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Why News Sites Propagate Angry Feminism

2018-07-10 | 🔗
News Companies know that women share more content than men, use social media more, and that people are primarily motivated to share if something makes them angry.Many news sites seem to push stories that would make women feel like victims. The reason may be simple, it will generate shares and make them money.

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Many people feel like activists, have infiltrated the news media and that many of these organizations are pushing a feminist progressive agenda and while it be true that there are activists in media and they do often push a feminist, progressive or left wing agenda. There are different reasons for it I'll admit: absolutely activist journalist exist, they will smear people for ideological reasons. They will lie for ideological reasons, but let me tell story about marketing a few year, so I was talking to a marketing consultant ask them. Why was it so many of these companies, these new digital media companies, are feminist and progressive, and he said, there's a You simple reasons for one women share more than nine that's a fact. It's true and reason people share for the most part is if something makes them feel, and not only that anger is the most likely to get someone to share content.
It means making women angry is your best path to generating revenue. And it would seem that a lot of the state of might actually be true. So, let's look at the data. Does it actually show that women are more likely to share content that angry women are more likely to share content and that's the case is this is why so many news organizations are progressive feminists. Before we get started head over to patrison dot com, Slash TIM cast to become a patron and help support my work. This is my job and, if you like, videos on you like more on the ground reporting, then please consider becoming a patron at whatever level you feel comfortable today to help me continue doing this work a couple days, though I did a story on this article from Buzzfeed. It says the accused the headline AIDS, vulnerable women are routinely prosecuted and imprisoned for false rape claims. In the UK, the story is pretty defensive, of women who have been proven to have filed false,
great claims. In one instance, phone records proved a man could not have committed these the woman is said to have hurt herself and I had to wonder why is Buzzfeed defending convicted criminals, and I start thinking that, maybe it's because the goal is to paint women as victims, so that women will share the content. Thinking back to the story, I was told by those marketing consultants. So, let's look at some of this data. A website called social media explore. Take it with a grain of salt, I'm not familiar with their work, and this could be speculation, but they do a lot of information about why people share the first section is the gender gap with then share more than men, especially on a daily basis, as far as and see, if sharing thirty percent, of report sharing content at least once a day with seven out of ten of those women sharing multiple times a day. Meanwhile, half of reported sharing multiple times a week, but only five out of ten as men share on a daily basis. Ultimately, women are twenty
percent more likely to share content more than once a day it compared with money. But why are both gender? sharing content. In the first place, men are less diversified in their share provisions for both men and women I reason for sharing is overwhelmingly to entertain their friends with interesting content well over half of site entertainment as the main reason we? it came in nearly twenty percent lower. So just and more diversified in their primary motivations compared with men. Women were twenty two percent more likely to expressing themselves to their friends with things they care about, and thirty, seven percent, more likely to cite eliciting an emotional response from their network as primary sharing motivation. To put it plainly, Women are much more likely to share the nine and they thirty seven percent more likely to share because someone elicited an emotional response. So is it any surprise, then, that media companies are going to crank
out story after story, painting women as victims and pandering to things that will make women angry in order to get them to share something that makes them or so these women can show. This is what they care about. Brand has a story from March 25th, two thousand and fourteen who, Runs the social media, world men or women women use social media. More often, thirty kind of online USA. Women check their social site several times a day versus twenty six percent of on line US men, women like with brands more often fifty five, of online USA, women access deals compared to just thirty six percent of online US men. Fifty percent of those who consume news in social media are women. Let me repeat this: fifty eight percent of those who consume news in social media are women. Two very important data points that women are primary demographic that consumes news on social media. So if you
we're starting a news company who are you going to make content for men or women? Well, if you target women, your demographic will be larger, but well, he is important is that women interact with brands more often fifty five percent versus only thirty six percent of men. What does that mean? advertisers will be more interested in articles that target women than they do men, because their click through rate likely be higher among women, it is possible these brands. These companies will make more money if they produce content targeting women heading over to Q. Internet research gives us a with more data. Women use Facebook more than men. They use Instagram more than men. They are equal on Linkedin, which is disoriented, but they are still more active on twitter social media sites. Facebook is the most important this story from August eighteen, two thousand and fifteen Facebook
has taken over from Google as a traffic source for news. The article from fortune sites parsley, which shows that face is the largest driver of traffic to news websites surpassing Google, and all more recently that may have flipped this story. From Re Code, Google is replacing facebooks traffic to publishers. It's important to realize that Facebook is still one of the largest sources of traffic for these news websites. Many of these it's already have search engine optimization to make sure that if you search on Google, you will find their new site, but even if Facebook is waning in terms of dominance for driving traffic to their site, there's only going to have prioritize getting shares in order to get those views, in which case this women being the primary sharers of information being the primary users of social media. They are going to be the likely target for many news organizations,
Looking at the American Marketing Association website, we can see this article from August of twenty seventeen. What makes online content viral research shows it's anger, shock and awe. They say content. That triggered certain emotions was especially likely to go viral, specifically content that made angry was the most likely to go viral with a thirty four percent greater chance than average contact that was all inspiring with second at thirty percent, greater than average content that inspired feelings of sadness. As the researchers predicted was less likely to go viral, actually, thirteen percent below average. So there's the data not only do women share more than men. Not only are they more active on most social media, especially where it matters they are more likely to share if something makes them feel or to show with their friends and family what they care about and when we look data that says anger is the most likely emotion to get someone to share. It is
unsurprising that so many news organizations are producing content to piss women off the results can be fairly obvious. This story from VOX dot com. Just let Republicans, have a millennial women problem nearly Seventy percent of young women say they are leaning toward democratic candidates in the mid terms now Fox Sites Pew Internet Research, and they show us this graphic by a wide margin. Young women favor the democratic candidates in there just and we can see among ages. Eighteen to thirty, four women are sixty eight percent. Credit can only twenty four percent republican, whereas men forty seven percent, democratic and fifty percent republican. Now men are pretty evenly split, but they do lean towards republican and women. Overwhelmingly. Being democratic. The trend is fairly similar among ages, thirty five to forty nine, but the gap is a bit lower for women with fifty two percent of women being democratic and thirty six percent being republic.
Although the numbers are fairly similar for men, but it would seem that, among just thirty five to forty nine. Some men don't move over to the Republicans, but probably go third party, because they're nearly ten points down on the I'm side. We want to ask me why I think today millennial men lean Republican, a little bit an women well, lean democratic, a few reasons: a lot of content, degrades men size that their oppressors that they toxic and things like that, when a young man reads that he's probably going to get angry or offended and be put off. This is not going to make them share. The con because it's not something they care about, not only that I don't really share that often because they care they share entertain their friends. So, in fact, what we see is bubbles forming where men are getting angry, that they're being attacked, and really want to share this kind of stuff anyway, and women do share this because they feel like they're being attacked and they care about
when more and more women share some of the same content and more media companies realize their biggest demographic is going to be angry. When they're going to produce more content to target this demographic just creating a downward spiral of angrier angaran more extreme content. To the point where I honestly don't think it's not surprising to see most millennial, women lean left, I would Pedia there's an article called gender and emotional expression. It says Any psychologists reject the notion that men actually experience emotions less frequently than women. Instead, researchers have suggest that men exhibit restrictive, emotionality restricted, motion refers to a tendency to inhibit the expression of certain emotions, and unwillingness to self disclose intimate feelings, I'm not a psychologist and an expert basically getting my thoughts and opinions based on the facts that I've read and the things I've been told throughout the past several years. But when I read this it says to me is when a man is attacked on social media.
He is less likely to share it for many reasons I've already outlined, but also when we consider that men experience restrictive emotionality they don't want to share certain things that make them feel certain ways. They are even less likely to share content that attacks or system? If someone shares an article, insulting women, they'll post it arguing and fighting back, In my opinion, many men don't want to share things because they either don't want to look weak or they feel like it. Won't I am in any way to look like someone who's complaining, not only that when men do bring up stories about how they are facing adversity, they're called man. These they're insulted their insult I'm are raised and in cells and other things like that, what incentive does a man have to actually share content that makes them angry? Which brings me back to the first story? I referenced Buzzfeed NEWS, the accused. Why do I think Buzzfeed would defend convicted criminals who falsely, accused men of rape, putting them in prison because it will make women feel, like VIC,
the article says at least two hundred women in the UK have been prosecuted for lying about being raped in the past decade. According to Buzzfeed NEWS analysis of press reports, Most of these women were sent to prison dozens of them with sentences of two years or more, yet the article calls them vulnerable. I wonder why I've worked for these comp I've seen some of the stuff and action I've talked to people in marketing departments. They typically believe this to be the case. I don't all of this is the sole reason for what we're seeing in media, but I do think that the more they produce content yes, they're more they're going to produce people who are ideologically in line with his these ideas. I personally believe that media started down this track to make money they've out that these articles get shares, and this is what they need to do if they want to succeed. But by doing so they created a class of individuals who actually believe a lot of this insane rhetoric? Ideas like gender wage gap, which has been debunked time and time again persists. Why? Because it will make women angry
they'll share the contact. Thus, young people grow up believing it to be true, then start working for these companies, and they have thus created a cycle of delete DIS eat you. Let me know what you think in the comments below will keep the conversation going. Stick around I've got new videos every day. Four hundred pm you can follow me on Twitter at TIM cast and if you want to hear more ranty short news, videos check out youtube dot com, Slash TIM cast NEWS, my second channel or video starting at six pm. Thank you all so much watching dude- and I will see you next time.
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