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Woke Media Hit With MORE Layoffs, Gawker Relaunch CANCELED, Leftist Media Faces Collapse

2019-07-31 | 🔗

Woke Media Hit With MORE Layoffs, Gawker CANCELED, Companies Facing Collapse. Many of these news outlets chased after the algorithm and used woke identity politics and far left social justice rhetoric to make money. They hired people who eschew standard journalist ethics and push mission driven storytelling as they call it. These people are basically activists not journalists and at Vox, Carlso Maza has even advocated throwing milkshakes at people.This plan worked in the short term but led to long term losses as these companies struggle to stay relevant. Total media layoffs this year are around 3,200 and that is not just in digital.I believe the goal of the news should be to present facts and let the people form their own opinions but most sites inject opinion either because they have no standards, don't care, and are just trying to get clicks they can sell.They write endlessly about the short comings of republicans and Trump and often run defense for far left democrats. In one story from Vox they took a quote from Trump and then claimed he said the exact opposite. Many of these activists in media know people will only glance at the news and not dive in.In what may be the biggest Get Woke Go Broke to date, digital media companies that brought in hundreds of millions or more in investment are continuing to fail. Woke News Goes Broke

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