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BONUS | 6 things Tony is doing to take charge of his businesses

2020-05-05 | 🔗

Business owners are a special breed – determined, resolved. The embodiment of self-reliance and self-determination. But it takes more than just these traits to be successful, especially right now. 

In this special bonus episode, you’ll hear the six things that Tony is doing to take charge of his own businesses to defy the odds and emerge from this challenge with certainty and strength.

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Business centres are especial breed, their determined resolved, the embodiment of self reliance and self determination, but it takes more than just these traits to be successful, especially right. Now in this special bonus episode, you'll hear the six things? That Tony is to take charge of his own businesses to defy the odds and emerge from this challenge with certainty and strength. Here's tunny everybody study, rabbits, this guy's, and now this is incredibly tough time for all of us and our goal. Imagine as a business or a kind of stresses you under cause people stress from the fear of the credit by us. They got stress, worry about your family up in having the kids at home, and then you have all your employees, your business, your clients in everything else of the first time in history, we literally shut down the world economy, so you know what's going on. I just wanted to see if we can offer you some help in some solutions every single day,
have you no up one point: three: five million people die of car accident. Thirty two hundred people die every day. We all stop bribing cause. Other people could injure ass. They do every day they gradually aligns happens, but what keeps us going is were born with faith. I mean religious faith. I mean faith, the ability of certainty, in spite of the uncertainties in the world. There is uncertainty every day, more crossing it by a car driver demonstrates sixty seventy five miles an hour and willing to buy new from a crazy is illegal. Yellow dotted lie, you know every day, people lose it and cross over and Elsa bodies and people do they fall asleep. Some people ducas, you know there must have been the ads. Are people do it, because our text thing right, you're, sort of apples, every single back, thirty Jonah people today, but we don't say we're, never gonna drive because we can urge each other or how do we do say we're going to run your business with faith with a sense of certainty. Even though the world's uncertain you gotta bring met fort. That's what makes you a leader and the way you do that if, as you know the consequence of not doing that, if I am not willing to have favoured
that would have certainly, even though every day somebody could kill me, but I have to say a woman, do nothing which is basically where we heard Eliza businesses right now so face. We happy ability, but we use it because we know the alternative is to have no life, and so we're going to go back to work and live soon. Benighted rivers gonna go back with the same, and so what I really want to do here is maybe just give you a six week. Will items to think about his triggers contribute I'm doing all my companies does. I have you not fifty four companies, twelve, I actively managed and everything from a I companies to resort in Fiji to the OECD Football Club are analysed. Did you like soccer team, I'm just like that's one example. Here we have a team on one of the owners and we have received that's been cancelled. So imagine you have all the same over at huge, incredibly successful king mass number employees, you both all new stadium,
no tickets, health, we were selling out every night. Twenty two thousand people know ticket sales, no tv revenues, no sponsors, and all the over. So I know many you're. Doing that same thing, refugee number, one sort in the country been sold out forever. Mill plain flights are going, though, even though it has been no cases of death in Fiji. The rest, the world's redoubts, would stop the tuna deploys there. So I want you to know I'm not talking at you like somebody like China pump you up, I get it, but what you and I have to do is really be created. We gotta think things in a new way and right now are you can't be at work, perhaps with your boys. Now is the time for you to figure out what to do and how to adapt. As we don't know, what's going to happen, the focus on what are due to be six week, items and omitted to mention just a couple of examples. People are already adapting and growing their business isn't a little a time when one of their competitors are shrinking. So I want to give you a quick little check was six simple pay. But I'm doing is my way of how to work with all the companies. I work with to say what
we deal with this issue. The first one is gotta to that he dumped he's. Not going to put back together again at least not the same way, A lot of people are super optimistic that we're gonna go back to work Everyone's gonna just go back to the way they work of urine movie business and people have been out of Babylon movies, not people who, once in a while, but their businesses, based on moviegoers people go to report times a month. Everybody outweighs the man at the business world. An old legend networks during this time and given all the way from that, have it and now they're spreadsheet. If I go out a thermostat stance on gonna some of the people, is he talking about putting people initially? Sixty apart we're gonna go to a with your date sitting six nearby, so you have to think differently insane Ok, how will the world change and how do we adapter that one of the things that we can do right now to prepare for it before we go back to work.
That were ready for that, but you can't do that if you're just gonna be overly optimistic, you also the overly pessimistic? What you wanted you stop. Do you got another numbers right now, more than ever. Most entrepreneurs have personally understanding of their numbers will account. It must be more, cannot see. A bogus vehicles are expensive, deep financial answer, no say you and you don't raker up ten percent of profit. Twenty percent profit somebody just long enough to come here. You go, I'm twenty percent where's the cash and cash in transport. About the same thing. Profit is an accounting principle concept: gas here's, what you business lives off. She got a million members, you gotta call it tight me just like you going over graduate gonna be perfectly the same in your own, get the world's over Then you won't do anything you'll just give up you'll be out of business. Similar numbers, you wanna, pretended tat same overly optimistic you, be pessimistic that you can do the job, but you have to figure out
we're the holes are, will the experts where well, you don't have to cut too I therefore they get to thrive again, and these are top positions which is the third snap at all. Companies I'm executive, you gotta make itself positions mental because I'll be harder did you later on you gotta kill them all. Very little, handle the Germans loads really there as well It is all of us are paid to make the tough decisions an easy decision. Anyone can make, because the answer is obvious: you're not gonna be wrong, but when it comes to tough decisions, That's the most people look to someone else to tell them what did it and that's right away? you people, I'm you have you see those all kinds of people in this environment, giving guarantees looking back as we ve been talking, but the ones oh, my god, you're, not listening to these- people want you gotta, be critically, you gotta, listen to them and ask questions. You gotta, compare the slats scene, genuine business. You gotta meet the tough decisions. What's gonna be cut, what's gonna be change where you gonna go? What can you do to adapt
these things happen earlier now, three weeks ago, its weeks now, whenever, because we end up getting back to work eight weeks now, whatever it's gonna be fourth get out, you know I have a lot of steel in this area. I'm sure you do too, but I'm constantly itching at the leaders we've been through this No, I didn't know long enough percent inflation back, making eighteen eight, seventy nine trotter. Now so you can drive my my These are real. They little try, blacks and was eighteen percent so how'd you manage that. You know you talk to people that do the nineteen eighty seven grass, it was shorter than anything. I want two thousand one with you, the tent a boy on nine eleven two thousand and eight. It's really gonna talk to people who have succeeded tough times they give you different perspective, interviewing those and I'll, be sending out supply gas related. Some of their messaging bore you coming forward, but you want to get out. You wanted eastern solutions and maybe use what we call test the smoke works. Scarlet is here:
say? Ok, for example, in one of our businesses that some of you related, you would say they are similar business. Are we had trouble some people in San Jose. Then we heard about two thousand people were afraid and will give more money back and he had still not a ten thousand illegal for, but the gutter one. Let us go forward. You know they made we're not gonna. Do this large groups do not bring the matter, so we had to reschedule be about over the summer. Would you done, but in the meantime like them, some are business. We decide decent, tacitly smell entire unleash the power within about to give you an idea in virtual reality, and we tested it with a group by fifty g watching in a small room. So it can be said. Wait it out and so forth and got extraordinary results. Do we want to get it out as a way of delivering had now, but are we Judy. I just so now is the time, the tests and plans
suddenly nor businessmen reprogramming. Two thousand eight. We get out that our businesses and it became just it- was a task needed. No idea would get as big as it is now, one of the most powerful ways that we are able to touch me and then finally, you need to get yourself. In a beautiful state anybody's telling anybody anything other than the religion they ve been time or the things to get better with a psychology, you can't leave from that place. You can all We need other people in the place of Morphia, but if you your own together in the wrong way and get yourself in a beautiful state it doesn't mean it's like everything. Perfect uneasy, just finding a good it and I'm all well you're home with your family. You find a way to deep. Some of those relationships, even though be environment, might be stressful learning. Get yourself as a way to learn how to take care of your help like strangely hardest idle dream alive, because I've never had the Swedes that he's off am I six months starting in July God. Willing will be really normally do in a year, so one thing
my boy, good, my body in my mind or tied together. They aren't you too. So looking for people to celebrate a worse off than you are, will put your challenge and respect. It adds a chance. Change all the habits. This is the time to assess We find a way to add more valued. Your points out to sea How can you more suppliers and other than before? What do for my clients at this time I remember and two thousand eight when my friends Maxine Overdene in LAS Vegas and LAS Vegas was shutting down again. The business NASH mean very bright, This man is noted, as NATO saying now is the time of you over deliver for your clients now the only one which adds winter is in France or Germany how bad it is somewhat yours alone. Some are short and spring always follows what follows the night, the bank. This is not forever. It will be in some people's heads near to be prepared for them if you're a small business owner and have questions about cleaning your share of the government, benefits, apply for loans and keep your employees and survive, and even
I'd in this new economy. We should check out our latest pack has and if you're king for even more resources like how to redesign your financial plan kitty. Revenue streams and manage your ongoing cash Tony has it. This owner stimulus cat? You can access it. W W W dot, rescue, small business dot com. That study- w dot, rescue, small business, dot com, between Europe's podcast is directed by showing robins and produced by the Tony Rubinstein Copyright Robins research, international.
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