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Trump VS Democrats, National Emergency At The Mexican Border

2019-01-08 | 🔗

Trump CAN Bypass Congress With National Emergency Powers To Build The Wall. In a press conference a few days ago President Donald Trump stated he considered declaring a national emergency to build the wall on the southern border with mexico.He later announced plans to address the nation on issues of national security citing a humanitarian and security crisis at the border.According to NBC News Trump can bypass Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of the Democrats to build the wall with emergency powers and using funds from the department of defense.

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A few days ago, at a press conference reporter asked President Trump. If we consider using emergency powers to bypass Congress and build the wall is response. I have, and I can do it if I want he later said he would address the nation on the issue of immigration and the humanitarian and national security crisis at our southern border. X, called on news networks not to air this message, because Donald Trump is a liar But then later said, that Democrats should be given time to respond. Journalists said they should simply fact check Donald Trump. The reality is whether or not there's a national security on our southern border is entirely in opinion, and it's up to Donald Trump, whether he wants to declare this week they their drug smugglers, human traffickers and gangs coming to the southern border. The left says: it's not really that big of a deal, because the numbers are small, but the right says hey. This actually is a crisis in the past. Democrats have actually supported a border barrier, but it seems, like their position may have chain today. Let's take a look at the issue of national security powers. How the Democrats have changed their opinions and whether or
a border barrier will actually work before we started. Please head over to TIM dot com, slash donate. If you'd like to support my work, there's a donation option? I accept cryptocurrency physical address, there's even a shop where you can buy clothing. I've designed myself following the press conference with Trump NBC News ran. This story fact check what is a national emergency and can Trump declare one to get his wall. Legal experts said it wouldn't be as simple as Trump seem to suggest on Friday, but maybe not totally out of the realm of possibility in two weeks into a partial government shutdown triggered by an impasse over the money. President Donald Trump demanded forest promised border Wall Trump said he could declare a state of emergency and build his wall without congressional approval. I can do it if I want. He told reporters at the White House on Friday. We can call the national emerge
see because of the security of our country. We can do it. I haven't done it I may do it is that true legal experts said it might not be as simple to bypass Congress, which ultimately controls the federal budget as Trump suggests, but not necessarily impossible. Nbc news reported Friday that lawyers from the White House, the Department of Homeland Security and the Pentagon are meeting to discuss whether or not it's doable we're in uncharted territory said University of Texas School of law. Professor Stephen Vladeck in an interview Friday evening. What is a national emergency? A president can declare the country is in a state of national emergency at his discretion. The declaration confers a set of special executive authorities that are designed to give the president the power to effectively handle emergencies such as an outbreak of war
They say that legal experts said Trump could find sure footing by using on obligated money within the Department of Defense's budget, because federal law allows the military to fund construction projects during the war or emergencies. A Pentagon spokesman said in December, twenty eighteen that title ten of the. U S code could give the military the a forty two fund border barrier projects under certain circumstances. The department of Defense has funds in its account that are not typically designated for anything. Congress gives them money and says we don't know what's going to happen over the next year. Here is one hundred billion Harvard LAW school. Professor mark touch net, told NBC News guessing at an approximate funding amount. My instinct is to say that if he declares a national emergency and uses this lot of an appropriated money for the wall he's on a very solid legal ground. Conservatives were quick to point out that the funding Donald Trump is requesting is a tiny fraction of the actual, federal spending bill from Cns news. They say: Trump's, five billion dollar
border wall request, equals zero point. Eleven percent of federal spending. According to the monthly Treasury statement for October, the Office of Management and budget has estimated. The federal government will spend a total of four trillion: five hundred and nine billion six hundred and forty one million dollars in fiscal, two thousand and nineteen, which started on October. First. President Trump is now asking Congress to approve five billion dollars in the fiscal two thousand and nineteen department of Homeland Security appropriation to fund border wall construction along the Us Mexico border that five in dollars. Would equal zero point one one percent of the anticipated total federal spending. They made this very informative graph, which shows that the amount requested doesn't even actually appear because it's so small compared to the actual funding for twenty nineteen. One of the lines pushed by Democrats is that Trump claimed to Mexico would pay for this Trump's response. Well with the new: U S, M C a deal. The new trade agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico we are going to make tons of money into
seventy, which effectively pays for the wall? Trump is using that to say it's effectively being paid for by Mexico. The argument is kind of pointless as far I'm concerned because the U S certainly has more than enough money to fund this border barrier, and many of these Democrats actually voted in favor of a seven hundred mile long border barrier. Only about ten years ago, from Politifact did top Democrats vote for a border wall in two thousand six. They call this half true. Now I'm pretty critical of political act, because the issue isn't whether or not Democrats voted to build a border wall it, which is why they essentially right have true, but whether or not Democrats supported border barriers. You can call it whatever you want. I certainly think it's fair to say that Trump's using the wall rhetoric, it's a bit further than saying a border barrier, but it's true. The Democrats did support a border barrier in two thousand and six Politifact notes: the secure fence act of two thousand and six, which was passed by a republican Congress and sign.
President George W Bush authorized about seven hundred miles of fencing along certain stretches of land between the border of the United States and Mexico. They say: oh, I'm a Clinton, Schumer and twenty three other democratic senators voted in favor of the act when it passed in the Senate by a vote of eighty to ninety. What effect goes on to say that Trump is talking about something. That's much bigger. He says he would need about a thousand miles because of natural barriers, not the complete two thousand. He said it could cost between eight billion and twelve billion, be made of precast, concrete and rice. Thirty five to forty feet or fifty feet or higher experts have repeat Lee told Politico ACT. The differences in semantics between a wall and the fans are not too significant because both block people so Politifact still says. This is half true, but in reality, yes, the Democrats have repeatedly spoken out against illegal immigration and have supported a border barrier in the past, but for some reason now we're hearing from Nancy Pelosi that building a
all is immoral to which representative, Jim Jordan had a somewhat comedic response. He said if Speaker Pelosi thinks the border security wall immoral. Then why do she sponsor legislation to take down the existing wall between San, Diego and obviously he's a bit facetious. You wouldn't expect anyone to vote for that, but he makes a good point. Pelosi said the wall is immoral, but we actually do have walls in certain areas, but the other quest it arises is whether or not there's an actual security crisis on the southern border. Mike Pence tweeted this story for the Washington Post. They say after years of Trump's dire warnings. A crisis has hit the border but generates little urgency. The story set with parts of the federal government shutdown over what has morphed into the defining symbol of Trump's Presidency administration officials are clamoring louder than ever. Only this time they face a bona fide emergency on the border and they're struggling to make the case. There's truly a problem record numbers of migrant
families are streaming into the United States, overwhelming border agents and leaving holding cells dangerously overcrowded with children, many of whom are falling sick to watermelon children taken into US custody died in December. In November. The New York Times ran this story. Record number of migrants in families were apprehended at border last month, and just yesterday left wing publication. Mother Jones says as Washington fights over a wall. A humanitarian crisis is unfolding on America's doorstep. The new Yorker wrote made last year how the humanitarian crisis on the Mexico border could worsen. Now these listing publications are talking about the my great care of an issue: the children who are getting sick and dying. One of the arguments you're from the right is that these migrants are encouraged to come because they know they can get through the border and thus they embark on these danger,
journeys with children and sometimes the children, get sick and die. The laughter then blames customs and border protection which they did. I don't think, that's fair. You know these families are going on dangerous journeys and whether or not you want to empathize with the families is entirely up to you, but they do choose to go on a very dangerous journey and by all means you can find sympathy for these people. But you can't blame c b p, because the children got sick on the hey and died. But now we move on to the question of whether or not border barriers work and it looks like based on evidence around the world. They act surely do for some reason- and I don't know why you have Democrats, the walls don't work. They like to bring up things that aren't really related to what's going on in southern border. They talk about how terrorists are being apprehended in Canada or how they're apprehended from trying to come in on planes or that most illegal immigrants just fly into the United States and overstay their visas, and those things are true, but the,
She was whether or not the wall will stop people from entering from the southern border. You can debate the expense you can talk about whether or not it's going to be effective by all means but the reality is a border wall or fence or whatever you wanna call. It will stop people from crossing over, be there illegal immigrants, drug smugglers, gang members, whatever AWOL works, and we have data to prove it and respond. Some comments and Tucker Carlson check, yourfax dot com, fact check have israeli and hungarian border walls proven remarkably effective fox host across and claim that in Israel and hungry walls have proven remarkably effective at controlling, who crosses the border during a Thursday segment citing Israel's and hungry is border wall initiatives. Carlson suggested that President Donald Trump's campaign promise to build a wall on the? U S, Mexico border could effectively stem illegal immigration. That's why Democrats oppose a wall on our border crossing continued, not because it won't work, but precisely because it will worked their verdict, true
migration data confirm Carlson's claims. The erection of border wall successfully brought down on wanted migration into both Israel and hungry. The first graph they show on check your fact is illegal immigration into Israel. They say there were a total of forty. Two attempted or successful illegal border crossings in twenty fourteen a year after the walls, completion down at ninety nine point: five percent from over ten thousand and twenty twelve a year before the walls. Completion hungry, experienced a similar problem with unwanted migration began in twenty fourteen. Following several political and humanitarian crises across the Middle EAST and North Africa, flows of refugees and migrants into the European Union searched Hungary's strategic position as the gateway to wealthy pro refugee. Western Europe from the Balkans, placed on new stress on the central European Country's society and government public come Gary police state of matter flows only stretch back to January. Twenty
fifteen when the refugee crisis was already underway, but the data demonstrate a clear trend of surging migration after March two thousand and fifteen, and we see something similar. A massive spike just enter two thousand and fifteen of nearly one hundred and forty thousand people, but after they erected a barrier, it falls nearly twenty at least relative to where we were according to Wikipedia. In a section on the hungarian border wall, it says impact of the number of illegal immigrants entering hungry attempted border entries have fallen since the barrier was constructed during the month of September, two thousand and fifteen. There was a total of one hundred and thirty, eight thousand three hundred and ninety six migrant entries and within the first two weeks of November, the average daily number of intercepted my rents decreased to only fifteen, which is a daily reduction more than four thousand five hundred. So here's what I can say. We know that border barriers work. Does it mean it will stop all immigration? No does it mean it will stop all drug smuggling and human trafficking and gang activity? No, absolutely not. We know that
as exist, but the reality is as far as it goes with border crossings and the nearly forty or fifty thousand we've seen at its peak in some months. It will likely determine those people from embarking on these journeys and it will likely stop them from entering the country. So, yes, border barriers, work. If you want to debate the price, the cost of building the wall and maintaining it by all means, I think that is a more reasonable discussion to be having because well that's a real issue. Are we gonna have to continue to fund maintaining the wall? The other question is: why do the Democrats kind of flip on their positions? How is Nancy Pelosi? Thank it's immoral. When Democrats have voted for the past, I guess it's fair to say you can involve on these issues, but critics from the right states, because Democrats are hoping to nationalize these people so that they
we vote Democrat. I don't know if that's necessarily true, I think it's just tribalism. I think the reason the Democrats are opposing the border barrier is because it's one of Trump's core promises. They want to make sure that Trump can't keep that promise, because they don't want him to win in twenty twenty twenty twenty will come around and they will rub it in Trump's, face and say he couldn't deliver, and that's why I think Trump is willing to declare a national emergency to get it done because he refuses to back down. I gotta say: if Democrats think Trump will back down there. Nuts I've talked about it before Trump is willing to shut the government down for months to years. At least that's what he's saying to get the job done. Or maybe he will just declare a national emergency to make it happen, but either way. Let me know what you think in the comments below and keep the conversation going. The national address from Trump is going to be airing the night. I filmed this video, but many people will probably watch this after the fact. So let me know what you think about. What's going on will see if Trump can actually pull off building the wall. For me, I kinda don't.
Care one way or the other, but I think it makes sense have a border barrier, especially when democrats of support in the past, I think tribal, was getting in the way. Do you agree comment below will keep the conversation going? You can Call me on twitter at ten cast stay tuned, new videos every day, four hundred pm and olive, more videos on my second channel Youtube: dot com, Slash TIM cast news starting at six hundred pm thanks for hanging out- and I will see you all
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