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S5169 - FBI Report DEBUNKS Democrat Lies About Jan 6th, Says it Was NOT Coordinated By Trump or Anyone Else


FBI Report DEBUNKS Democrat Lies About Jan 6th, Says it Was NOT Coordinated By Trump or Anyone Else. The new report shines a light on the reality of january 6th.

It was not an insurrection or a coup attempt, it was an angry riot. While many of the men and women at the capitol were there causing trouble and will face justice, most people were just there

to see the president speak and left peacefully. But some walked into open doors, some were allowed in by police.

The democrat narrative of republicans trying to overthrow the election has collapse. Negative partisanship will not be enough to save a failing Biden administration and come

2022 Trump supporters will have a chance to elect people to the republican party who see through the lies




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Today is August Twentieth, twenty twenty one and our first story a new report from. Happy. I says the riot on January six was not centrally coordinated by anyone, vindicating Donald Trump and many of his supporters, but the media there. Happy because even claiming it's been an insurrection for months and now, they're narrative has fallen apart. No, it wasn't a coup attempt. It was a riot in an extra Abc news manipulated the interview with Joe Biden to make him look good media malfeasance, no doubt in our last Story- Hassan Piker, a leftist progressive comedy very prominent is being slammed by socialists for buying a three billion dollar house. I got no issue within being successful, more power to him. But let's talk what's going on with socialism and how it manifests in the mainstream lotta hypocrites out there before
It started leave us a good review and give us five stars, and if you really like the show, please share it with your friends. Tell him about it. Now, let's get into that first story as I am sure most of you are already aware. The insight action. Narrative is a lie. It was a lie and most of us could see through it. But now we have official confirmation from TIM cast outcome. Report FBI finds little evidence January sixth riot at U S, capital was coordinate, in fact they said, although there are some groups that did plan on being there and breaking into the building, there were no real plans as to why gonna happen, no one centralized it and Trump did not coordinated anything new
did any fall right groups. It was just a riot. The narrative is falling apart as I'm according to segment. President Joe Biden is speaking to the american people about it about Afghanistan and it ain't flying. Criticism is, both sides of the Isle Democrats and Republicans, the mainstream media are tearing into Joe Biden, he screwed this one up, you see The binding administration is hollow. It was a camp pain based on hating somebody else and that's all the Democrats have today. I received a text message. From someone telling me that they were running against what it, what do they say? Marjorie, Taylor, Greens, accomplice, Lauren border or something to that effect. They didn't. Me, what they were for? They texted me, Can we rely on your support? Make a donation today and I looked at it. And I just said we hate Lauren, barber, so vote for us, I'm sick of it.
That's why they need the insurrection narrative because they have nothing of substance to offer the american people. Afghanistan is chaos. The economy is in chaos, gas prices through the roof, a labour shortage, a southern border crisis, and now Afghanistan, they have nothing of substance. No skill, no merit, they rely. Solely on telling you how much we hate the other person. So when I get a text message that says, give me money because you and I together can eight. I said I responded. You have not told me what you are for. Why would I support that? I wouldn't support it. Four for the other way around. If someone texted me and said we don't like Cassio Cortez and that's it I'd be like what are you for, because I could just be. And someone who believes the same garbage as the other person I didn't like, and it's not about hate, don't hate any of these people. I just don't why dont trust them. I think they operate in bad faith
and I don't think they have the skills or ability to lead this country, and that is what we are seeing with this false narrative. The Democrats relied extremely insurrection nerve and they still do despite the fact that all of these news outlets kept saying Trump staged a coup, or it was trumps insurrection and now we have them saying you know Trump didn't do it. We know he didn't, because we listen to what he said. But what are we getting from leftist activists and establishment? Crony types, their say we all saw it with our eyes in our ears. It doesn't matter what the FBI says, because they know they have nothing to offer you everything's and she has a crisis. What is going to say, vote for more of the same, They can only tell you things are bad but think, but how bad they'll be Republicans gettin might offend. The republican Party never have been. I just think right now, the media, the establishment, the Democrats are telling us to our faces. If you vote for us, the only thing you will get is more
planning about somebody else. I'd like to know how we're going to get jobs back, I'd like to know how we're going to secure our southern border. I'd like to know how, where to get these fifteen thousand Americans out of Afghanistan. I'd like to know those things. That's not what you get from the media. Would you get is derision and lie But my friends, a new loophole for Messmates, has come out showing that many Biden voters regret their decision and if they were to vote today, Donald Trump would get their vote and if there was a vote today you'd when it's one pull and are now it's the absolute truth or anything, but I think when you look at independent voters disapproving of Joe Biden more and more,
economy continues to hurt. I think it's clear to see that this was all being maintained by a facade, an establishment narrative that is crumbling before our eyes. Let's read the story before we do have over the TIM cast. I can be a member to support this journalism. You'll get an ad free experience as a member and access to all of our members. Only content which for now is just the TIM Cast, Arel members only segments we put Monday through third but we are working on a couple more shows where we have to do like rehearsals and stuff like branding. We have to make sure that we have that titles and the images and the graphics an old stuff. So but it's him yes, I can be a more appropriate to like this video subscribe to this channel, hit that Notification Bell and share it with your friends. Maybe they don't like me,
Maybe they are trapped in the main stream media's narrative engine set out. I don't know what else to say other then, let's go through all of this media and see exactly what's happening. Report FBI finds little evidence January six right at U S. Capital was cool made from TIM cast. Our come on. The report from the FBI is shutting more light on the events that unfolded at the: U S: capital, on January, sex, finding scant evidence, the chaotic right was a coordinated effort or organised plot to overturn the presidential election result quote though fellow Officials have arrested more than five hundred and seventy a legit participants. The FBI at this point believes the violence was not centrally coordinated by far right groups or promote supporters of then President Donald Trump, according to the. Says who have been either directly involved in or briefed regularly on the wide, ranging investigations reports. Riders
woke. Ninety two ninety five percent of these are one off cases, said one insider familiar with report. Then you have five percent. Maybe of these sure groups that were more closely organised, but there was no. Grand scheme with Roger Stone and Alex Jones. In all of these well to storm the capital and take hostages. Fbi investigators did find that sells of testers, including followers of the far right oath keepers and proud boys, had aimed to break into the capital, but they found no evidence that the groups had serious plans about what to do if they made it inside the source such as the global news agency. I wonder if what that really means, as they talked about it, but it was just just talk and then, when people actually pushed on the barricades, nobody any idea what's going on I mean what what what they're saying right now about Lorn Bobo, for instance, she gave a tour to people why,
their claiming she was involved in the insurrection. There wasn't what does a riot and it was a bad riot in a bad place and it is bad for us, the capital during the Electoral College out. That's huge, that's bad, so these people get they get punished for it, but how many of these people didn't riot? How many of them walked through open doors and didn't realize it? What we are dealing with is a failure of leadership, The police, weren't weren't there, the National Guard wasn't there and they should have been. This should not have happened in any capacity. People should not have been there to be. This angry, but the people showed up before Donald Trump finished. Speaking and Trump did not say, go in and do these things he said peacefully. Listen to some politicians, that's what he said. The clever propagandist for the democratic establishment have cut together clips where you
he'd Donald Trump, saying we ve gotta fight hard and strong, so go down to the capital and its like its splice together. He said: I'm going to walk to the capital to listen to some politicians speak that's what he was hoping for. Trump was hoping for MIKE Pence to be like I'm rejecting these results and sending them back to the states. Many Republicans believe that was the correct response because of the lawsuits and questions around going to happen, but pence wouldn't do that. He claimed to not have the authority which, in my opinion, is absurd because what's gonna happen, you're gonna get sued. You take a look at what you know. De Palacio is doing in New York City. They just do illegal. Thanks to our joint, Joe Biden is doing with the eviction moratorium. They just do something illegal in defiance of the court and then wait to get sued like pence could done the same thing it and want to nobody. Gonna stick their neck out for tromp, separate from supporters.
Many Democrats have long contended. The January six right was an insurrection pushed by supporters of Donald Trump to overturn the twenty twenty election results. So report of TIM cast out com, but let's take a look at some of the other news. How would you like to go for a wild ride into the media has been saying now that the FBI of all sources of saying it was not a centrally coordinated that there was no plan. It was a riot. It was bad luck, I'm up, but that's it take a look at this from Reuters this one's from January, sex trump, summoned supporters to wild protest and told them to fight they did from January six seven months ago, told them to fight, and they did interesting data, thirteen- I am the chaos and he was capital on Wednesday and folded after President Tromp spent weeks whipping up a support of false allegations of fraud. Ah they're going thus to casting
heroism rap, claiming that Donald Trump, by saying these things had encouraged people to come down? I don't I don't like playing this game. You know You say something like we gotta fight its figurative. Obviously, so then they're going to go out and accuse Trump of inciting violence. Tromp did not centrally coordinate or plan anything, but here's what we're going from the left. There saying well, of course, but it was still caustic. Terrorism right was, mean it means the more tromp says like their bad and some one need to do something about it. Eventually, one does and Trump knew it was gonna happen. Let's take a look at some other. Some of the other news that has been pushed over the past for weeks from business insider. What's the date on this even have a date on this one, they don't retired. U S general says the Trump White House was complicit. In the planning of the January six insurrection complicit in the planning.
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spawns that occurred in bringing in more federal assistance to the capital that day owner said during MSNBC appearance. That's my own per action based on what I've seen and what I've heard and the fact in it. You know what I'm just sick of it we had the russian narrative and they kept coming on. I've seen the evidence, I know it's true We learn that behind closed doors and under oath, they said, I see no evidence. I dont know it's true, but they can go. Tv and lie all day the plan of the riot the F B. I said there wasn't any you see. This is the problem. They don't wait for the investigation. They don't wait for evidence. They claim that they are on the side of science, but they really mean is mainstream narrative and consensus. If these people just said look what we saw in January six was bad. Let's
with the FBI pulls up before we jump the gun on this one and start making wild accusations about Trump's White House planning these things here we go politico opinion. Yes, it was a coup attempt and here's why what Trump tried is they self Coup and he did it in slow motion and in plain sight they say. Since last Wednesday, people have been arguing what to call what happened capital, a right, an uprising, an insurrection, I've been in. But calling it a coup, but others disagree. Some of was not a coup because the US military, another armed groups are involved and some because Donald Trump didn't invoke, has powers in support of the mob, not broken the capital. Others point out that no one is claimed or proved. There was a secret plan directed by the president and that trumps efforts to overturn the outcome of the election could now,
We have succeeded in the first place. These observations are based on the idea that a coop as a sudden violent seizure of power involving clandestine plots and military takeovers. By contrast, trumps goal was to keep himself in power and his actions were taken over a period of months in slow motion, but that doesn't mean it wasn't. A coup attempt trump disguised. What he was doing operating in plain sight. Talking openly about his intent. He normalizes actions or people would accept them. I've been studying authoritarian regimes for three decades, and I know the signs of a coup, but I see em crack bought conspiracy, theorists taking wild and crazed left distant establishment sources whipping it into a ball and eating their own refugees, vis What is happening? Someone right nautical, that's not bad. Saying Donald Trump was staging a coup because, I believe, an extreme interpretation of the of the event and so of sites that story, as fact and says Trump staged coup, and then they all We the articles in a circle like a whirlpool,
swallowing their own waste and believing crazier in crazier things until it becomes the insurrection. Meanwhile, the F b I for all of their fault, sounds as there was no evidence that any this was centrally planned or coordinated, but their tone us right now that tromp was trying to keep himself in power that that that he was that he was was planning the self coup over a long period of time. Now, there's no evidence, there's no evidence, but the media just runs with it. Here's the daily bees damn right January six was a coup. This was trumps. Call that lead there when you have this from the Atlantic. Don't let anyone normalized January six, if you can shrug off as just another incident of truck talking too much that you have already signed up for the next incident and the one after that by David from this one's from this month from August? First, they really wanted to push that narrative over and over and over again
Because of what I said, the only thing they have to offer. You is orange man, bad who do you hate if you hate them? It's it's it's what they call it its negative politics as it does a word for. I can remember the words of the phrase describes this now negative partisanship. I think it's called instead of saying we as political party are where these things and we want these changes, and we oppose these things. There saying that person's bad vote for me, because that person's bad and when you say why are they bad? They say because their maggot, sir or terrorists, or because they staged insurrection with men with no evidence here we go one Williams on August sixteenth, just a few days ago, trumps coup attempt should bore him between twenty four race everybody's favorite, one Williams from Fox NEWS, said: let's agree. Former present trump is running again he's a hundred million dollars and his political war chest is GNP rivals for the nomination, including,
the russian Republicans fear him. One reason he might not run if any of this well investigations into his business affairs leads to a criminal indictment. You see what they're trying to do to stop Trump from money. Again. I honestly, I hope it's not true. I hope trumped up run. I hope that the scientists or somebody else but trumps it if he runs okay, so be it they really wanted to. They are trying to throw everything in path, including all of the lies in the manipulations, his coup attempt. Nor here we go Matthew, Iglesias, formerly vocs dot com, tweeted out the story about the new But in saying I dont understand the story. Of course there wasn't a covert plot. The present United States was calling for publicly we're we're all their woe Weymouth Matthew. You were at the Capitol attack seriously,
While I know a lot of people that were wanted to go to sea tromp speak not capital, I know couple people who went to the capital to see trumped speech. That was it. You were there it's weird. If you were there when tromp was speaking, you have heard him say: peacefully marched down to listen to politicians speak. But what do you want? but what was he sang? What was calling for publicly Matthew, you see, that's the problem, that's a lie. It's just not true. Trump did not say go do acts, but there is something to consider in all of this outside of what the left is saying. Perhaps it's not vindication. Perhaps the goal of this is not to Prove a point and say the left was wrong and we know we did our jobs. Maybe it's because the FBI was involved themselves
therein beady says before taking a victory, Lapierre understand what the feds are doing. With this admission, this FED announcement is one hundred percent about the FBI, getting an excuse to justify me capping their investigations into militia leadership. There are many who believe that the FBI actual helped coordinate January sex that informants and undercover operatives war guide and manipulating and pushing people in this direction, so even argue that the people who are pushing on their cases are in the fights were probably seeing a saboteurs or you know, undercover operatives? I have no evidence to suggest that's the case. There is a really creepy video of the first break and we can see people all clad breaking through the windows and climbing in, and so the idea is, while
were demanding an investigation into potential informants, an undercover operatives. The F b I comes out says there was no centrally planned and of any kind, in which case they dont need to look at the private communications of many of these people. So maybe that's the case. Maybe it's not. I can tell you that, I think the narrative is falling apart. We are seeing the emperor with no close. The democratic party has offered us nothing, but negative partisanship anger at the other side and Joe Biden is Flop and around like a fish out of water commonly Harris can't come. Give a statement on Afghanistan where she been at gents. Accuse team didn't do normal update. But then Joe Biden was supposed to come at one p, dot M and any missed the one p dot m and then push the back supposed to go back to the Delaware. Many people think that Joe Biden is sick,
because he's been going to Delaware over and over again, it won't release, release who's been visit them in a man of about the turn, seventy nine or easy semi. I forget what ones birthdays like November, some seventy nine take a load of his story. White House go silent after buttons, Avc Stan Interview debacle. President schedules, no public appearances and Jan sack he's team fail to host daily briefing now. This was from yesterday more yesterday evening and today, by announcing grasping at one p m and then it at two p m leaving for Delaware, but there's a major backlash people felt like he was running? Scared was funny. Someone from the wider said Joe Biden shy away from hard questions, and then this, like public announcement Biden, cancels one p m speech. He pushed it back. He ended up speaking. He did not much. I say you didn't speak, but a lot of we'll roasted him for saying that the questions are from friendly press friendly's they can get
and that the administration is just absolutely in chaos. All of this stuff should come together to show you the lives of the machine technology. This from Rasmussen election regrets most wouldn't vote to re, Elect Biden. Most voters would not vote to re Elect President Joe Biden and a signal it number who voted form and twenty twenty now regret their choice, a new rest, musin reports, national telephone, an online survey, finds that if the next presidential elections were held today, thirty seven percent of likely you as voters would want forbidden. Forty three percent would vote for Donald Trump fourteen percent, so they have for some other Kenneth among voters who say they voted for by an in last year's election. Twelve, and now say they regret their vote by comparison. Only two percent of travellers now regret their vote if a re match between two elections were held now, Trump would win because only seven
percent of Biden, voter say they would vote from again and seven percent would switch their vote to Trump by comparison. Eighty one percent of trumps, twenty twenty voters would vote from again and just two percent would switch to Biden. Ten percent of buttons voters would vote for some other candidate while twelve percent of so what if our trump would vote for some other candidate of those who say they voted for some other candidate last year. Twenty one percent would vote trump. If the next elections were held now, while just seven percent say they devote forbidden, I loved the means. There's one where there there a woman is holding other ones had up, and it says you know if you voted for Joe Biden. These are the policies you supported its, not just Joe Biden, though it's Belarus from near Post commonly Harris tanking in poles as she goes to ground on Afghan, withdraw as I said it before, and I say it again where these thing
coming up as important is that January. Six is the perfect example of them saying, vote for us or face the consequences. Look at the evil boogeyman of the far right vote for us. You don't give me anything, I'm not gonna vote for you. Unfortunately, the plan worked. It worked and twenty two They offered up no real candidate. They knew that if they chose a boot jack your commonly Harris or Gabert, whatever, whatever the issue be or Andrew Yang, that it would be polarizing, a lot of people would say I don't like the policies of his individuals, and so they might not vote and, as you can see trunk game, something like twelve million more voters having more than thirteen around that. So they said Joe Bite. Stay alive, literally, that's the article from the Atlantic. They said all we need is your corporeal form. Well when you're running an election based on not trump. That means that you're putting in a hollow administration. We have no precedent,
by sleep and disappear and not doing press events, not speaking taking questions. We have absolute Yes now have denizen. Uncommonly Harris is nowhere to be found because they weren't, we didn't vote for any body. Joe Biden D come out and say I've got a bold to pour plan. You know what I've got, something to do first than this Barcelona start with evacuating all of our troops and then we're gonna bloodier, none of that nothing. Instead Joe Biden kept pony lid not appearing for the press and then Trump just kept speaking and the Democrats were hoping that hatred for Tromp would elect Joe Biden just like with the insurrection is their plan to say you must hate must fear you must oppose now, please. I want to know what we're for. I want to know what we're gonna do. The Democrats don't seem to do anything. I'm not get me wrong. Republicans don't seem to either Niven Kamel heiresses getting roasted. So republicans are calling on the twenty fifth amendment. I'm not entirely can
is that the twenty four the men meant is the right move, because it just means you get Kamel Heiress and apparently most people think she's unfit to be president too. So then, what Nancy Policy air showing the way out? So then, I think it's what Chuck Grass Lee God she's. My friends is this. The end of the American Empire is the is. This is the end of the big p? I mean it happens. Look the Soviet Union fell apart ass. He was crazy right. Just overnight, almost just gone people woke up one day. They were like. I guess we don't have a son, realized authority anymore. Why do that? I don't know? No. You can read history to figure out why these things happen, but is this it? We ve got a presidential administration and chaos political party. That can only rely analysis, be, let's be honest. Both can only rely on hating, the other person and not standing up for principles, howl Can that go on for especially now, with everything were seen. Have Afghanistan China's
walking us saying, look at the weakness of the Americans, Euro waning power, and I think that's true. I think the narrative is completely broken the National review rights. Something is wrong with the president's yeah. I think something is wrong. President and we news is gonna happen because the dude seventy eight trumps, pretty Two, if you were to run again, he be all its like dissenters, peas, younger, you know, da he's done pretty well with Florida. Something is wrong with the present now. The article for the most part just goes through the things sang or struggling to say b C news, violating what Joe Biden said to make him seem more coherent, and with talking about potentially Joe Biden with it. The president turned seventy nine November he last least a summary of his health condition in December. Twenty nineteen in May
a White House spokesman said button had not had a medical check up for or taken a physical this year, but that he would, by the end of the year, there have been no updates on the president's health since back engine. Twenty six John Alice astutely analyzed how was acceptable to acknowledge buttons, age and mental condition if you use certain from isms somewhere along the way of of the last few years, bite intransigent from young old, too old veteran reporters ascribe the tradition in code. He lost a step or two or he's lost something of his fastball you're. Not just talk about it. If you do and you're a Democrat, your scolded for, aiding and abetting the enemy, if you do and you're a publication, God forbid a mug of voter you're, a horrible hate monger, trying to overturn the results of a free and fair election, and you probably watch Fox news to boot. The problem is that it's all there for all to see pretending not to see it is untenable. Something is wrong with President Biden and we are all being asked to pretend we don't notice,
Then your post August, Eleventh Biden, won't release Delaware, visitor logs despite seventeen trips home. Why dost product origin sacking said Wednesday that President button release visitor logs Delaware residences, despite making seventeen trips home in six months, but decision comes despite the bite administrations claim to restore transparency, interest in government. Including with the resumption of limited release of White House visitor logs quote. I can can form we are not going to be providing information, but the comings and goings, the president's grand children or people visiting him in Delaware. You see how they do that. His grand children so you're claiming that people are bitching of our grandchildren. Are you know, you're you're, using that to make it seem? That's the case, because the reality is he's probably visited by specialist, because the do his old Zackie said this at a daily press briefing.
Transparency advocate say that the same logic that applies to the White House, visitor logs applies to records of whose visiting biting his homes Tom Fit, and president of the conservative group judicial watch told the posts of this policy makes a mockery of White House claims, a visitor log trend currency. It's an easy way to bypass the alleged transparency there promising foot and said if they're gonna take the position that this information should be public. What are they hiding when it comes to visiting his home, the presidency, dozens? When is visiting Delaware? He is presumably doing work, so the public has an interest in knowing who is visiting him. There is hundreds in visiting him your job. It is the one who had a hunter at the Vice president's office. Meeting with his business partners. Is it the links between the your button is on. The business ventures are often murky, and I don't care too much about that. I think this is Joe Biden being sick. I think he is going home, so we have extreme privacy, its harder for the process you what's going on and then his doctor can come and see him.
Let me tell you, I'm sure them you will come and say Temple claims that evidence that Joe Biden, this sick, I'm not claiming he sick, I'm. If I had to make a guess I'd say he was, and maybe he's not I'm not saying I, but I believe when he had me sick. I say I believe there is ample circumstantial evidence to suggest the president is not well that something is wrong with him and they look the deeds old he's past average life expectancy. I wish him the best hope you finish. It has turned out that we need we want or need. Any of this chaos was what happens. People voted against that's what the January six thing is all about voting against, so they put in place a sick man because didn't care, that's our politics today. So what are we gonna get? So we can get a Republican who, just as here for the reasons I hate Democrats and, if you vote for me, I will continue to make them. Unlike that, doesn't do anything for me. That's not going to make my life better.
And so we have a lot of people. I am saying to people like I don't I don't want onawandah what role for the Republican Party, because their trust in or do anything the libertarian parties pretty cool. As you know, who I vote for the advocates of lost their minds. Systems fallen apart and people's item if you dont, but for the Republicans you're, giving the Democrats power suppose that it I vote for one group I dont like because other group I do like more. Will the Republicans going to do for me or anybody else. I don't seem to know several the populace Republicans the newer, the newer younger energize types, they say say we're about securing our borders and the foreign wars get the workers back in the manufacturing back in this country. I like that. I do if we see more that non down outside of all of this. With some optimism for one we can see. The narrative of Democrats is all just bunk, but there's some good news check this out. Fox news as Gregg got, is crowned new king of late night tv after he
horse to under and twenty thousand more viewers and Colbert late, Shell and CBS comedian Gregg got filled, show gut show pulled in more remote, the most viewers during Tuesdays late night time slot without two point. One two million- take a look at that. Let's look at these numbers where we go here, we go got fell to point one to the late Show Colbert one point: nine to be found. One point: two Rhine Williams, one point one to indulge in five or semi thousand: that's amazing. Now most these views are older. So we'll see what happens as time goes on. We gets at TIM Cast iron rule every night in live viewers ship it sob at all upwards. Why it's hard to calculate, because you too does the separate thing where they live. Your count verses like Youtube, hard views of the full podcast to their different, but it's between like three hundred and half a million every non integration,
mostly young people, not old people, not older people, mostly young people, so we're not beaten down. Lenin were beaten down lemon in the key demo, though down, men's relevance and all other people's relevance is with the older crowd, even Gregg felt about our dragon funny guy, but Gregor felt probably crushing it in the key down a relative everyone else. What does that mean means? Younger people are waking up in paying attention and their rejecting the lies. That's good news, but when you combine the key demo numbers foresee at an animal and b C and Colbert engine, we found all that it's a lot higher than foxes, so we will see, but at us feel at the narrative, a shattering Biden. Cat and on any of these crises and it seems like everything's falling apart because of it will see our place up next segments coming up tonight at eight p m over at Youtube COM slashed him guest. I r l thanks, sprang up and I'll see you all them, long accused the media of translation.
For Joe Biden and conservative media. Does this too? I think it's because people dont know how to write a quote that include. A bunch of a lip sees an alms and eyes and stuttering and stammering and wrong words, so they just say here's what he meant. I guess if, for example, Joe Biden could say something like You know we got the navy in the desert troops. In the desert in the troops in Afghanistan, and you gotta get him up and instead of just writing all the vat, because its incoherent and insane they'll change it and they'll, just like quote by. Instead, we ve got troops in the desert of every and we ve gotta get up or they'll say something like Joe Biden expressed his desire to pull our troops out of the Middle EAST because if you actually show the quarterback, I dont know what he meant like when he was speaking the g, seven or whatever and kept saying Libyans have Syria? Well, not only a people,
Franz letting for him, but mediators trash and now, with a b c, is accused of misleading edit invite an interview quote on Afghanistan. Present was asked if he believed the Taliban had changed now. What's really funny about the story, left his saying ABC, edited Joe Biden statements to make him look better actions in the lap of the Democrats. It made him look bad Tucker Karlsson is saying they edited out the part that made him incoherent and bumbling I'd think Tuckers, probably more. I actually think they both may be right, but suckers right, because it that's why I opened with that point about the media translating for Joe Biden. In my friends- is incoherent and hard to follow. Often, nobody was giving his speech about Afghanistan, Rita, teleprompter suppose he was able to pull that went off, but even with a teleprompter is often confused and studying and stamping stammering, because this is interesting because we do have. I believe we have
Ellie Wire, actually showing every that was removed from the interview and that's actually kind of crazy like let's be real, they didn't just remove some work. You know we're not when I heard that ABC at edited what Joe Biden said to the american people. First, I was like, while not surprised its horrifying. We unethical let his ward stand for the american people, but I assume there were editing down his answers. You know often you'll see have you, someone will say something like. I believe we need to raise it is on the rich, because the rich don't pay, our fair share and they'll cut out the end part, because, like for time yeah. He gave his answer. We don't need that additional opinion, or something like that. I am opposed to that, but its typically what they do. Something like that and I'll be like K. Whatever right, we know what they do. They do it in this instance to actually old words out from like the middle of his statements, like absolutely changing the context, let's, let's red, first from the independent, more left, leaning outlet as to what they're saying
abc accused of misleading added in bought. An interview quote on Afghanistan. Abc has been accused of misleadingly editing the response of Joe Biden. He gave to our question about whether the town have changed in an interview with the channels. George definite policy, Mr Biden was asked what Talibans future strategy for governing of genocide in seven opposite asked? What happens now in Afghanistan? Do you believe the Taliban has have changed? No responded, the president, I think- and let me put it this way. I think they're, going through sort of an existing crisis about. Do. They want to be recognised by the international community as being a legitimate government, I'm not sure they do. However, unopposed on Twitter, the news channel published an edited version of the change, labeling it as an exclusive, the edited version remove both know and I'm not sure they do for Mr Barton's answer, which some observer observers said, removed crucial context as the meaning of the response. They are correct,
That absolutely did Joe Biden was saying they haven't changed. They are going through an existential crisis, I'm not sure they actually care given a lab response, what they see do remove those negative stay so we just said you. Then they changed. I think they're going through an existential crisis about whether that there ought be recognised by the international community. That is, yes fake, whose man you know it's funny as all these young people who don't understand the media just lies, are probably not shy not like. I don't understand why these young people care about Biden anyway enjoy having your little flag for your tribe weirdos, but Are you to see other media manipulation and lying about you not not not. Look. I think these young people actually care or pay attention, but this is reality, ABC News, tweet spark debate on Twitter over whether the edit of Mr Barton's remarks had misled the public it did sometimes commentators, accused ABC News, and the wider media have been disingenuous. They are one users
the edit changes, the precise meaning and contacts to the rest of his answer. Another said the problem with the current media is immediate. One tweet there's no appetite for honesty and substance. It's all click based, others were less convinced. The enemy is activity change once said when you just said, you're, not sure that the no makes much of a difference here it did, and I'm not sure they do definitely does he's outright saying they dont want to change right, he's like that, they haven't changed, maybe the contemplating something, but I dont think they really want to change. You get rid of those bless parts and binds basically saying they may want to change its very very different. Conservatives were roasting Joe Biden over this because it it seemed like he was plate, he was, he was trying to placate the Taliban or trying to apologize for them. You said no making me defend Joe Biden come on. I don't want to do that. But hey same thing happens. If Donald Trump, I'm like stop making me defend the guy tell the truth. I can be honest about my criticisms.
The daily. Why you're here- and I am- I will also note the daily wire now with that beautiful green Checkmark NEWS Guard certify, that's right for a while. They were called fake news by news garbage resorts of the daily wires. Ok, now all right, from the daily Wire ABC News appears to have not aired nine hundred plus words from Biden during interview good Morning, America here they are now. This is interesting. The interviews come as the administration faces? An absolute debacle in Afghanistan that was precipitated by violence cannot pull out of the nation Biden has avoided answering questions from reporters during two brief sets of remarks that he gave to the media this week and he has spent a significant. Portion of time during the crisis on vacation in Delaware, whereas administration refuses to disclose we meets with not now look I contemplated opening with that story chasm I think Joe Biden his ill. I do he keeps flying back to Delaware,
he's flying back again. Today. He saw not revealing who is meeting with, doesn't sound good, someone a man of his age where the rest of the administration, I dont know, but just speculation, and maybe we'll do a bigger segment on their later. They say a review compared the transcript released by ABC News to video footage it on television, good morning, America, and on the Youtube. Okay, we get it a little over nine hundred words on a variety of topics related Kennison, we're not air to some of the remarks that Not air are inconsequential to the interview like one button. Thanks definite was for the interview. Abc news could have withheld parts of the footage did time strange. However, many of the instances in which Biden Buttons remarks were not aired appeared to be negative moments where he struggled interesting. The left right, maybe it seems.
The media was making them look bad, but it may be that there make it look good. The following are the most significant parts of the interview that do not appear to have erred of old transcript and both, and both video clips published on good among Amerika you to channel our future toward the bottom of the report, with words and bold fought not being included by the network Stop monopolise as let's get right to it. Added it out back in July, you set a Taliban. Take over was highly unlikely. Was the intelligence wrong, or did you downplaying Biden said? I think there was no consensus if you go back and look at the end, just reports. They said that is more likely to be some time by the end of the year. The idea that the tail and and then it goes further on even as late as August, I think you're gonna see the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff and other speaking about this later today,
okay- I don't I don't. I understand why that is why they removed at what are they going to do the idea that the towel and then it goes further on what I don't know what that means. I don't know what he's trying to say part to this whole. This whole section was removed. Stephanopoulos said I think a lot of a lot of Americans and I need a lot of veterans who serve Afghanistan agree with you on the big strategic picture. They believe we had to get out. But I wonder how you respond to an army special forces officer, Javier Mackay. He did seven tourists who was shot twice. He agrees with you. He says we have to cut our losses in Afghanistan, but he adds I just wish we could have left with honour but instead look that's like asking my deceased Son bow, who spent six months in Kosovo and a year and a half, as a Navy captain and then major, I mean, as an army major and you know I mean he he had rigged coming out of Afghanistan stand I mean out of Iraq, geez. He had regrets to what how how
I'm trying to read the stuttering stammering, mind you that's. Why I'm reading it like this? He had regret to what's how how it's going, but the idea. What's the alternative- got alternative is why are we sting in Afghanistan? Why are we there? Don't you think that the one you know most disappointed and is getting out Russia and China. They love us to continue to have two. Ok, that's that that first paragraph he confused his his sons rank I'm sorry! He where his son was it's no one they removed that its incoherent staff. Annapolis asks that there's. These are these wrong put at risk of poverty. He says so you You don't think that this could have been handled this excrement handled in a better way. No mistakes abiding gives response stuff. Annapolis has so for you. That was always priced into the decision. Biden said yes now exactly what happened?
Preston, but I knew that they're gonna have an enormous enormous look. One of of things we don't know is what the Taliban would do in terms of trying to keep people from getting out what they would do now. Here's the removed section water, doing now, they're cooperating, let it letting american citizens get out american personnel, get out embassies, get out, etc, but they're having we're here, some more difficulty in having those who helped us when we were in their staff analysis and we d really know what's happening outside of Kabul. Buttons response part me We don't really know what's happening outside Kabul Biden says: well, we do no generically. And in some specific specificity, what's happening outside of Kabul. We don't know it in great detail, but we do know and guess what the Taliban I was if they take on american citizens or american military. We will strike strike them back like Hell, won't have it. So seven apples then says how about our afghan allies about eighty thousand people
this whole sector. This is crazy. Cavan read all of this. All of this stuff that's been removed. This is insane while my friends, I am not, I can't read through all the stuff they pay. That look at this one and one of the answers. They pulled random words that, from the middle of the of the of of the answer by then answered a question, he said that tells me that my tan here's our move part my dad used to this expression, George. If everything is equally important to nothing's important to you that was removed, but here's the best part. He says we should be focusing on where the threat is the greatest and the threat they remove the words the threat. So he says and the idea we can continue to spend one trillion. They edited that to remove his lapses. Now look at this. They can a sentence in half here's what I said yeah We can spend a trillion dollars and have tens of thousands of american force in Afghanistan. When we have North Africa and Western Africa, the idea
to do that and ignore those looming problems. Growing promise not not is not rational. That's what they aired. Here's what he really said. He I didn't think we can continue to spend a trillion dollars and have tens of thousands of american Forces Ghana stand and when we have what's going on around the world in the Middle EAST, and Africa and the west I mean excuse me yeah, North Africa, in western Africa. They were that whole section of his answer This is insane man. Look at this and ass an end, its no wonder the daily the daily wires. Publishing this. I can't read through every single thing: they were, they were, they were moved edit at the word, so they re headed out the words I got an office. George wow, look at this one He says I got an office george less than to me after I left I elected to office, I was sworn in all of a sudden: either may first deadline, they remove the part where he says I got an office, they absolutely change. Everything will tucker. Karlsson is roasted.
He says Joe Biden Interview edited to make him look less incoherent and confused. That's true Newsweek reports, Fox NEWS, Hostaqua Karlsson, has suggested suggested, he's right that ABC New selectively edited a recent interview with Joe Biden in order to make em look better by excluding a portion of his conversation with George Stuff Annapolis. Rules and told his prime time audience on Thursday about the recently really ABC News, transcript of the ones they interview that transcript featured a section that was not broadcast whereby discussed his decease on bovine in that extra but Biden appears to say that his son was in the navy before correcting himself and saying BO bite it was. It was in the army. Karlsson described, the exchange has not presidential. I you know, look I am less concerned about Joe Biden at this point, stuttering, stammering an interview as I am,
The media actively manipulating conversations to change the context to lie to the american people, and why are they doing it? Why are they doing it? I tell you, I think so. The media wants war. War is good for ratings. War is always been good for ratings conflict in chaos. They love it. That's why they won't shut up about Afghanistan right now. That's why every headliners have gonna, say: Ghana stand Afghanistan, its money, its shock contact, it's scary makes people scared maximum profits. So, in my opinion, therefore, attitude is how do we get back in? How do we get more troops on the ground? Well, this is exactly how we'll see, though, will the american people and the younger generation fall for at this time the media keeps putting out these videos that are shocking. People be
being executed, beaten protesters, demanding freedom being attacked, and you have to wonder why it was that Joe Biden did the things he did when he was exiting the daily mail. C. I a counter terrorism chief joins long list of military facial, saying Biden was warned, Afghanistan could capitulating days after president said he can't recall the warnings and Mark Milly saying no one saw coming. Many people are speculating the grand conspiracy. I suppose that it was on purpose. Joe Biden botched the withdrawal on purpose, so that the Taliban would rush in like useful idiots shock one in the media and around the world, so that Joe Biden would say have descended troops that people must bring me saying. There are fifteen thousand Americans in there are you ready for videos of beheadings for the next month? We ve got us and those troops and an arm like here comes you. Don't pay
Joe Biden for following through with the withdrawal, but I dont think it will be a withdraw. It means already putting in several thousand more more troops are being, Lloyd. Are we now going to have more troops deployed to Afghanistan? We are. And I'm hearing people say that their bodies in the military have gotten their their orders. They're gonna be deployed to Afghanistan were sending in more troops. You know here's what I think will happen, we're gonna, see manufactured consent, I mean by that is the media will keep showing these things. They'll keep defending Joe Biden or in some instances, and what do I have happening? Is the american people will still be inundated with these images? The democratic establishment, so the NEO cons will then start sang only you know the far right opposes saving v, the afghan people.
They'll say something like the far right agrees with the Taliban and things like that. No say that's why they're actually supporting it? No use, conjecture and lies manipulation they'll, put out that news to manufacture the image of the american people would favour a return to have gained a stand at the very least Joe Biden. We'll just do it adding. That's that's what's happening daily wire, sobs, ideally Male says Douglas London said Button was being misleading at best in his denial, London was the CIA counter, terrorism, chief or south, and South EAST Asia. He then work ass, a volunteer advisor to the Biden campaign. He said Trump and by the officials were told. Afghan collapse could come in days. Escaping assessment comes after bite,
said he was never warned of the risks, a wise bite in lying. What image is being crafted by the lies in the media? Manipulations that we didn't see this coming, we didn't screw up. The Taliban is an unscrupulous evil organisation that must be stopped, and if we don't act now, american citizens will die. That's the narrative baby. So, when I mentioned, now talking on to guess Tyrrell that I understand why, in some circumstances as an argument for intervention, you don't want see the Soviets, for instance, in the cold war, expanded the point where you can never stop them, and then they take you over Afghanistan. Isn't that right? you know what we do at the issue with China's expansion, the belgian Road initiative and things like that. But we are not in Afghanistan. For that reason, we ve been in Afghanistan for twenty years. Why and they want to stay there because they want
Sean Building, because they want to stay in Germany and South Korea and Okinawa. That's really funny, because there is one guy, manure members name he treated this out and the ever wars in Okinawa, Germany in South Korea, and I guess being facetious, all of a sudden now defending the idea that we should be occupying Afghanistan for some reason- and my response is like that's a good point: why are we in Germany Is there something in Germany, we need to be protecting Can Germany not protect itself, pretty sure Europe is capable of defending itself? It is about time the United States stopped being the world's military or the world police, but you see where they want to go with it right. They don't want to give up that power. Amerika to us is very different than what America is to them. America to us, it its founding history, its founding fathers. It's the ideals of freedom in liberty in the constitution, to them the elites that the boy
guidance. The establishment, the billionaires America is a central operation headquarters for militaristic endeavours to wit, the world into line, I'm all about that. I'm a big fan of the founding fathers, but at some point our political elite, political class, maybe a hundred years ago what I've run on a world war, one per maybe decided Amerika can be the base of operations Four militarism and empire the world for some elite internationalist ideal. And therein lies the biggest problem with all of it most Americans, one on the other thing be left alone, but the powers that be the establishment elites they want bases in foreign country
They want David Busters around the world of David Muslim, big fan, but you don't. I mean they want this suburban Mcdonald's, tourism reality for every country. Its gross is discussed I went to the Bahamas hours at NASA. I think- and I will I think the answer is that that is necessary and bombers. I'd know, maybe not maybe maybe I'm thinking somewhere else. I don't care murmur. What's that, what's the city in the Bahamas, a camera but are weak, we went there. There is on a cruise, and I went no getting getting off the boat. I'm excited to see like the local, fair and what are what I see inside Gucci, Hard Rock CAFE. Mcdonald Starbucks and I was like I have a block from my house. What is this? Why am I here so I left I was coming here the neighbours and find somebody that's what I did
You travel around the world and that's what you get hard Rock cafe Gucci Bubblegum Shrimp Times square being reproduced everywhere is gross. They are homogenized in culture around the world. That's what's happening with this intervention, general interventionism. That's there! That's their good. Their goal in the long run makes the world a boring and bland place. Their smoothing out all wrinkles, but sometimes it's that it's that diversity and that cultural experience that makes life worth living to see new thing This man could, you imagine, live in a world where, in a world with just one store and its hey. You guys want to go to live hot tourism spot there's a Starbucks at Starbucks across from Starbucks. I think that are trying to do.
And I wonder if this all all over, you know what they're doing the ultimate and goal is going to be as of manufactured consent, convincing american people that the american people want war in Afghanistan, which I don't think they do. But here comes the limit, their necks, I'm coming up at one p m on the channel. Thanks rang out I'll, see you all them. Renowned leftist progressed socialist twitch streamer and political Taylor, Hassan Piker, has purchased himself a nearly three three million dollar home in West Hollywood and boy are leftists angry. You know when I heard that a socialist made made all this money, super rich and was gonna buy themselves massive managing and I thought to myself. I thought congratulations on while that's that's really impressive. The guy works really really hard. Indeed, gives it ah Hassan streams for like eight or ten hours every day, and that's no simple feet
work around twelve to sixteen hours. Every day. The first video that I published, around ten. I am but I begin the research and work around eight a m and then we finish and wrap up. The final shall run eleven p m, I certainly understand what it is to work and talk nonstop in and do this all day. Today, and so you don't congratulations to Hassan for grinding and improving. You know with with with hard work determination, towns in old stuff. Can be successful and ominous it outright. Not facetious at all are allowed to be a leftist and successful. This idea that you want to promote universal health air that or that you want to promote social programmes, means that you can't be wealthy is just a stupid, trope, its dumb, don't even think conservatives for the most part embrace that idea. You know right now, in research. To us on buying this massive home. There are a few questions that arise that I won't talk about. I'm not superintendent. Talking about us
as an individual, because he's just another political commentator, but images and talking about the response to him buying this on, because you're, getting a for one bright Bart, wrote an article and its seems to be criticising him for being a rich socialists, which you know we will talk about what that means, and I do think, there's some potential contradictory, issues there, but then you have leftists that are piling on in saying he should be spending this money on mutual aid and an activism and programmes to help the working class instead he's enriched himself. But I think there is a need to understand that when it comes to capitalism or free enterprise, when it comes to socialism there that that that the political spectrum economic spectrum is actually fairly gradient there are certainly people who believe that eighty percent of all of you know well should be controlled by the state or something like that, and you still have the right to make an earn money. I do think there are many people who are making excuses for Hassan, however, and I think it's really
ample. Am I dont believe that Hassan is ideologically one hundred percent? Like authoritarian socialist, I think he's just very far. Left Amazon amounts. Disparaging, I think he still obviously believes in personal wealth and success and hard work and that's a good thing. But there is a big conundrum that I run into when it comes to the left and their principles that we need to address so obviously will learn about his house and what the left is saying what s on these questions. But why is it we have with what we have one story about staff at a socialist magazine world fired because it tried forming a worker, co, op, effectively labour, organizing the guy who runs it was like. Later you're fired for trying to basically unionized. That's that's weird to me, and then you have the story about junk huger of the young Turks, who also was called out for union busting and I'm like this- I do not get perhaps up too nice entrusting. Perhaps these people are all drifters
and they're just saying what they think is popular to make money and what's funny, they come on. Call me the grief there, I'm pretty sure. If I was a grip there, I wouldn't say: congratulations, Hassan Piker. You do great work and work. Aren't you deserve it? I join you we believe that the dude worked really hard and he does deserve it. Either the some interesting moral and ethical questions and philosophical questions around the economics of socialism. The need to be addressed by what's happening here, but I got no problem just telling you how I feel is it true that Hassan perhaps has just saying things that he thinks people want to hear. Maybe or maybe he doesn't think that people should be allowed to have wealth and and and and access based on Merit Because, even in a fully socialist system, the only way I mean ultimately is going to evolve into authoritarianism, which is the ultimate issue. So there has to still be some element of free enterprise forces from the function anyway, I'm getting out of myself. We ve got the young Turks union busting. We gotTa Socialist Mag Magazine union busting that
I do not understand, I am not a far leftists, but I have no issue with unionization. I personally you talk about, I dont want to be in a union and I didn't like being forced to but I got no issue with people wanting to form a union. In fact, by all means more power to you. I do. I have criticised a lot of these people at these companies because on fusion, for instance, where I worked these people onto unionized without realising that there were they were net negative on the company than it make money. Then bargaining power and my criticism for that was that the workers we're gonna, be hurting themselves. By doing it. Ultimately, it resulted in like three hundred lay offs, because the company said you don't make any money for the company. You have no bargaining position, you could go on strike indefinitely and we dont care. That's my criticism. If people arrive at a successful common, want to form a union like do it to it. Let's talk about socialism, personal wealth in what's happening right now we got the story from sports
I dont know what it is, but they did write about. It included some sources. They say Hassan Piker region, boasted about us three million dollar home in West Hollywood raise Hollywood raised in Turkey. The content greater began commenting on politics on the young Turks before leaving an early twenty twenty to become a twitch stream. Hassan AVI, now progressive political commentator on the life and we platform is speculated to receive over three hundred thousand two four hundred thousand dollars a year wrong. I will just take this wrong. I'm I'm not here to like drag us on in any way night at tremendous respect for his hard work on this, our diverse political opinions, I got no issue. Actually. I agree with him a lot of his political opinions he makes. I would ask the mates, probably three hundred a foreigner thousand per month not per year per month, and that's just based off of his Youtube numbers, but at an off he run
ads on his you to buy. I checked, as you too, gentle and see adds, but based on what people have said about his twitched dream, having a one point: five million sob stream for ten hours a day, pretty sure making a cool three four million a year. He probably pays. Fifty to sixty percent in taxes will talk about that too. They say the thirty Year Old Tom allegedly contains five bedrooms and and five and a half firms in West Hollywood, the thirteen hundred square foot houses described as having a mediterranean style of architecture and was built and twenty fourteen, since the announcement of Sun hobbies Many twitter users have commented on the extravagance of the purchase, however, Youtube Ethan wine shared appreciation and support of bikers. I'm saying you you'll, really think Hassan shouldn't be able to own a nice house and also champion for the poor underprivileged. There is a difference: making millions on twitch and paying fifty percent of taxes and Jeff bases being worth.
Drink fifty billion in paying no taxes. Happy Hassan is crushing it Jeff basis. Paste axis Amazon is who didn't pay corporate tax, but Amazon also pays taxes but our clarifying that they agree with even Klein? Ah, I think literally nothing wrong with Hassan, advocating for even socialist policy and then making a few million bucks here, because this is one of the problems we get with establishment, democrat types and left us that they need to speak up about. There is a very big difference. Between people, who make two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to a million dollars, People make a million dollars to ten million dollars and people who make a hundred twenty million per year or who are worth billions of dollars, and it seems like the only time I hear this from left us is when they are being criticised for being wealthy. This is the problem I have been trying to make up for some time when Bernie Sanders comes out of this tax, the rich
he's talking about taxing people who make more than five hundred K. That's a lot of money, but that is not read of four million k, someone who makes five hundred thousand dollars a year. All. Their needs covered everything's covered they're, probably spent giving up about fifty percent taxes. Yes, fifty percent. I can explain how that works in a second and so they're taking home in cash about two fifty a lot of money, so they got their house, they got their health care, they got their kids, their family vacation things covered, and then every year they got about a hundred and eighty hundred fifty k for investments. That's a lot of money. You can do a lot with that, but a very big difference between Hassan making say forty four million, where he got a cool three point: eight million or three point: nine million to invest and gain more and more wealth and power. That's I think what typically the socialist criticism is, but it seems to fall on deaf ears once it comes to leftists themselves,
In this instance, I am saying I got no issue with Hassan or entities, people being while even Klein, obviously super wealthy as well. I just think that if we are going to talking about taxing the rich and and these kinds of issues were really focused on the massive massive wealth, however, it still hard to figure out how you draw these lines, considering if, if, if you, if you do a wealth tax. All it does is eliminates the wealthy. Is that really the solution to all the problems with the left wants that to happen? But I dont know: that's that's actually a solution to the problem, because if you implement a wealth, tax, you'll just end up with individuals, finding different ways to gain control over assets ultimate issues that smarten talented people can figure out how to gain control of a system it may be through. Financing may be through Crypto, it may be through control of of systems or religion or ideology, alter Lee you take away? Basis is well through attacks. He finds us
ways to store it. It's like what we saw with with Mark Zuckerberg is money into an l, L Sea, or we see with obvious Billy, is putting money into nonprofits bullets. Reading net and react to his home one. You so I dont really see an issue with its on buying house becoming rich off probably ranks low on the scale of exploitation. I absolutely disagree were you gonna come out all day every day talk about Griff stirs people, you're scaring grandma to make money what they accuse me of doing you know my audience is like thirty, is all on average younger than I am, and the thing I'm just scaring grandma I mean if you want to make an appearance on Fox NEWS, it scares grandma, but my audience is not about fifty five. It is almost entirely like. I think the average age is probably thirty years old younger than me and is a large portion of eighteen to twenty four twenty four two hundred and thirty five is probably the biggest demographic.
So exploitation. If you are just going online and saying what people want to hear so that they give you money, you are exploiting them. I don't play that game as much as they like to accuse me of it by all means. You can look at the videos why I've gotten major thumbs down as people are like. I don't like what TIM set about this or he's wrong or bad I tell you what I think you know I said Joe Biden speech was actually fact pretty good. I think he passed the buck, but he said some good things can say that die. It's the right move, trying withdraw from Afghanistan, even if you do it wrong and its horrifying. Now, my bigger concern Joe Biden just gonna be trick innocence and in more troops beckoned what she's doing anyway. I digress Hassan has certainly made similar statements
he's. He said, you know, look what Trump did his plan. It was the right plan he's at this. In a recent video I watched it. He was talking about how trumps withdraw for Afghanistan. It was. It was his plan, it was the right plan, but he thinks Trump is responsible for the the peace the deal that had with the Taliban, and thus I guess he sang- deserves more blame. I think, he's being honest, I think that's how we genuinely feels, I think, he's wrong, because I think that Biden took it changed the terms of the deal and then flogged it. I dont think Donald Trump was in charge when this was going down, he made a peace deal. A peace deal was followed through with Biden, did not respond by unstuck. Troops are the middle the night now that debate over the you know withdraw for Afghanistan is fine. We disagree. I dont think he's wrong have his opinion, but I want to point out. There are a lot of drifters. There are a lot of
exploiting people. I let me explain something to you- want to understand what exploitation would be a plumber fixing the sewage lines so that a society can function, and then people like me and Hassan, who make money just opining on the internet? What do we really give to people? I get it culture and ideology, but is it really worth more than the hard physical labour of somebody who is like building a house or doing construction no and aid that's why I'm more lefty right, I've heads I've had some libertarian types and aunt gaps. Tell me then, so I made a music video will of the people, and I shall do these individual some. You know right wing type sank at times and there, like, while regulations, you did a great job and, like all well, you know top people worked on it. You know Nitro was thrown into the production and there are like
I don't know, pass off premises your project, you oversight, you made. It happened, it's your talent and I'm like I get it objective. Ist libertarian. You know cap type, it's you who oversaw the whole thing I get it I do, but I really do think the people who did the work are deserving of the credit for doing the work. Of course, it was my idea. I formulated a store. I wrote the song about everything and then I said, hey, I have an idea and I needed the people who know how to do the work. I actually valley the hard labour more than I do just the idea. I think they're they're of equal merit to a certain degree. We only grow great, I mean France's look
I'm only able to do it, I do with TIM Casta COM, because you guys become members and are basically all holding up this giant platform, allowing me to try and build something. So I get I get it. You know we do add things in terms of local commentary, I'm just saying that the workers of the world- and I am using that word- that phrase on purpose. I are substantially more valuable than either of us and our political opinions, but anyway, I'm what's, let's, let's, let's job over to his sons, twitter here second point out a few things, and then we'll talk about this conversation around owning house and socialism and why I actually will disagree with this on some things. Again, I'm not trying to about us on I'm trying to make it about the ideas of socialism, workin and labour and stuff like that. It just so happens to have fallen on him because he's got criticism over his house So is someone said, imagined supporting socialism, a system in which only the rich, better and stay within power, while the majority the population is held with specific standard and pay out just to by a third
million, dollar mansion and West Hollywood Hassan says are literally describing capitalism. What you described is capitalism. The massively inflated prices. The house is also a consequence of capitalism. This one, it Alexis, says only popopo conversation trying it some context year somewhat Alexis Isabella Twitter says I don't know man it's just flat, ethical to be profiting off of socialism in buying yourself a three million dollar home in a state that is one of the highest homelessness rates in the country. If you're mad, I find this to be gross and unprincipled behavior, I dont really care ha snobby Hassan says you literally have a patron Lincoln your profile, Ella Mayo. What is that? If it is what you said, Isabel, actually, I think, makes a really good point. I have no,
problem with his on being successful. I bought a massive, a million dollar house in a base of it, in the middle of nowhere in Maryland is basically like the West Virginia areas at Harper S ferry to try state, and I have no problem with success now added by the house, so that I can live luxury with a butler we're using it for our production facility to a great extent. We knew what we film a lot here. We foma cascade earlier. I got this not because I need it. I gotta because but I want to do more. I want to bring people on expanding and create stuff in and have fun, I'm not interested in buying a ferrari. I'm interested in hiring some people who are gonna, make good stuff and and inspire people, my actual House is like a thousand square, is actually really small it just where we do work. So I got no problem with buying this, but but but electors principle really good point. I dont come out and come on you
and tell you that we need to see you now seize the means of production because the poor working class, I say we need to build a better culture. We need to teach people to work hard and find that merit and we do have problems do you know crony capitalism, but I'm not sitting here saying that everybody should be giving up everything. You know. I guess my politics aren't as far left us sons if he really was in my opinion, about what he was talking about. A three million dollar houses, substantial man like no for real unity by remind our house he's in West Hollywood, see I moved to the middle of nowhere, because I wanted a big place that was as cheap as I could get. So we chose to four one gotta cities. Obviously you know my political pain on cities,
We wanted to go even further away, but that we need to be close to airports. Ultimately, I said I don't want to waste money on a big building, but we need a workspace that can accommodate. We have twenty five employees now we are growing like crazy. We have more shows coming out, so we move to the middle of nowhere so that we can get a big house and unless it substantially larger than Hassan House, but he chose West Hollywood, and so I do personally disagree with that, though. Ultimately, I think there is a tin. Of jealous of envy here I'll, let us it responded. When he's, I give a patriotic your profile that I mean that's entirely different than buying a three million dollar home in a rich neighbourhood. But I guess you got me for making a hundred bucks a month s answer. Also, the way we generate income is identical. It's just the amount that bothers you got. It is a real great look for the what it. What is this p EL, the web of the party for socialism and liberal, but Liberace, oh by the way I didn't realize
them, was about the the relation to the means of production, but about arbitrary cultural signifies assigned by reactionaries this, where a sound starts to lose me right, he's losing me because he could have just said: listen guys, I anais proponent, for all of the rights of the working class in the labour and all that stuff and for more socialist policy, but I do believe people have a right to earn and be wealthy. That's just it instead, its this weird deflected deflection that actually, I begin, I believe, begins to discredit him the means of production. Let's talk, but the means of production. This house is the means of production. My ability to live in this house is,
means of production, because I produce in my home. I found this video the more space we have, the more I can produce my camera. My microphone, my computer, are the means of production. Socialists believe that the means of production should be owned by the public. They also claimed a state as private property and others. That is a different thing: private property and personal property. I can never get a straight answer for this because there isn't one: where is the line between private property and personal property, whereas it is the sun's computer, his camera, the means of production? The answer is yes, there are a lot of power people who don't have that computer or that streaming set up and if they did they could produce to. Why should Hassan be the only one who is allowed to have access to these specialised tools? His house, his house effect over the factory he's, got a very large house. That is more than enough for a single person. In fact, a single
schedule would be fine in a one bedroom apartment, and I don't know if he's married or anything like that, but even then a three bedroom apartment. Let's, let's be real, you got mom dad kid. Three friends. Maybe you want to move out of the suburbs where it's cheaper, so you get a five bedroom house. Five bathrooms Hassan House in West Hollywood is the means of production in a socialist system. The question I have that that arises with this kind of stuff is: if we truly did so that the means of production are controlled by the public. How would you determine who gets to live in the Big House and who gets to live? small house, why should Hassan, who does it make food, doesn't build homes, get to live in the Big House and not the small house? I think it's simple: he is in what it in an authoritarian system. He would be the party, the party member proselytizing to the masses, that's what he produced
now for me admits similar here. I am espousing my ideology to you and converting the masses to the ideas of liberal classical liberal. I'm libertarianism and a free market. Like that, but I also still gonna believe in workers rights and to an extent, workers. Organizing, adding modern unions have become very strange, but ultimately the idea of a union of Absolute go with. I will meet with this. What we do, I'm not making food for anybody actually does not sure we do film ourselves, baking and stuff, and I do have chickens. Ah, but I just find it very strange that I'm considered to be right, wing or conservative, but I find myself to the left of many prominent individuals or is challenging the ideas that don't seem to make sense. In a socialist system. Hassan- should be granting access. To his streaming set up when he's not using it. Other people should have access to the means of production that they too can be successful. Twitched tremors right I get
because when it comes down to an individual's personal power, they don't want to give it up we'll go long on this one I think Hassan is probably make it a cool formal based on. Ah, you know all of his metrics in everything like that, and I think it's fine but I'll tell you where things get weird As you can see here, Alexis Isabel, whose criticising us on is she's, a member of the what it was again. It's the party for socialism and liberation. That's not a right winger! Alright! This is this is on the left got a bunch of people who are on the left, criticising us on these, responding to them. Hassan tweeted, Bright Bart, left, twitter, weirdos whole shaking and socialism is. When no house, no house, I mean brides three million dollar house. That's very different, then not have anything other than not having house, but I think that the reality as people need understand. What's Hassan Gonna,
he's rich he's got all this money. Is he saying he wouldn't give it up? For socialist system, he said literally other people tax people like me. If you have a problem with it, so that's it. The dude Richie made money there you go, but your ears, appoint, Josh, bowed and peasant. Miss Miss zest, also craziness on as a single and hammer in his name. These are these are not right. Wing individuals, bright Bart, did write this We socialists, who said I'm not gonna, be the time. It's a bad comment from a sun buys too seven million dollar West Hollywood home. I don't understand the that the right wing gauchos on things like this, because it's not a got you to anybody. I guess it's a virtue signal to people on the right, Kosovo
all these socialists. Many of these left us or criticising us on. I think it's interesting we'll get to that. But a lot of left us are defending him too, because they dont think you shouldn't be able to have merit entirely. Unfortunately, the prominent mainstream left us that are propped up by people like a son do believe there is no more accuracy, do believe and equality of outcome, in which case in a system that is equality of outcome. Hassan cannot have this house so anyway, I digress. Ultimately, I think these these ideas are authoritarian and whether or not they actually say, therefore stripping. Why someone's rights- and you know at an end and property in things like that, the path or on leads, but I bring into the policy- and it's not- I won't I'm not I'm not here, drink Hassan, actually, mutual respect, guide works, art, but Genk Huger says right wing wants to dissent the left by saying that any time someone left has money there a hypocrite. It's a trick to get the left to give away their power if the only people
Money are right, wingers well screwed, and they know it dont feed into it. What the shore right Bart wrote the article, but I think, for the most part, you'll hear from a lot of concern being like hey C. They prove capitalism works and they want to cheer that on because it proves them right to do so. Although there are many on the right who criticise them as hypocrites, so chink isn't completely wrong, but the issue, I believe you're more likely to find leftists criticising you. Then people on the right Jack says in response to some one right If you are rich and laughed your hypocrite, but also say, if your left and pour your envious Jenks as exactly They set up a no win situation for the left. These are the talking point ambushes and when some people left help them with these false paradigms. There full at how easy it is to trick our side, no one ever ask them why it's better to be rich and greedy,
like them rigid really like them. What about you, both of you, Hassan and and and check your both super rich and wealthy? You could give that money away. I am not exaggerating Hassan, you don't have to buy a three million dollar home. You can eat we buy a million dollar home, you could buy, half a million dollar home. You can move to Pasadena why, gotta, be in West Hollywood. President is not that far away house. In past in a half a million bucks? How about that and their big? No, but you want to be in West Hollywood, I'm fine with that. Guy he's allowed to do those things, but there is a rich and greedy like them as if only the right rich and greeting. I suppose the problem ultimately comes down to the fact that Hassan as riches he is, doesn't need to live in that area and he could take the extra. After look on a two point: seven million dollar house. Considering
market today. I'm probably wrong, I dont know, but I'd have to estimate that that Hassan put down twenty percent buying a house like that you're eye really don't see many financial institutions wanting to make alone of that size on a house to somebody who's gonna put down. Five percent is entirely possible that Hassan bought the house in cash. Even I don't know, that's likely because it just a bad financial decision, but maybe they possibly probably put down six hundred k in cash to buy that house think about the amount of money you could do. You think that Could do that money? And so here's my criticism for everybody, not just the left for the right as well, to see someone like Hassan making, potentially three four endows year. I'm I'm assuming again just speculating he's a one man show I make a lot of money. Tim cast makes a lot of money, so you don't. I did. I started hiring people as fast as quickly as I could empowering people so that I'll tell you this
If I were to basically shut everything down and just do this show and TIM cast IRA, that's it that's most of where the revenue comes from for the company, but work spending and try to do more, we're doing the cast castle, going to know, shows that are being built right now. Ones de indeed show with green up and embracing cultural issues and having fun and one's tales of intrigue other names. But what we're trying to build shows build culture and experts I'm not buying the three million dollar home for myself. My Christmas, this on. Isn't it isn't isn't? Is it isn't any perceived hypocrisy, its raw? Why don't you use that money to put it behind what you believe and we work hard? I respect that, but why not hire people start on network start a brand? start advocating for these causes. My friends were also starting a nonprofit we ve already. We ve already signed the paperwork that we're we're going to be setting up a fact checking non profit
I am heavily invested in everything. I say that you know this is this. Is this is my passion? These are my goals. When money comes into this company, I keep working towards. That goal now Hassan doesn't have to do that. Joe Rogan doesn't have to do that. Stephen crowded is not to do that Maybe it's a bit unfair. You know, like Rogan, does comedy he's not a politician or an hour journalist, so he's investing in common and Stephen Crowd, or has it certain and such like that, but I wonder why are there so many prominent rightwing commentators who don't grow and expand and use that money to do more than Shapiro? Does it? You know, let me throw some shade towards the young This is back in February of twenty twenty young Turks Progressive founder urge to staff not to union eyes. Why? I just don't get it. My friends I run a business is a corporation. We have. We have employees, we have revenue, we have products, we have investments, we have already we're having fun with it. We are trying to grow
to the best of our abilities, and I don't understand the mentality of someone like Jack, who would yell at staff. One. Do you need I Genuinely don't understand, I see, see problem with staff unionized and I don't have an issue with it. How is it they call me right wing and I'm the one who's like others before me? I mean do what's right for you, I believe in you. I might disagree with you politically, perhaps because their authoritarianism and that the big dividing line. You take a look at us on political opinions and that's probably where we disagree. Sure he may say the Democrats are going. Republicans are bad and also for
partner public, her bad and the Democrats are bad too, but I like ran Paul YO, Thomas Massey. There they shut up. I wish those guys up. Others feel Republicans I like, but you know I'll get called conservative. Well, I guess I don't know like I said you know, I find myself questioning their positions, but ultimately it is, I think, authoritarianism. Why is it that Genk Uber doesn't want them to unionized because he's the boss he's on anyone challenging? Is power? A union hey another leverage against you? Oh no, my power, so white. Just so what your life is good. I think that maybe part of do. We have this story. Dear comrades, you're fired boss of socialist magazine. Current affairs got rid of majority the staff when they try to start a worker co up ass. He admits. Sharing power is easy to do in theory, but hard in practice. I don't get it. I dont, unless they're, just drifters and liars, and what they really want is power on our power. I don't care for this stuff. I just do it
feel like doing, and you know what it's funny people try to act like I enjoy being Cameron. All these things not really. I never did that's why. I have no skate videos of skating for decades and have like three videos. I hate filming. I just wanna, do my thing and be left alone liberty, but I understand community personal response. Ability, the collective good honest in all that stuff. Some rather centrist Eileen a little left a lot of issues. These people are Thor Attarian, that's why they want you to have a vaccine mandate. That's why they say: you're domination, Jews, and that's why I say I think vaccines are good, but I think it's your choice, not mine. You talk to your doktor, they take the opposite approach, they say: you're, dumb, you're, stupid your maggots, etc. Because Their authoritarianism, I'm not saying there are no authoritarian on the right, I'm saying they are too that's why, when the unit would it
innovation, they say, stop, that's why when it comes to their personal wealth, they don't put it behind their there, their passions they put behind their property in their personal wealth because they deserve it. They earned it. They show their true colours. You know, but I do think they earned it? I do think that they deserve it. I think I'm not gonna put us on the same. A bucket of junk huger, I think Jenkins, is, is deplorable and awful. I think a son, just as you know, disagreeable, but that's cool, I'm fine with it tremendous respect for us on streaming, like eight ten hours a day that is. Men ran after my own, your I agree right eye I work really really hard and I think those who work hard deserve it and I think, is entitled to buy his home. And I have no issue with him doing that. I just wonder: why does
if people don't want to put that money behind their cause. More so that's on says he does put his money by his cause and people just don't see it cuz not going to do it for PR. I can respect that. Look at like a three million dollar house for personal use and, unlike that, just doesn't seem like you're you're putting stuff behind your cause. You don't mean, but I will only say one final thing to wrap this up. It may be really simple: it maybe really simple Hassan might actually be made ten million dollars per year. Some people have said he's making a million bucks per month and you know he's got ads and he's got pangs and he's got you tube? Maybe he's Megan six, seven hundred Katy a month on his own, and so what are you doing? You're sitting all that money? You can't legally just give it away. People need to understand that too, when you're wretch, you can't just hand someone stuff you can make our nations do not
office, but he would build it has given us away so, for him is probably like this a small percentage of my overall revenue plus it was based on alone. He may put a million six hundred k down and he still sit non couple million that he's dish it out. So, if you dont know it's really difficult to say, I can criticise the young Turks and that that other magazine for being hypocrites. Ah, I ain't that there's this to which to get too in the philosophical debate around you know socialism, but, ultimately, I think one of the important take take take away from everything is the means of production. What is it because if it
come across a computer and a camera Ben Hassan would have to share that with other people, and that would reduce the ability to make money. If it's not. Where do you draw the line because we're in an attention economy, people's phones issue, the issue? I just don't think socialism makes sense anyway, along one only with their necks segments come up at four p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast thanks, rang out and I'll see you all them.
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