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Trump Ukraine Whistleblower Complaint Drops, Delivers on NOTHING, Media Pushed Lies And Fake news

2019-09-26 | 🔗

Trump Ukraine 'Whistleblower' Complaint Drops, Delivers on NOTHING, Media Pushed Lies And Fake news. There it is, the complaint officially drops and proved what most of us knew or suspected. It was based on hearsay and press clippings, it made assumptions and claims without evidence, and most importantly is proven to be incorrect based on the transcript of the call from Trump and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.Democrats put to much on this bet and they are going to lose bad. Already media is pushing fake news and lies to drum up their ratings or to push a political agenda, while others publish fake news because they are just bad at their jobs.In the end the "whistleblower" has no direct knowledge of anything and is just complaining about executive policy. Wile Trump lightly referenced Joe Biden and Hunter Biden he mostly asked about Crowdstrike and 2016 election interference. If it is a crime to investigate corruption because the accused in running for office then how do we actually stop corrupt politicians?In the end however the left and right are divided. Democrats insist this is the proof they need and their allies in media agree. But then we see the fake news, the smears, the retractions, and past statements proven false by the release of the documents.The democrats overplayed their hand and now they will reap the rewards. The media is leading them to the far left and to absurd claims that can't be backed up and as long as they don't stand up to the press they will continue to be led astray.

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