not, I am not a fan of that. I think it's a huge mistake. I think these politicians are exploiting a crisis and they are going to cause or damage because we're wherever that, whatever side of the fence you land on, be it. You know, dammit. tend to be overwhelmingly pro vaccine. Conservatives tend to be substantially less confident about it, but there is a reason for this Democrats tend to live in big densely pie. To urban cities and conservatives fundamental and nowhere I can go outside right now and scream the tab lungs and bother not ape not a single person. There's nobody around me on that. you're worried about being in densely populated areas. We have very little contact with other people relative to what you see in major cities, so that divide is fairly obvious, but you did I do I call doctors
What's happening now is that their democratic politicians who found a way to control, manipulate and fear and fear, is good for them. Salt put it this way. I'm not gonna come out here and scream. That is a grand cabal of global elites, Are manipulating the whole system ominous say just talk to a doktor now the great reset I understand there. Are it wealthy individuals internationally who want to exploit this crisis? There are politicians who do it I don't think, there's a shadow, Cabal, Illuminati or anything like that. I'm not going to just scream and tasty end of the world. I think we're going to be okay for every story. Talkin about the fears of the Delta V I think many of them are trying to scare you to freak you out and then, when these VP these politicians come out and say you know the World CUP innovation or allay thirty recommendations. They, regardless of vaccination status, that's gonna, disincentive, eyes, people, here's what we don't want, we dont want bars getting people drunk and then giving them,
nation. We don't want news, articles, shocking, euins, scaring you telling you the vaccines are all evil. I tweeted about my friends have experiences stuff and I still think the ultimate was an answer is talking to a medical professional. I don't like the fact and imagine this before news outlets want to scare you that's true, because they know it'll get clicks. Donald Trump is the one who pushed to this fact it is? Not cotton dry. It is not like trumps. I know the vaccine was bad and then they did it anyway and then trot fought against it trumps but encouraging people to get vaccinated. I still think that's bad too. the problem is everybody is. She's, a literal everybody, but when it comes to the media, when it comes to these stories, when it comes to politicians, they're gonna find a way to scare you And then try and get power because of it
Are these people and Democrat run? Cities are very, very terrified of arrogance, going on it's very beneficial to the politicians that they can come out and say regardless of action it vaccination status, but if their true goal is to get as many people as vaccinate as possible, those who are at risk and those who get it recommended by their doctor for legitimate medical reasons, they're gonna scare people away from this- I don't have a doctor, says to me something political ominous, eight, sorry, not interested, and if the doktor tells me not recommended for a variety of reasons. That's why it exists addresses one more time, because people tell me that their doctors don't know no. I've had guests on this show who have until guest IRA, sorry who have said that their doctors recommended against it for their wives or for their children for a variety of reasons, don't just immediately assume your doctors aren't going to be looking over your medical history. I don't want to
Liable for ever happens, Youtube certainly doesn't, but it is a problem, in my opinion, that Youtube is censoring this week. If people like Bret Weinstein, I don't know honestly, don't the FDA has their guidelines. These medications like I've, these in, like Ivermectin Q, are not approved. A lot of people believe there's something nefarious, but I can't prove any of that. I can only say get as many opinions as you can talk to many doctors and just try and figure out what's best for you because cuz, ultimately, it's your responsibility and don't take advice from anybody else were trying to tell you what to do. you know when it comes to taking turmeric medications but long story, short cuz, I'm ranting trying to drive on the same point- I probably already sent a few times but elderberry just coming. I wouldn't be surprised if the exploitation persists, but it's hard to know for sure, because I think a lot of people have reached the boiling point and they're not going to stand for more lockdown. So what what what
nothing else out I'll leave it there. I think this has been that gonna be the video that gets taken down because of everything I have said, but I tried to play it correctly and I will stress it is my legitimate opinion. You talk to a doctor Nokia device for me, but only with their necks. I've just come up at four p m over at Youtube com. Slash TIM cast thanks rang out, and I will see you well then.
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