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Yellow Vests Escalate, Experts Warn Populism DESTROYING The EU

2019-01-26 | 🔗

Yellow Vests Escalate, Experts Warn Populism DESTROYING The EU. As we enter "Acte 11" of the Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes) protest in France the question arises as to whether this is the beginning of the end of the European Union.Many experts, even George Soros, have said we are witnessing the collapse of the European union before our very eyes as populism takes hold in several EU member states.The narrative was made ever more dire when 30 historians and Nobel laureates penned an op-ed for numerous papers begging people to reject the populist narrative.But with the rise of the yellow vests protest and the expansion of nationalist parties one can only assume the experts are right and we are seeing the beginning of the end of the EU

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The other vests protest has kicked off its eleventh weekend in France, and some of the images are pretty devastating. We seem cars on fire. In one instance, the protesters almost pulled a come out of his vehicle. Now many people believe at populism is a really really bad thing for Europe. We recently signed up ad, where a bunch of scholar Nobel Laureates wrote that effectively. Europe is collapsing before our eyes due to populism I'm not trying to say that the yellow best is necessarily an entirely a populist movements, but many people have like in this too. That's. Why had to wonder if what we are seeing from the yellow vests, resisting Macrones policy, international policy. Could this be a sign that populism is rising up and the common folk, the middle class, are worth using to abide by the rules of the European Union. The spell the end of the European Union at least Any scholars think so grave was taken, The latest news coming to the elements, protests and then look at some of the commentary from the experts
so why this could be really really bad news for the EU. We had started major. You follow me on minds: dot com slashed him cast recently. It was announced that you too was changing its algorithm and now people are saying they no longer see certain videos in their fields, as a sort of backup I've got another channel where I'll, actually posting other content and that's gonna, be on minds. You'll also notice. I no longer have the twitter logo because I just don't like twitter, but let's get to the news: french, Yellow US protest March through Paris, keeping pressure on mccrone protesters, marched through Paris and other, french cities on Saturday on the eleventh weekend of action against the government, suggesting President Emmanuel Mccrone has yet to defuse public opposition to some of these policies. The protests named after the fluorescent jackets french motorists are required to care in their cars, began in MID November over plans to raise fuel taxes before developing into a broader revolt against the government. That mobilized tens of thousands of demonstrators nation wide each Saturday in one of several March is planned in the capital. A few hundred demonstrators headed
down the council is a famous avenue that has been the scene of protests every weekend and to the best deal square on the other side of the city and a change of approach. Some protesters have also called for an even gathering dub yellow night, due to start at five p m at republics, where a common value for demonstration in Paris as on the last Saturday's in the capital. The demonstrations were mostly peaceful, in contrast to the violence in December, the worst trouble of its kind in decades in Paris. Something interesting happens in the new cycle where, even though these protests keep happening, people eventually get bored and stop talking about it, but we have seen some commentary talking about the populist aspects of the yellow, vast protest. Now I think it's kind of unfair
or to assign a political ideology to the group, because we ve seen many different political ideologies coming out of the olive US protests. It's not really about politics for the most part, it's kind of about class. But then you have to recognise that at a middle class level it's kind of populist from CNN Mccrone vowed to fight the populists now he's being engulfed by them. The story from just couple weeks ago, when french President Emmanuel Mccrone one the presidential election in May twenty. Seventeen beating Marine Le Pen, the leader of France's far right national front, the markets heaved a sigh of relief, the populist way that had led to the United Kingdom too
to leave the European Union and that propelled Donald Trump. The White House appears to have been stopped, at least in France, Mccrone, embraced this victory and presented himself as the new leader of the free world, a champion of a newly unfashionable multilateralism, globalist vision, having changed the french political landscape with his candidacy, which he ran on the independent ticket on Marsh Mccrone, promised to fix Europe fight climate change, stand up to the U S and take on the populists gaining ground. Elsewhere in the EU, so it's perhaps surprising they should have been so slow to see the populace threat growing from within story says some yellow vast have already decided to go into politics themselves and are now preparing candidacy lists for the european elections. Dismay and Ipsos Pole, ordered by Macrones Party, showed those candidate could potentially went about. Twelve percent of the vote, mainly at the expense of the
right and far left Mccrone, has long warned that it expects the pole to be decisive for the future of Europe. Le Pen's far right party is currently leading voting intentions in France, other european populists, many of them euro sceptics are also expected to do well in maize election now, another populist force looks set to enter the European Parliament becoming a new force and feature of the political landscape in France. Far from putting an end to the populist wave Mccrone appears to have overseeing its expand. And that's the narrative that leads us to this story. Just the other day in the guardian Europe, coming apart before our eyes, say thirty. Top intellectuals, group of historians and writers publish manifesto warning against the rise of populism, the group of writers, historians and Nobel laureates declared in a manifesto published in several newspapers, including the guardian, that Europe as an ideal Coming apart before our eyes, we mean
now. Will Europe or perish beneath the waves of populism? The document reads: we must rediscover political voluntarism or accept that result. Hatred and the protection of sad passions will surround and submerged ass. They write of their regret that Europe has been abandoned from across the channel an oblique reference to the drawn up breaks it process that has arguably brought Anglo european relations to their lowest point. Since the and World war, and they say that unless efforts are made to combat a rising tide of populism, the EU elections will be the most calamitous that we have ever known. Victory for the wreckers disgrace, for those will still believe in the legacy of Erasmus Dante, Goethe and commend disdain for intelligence and culture explosions of xenophobia and anti Semitism. Disaster abandoned from across the channel and from across the Atlantic by the two great allies when the previous century say
twice from suicide, vulnerable to the increasingly overt manipulations of the master of the Kremlin. Europe, as an idea as will and representation, is coming apart before our eyes. The tax Reed's pro Europeans no longer have a voice, they say we meet, sound the alarm against the arsonists of soul and spirit that from Paris to Rome, with stops in Barcelona, Budapest in Vienna or Warsaw, are playing with fire of our freedom. One thing I find particularly fascinating about this story is that there is not one perspective on what's happening in Europe. Not a yell of US protesters are clearly upset, they keep protesting, but the populists by their happy and it's not like you could just call populist individuals, racist or evil, many of them, in fact art. But the prediction of the european Collapse is not a new concept. Back in May business, insight or published this story, George Soros warns. The European Union is on the brink of collapse and Trump is partly to blame. The Europe
the union is mired in an existential crisis. Soros wrote in a blog for project syndicate for the past decade. Everything that could go wrong has go wrong. Soros effectively argues that some in the block, has moved so far away from its founding goals. At the EU, no longer sustain itself in its current state. There is no longer any point in ignoring the reality that a number of European Union member countries have explicitly rejected the EU goal of ever closer Union Soros. Eta the sentiment, was mirrored only about a month later. This from the Express EU is weakest world power historians as EU facing collapse. Over next decade. British historian and little commentator Nile Ferguson envisaged an apocalyptic future for the EU drawn a similarity with the Holy Writ Empire and then another story and the express this one from December and of Eu Brussels in
vulnerable position, and this could prove fatal predicts export. The European Union could soon face collapse because of the weak and vulnerable position. The volatility of the euro and clashes with member states have created european export incursions claim current said to the express the EU is in a weak and vulnerable state if their war, for example, a new financial crisis, which law so people are speculating might be on the horizon. I think that would be enough to destroy the single currency does that happen in the next six months. Does it happened three years from now five years from now I d Now my analysis would be if the European Union is in its current state and its arranged. As for managing the Euro zone are in their current state and a financial crisis happens, the single currency wouldn't survive it, and that leads me to ultimately to breaks it. Admittedly, I dont know too much about breaks it or why so many people in great Britain wanted to separate from the European
but there are some issues I can understand article eleven and article thirteen. For instance, many people have taken opposition to this effectively where they want to put a content filter all over the internet in the European Union, and thus, I have seen many well, who live in United Kingdom saying hey? Maybe we don't want any part of that? when you see story after story talk him on a collapse of their currency? How they're not going survive the wave of populism threatening Europe. Why wouldn't anyone vote to leave the European Union I'm actually surprise. There are more people in the UK who want to remain in the EU after we ve seen all these stories now? Look. I've highlighted a few select stories talking about the yellow, vast, the rise of populism and why many experts are predicting doom for the EU, but it doesn't mean anything it's true. These are just select stories and I'm trying to explore this particular idea entirely possible. There's a million other story saying no everything's fine, but I want to point
but there are many voices, not just one, including George Soros, who are saying dire. Straits for the EU are coming. When can you really blame those in the UK who want to leave the European Union honestly? I can't but the latter, I really want to address is the idea. The yellow, fasts protests spreading because the truth is there technically, not though Energy is spreading, the issues are still very different, but maybe the core is that at its root, their populist protests, though interposed ran this story. Egypt banned the same, of yellow, thus, are the french protest spreading? Ultimately, this is the point they make that democracy protest do now tend to spread. We argue because they are, domestic issues that are generally unrelated to what is happening in their countries. Democracy, protest, tension rise when elections, economic crises and other events within the country focus on the public's existing anger about political, social or economic grievances, prompting collective action in general protests in neighbour
countries do not provoke new discontent in other countries, nor do they. Bring people together on behalf of existing discontent. In fact, most him. Pussy protests are small short, lived, repressed and unsuccessful and are thus poor. Models were protests in other countries, but they do say that even if protest on spread their symbols and strategies might, although democracy, protests and anti government protest do not and to other countries in general, their symbol, strategies and tactics can by wearing, yellow vests activists outside France have been able to make their protests appear to be part of a larger movement attracting more international. Domestic attention, the egyptian government's decision to ban all of us may not be absurd after all, but many of these protesters have made demands, including anti muslim demands in Germany that are very different from those in France. These non french protests were often triggered by events within their own countries and sometimes even began before their french counterparts in Bulgaria. The so called yell of US protests again
fuel prices began a week before those in France, protests only began wearing, yellow vests after they had become iconic in France in Iraq, protests against unemployment, corruption and poor public services have been going on for months before iraqi protesters began sporting yellow. Last December if we are witnessing a yellow, thus wave, it is not a wave of unified protests. Rather, it is a spread of the symbols. I am not a big fan of the Washington Post, but I have to agree. The issues in these countries are rather different, but I think what we are actually seeing is just a wave of populist protests, people who think their governments aren't representing them. I don't think it's fair to say the protests art spreading necessarily because people have you meet. Causes in their specific region, and essentially the yellow, vest protest, inspire similar, populist protests again the issues may be different, but also think it is fair to point out many of these just started before the olive asked. But if people do take.
ET symbol and use it, it will spread their message and people will say: hey Maybe this is something larger or at the very least it highlights. The mass discontent in many different countries now does this mean the end of the European Union? Honestly, I don't know, but I will say there are many experts who have said as much, and maybe that could be the case. It's gonna be really just come made with the next EU elections and with Russia going so let me know, The comments below keep a conversation going more of an analysis piece on what it means for the olive asked. Do you Nearly all of us protest are really about populism, or is it simply that France protests in this kind of happens come up a little The conversation go on. You can follow me on vines, tax, TIM Gas- so am I Andy S. Calm slashed him guest I'll, have more videos on this channel, starting tomorrow at four p m and more videos on my second channel starting at six p M banks rang out- and I will see you all next time-
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