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Vox Host Tries Starting Adpocalypse Because Youtube Hasn't Banned Steven Crowder

2019-06-04 | 🔗

Vox Host Tries Starting Adpocalypse Because Youtube Hasn't Banned Steven Crowder. Carlos Maza of VOX is upset that Steven Crowder has used mean words and mocked him in his Vox rebuttal videos. In response to his complaints Youtube said they would be investigating Steven Crowder.After several days the far left media Host continued the pressure by giving interviews and targeting youtube as a platform. In his latest interview he goes straight for the advertisers.He goes on to say that youtube has no control over its platform and advertisers will have their content appear on questionable videos. A tactic, it would seem, designed to trigger an Adpocalypse that will hurt every youtube creator not just Steven Crowder.But why now? Interestingly VOX has not been doing well, they recently reported that their evaluation as a company is likely down and switched to focusing on part time works and contractors. Considering digital media as a whole isn't doing too well this could be a sign that Vox is in trouble. It sure is convenient then that Vox host Carlos Maza decided to launch his campaign against Crowder and then shift to targeting advertisers, a move that will be very helpful to digital media outlets.

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