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Shaun King Was Wrong Again, Young Turks Delete Their Videos

2019-01-07 | 🔗

Shaun King Was Wrong Again prompting the Young Turks Delete Their Videos.Initially the left wing activist sought out a 40 year old white man as a suspect. But it turned out the white man was likely a witness to the event and was fleeing for his life. Police eventually arrested a suspect thanks in part to a tip received by Shaun King.But the social justice activist has now repeatedly pushed false narratives likely creating more harm than good. 

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January first, the New York Times when a story about a seven year old girl who was killed in what appeared to be a racially motivated hate crime. Sean king pushed this story to his over one million followers, offering a reward for information about a forty year old white men with a beard driving a red pickup truck but, as it turns out, white men wasn't one of the suspects and they arrested Erreth lack Junior. Many people argue that shocking only pushed the story because of a racial aspect. Ups, but the main Isn't what shocking dead so much the ramifications. This is the third time in the past several months that shocking as pushed out a false story that may have actually gone innocent people hurt and what we're seeing beyond this is. The young. Turks are now deleting their videos where they talked about the issue, grave, let's say look at what happened with the story of Jasmine Barnes is innocent young girl who was killed. Let's take a look at the ramifications of the rise of internet vigilantes, but before we get started place had over two TIM cast out come aboard, slash donate if you'd like to support my work, a month donation option: there is a problem.
for once the option of physical address and has even a shop where you can find clothing that I've actually designed myself. This is the story from January first police searching for gunmen who fired into car and killed a seven year old. They said the authorities who said the shooting appeared, random and unprovoked were searching Monday for her killer. Seven year old imbalances, a second greater at a Houston area, elementary school and her death in the family car early one morning over the holidays on nerved and perplexed. The community already described the gunman as a white man and his forties, with a beard wearing a red, hooded, sweatshirt and driving around pickup truck the image of a white man. Suddenly, fire out of black family raised questions about what a shooting had been racially motivated, Sheriff Gonzalez said: the authorities had not established a motive and could not discount the possible a hate crime and that's exactly what we saw. Sean king push out urgent all hands on deck. If forty The white man, with a bearded in red pickup, truck, pulled up on seven year old, Jasmine Barnes and her family near used in Walmart and Sean killed and injured others. He said,
who is joining the search for a killer and offered a twenty five thousand dollar reward. The difference between what the authority sad and watch on king said is that shown king but it was definitive a forty year old woman with a beard did this while authority said that was their suspect as it turns out the man in the red pickup truck was seemingly just fleeing for his life. Told We unrelated heard the gunshots and probably was just another witness The Harris County, sheer of twitter account tweeted. Do you recognize this truck? This is the truck of the suspect, who fatally shot seven year old, Jasmine Barnes. Yesterday, night CNN reported that a tip from activists John, can lead police to a suspect in the killing of Jasmine Barnes. As it turns out, it was Eric Black Junior who is now suspected of perpetrating this crime. Want to thank again shown king for his activism and help and raising awareness and the monies that were put forward to be able to generate those calls chickens Alice at the shooting is believed to be a case of mistaken identity. It was still dark.
the morning the shooting occurred Gonzalez pointed out and Jasmines mothers ancestors had just gone through a traumatic experience which could affected their perception of those devastating moments, naturally our people saying the mother is lying. Some people are actually speculating, it was a drug deal gone wrong and that she was friends with this guy on Facebook. Now I can't verify any of that, but it's what people are passing around will take all of that with the grain of salt. What the authorities are putting right now is that it's a case of mistaken identity. Maybe they thought you were someone else fire to occur and a little girl is the one who paid the price now people after arguing that watch on king did with his tweet was a good thing, because it led to a tip that ultimately led to the arrest of the actual suspect keep in mind. This man is still just a suspect and he still innocent until proven guilty. But once again people are just going to assume if you're a suspect you must have done. But the real issue here is that Sean King has repeatedly pushed out false narratives and in some instances actually gotten innocent people, hurt one of the more notorious stories was from May twenty. Fourth, Washington Post said she
She was sexually assaulted by a state trooper. His camera footage shows otherwise the post notes the thirty seven North taxes, woman story was widely shared and social media aided and amplified by social activists. John King, who recently our attention to the New York Times lawyer, who made xenophobic comments about spanish speaking, deploys than your Delhi the system. was not designed to protect us. It was designed to punish ass king wrote in a blog post and for to do anything other than that. We must force it to work on our behalf, but on Tuesday the Texas Department of Safety released nearly two hours of body camera footage that starkly conflicted with calls claims, while parts of the EU are blurred or inaudible to conceal Dixon calls personal information. It shows are being pulled over and asked to take a sobriety test. She's, then handcuffed and transported to the L County jail. Where she's charge, that data be why she was released Sunday night after posting Bond Lee Merit Dixon calls Dallas base attorney apologized for sexual assault claims in a statement ones. They sang the footage conflicted with what was reported.
When, but then, too few months later in July, Sean King tweeted, this out the utter depravity of white premises, proud boys and Trump supports, showing up to disrupt NEO, Wilson's vigil, there's a vigil in Oakland last night, thousands of people showed up and their grieving like including me as family. There there and their grieving a teenager. I mean she is a high school senior was just slash to death and white supremacist in tromp. Hats calling themselves proud boys is a new white supremacist light. The new k K K they just put on like nicer shirts, but it's just the kick a k in a different form with Chow
Patsy show up to disrupt the visual might show up to interrupt people grieving house sick. Do you have to be to show up and interrupt people during their moment of grief? The story pushed by king. was that Prague boys shut up to a vigil for a young woman who was senselessly murder. But in fact that story was fake. Nbc Bay area reported to men detained after dispute during March, remembering Bart stabbing victim the actual story, a crowd of more than one thousand people walked from the Bart station in Oakland too. They make western bar in downtown upland too then deter the alleged all right proud group from promoting its message at the bar and to demand justice for Wilson sometime during the march. The dispute erupted
Tom area and police detained the two men who were later released as they were being taken into custody police at the crowd, became disruptive and also tossed am eighties, although police didn't say whether they threw them officers Sean King pushed, heard twelve hours after this story was reported, claiming it was the proud boys who went to their vigil when, in fact, There was no proud boys meeting at that bar and it was March. That was seeking out the proud boys shocking, has a history of pushing false narratives to play up to this racial narrative. But it's not just shown king. The young Turks did this as well and now the young Turks are deleting the videos they made talking about the store Ryan Saavedra of the daily wire noted, the young Turks are quietly deleting their Youtube videos where they falsely claimed that a white man murdered a seven year old jazz. Barks. He linked to the lady videos and noted that some of them are actually still lie when you go to the young Turks video, your greeted with this message, this video is unavailable.
over the damage report on Youtube with over one hundred thousand subscribe. still has this video active, showing Sean kings, Tweet Genk. Huger of the young Turks responded by saying you have to give Sean King tremendous credit for helping to solve the case and for seeking justice rather than agenda when it turned out initial reports of a white man in a red truck. Doing the shooting were wrong. Will anyone in writing media. Give him credit for following the truth. The question is: do you give someone special credit for doing the bare minimum if you're going to seek justice? The truth is extremely important. John Kings credit, the media sang his tat, helped catch this aspect and he was just repeating essentially what the authorities were saying. But the issue isn't this one time this one instance it's how shocking as repeatedly done this and in some instances hasn't apologize, for putting out false information. So if you're gonna ask me I'd, say no Sean king doesn't deserve credit for following through on this story. He pushed the narrative, it's the only thing he could have done,
he literally did the bare minimum now get him getting involved. Ultimate was a good thing, but I'm not gonna act like you, too. Think special, simply because he follow through on his promise. The rays of the individual doesn't matter at all and he doesn't deserve special credit simply because it turns out the shooter was a black man, but then we have the queen one of the young Turks deleting their videos- and this is an interesting conundrum- was it right or was it wrong, certainly be on the right, are criticising the young Turks and deleting it is the wrong move there trying to cover up evidence essentially, but you have to wonder: is it good? The young Turks have this fake news floating around on the internet, because, even if they tried updating the story with the correct in russian people will still see the embedded videos somewhere else. In my opinion, they should not delete the videos. They should just put an invitation, a card, maybe an end card and change the description and the title saying major uptake: here's the real information. The way I see it is these videos exist at their
on other platforms by updating the information on the story. If someone follows to that video, they might then find the correct information simply deleting it just kind of covers up the embarrassment of pushing fake news and those who are still showing the video won't know exactly what happened. They'll just see the headline which still exists and believe it's true. A bigger story here is the rise of internet vigilant some people want to solve the case on their own, they form a mob online and go after people, and this affects the right and the left. Similarly, Willimot Weak ran the story Portland professional skateboard are receiving death threats after the internet. Falsely identifies him as Anti VA, protester harassing a widow they say, Charlie Wilkins was confusing alarmed by death threats. You woke up to in the morning the professional skateboard who lives in Portland with his wife, a toy says: he's been falsely identified by right wing social media users as an annual protestors who slung hateful Roma a woman during the city's most recent political brought in a video wilkins
himself and posted on he notes. I've been grossly misidentified. I was never at all. just and it's definitely not me my if an eye are now being threatened and harassed. Please help me clear my name and find the real guy. Thank you. I'm not going to give credit to shocking for his involvement, because, even if this one time something good happened, the rise of internet vigilantes and is a terrible thing and Sean King has yet to correct some of the other lies he's pushed out on the internet following the story of the false rape accusation, I made a video where I sat. A shocking was right to apologise and correct the story and in response Sean King actually blocked me on Twitter, even though it wasn't necessarily a direct criticism, and I was giving and respect for opening up to his mistake. It didn't matter. Shonkin now continues to seek out vigilante justice and once again pushed a false narrative, but let me much bigger the commons below and will keep it. Precision going in the end, do you think the good outweighs the batter the vat outweighs the good. In my opinion, I think, on law
vigilantes? I'm is pretty much a bad thing, because I am a firm believer in Blackstone formulation that is better that ten guilty persons go free. Then one innocent person suffers and I mean even if nine perpetrators are captured due to the online Hake Moth, if has at least one person was innocently target because of this and has their life disrupted. That's just not a good thing and we should follow the process to make sure we protect the innocent. But again, let me know if they can the commons below innkeeper conversations going. You can follow me on Twitter gas today, doomed, new videos, everyday four, p m Nobody is on my second channel Youtube: dot com, him news at six p m. Thanks for hanging up and I'll see you all next time,
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