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The Left Is Embracing Fascistic Ideology, Vox Entertains "Socialist Nationalism"

2019-07-20 | 🔗

The Left Is Embracing Fascistic Ideology, Vox Entertains "Socialist Nationalism." Perhaps Vox just made a silly gaffe in suggesting that "Socialist Nationalism" could work, or perhaps they were seriously suggesting that we try what the Germans did, which would be insane.While the gaffe is funny the encroaching fascistic tactics and ideology is not. While far left groups tend not to be nationalist themselves they do endorse a global community perspective which is not to far off from what we saw in WW 2.2020 Democrats have even been embracing some of the more fringe ideological beliefs which can only lead in one direction. While social justice is a good thing to strive for the people who end up pushing the hardest use authoritarian means to get what they want. In the end they adopt a world view of "no truth only power" where they will call everything offensive in an effort to advantage or power.Our society seems to know when the right has gone too far but can't seem to be at all concerned when the left goes too far. If we don't actively call out the ever encroaching left wing identitarianism then nothing will stop it. 

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