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Amplify Your Strengths | Todd Herman on alter egos, secret identities and how to get out of your own way

2017-02-24 | 🔗

There are critical moments in all of our lives that could potentially be great opportunities for growth and expansion -- any high stakes situation such as an interview, a pitch, an important meeting. However, so many of us aren’t prepared to take advantage of those opportunities because we lack the tools and skills necessary to execute when we need it most. And ultimately, we miss out on what could be life-changing moments, and we end up not living up to our potential.

In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, we sit down with performance coach and advisor, Todd Herman. Todd is the Founder of The Peak Athlete, a mental toughness training & sports science research company, advising Pro & Olympic athletes for over 18 years. He’s also creator of 'The 90 Day Year' Program, a goal achievement system used by athletes, entrepreneurs and companies like, Shell, Goldman Sachs, Cisco Systems and Government agencies around the world. The Boston Herald has called him "A Sports Training Superstar" and he’s also the author of the forthcoming book - The Alter Ego Effect: How The World’s Top Performers Use Secret Identities To Win In Sport, Business & Life.

Todd discusses just why we have a hard time adapting to high-pressure situations, and delves into the power of alter egos - or what he refers to as “secret identities” - and how they allow us to magnify certain parts of our personality when we need it most. Because we have the capacity to create who we want to be, in any situation, and we have the potential to reach any of our goals - as long as we learn how to get out of our own way.

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