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COVID-19 Facts from the Frontline | Facts Over Fear, Part 3: A panel of doctors, M.D.s, and a Nobel Prize winner unmask the science you aren’t hearing on TV

2020-05-19 | 🔗

On March 11, 2020, people all over the world were thrust into a new reality when the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic. It was as if the globe had ground to a halt as businesses closed, schools shuttered, and stay-at-home orders emptied city streets. Thousands of lives have been lost; all lives have been changed. 

Over the past two months, despite these uncertain and unprecedented circumstances, there have been shining examples of goodness and triumphs of the human spirit solidifying the fact that we as a species are both adaptable and resilient. Scientists around the globe have aligned their focus to find solutions to this challenge of historic proportions, and groundbreaking discoveries have been made. Everyday, we continue to make progress in quelling the impact of this virus and protecting our loved ones at risk. 

Unfortunately, much of the COVID-19 news comes to us clouded by the business of mass media which built momentum selling us a narrative of fear. 

In this episode, Tony goes on a journey to uncover the truth about coronavirus with a 7-person panel of highly qualified researchers, an experienced epidemiologist, a Nobel Laureate, and M.D.s testing and treating patients on the frontlines. Together, they reveal the evidence-based research that has come to light and the emerging facts that you’re not hearing in the headlines that are absolutely crucial in shaping decisions about how to move forward. 

This is one of the most important interviews that Tony has conducted in his 40+ year career. It reminds us to stand guard at the door of our mind, practice discernment when determining trustworthy sources, and think critically for ourselves in order to stay flexible and maintain the ability to pivot in light of new information – especially when lives depend on it. 

Podcast panelists in this episode include: 

  • Dr. Michael Levitt, PhD, Nobel Prize – Chemistry; Professor of Structural Biology, Stanford University 
  • Dr. Eran Bendavid, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, Stanford University 
  • Dr. Michael Roizen, M.D., Chief Wellness Officer Emeritus, Cleveland Clinic
  • Dr. Alan Preston, Sc.D, Former Professor of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Texas A&M University
  • Senator Scott Jensen, M.D., Family Physician; Senator (R-Minnesota) 
  • Dr. Dan Erickson, M.D., Co-Owner, Accelerated Urgent Care
  • Dr. Artin Massihi, M.D., Co-Owner, Accelerated Urgent Care


  • [00:00:00] Introduction from Tony Robbins
  • [00:08:30] Interview with Dr. Michael Levitt
  • [00:27:00] Interview with Senator Scott Jensen, M.D.
  • [00:39:00] Interview with Dr. Eran Bendavid, M.D
  • [00:49:30] Interview with Dr. Alan Preston, Sc.D
  • [01:17:30] Interview with Dr. Michael Roizen, M.D.
  • [01:38:00] Interview with Dr. Dan Erickson, M.D.
  • [01:45:30] Interview with Dr. Artin Massihi, M.D.
  • [01:55:25] Round-Robin discussion
  • [02:34:20] Tony’s closing comments
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Nobody had story robins this, maybe one more important podcast we ve done we all know we're living in extraordinary intense times most intense most of us have experienced at are adult wives, and I first want to push. About all the first responders, all the doctors and nurses, all the truck driver, as all the people that work in future as all the people of lowering the funds in this country and round the world. Looking so the wine I know you are, and I am all grateful to them and their and our prayers every single day, the challenge experiencing today earth intense, we ve ever seen and The challenge is not the way people are dying but keep dying alone, berries, does it with their family members because of it the virus and our concerns about how it could spread we're living in a world where I frankly we. Made decisions that are also affecting, not just
People have already passed away, but also affect people, the future and also the ways we responded to this virus or have a gigantic surround the world must have you know that I worked in helping people to be fed primarily because I'm such a good person, but because when I was eleven years old, we got no food and thanksgiving. My family was spent, so I've been to families the eight over the years grew to millions of people. In the last five years we ve got a half a billion meals. My partnership of Feeding America committed one million views over ten years. I'm doing the ring up because Congress, not a concept for me and most people. Focus on four short time whenever the media focuses on right now? Obviously, Goeben nineteen, but there are people all over the world, there are having all kinds of challenges. Ninety percent of brain surgery have an amateur angle to always be eating problem was one wanderings are most concerned about, and people moving into poverty, which needs to just as well right now
food organization that the? U N sponsors the same, maybe tutoring, sixty five million people might go hungry. The sheer almost double that wrongly happens. Because there are countries that, for example, in Africa, where fifty percent of the income comes from tourism and there's no tourism, we have no money for do so. Tripling up on our support in America and work on this round. The moon, but today to see if we could go on exploration, if you will a journey, not a trip trips, predictable adjourned you might be surprised and I've been on a journey because I care so much, and I know you do too. What does this mean? I on my own, parents there, my father in law, but then there seventies, I adore them and obviously extreme concern sized immersed myself in every detail. I could find in the science of this, and as I did, I came across a sudden. Doctors, Nobel Prize winners, professors, epidemiology, some of the most call by people world that we're bringing up new facts at me,
Today there are very different. The we made the decision to shut down the world economy and their equal. Does anybody else and they told the very different narrative, but more importantly it everybody right to their own opinion, but nobody is right to their own stocks, and science is about as new facts come forward, make new decisions, but sometimes the momentum of the story. In the fear takes us over, so I wanted it bring together a panel today, it's gotta be unwieldy, bummer Geezer interview to these people for an hour and could easily do that, but I want you to see this many experts around the world giving another way of looking at things, because we want the media every single when we hear the same story over and over again, and I presume talk about anything else- is economic, your crazy. So I'm not some conspiracy theories thing about nature, but it appears that some of the initial back to make decisions on had not turn out to be and we made a lot of decisions and we need to make new decisions, decisions, controller life or three decisions that control life. What are we going to focus on? Just one
focused on you feel people there, since the end of the world you're gonna feel about, even if it's not to focus on how people, during this time, Can I have a different set of emotional response? Is we got us? I was his knee. You now is, the end of the beginning. We decide. What are we gonna do itself? hope is out of this conversation with ease rate doctor experts that also from yourself a line every day and that we can hopefully maybe disassemble some of the fear we put ourselves in a place where we ve questioned some. Things we come to believe because we just heard the same story over and over again and maybe provide a new set of options, a new way of looking at things and so that's about most of you know that if you have something really important to go to a doctor Everybody knows that anybody tells us. If it's a severe issue, you gotta get away an opinion without not questioning the doktor goes. They may be actually sincere, but sincere people. Can we sincerely wrong and so our goal is to see what we can learn, and I don't know it's gonna come out was completely.
I've studied all these individuals are. Some of them have just got no just a few minutes before we started sword again under the former versus the introduction reduction of coups on the panel they're gonna spend about we're dreamed seven to ten minutes with each three or four questions and nobody around Robin at the end of questions that you guys have sent to us and what dragging its answers to those questions. So, let's start with quick overview for slogan. Thank you all for joining you. Thank you for taking the time. I know how busy you are, but Workers just give you a quick overview start a few moments with professor let go of it and she is a winner twenty thousand and thirteen Nobel Prize for chemistry, complex models of chemicals distances, the professor of structural biology at Stanford, school of medicine and talk to him because he was a first kind of person. I've seen the world of yours caliber in a question our current approach to things. He was the first one raises hands a guys. You know we don't have enough information making decisions.
Whoa prize winner. He has a pretty powerful voice. Fortunately, and so we were make sure we hear from him, important here friend, Doktor Erin, been David He is also, for instance, the effort is a core faculty but the Centre of health policy must set up a primary care and outcomes, researchers, Stanford University and all is the associate professor of medicine at Stanford did you study the kind of The word. Those who pay attention to it by understand the real your level morbidity, your death rate, that is versus what we thought it was Peter decisions also really important for person. For us to talk today, thirty we're gonna jump to Senator Scott Jensen, was also an empty of family physician and we're going to get because he's raising his hand about some of the ways in which were measuring deaths with coded nineteen are upsetting them because there are not based on science and so will be really important from him and what he has to share with us. I heard some of them.
I was talking to him and thanking him for raising but the issues that they also stone, then work. Move on and we're gonna have a conversation with Doktor Alan Preston, and he is Masters and Healthcare administration in doktor science and plain universally public health is the former professor of epidemiology and biased statistics and health policy of taxes and in the evening give us a sense of wine or so much fear and listen. What's wrong a true outside the unified and very interesting we then are going to go to Doctor Michael rose and went back to make rose in his sheep on us off, Sir, at pleading clinic Andy working anesthesiologists immensely seventy four years old you look, this man is fit is can be in strong, it is open. Gunnar by offering to open its state, get back to work, and so is going to give us some of the data helping make those decisions Finally, we're gonna cleaner with doktor down Eriksson and doktor ardent, but say he and
I watch the video they get a press conference. They did for about forty five minutes or an hour that I thought was soberly. They asked questions. They brought me down to the place, but unfortunately had it been against the grain and you to bomb took them off as many people take it off, there obviously qualify. They are equal occasions. When did you excel really urgent care? They're clinics are private, walking for curbing writings testing you're a tremendous amount of data and it's kind of confirms what It will also hear from Doktor and David as well from Stanford and somewhat their voices to be heard, nimble job on a group. So that's the only I, let's start out with Professor Michael, whether a prize winner, professor level Thank you so much for joining us. How are you today? Thank you, Tony. It's really great things are meant to professional by organizations. There's gotta be a graded. You thank you. Thank you. So much less in the dock, we were the first person, but I saw that gloomy away. You came along sort of questioning? You know that
validity of the task. You started talking about you. Confide call me this, for anybody else was doing as you could confine carbon nineteen- oh just about anybody, but just start out with you. Your first descriptions were you talk, morbidity numbers and the projections from the testing and you were trying to calm people down from having much fear your most of us. The doctors- and I know that you know you you get fear- it reduces your immune system very now. This is immune issued to start with. So I like to see ask you: what did you see almost two months ago from the very beginning of this that made you raise your hand, it say: wait, a second there's no the panic we need to reduce the fear here I mean if we look at this making decisions that equally we don't have enough data for. Can you tell us what with took you on the journey made? You speak up in this area based thickly, not epidemiologist, I'm not an empty, but I got into this accidentally through connections, my wife
security of chinese art in China in November. We have friends that in any case, I have followed the outbreaks I know from the end of January, just looking at the numbers making reports getting very involved, I saw how much medicine the people having somebody who cared my first concern about the overall desperate came when the diamond princess cruise ship was becoming known and I thought this would be a great experiment, because almost every means infected. We could try to work out what was the not the case, death rate, but the population gets right. The trouble is You can't believe in the cases you need to know what fraction of a second population will be, will be suffering
I haven't. One problem I hadn't redundant consists. Worse. Is that I didn't actually know the age profile, it turns out that more than half the people over sixty five, when you look at the death rate from the Dublin Princess, you find that for a regular population, people something like two point: one percent run one thousand were dying in the temperance tests that is higher than flu. But it's not it's, maybe it's better to a three hiding flew. So when I saw tat, I realized that maybe this was worse than through, but it wasn't like size. It wasn't a ten percent s rights since then, just a few minutes ago We are looking at a paper from princess and I now realise that that situation could have provided. Everything we need to know for dealing with their programme now found many many hasten to add cases on the ship. They found a much much higher, effectively effectual rates and that, with the best
information that made me realize that it wasn't much resting through. I should say, though, that they're all my colleagues at Stanford tell me flu is a very serious disease, said, don't played like likely, was flew you're. So right I mean crazy, as you know, we keep hearing the script So if you like it's nothing, but we all know that it kills elderly people and we have anywhere from thirty thousand eighty thousand people a year die the flu in. U S, six hundred, fifty thousand in the world I saw a numbers that we're dealing with covered. Eighteen as several of the people. The panel pointed out. Very similar or or actually smaller, at least on the world. You bring up early, one point will eternal news: the average person when we believe- We believe it we ve been told. We see some of the doctors doktor fortunes of people give us some impact. Watch the news. We have a red bar showing how many deaths, how many new cases that go on, even during the commercials and its poorest enormous fear. But you made a point which that is the truth of the matter,
areas. We all have viruses in our bodies. All the time I Epstein bothers. You know and twenty million people knew, as they will have no time according to where the CDC ninety percent of the population is gonna is exposed to it around the world. Yet when experiencing Epstein bar most of us. We have struck doctors in the back of her throat. You don't have struck that we have, cancer cells in our we don't have cancer. It's really a balance. And so one of you bought up- and I was really interested in seeing that these tests but we're doing our findings. The virus, and people keep talking about the number of cases and the more we test. As I understand it, correct me if I'm wrong the more virus, of course, but to find the more cases. But what really matters is the death rate? Can you just dress, was you know? What is this really mean? What is your feeling about? The people need to be afraid, and how should we look at this and how did you The decisions we made in terms of I don't know ones at that intent, but the decision we have made an impact on people's lives entrance the shutter
Can you give us some people so that their the death rate China, it turned out that there were two very different gets rights inside who bear the death rate was almost ten times higher than the death. Out of school day and that didn't make sense, because it's the same disease, it was. It turns out that this is the first time a disease has been detected by looking for the dna or the irony of the wire. So it doesn't need to these anomalies protected by physicians looking to symptoms and You don't know how much virus is needed. This ended up being, I think case has become a big issue for political reasons, but fortunately that's it shoots another politics. In order of this everywhere I am very a political person. I actually watch a sports game.
What is the site you want? I don't really care. I like. The data is very unusual and there you know. I think that, unfortunately, science is difficult and you can't be partisan, and I think that it was a dynamic here and dynamic, which I found very anti scientific had left she's been made. I think that the other thing that one has to remember, I again I'm shocked by this method. Epidemiologists, don't mind being wrong on the high side. So if they come into its owner and misleading any other fields, you need to have a balanced era. You have been ten percent wrong on the low side is exactly the same as being ten percent rule on the high said, if you weren't epidemiologists, to be wrong a thousand times on the high side is much much better than doing wrong by effective too on the low side. So
tend to exaggerate? The World Health Organisation has a record of exaggerated and I think they do this deliberately because they feel that the public pay attention and there's nobody exaggerate metropolises. As you said, this huge collateral damage caused by the consequences of things like lockdown, of shutting down economies, people going hungry people losing their savings, which apparently is not part of the, but giving all just stopped to consider. What is your leads to an unbalanced situation scientifically. Now that you bring out the most important point, the decisions that were made were: maybe it's not estimating China's morbidity rates between three and a half and a forty percent, and you still, where media forty percent a broadcaster. Ability, and we now know that's not true, and it continues to be promoted, but could see? Why someone make a decision based on that, and you know that
did their models. You know when people talk about. Algorithms are models that most people are really lies, as you should put the word gases next that because their educated gases by people's pinions, what they think it's going to be, and you're the numbers that the CDC put out in eight foot out about you put out. I want to be in a position by pretty rough position, but their members were anywhere from two thousand and two point. Two million of aid which group you did. Two million was decided. That was with social distancing, some people saying all we saved nobody was social distancing because we're neighbors with social distancing with projections, and now it's like in the. U S. Perhaps a hundred thousand people in any depth is insane, but, as you know, two years ago, in twenty eighteen or eighty thousand people died of the flu in Noland are leaving covered it until they're, thirty, nine, two hundred and fifty seven million people from the CDC that are infected right now, with the flu one point: two million was covered with similar morbidity rates, as you now pointed out. So I guess there Real question is we have data, but we haven't changed what we're doing and we all about a from both countries,
states that didn't comply, which are very, there's only what we have found four countries for countries in the world. It did not shut down. Emergencies and shut down their economy. So take a quick look at these two giving idea if you What were the shutdown was the strongest and most extreme social distancing? You can look and you ask, but if you look at me can the jersey you consider quickly new Yorkers. Eighty or million people and twenty five thousand Glass New Jersey of eight point. Eight, with eight thousand, forty nine does not get lost in the numbers. Just take a look at this. If you look at the top five countries, you can see the deaths per hundred thousand see what they are, but you just for population. If we go the bottom of the four countries that did not shut down and they did not leave require any social distancing. Many people talk that Sweden, because their tenants people in Sweden. Twenty nine hundred deaths are working on.
Periods in New York and if we want the city of New York, it's about nine million people with about eighteen thousand deaths. So the percentage per when our four hundred thousand is through the roof and in Sweden's Juno Sweden is not shut down, may have their schools the pre schools in the great schools open arrested. An open people not forced to stand in line. You know get inside of a store and aiming at major, so no mandate, european people. Who practise social distancing, but interestingly enough some people, several Sweden does have more doubts and some norwegian countries when you come by ratio to France or you think, to ITALY, you take them to the top five countries. There capital is way our and didn't do any of these things, plus other twenty nine hundred ass again, as you pointed out earlier, eighty percent of the sweetest answer between sixty or sixty five plus in full percent of from eating and ninety I'll use. So then the one that we got robbers, Japan, Japan, is mine,
when you're all four countries by the way did not have me. A break out the ones that didn't practice. What we ve been taught, but who are not telling people what are listening, don't practice of the government's telling you don't like the social distancing us I want to say I just love reduce the fear. Your dress, this Japan is on twenty seven says a million people. They propose five hundred fifty deaths and total. If before, progression in the wall made in butter season, work and family had. Would you got that there's a place his own clubs open up another two weeks you gonna get so much negative feedback, where's your somebody was able New York. You know what if the entire United States was Japan, we'd have roughly fifteen hundred deaths by population Numbers Somerset. But New York is more compresses, not welcome Doug, you have you ever try to get on a bus. Okey. Horror are training, talk you. You know, I'm talking about some. You talk about heard immunity, When Sweden or saying we're almost a herd immunity because we didn't shot down. Tell me
little bit about code, immunity and tell me: why are these countries that didn't practice anything teach can't you do not have giant break out statistical differences. Even the norwegian countries are decisively insignificant, so end and its older people you pointed out. So can you address the guide to explain people heard immunity as how we normally look at viruses and perhaps Why are these countries doing so well, compare burial. Can't be population density. When you bring documents it is so Unity is when people become sufficiently immune to the virus spread, but rather than getting neurological side of that, we can just simply say at what level of is what level of death justice tend to stop, and you can look at places like Northern ITALY, Spain, France, Belgium, New York City, there have been
really hit the dominant princess and they all tend to stop at around one in a thousand deaths, which is, I think, a New York. It's one point, three thousand other places its lead. It seems to be this natural saturation limits. You can go but heard immunity. It may be heard immunity combined with both in immunity, but whatever happens, it does seem to be a level that we cannot exceed. I always thought that done princess was a great experiment to try to inspect everybody I even there they didn't manage to get everybody So I think that there is this situation limits. The saturation limit actually depends on the country. We could hear of it to the old people. Then they were more effectively. The death could see. The gift profile for corona, for grown of ours is basically the same
as old age or infirmity. So for this reason you can actually say that, when the number of death you need to reach the saturation, it rightly around. One thousand is about one month of normal desk in ITALY. The death rate is eleven per cent, and you expect one one point of that: other countries would have lower, gets reach a country like Ireland to Israel with an area population would probably saturate at around a half per cent per thousand people in New York is different.
We know what you were saying that the age profile is ninety percent. Eighty percent above sixty five generally more than ninety percent above sixty five in all of Europe over ninety percent of the deaths below sixty five from corona virus, and this nothing come from a country reporting. It comes from the reporting of excess debts over all of those countries and excess death. You don't have to say what the person died from you. Just look at a certain Everyone is a big jumper gets in New York City. From what I'm saying, there's been a much greater number of younger people are coming,
Am I guess this is it. This is due to different health systems, and so on. Corona virus is best you taking at people who are not very healthy either because of previous condition, priest in conditions or of old age. So you're right now has a one point: three in a thousand Jeff rates. If you compare different bearers of New York, Manhattan is about half of the Bronx, even after the Bronx, so again, it's depending on the level of privileged people, but still, I think, the same number of one or two months of additional definite. This might sound like a huge amount, but it's not that
from from fear. The total number of excess debts reported by website called Euro Mama up till today is a hundred and sixty thousand, maybe a hundred and seventy thousand. Basically that's about the same number of people who died in excess weight in the through season of Tunisia. Seventeen eighteen. They only have records growing work for years. They don't have the flu season of two thousand and nine for much more severe. So basically my guess is it's going to be, maybe one of terms more exhaustive excess. Just a very important because if I, if I'm very sick and then I'm labour to the corona death, that's fine, except, I won't die again next month, the basic! If you look at the total death, each person is only counted once, whereas, if you,
soon that everyone who dies Carogne is extra your overcome. Take. You gave a interview, and in it you talked about that people are being qualified and come to Doktor Scott Jensen next, in a moment here to talk about this as cover nineteen, you know, even if you saw you know the council with They were talking about we're being very liberal that were counting view die with her round him. Nineteen were counting out. You died of current awaiting it, so there you talk, that modeling you're looking at numbers telling us we don't don't have enough information. You said the small amounts of buyers can be taken. Almost everyone can dynamiter what the cause and could be called corona virus. They killed. You
you explain that what does that? How does that do of the tests and then we're gonna go Scott. Look at greater might make. My last point is that essentially, the withered promises detected is by a very beautiful exquisitely, sensitive biochemical method, crawled polymerized chain reaction of pc for short and what it does is it takes into east of your dna and it keeps making copies and it might make forty copies each time going up. Many many million full and in the end you say what is this: is this thing with copied overtime coming from the corona virus, and it's? This is the first time a disease has been detected this way and I think we're not yet calibrated. On the one hand, we are missing people where is symptomatic. On the other hand, web marking, people who have other conditions- so I dont anyway, but little me these alone. This is being on the people and how to work or the health professionals, but it is possible. I think to die
grown a virus, and maybe one for whatever reason neither I dont understand, but there's been this race to the top, as you mentioned, to try to maximize dead and you don't become. Economists use something called year of life lost. When I imagine with Israel, I was almost round with a country, because every death is a whole life in itself in its true. But you know if we, if I went and seventy three, if I wanted a hot transport nano, give me why if I wanted to get life insurance now, no would give it to me. Is it only the insurance companies that no, what life really means? I dont know please open questions I'm over. Thank you let's go to Senator Scott Jensen, whose also I M D, a family, physician, Doktor Jensen. First, thank you for joining us. I'm one region You because I watched several programmes. Were you raise the Bell about concerns that there's this race to trial the highest numbers possible for a cupboard and build
sleeping incentivize by here in the government. Can you share with people what your concern is and why you come forward? Well, I tend to be a sceptic and articles April. Third, I received a communication from the State Department of Health and in that we were is really being advised US positions as to how to correctly complete adjusted. If you nineteen was in, directly or perhaps even presumptive www problem, We are presently involved When I read the document, I There was a link for further information. Through the CDC, so went there. I shook my head said not. This is wrong, and so I raised raised up the flame you well, and I restarted fifty to seventy five resistance from a close contact with it on the spring hence I mean I've been doing just as obvious for some time and I've, never coach term aside in this way, so that really what those who massage to do what to do put
uncovered nineteen. I was couched massage to utilise covered nineteen as a fact and the causation of death, even if I hadn't checked a combination just even if I hadn't had an interesting wants rhetoric, that time doktor books from Washington DC was nobody's. To die with carbon nineteen if they haven't their dying of it, and that was about his silly thing is. I have heard because if a person gets it I have often over the first two hours of examination in an emergency room. We learn that boy. Their lungs are collapse, but also some baseline laboratory works. Joint addressed the fact that there was a low hemoglobin, but also a common nineteen just happened to be positive and pc our form of it It would be absolutely ridiculous to put down common nineteen. The patient died of bus accident with both lungs being caught. In a similar fashion. If I've got a patient who is a hospice
indicated that there are not interested in aggressive measures. They want to have. Support of comfort clearly want to continue to be respected, and they and stage. Jumper Sima congestion, Jerusalem well and a week before they passed, then, we're getting its always to someone who has covered ninety? Who later on ends up being? I note common. Ninety younger cause of death is an stage emphysema and congestive heart failure. It is not covered. Nineteen. If I'm and put common nineteen as a factor. That causation sequence, then it should be linked to meet above one in below another, but it certainly wouldn't be the underlying causes of death, which really is the all important things would put on a certificate of death, its instinct because what I was doing, the research originally member late February was watching every daggers unconcern that the death rate shot up six hundred reset and one day, and I know epidemiologists, but that
make any sense of time of the world that right and then I dug in and by the council, asked if it's a big change the diagnostic procedure to no longer having to do a task is its latest February and that's. Why the number of deaths sharply, the rib, because anything they suspected is provided they listening BO. Then a few weeks goes. I know you know and the CDC made formal in the: U s that you don't need to do a test, just you suspected but there's even as I, from new economic incentives by the hospitals and some have been reclassified as global nineteen gas. After the fact, and what is financial incentive it will share with us Well, I have a background encoding coding. I've been asked to and give lectures around the country at different times of cloning. In its new dear to me so I started seeing some of these massaging going on at that. Okay, we need to do a little research, so I made some calls to hospital administrators went on website, checkout, Cmsr, Medicare's information, when I learned was that
ideology, your diagnosis, related groups, in addition to the hospital for a medic, your patience, The more you would get paid somewhere on forty six hundred dollars, but if it were put down a common nineteen ammonia, it would be thirteen thousand dollars in then later happened to be used. It would be thirty. Nine thousand hours I also knew that some hostile administrators new but may not want to confess in public that hospital was small enough that they probably would not received benefit, of some of those. If you will slated payments and something that perspectives started to do more digging in what I learned was that this was in the case of a nineteen had been in, devised in one eye but that our social media, I'm gonna. Frankly all hack broke loose people started to call me a conspiracy theory,
It was just astonishing and people didn't seem interested in fact. So at that point in time I really took it out as a mission in mind that I was gonna try to be about facts. I was gonna, try to be transparent and I was going to try to help people connect the dots at that point in time we saw shortly thereafter, we saw New York, increase their numbers from seven thousand to ten thousand seven hundred deaths overnight. We stopped him Albania. Is two hundred and fifty just because the corners pushed against, we saw the Italian Department of Health go back and look at. Causation sequence, dinner, dress unfounded only really true, percent of them stood up to the chest of an actual sequence of causation in terms that so that point in time the horse was, the barn USA today to fact checking thing onion said well yeah. This Doc Minnesota. He evidently is right, as numbers are their standing through at first
you for your courage and commitment. I think some people's reaction, probably because we all know that, as its already been put out, that all these doctors and nurses are up on the line and citing some people but maybe Europe ought to know what they think you're doing, but their over reacting in Europe. People are gonna, be confused with the banks, which want to reason we want to do this programme. What as you look at the situation today with carbon nineteen, how do you good about it. How would you express the general public what these levels concern should be? As I know, you know some of the latest statistics as well. Are you know why? I guess the first question is: why would we I understand, I don't think a doctor's gonna put something down. For a start to make more money. Obviously, hospital measures at the run that business and passengers rights, action, tough shakers, huge number, nurses and doctors being laid off because they set aside everything except over nineteen, as you know, but what? Why we? Why is this? This rush in your mind to trial these numbers as high as possible? Can you explain that to us if it doesn't seem to make sense the most of Us
It gets a little bit like when we do our taxes and our account and says expensive, that could have been deductible and they tell us What the scenario might be to make it deductible my account has recently said. Scott. Does this line on one side of it is aggressive on the other side is fraudulent. We always one the aggressive, but not fraudulent, I certainly remembers the fur time. A hospital administrative person came to me and I was charging a medic your patient in. I have listed the diagnosis codes for the discharge summary as diarrhea and dehydration, and the major therapy that we provided during the hospital station was intravenous fluid. There was no need for an antibiotic, but possible administrative clerk, told me with switch off to diagnoses and put die dehydration first above diarrhea, Would you pay more and All will
down the road. I remember discharging patients with congestive heart failure, but if I also identified even though didn't take a lot of work on my heart, They had a slightly lower potassium if I put the slightly Oh potassium, that are used a greater index of severity and then the hospital can sometimes get more dollars, not being fraudulent, they're just trying to maximize revenues, and, I think, regions all over the country. Do that so again, I was just trying to be transparent and are trying to tell anybody They should entrust their doctors donor, hustling ministers, I'm just saying, let's go into this with our eyes wide open alternatives. I can't thank you enough for taking the time. I know you got to go, make a boat, and I just wanted people to hear directly from you, and you know you can read about someone, but you can feel your presence and your sincere, loving caring for patients. While you're trying to do is to keep us honest Missouri. So we don't over reacting sounds like something. People don't have access fear I mean. Is that really your message is that what you're trying to help Tunisia today
I talked to patients everyday? I talked to constituent sitting. On the one hand, part of my life is in the trenches, practising primary care and then come down to the capital. Where I see this part of, battles or power ends and asked me to power, sometimes is to keep people frightened and then Tell her who to blame, and after you ve done enough about then so to step up and raise your hands, but follow me I'll. Take you maybe a sort of it. But formula in the world of politics we also to feel like, were suspended between what we say yes, it's almost I've got a time machine and I dont know I travelled back in time to avoid sterling Twilight Zone episode. Will I travelled forward in time and I'm stuck in the hunger games, and I'm in this? If you will just topic touristic place where governments slowly and insidiously encroaching on our our lives is telling us what we'll do it? Whether now can open for business.
I think sometimes, when these things happen, we don't recognize him at the time. It is when we looked at him through the retrospective scope. So I really the crisis is deepening theres many people was paneless, honest what you will have done. A wonderful job lay on importance confirmation and you did as well, but I submit that were pivoting towards a time now we have ask ourselves our questions watch who are we? Would a country are we using personal liberties. If what to use contact tracing. What is look like does that looked like voluntary use of our farm work, to be in aren't gonna- be draws swoop and watch us. We need to be very careful because in the end, when all is said and done, we're looking at a rest. Tori Virus, a single stranded, irony virus. We dealt with these before we know with forty to fifty percent of people who get may not, even though they had it. We know another forty, fifty percent again it was skates through, which we know
It will probably get it at the end of the day and somewhere between one, two hundred to three hundred to one out of a thousand patients dying from it I think we need to watch our personal, our personal liberties but I also think we need growth and this we need to make sure that when we're done we're not saying it was the best Sometimes it was the worst of times we want to be saying. We made it ass the times we said that we're gonna double down on making sure that, our interest in terms of ventilators and aggressive. Do we want people big? We said we needed power patients to safe Europe, the task? Don't turn over your cared government or to a doctor get the second opinion, feel good about it. You have a doctor, doesn't want you being your best champion dammit find another doktor, because
we should not be threatened by the fact that you want to be in charge of their own health and that you might want a second opinion and therefore you living to be ninety may not be what you watch. You rather lived to be seventy two, but do it your way- and I think That's what's so inspiring about the panel that you put together here tonight is you're, not political, used to say Let's have a conversation. America, because this is one of the most important conversations we might happen the next decade her Jensen, Doktor Jensen. I really want to thank you and coming from both a person in government at an empty courage and you're going to spring. Sport is priceless and we thank you. I know you gotta go to make your your votes there in the sense of he for joining us in for the following up with you think you're doing. Thank you. So much blessings too now that I know he has limited time as well as Doktor Arrogant, David from Stanford Document David. How are you hurry. We thank you for having yawns been very barrier numb educational
well. Thank you. I want my view, but you're the core family member, the centre for health policy incentive for primary care outcomes, research at Stanford, University, professor medicine, at Stanford. I came to you signs of a study recently dead. That kind of blew the doors open and re evaluated the morbidity levels. But when I saw him most of the news, they talked about the fact that you said that five thousand two hundred and eighty five, times more. People have the right to me. And what the media other guys on most places was all my This shows that it's gone crazy, it's everywhere and your actual description appear working with we had a Californians and Santa Clara County, doing test them one of it does spread more understanding about as it means that the morbidity level or the global as far smaller than we ve ever body been achieved, is the entire way we look at this what the doctor J, but a chariot cargo by pronouncing named properly. I know you this together. Can you tell us all about the study and what did you earn and what does it mean to us?
yes, yes I'll tell you nothing Jane. I worked together for a long time and the early on in the beginning, ah far when it was was coming to the? U S ear, we know me so started scratching our heads and aid need results. There is something here that doesn't make sense about what you're, what what kind of a virus this n and distort the conundrum, was either this is a virus, that ban is spread, vary widely, and therefore has a rather below that rate, or this that is not actually spoke very widely an end, It does have a high death rate, as the w H were estimated and what not end but it's not both an end. The more we looked at it, the more. We can still see these very widespread events where in transmission was very, was very high that the sum of the Congo.
Says in a bar standing in your Princess obviously was the very everything in an end, so I'm in so we started thinking about beyond what how can get what was broken? We assign is due to be held there where's that beyond the answer was well, we have today how many people have been infected and end the case numbers that we were having you know. We knew one that pvc are all the other. What Michael meant mentioned earlier and tell you anything about those every cover. Only talking about those were spread, vision thing is, we were only causing. People were very young, especially in the: U S, the other than the testing was so scares and limited in the beginning there We know we really had no idea how many people were out even young may have come in and one is because they didn't get the task, and the third thing is it: it was a constantly moving goalposts n, n n young testing was ramping up. It was different in Korea and it wasn't Ellie
All of these are all these features and made us realise new review. What we need are there the antibiotic us that that, in an infectious disease vision and be a mighty might miles of understanding of the animals and because he's muddling in my understanding is obvious. A disease like vessel spreads video might rightly, and you know, and so the numbers you don't get it up, and so that's why we are. We put that started together an arm, and you know what we simple. Go a group of our wealth, three thousand people, we use a casket that by now has been invented. Carefully, and you know exactly what you nobody tells us? In the end we noted about about two and a half percent, or so maybe a little bit more of our population. Answer has had another, doesn't sound like a lot, but if you
if you look at compared to the number of people that were known to have that the infection it's about its low over fifty gold higher that all liars because, like that's radical because what they eat maple morbidity bene, meaning we need, our decisions, job economy, on clean out, the forty percent or buried that we estimated out of China, your numbers are showing what razor well. So here's the thing part of what was your bothering us was a lot of the models that were being used as the foundation for policy were using a mortality rate. There were based on the cases and young people, knew that that were missing a few who, I thought, maybe we're missing, lacking one fall to fall off the number of inspections, and so there calculating that anymore. Out in a thousand rates based on based on these kinds of assumptions. It is a win win with when we know what you know when we could show this fifty all. Well, you know it. Maybe it's much more
spend that is again. That is a very good news in terms of how widespread that that any self know so. Well, I just want to mention that that's not! I was picked up, my most the media. They just went. Oh my god. What is easy? spread even more as opposed to showing that ninety seven percent of the people of Europe, dramatic mills, symptoms or mild symptoms, and that many of them pretty were dropped. It's my father, researching and read. It correctly is fourteen zero point. One to your point. To is that what you find me ask those there's somebody somewhere in the ranges is: that is what we estimated that have you to. Let you know what we did is we figure out the denominator. For that estimation, my for inflation rate and since then you are our study. William was a well. You know there is a huge reaction and and young they didn't know It has and they did not assembly, but by now you know
this was the first of the leading Europe Geneva Tokyo, IRAN, everything comes is coming up about the same as the talent. You write that same year, one zero point, two, which is very close the flu correct in terms of morbidity levels, and this again I wanna be cautious about them, because I thought I'd I'd make a comparison in part, because what the things it Michael mentioned flow is a very serious disease is not something to be done. But but what it does is it should allow us to make these kinds of way. Things in perspective is we're not act talking just about this. First, the flu. If you look at malaria, if you look at two particular says, if you look at it These diseases, many other diseases, claim many more lives and have a much higher anymore. Malaria case around the world. Now, if we we're gonna have the same kinds of Love Townsend in Africa. What are you gonna be the effects there on the ability to provide services on
pretty on yours, mention among treasure, and and ability to act as it gives off just to have just to have a sort of off of number of where we can really have a discussion at that level. And so we will be able to really have that. You have that other calculus, because not it's not you. But we're not it's not just we're not gonna, get we're not gonna, destroy or beat this virus we'll have to learn to live with it and arm, and you know this again that this is the young as, as you mentioned earlier, There are many viruses out their method of Syria there with us there in us we're we're. Gonna have to learn to live with it insults, and so you know that the calculations, the past, we may have to take all of these other possible in trade off into account and the US in our things that we have pretty wrecking our head around I'm making decisions in a more informed way,
your work. Actually, I was, as you said, was followed up in LOS Angeles, where they just recently did a study. They found very somewhere numbers. Europa ones is zero point: two it's done in New York City. So we're things you sat around the world S, and maybe this sounds like this is what explains why we are told to me in gas, and you know what were probably end up, maybe perhaps a hundred thousand, which is terrible, but it's a lot more than, as you said, the blues that we people forget, that is the blue and we learn to live with that kind of thirty nine million. Fifty six million people, the flu, so you're ratios- might help explain why we ve been off by times the amount of death is what they compared, what they predicted. Of course, those decisions about shut down were based on those What are you encouraged by just so people listening? You know your stance, and so we can get lost in the stats. Encouraging words. You told tell people so they're, not living in so much beers of it. You don't you like the end times. I'm sure you know that more people feel that way, some people, because of their life and current business and economics, but others they afraid it
outside their afraid that around somebody there, you know catch it by and yet the statistics just don't you're about to be true that, for us. It is right to let you know what I think we're. What one thing that I was hoping within our said it would do is, is reduced answered. You know we were living with such an enormous might have answered. I think that uncertainty was really getting the elder. Getting people were up and the biggest about them now, we're not at ninety percent invention. It's not everywhere it far further along along more significant than we thought, and the range of uncertainty is now but much narrower and so having bad those kinds of information having those numbers and l and also to have people, maybe come too cumbersome intended and bring it about what are the priority of research areas that we needed. We are to understand how to deal with this, You know like like many here. I wish I wish this we're not a political issue. I wish there were me in an area where we can come together and say: oh gave me to count almost ass because beating out according it is not something that is reliable.
Wow, you know we need. We need to understand that Israel by the community send the issue about you know about day the aid distribution and differences across ages. And these are all these are some of the very key priorities that will help us. We do not learn how to y know you. Got to go because I know you if you got such running. I want just thank you for your study. I hope you'll think about her Doktor James. Charges apron. What's his name. I hope yes, yes dear, but had the planetary more thanks. You guys are doing an amazing working scientists. By taking him and a new facts in applying, and hopefully that will start We will get out of this orthodoxy of just doing the same thing. I know that some people but by Europeans and we have tried to turn into something more fearful about. When really in reality is you shall be alive your what was. Certainly I really want to thank you for that doctor. I please begins you're sovereign wasn't doing very well. Thank you very much appreciate the now go to Doktor Alan Precedent, marginal press.
Is ass. A masters and Healthcare Administration is doctor of Science in TWAIN University, a school of public health, but he's also the bottle. Mr Epidemiology, that's it round me and biased logistics in health policy, Texas and Am- and I was not present- Driscoll beg your being here I was really move by again your courage, because you are the first people again raising hand saying what were over reacting to this, because its new you know we we have millions of people, I get up you work in the world there's to bill. People every year and practical to flow. That's according to the World Health Organization, and we have succeeded details of people that I will be here we have about. I think it's about three million plus their impact covered nineteen and about twenty thousand deaths more at this stage today, and what the boys numbers eight of matters, but you point was We may be over reacting and there may be consequences wherever reaction so twas. What made you speak up. What are you saying up there? The concerns you and what you want people to now
is that one of the challenges is that when people were looking at all the numbers that were coming out of the tv and they were doing the death rates, the case fatality rates, they were looking really in. This is I'll call it a rookie one or one mistaken epidemiology, and that you don't take the incident rate to figure out case totality. You look at the prevalence now. What's the difference between incidents and prevalence, will the incident is the early onset of the disease? Ok, so that's the very numbers that we see that the people that are infected the prevalence is the number of people who had the disease of which some we may now in some way may not now in fact as some of the palace have said, are we probably? There are a whole lot more people that we didn't know that I have the disease and then the ones that we did not so the methodology of just figured out the case fatality red largely days on answer. Rape is
really a rookie want happened in epidemiology olive mistaken and it was stunning to me that all the media would put on these so called experts in an I raised this issue as to why the Fatality rate is just completely absolutely overstated and and, as you pointed out on each one of the studies, I think it came from England said that their they thought that the United States alone and their so called modeling that there was to be over two point. One million that's funny huh I ought to be. Chemical about it, but I know what I hear stuff like that: it's just it's just insanity that people would would have the gall to even throw out like that. Particularly since you know it's it's a new onset and theirs, and it takes time get out some people been hearing the terms you know you're hanging now recently, but if you read the literature the idea of a numerator in denominator in some way we clarified for people what happened,
we are all these initial cases and people me for measuring the people. There were dying and they didn't measure against how many people are. In fact, it's only you know the morbidity let the debts by is comparing those too so what's happening now the extra work my doctor, I've been big, it is done in a boat, they done an ally in New York, other researchers, We are now seeing that the number of people- in fact it is much larger, now everyday returned the tv and they talk about the cases of gone up. Can you clarify This is going to work as long as we test boards, the more we just the more goes up, but what matters is the death rate and ninety seven percent of those people. Their mild sent about or no symptoms whatsoever, small number of people finding zero point, one to argue the bucket. But good? So what does that mean to the average person? Should they be afraid or not? Can you clarify yards part of the problem. Is how do we interpret information and how do we interpret data and if you're, not
to do that. It can be a very scary thing and of course the media is just a whole heartily terrible at interpreting data, as we have seen throughout this particular pandemic crisis. So as an example, to your point they will look at the incident rate and look at the case, the Tele rate, and it looks like oh, my gosh us as well far deadlier than we ever thought in reality, one when you looked the prevalence rates, number people that were in fact in that one of the things that changes testing in MID March, it was a very interesting thing, so you know every night they put on the news. Media breaking news is that the number of deaths occur, and this is the number of infected people at her drank today, and all of a sudden, a jump from extra. Why, up to a rate of, I think it around a couple,
thousand data. Ten thousand and oh, my gosh is now ten thousand well, it's not that the people were were newly infected at the ten thousand issues that we started testing, I think, and in the end of march there was something by one point: six million people that were tested so it was the fact that we discovered that there were more people that were already infected, like as an exam Well, if we were to ask anyone on the panel, what do we think the prevalence rapes of type two diabetes is in your community and, I may say its fifteen percent, or something like that but if we were to go on test every single person, it is clear and unequivocal that there We'll walk around with divergent ideas that are. Diagnosed. So does that mean that they know that that that whatever the percentages that we say is the prevalence of type two diabetes is at the end,
all the get all no, not necessarily. It is an estimate of the number of people that have type two diabetes for whatever of time that they have it and that's what prevalence it so. Yes, it is. The testing show that that, in fact, we knew from from the very beginning that a lot of people were infected, but they didn't know there were in fact it thou somewhere pre symptomatic somewhere asymptomatic, and so that didn't help the people know that they were potentially a vector of transmitting the disease. To someone else, then and they had a flew like something some of them went to the doktor. Solemn could even go to the darkness and unfortunately, as well, at the city- see sort of overstated the case as well, because, if you like, at their early results, are used to call this a they had a number of people that were fault people under invent
the appeal I report and there are a lot of people under the pew. I so was just assume that if you had a flew like sent them or a covert light sent them, then we would say: okay. Well, then you have covert and it took a while for some of the test to come out now. What I'm waiting to see? What will be interesting tools of the tests are to come out. How many are false positives and how many false negative saw. Even now, I think we ve overstated like the number this as an example, since they sort of changed and that a genuine sort of bottled about that they change the reporting requirements in terms of death, and I think, what's happening on the on the death reports. Is that we're we're taking people who die from the flu? If you want to say that and people die from covered and we're coming like those two different types of debts into one,
one statistic, and so I think we cannot even overstating the number of people that that have died and that's unfortunate his unfortunate that the process of creating context, even the media don't think they're trying to drilling wrong about their you're, trying to help people, but they also, as was stated earlier, their business, and they now to get your attention. Bleeds leads unites, unfortunately true, but what is the right? One What is the contracts? The bare missing people hold gonna stay out of it, I'll, be rushed out turn on and in all cases, one up today, does it really does mean we tested more people based on what we're seeing statistically now, as we keep testing more than members, will continue to go up Think Tony. You hit the nail on the head. It is always about contacts, so if you dont have it in the in the proper context, then it's just a number and it looks very scare if a job from five thousand ten thousand one day that that could be very scary to the people who are watching the news now
you know, you're, like I've, had a high about the news media. I think that the they are highly motivated to make sure people stay tuned, and so there is that sort of sensationalism that occurred. But, having said all that, you know the fact that we are testing people and for every hundred people we task there somewhere between fifteen to twenty that show a positive, and you know seventy five eighty show up at that that are not positive, a variety not pass itself, so the Good NEWS so that, even if you ever flew like sentiment or something along the lines of the bulk of the people or are not infected now for those people that that good work, you know everybody is always afraid, will what happens if I go to work and I'm gonna become infected, I'm really afraid and it's its ok to be afraid you don't wanna, have irrational fear, you don't want a panic that doesn't serve anyone's interest and people need to know that they can take their own responsibility for their own
and everybody has enjoyed talked about look at earlier everybody here Sesar, if you will there's a a number of risk, adversity, okay, so something we have a little bit a risk averse. Some people have all of our lives, are have a lot risk aversion and so, rather than the government sort of dictating to the entire population that we're gonna pick a certain risk averse number and then we're gonna dictate to the entire population in every single zip code that you're gonna have to behave. Go away, I think, is not a prudent from a policy decision. Will you know it's interesting if you would watch people with a lot of nerve numbers and some people's minds unfortunate go down, but it's important note. The numbers are because making decisions and control your whole life upon it. What do you live or die? I wonder, how you get treated or not. You treated whether your business days alive or not, and so you know you can take vigorous, like you know we're trying to shut down all risk and about possible
apple car accidents. There are one point: two billion buy every year in car accidents. At thirty two hundred people a day every single day around the world all day long. You watch the news they showed. Every car examine every person die, you become we'd me overwhelmed? You will get your car and yet today you know most bus driver chemistry. We do it known? There's nothing, but a whole line. Dividing us from all crazy son, we're gonna, go to sleep and can also be some arc of texting. Gonna kill somebody somewhere, drunk gonna kill somebody, you know happens every single day, thirty, two hundred times a day, all over the earth and yet still get more cars and drive, because no one is telling you all day long with your risk. Yours and because you use the apple. Phase I am certainly within me that advice they all my alike. So, of course I want to die, but on the street and no I could die and people do every day and the ratios, obviously our lot smaller than coded nineteen. So what would your advice? The people there fearful right now
and understand the context of what this level of risk really is. Now that we have a new data it certain Nothing like what we thought it was the twenty times number that we use to shut down the world a whole. Song and you bring up a good point about the cars and I just want to kind of add to that as well, because you know here in the United States as an example not There are a lot of people die in car accidents every day, but their part four point: four million people have become entered, and so would it be good policy. I mean think about it. Reason that we are in the state of economy that we are right now is because the policy that look. What we need to do is we need the flatten her curve when inflame the curve, order reduce the DAS in order not to overwhelm the hospital systems. I said: ok, that seems reasonable. So what are they do? They have under well the hospital systems said, don't do any elective surgeries and sort of that no one is going to be the hospitals, and so now these hospitals are suffer.
Financial it so we're we're. We wanted to save the hospitals by not overwhelming em, and so we can create a policy in order to help them go broke and makes absolutely no sense and so going back to car thing. Imagine if I said ok well, let's, let's mitigate the death of car action, stony. Let's do this can't we just say ten miles an hour on every federal highway state, highway neighbourhood schools, arms, no matter where you going ten miles an hour and we will probably mitigate here in United States. You know probably thirty thousand deaths a year and and and and reduce the number of injuries to four million. So would that Why don't we do that and obviously the answer is it says, because it would be insane to dictate that kind of policy to every single person throughout the United States, which is a huge country geographically, and so what we do policymaking. Unfortunately, there
is a tendency for policy makers to have one shoe, fits all feet and adjust absolutely not the case that doesn't mean that people shouldn't take precautions when their driving coming to work or dealt with the covered nineteen as well, they shut and they can but the life we heard of someone acquiring the disease, is infant tests on a very small. It's, like the other. Ninety eight point something percent likelihood of not getting the disease, I would say: that's pretty good art. I would take those out every day, so much better, most other diseases, is the about be the experience of the statistics and I saw a California because after twelve days they shut down the holes One of them is shut down was because they found people back like a woman in Northern California was Seventy five remember: seventy seven years old emphysema the couple things which he died on the ground covered, maintaining when it did the studies.
Not met anybody and in China has not been too, and she had no connection. Anybody and so the Hypothesis, which means gas, was the healthy people spreading this like crazy, We don't really have any science, the proved that do we right now, and so that's my first question and recycle. Followed throughout, isn't keep hearing. The only solution is a vaccine, and yet you know they're not about you, ask just tail offered for years and try to get a vaccine for HIV doesn't have it Sars they spent ten years. You got. Something was saved, but it wasn't affecting so why? we were told that we can't go home, will never go back to normal, could not about GI until we vaccine? It could be. You know, cobbling expertly this ball. It could be a year you're, not now, but with ease. Issues in connection with these death rates. We for the rest, the country breathing. Also, these doubts rights again, employee of being one of those Probably understand why the obsession with vaccine, as opposed to other approaches and
Do we have absolute proves that? How do you mean both, are infecting unhealthy people, because, as a Demi Ology, some that your whole work and study, I understand the reality is of a healthy person does not have in terms of their body as air about easing, destroys the disease. It destroys the disease that doesnt pass it on, so maybe start without. As that you're. My misunderstand, I think, guy it may be redoubled appliance one is that when we, when we talk about healthy people, there you, have a person who is indeed infected and their asymptomatic and in fact they have the necessary anti bodies to up to destroy the virus. The lower limit away, a careful note on this is that that doesn't mean that that the healthy person can acquire the iris, it just means no virus. That's do a very good job living in the hope that it just went into so there is be be a time
that viruses will do everything it can replicating itself and and trying to overtake the whole steady just are infected, but then I bodies are to try to kill them the buyer, so there is a little bit of that I play so they could very well be infected. People may be someone's needs us in an inn and indeed that that sneeze on that path may propel Some of the viruses onto a surface, or maybe even a person in close proximity, and so that could have got healthy person could indeed, in fact another person, and so it seems kind of on like while they seemed healthy and yet yet they infected someone. While they were they they have. Strong antibodies, that's fabulous for them, but that doesn't mean that they that the virus is going to be there going to be immune from from acquiring virus. That may be more likely to not have the virus over then the horse. So that's the story on that. Will you just described a sneeze or a car
you can do that right now and acquire thereby viruses and you can end up dying if you have a well immune system at your angrily. You know I am so that's nothing new, but I think because We start out thinking the morbidity level so high. We may these rules and we have been adjusted the narrative and so now watch of algae. We can never go back to normal when even Even though the ratio is almost the same as influenza, the flu. We can't go back normal to others about scene, and you know we have a back seem every year. Thirty days Some people die in this country. Still, the blue six and fifty thousand people die in the world of the flu, even though we have a vaccine. So the vaccine. They only answer why the obsession about the maximum we don't ever traveller, with greater viruses and making a successful Maxie. Yes, I think a couple of points. One is that people United States right now we have vaccines for different strains of flu. If you will
probably less than fifty percent of the population is actually goes out in and gets the back saying that is available to us now. Well, that's good, better, indifferent. That is the individual freedom and liberty of people and they do what they say. They want. That's, not a requirement that have to get it. So that's a voluntary decision. It so I think, what's happening is that people think ok what we have to have a vaccine well in their work. The epidemiology ology. We talk about epidemics, we're talking about pandemic, Caesar epidemics across three more countries, and then we talk about endemic in an index is much like. We see an age one in one flew in
in that. We know that this is gonna be around now is can be part of our lives. We ve. We know that every year, there's gotta be a certain number of people who become ill will become infected and who die. There's gonna be somewhere between. You know. Thirty to fifty thousand deaths every year are just from the age when anyone and that's gonna be the endemic stage of that particular virus, and so the people sort of become accustomed to it unanimously You know I gotta be careful, you don't get the flu this year and yet before before the corona virus covered nineteen everybody still went to work and they went to bars and they went to the movies and they went to answer them and so forth, and so on so late they took it. Asked I mean it. I had someone builder went into I've been taxes in one of our restaurants opened up. I went to a restaurant in someone said. I can't believe you went to a restaurant ass, a well. Why? Wouldn't I come in
you know they were like all worried about, and so I always say like. This is the beauty of America's that we have the individual freedoms and individual liberties to make the kind of decisions that we want. Based on how we assess are aversion to risk and so. If you want to go down the highway and and and and driver eighty miles of our thou to seek out well hope you find a donor card because you, you may end up billions, alpha by not taken personal responsibility, so there are consequences for actions in their obviously consequences to other people's actions when you act irresponsible. So it is a part. Of living in a society where we coexist as that, yes, we as citizens need to be responsible, and we need to be thinking about what we do and how it impacts those around us. But we shouldn't be so fearful that we decide to live in a bubble and hermetically sealed our home and hopes that women
I get any more diseases ever again. That's just nonsense. Happenings of a really important final point that I want to touch me when I was yesterday newspaper upload. My list are divided regret that people staying at home in New York City were the ones that were infected. The most the governor was completely staggered by Rapid said that this is not a cocaine. Gunnar Common was shocked by the plenary, those New York State Data of the EU Opera someone new infections rapidly at home, if only in the middle of what we are trying to make up in and I was reading, the army and systems are actually stimulated by the demands made by staying home and flattening the curb we may have brought less people, time to hospitals, but it doesnt actually keep us any do with people from by itself just curious, just stupid things I wanted I'll bring up I don't need a twenty thousand mass in California from California. I wanted,
for the healthcare workers who desperately need them, so I was able to make twenty thousands. I got two generals people there and one of the people there who is one of the most. Lots of people in the EU sees estimates of the largest, The medical system works, medical system in California, you see or buying propose not meddle with it. You see, I use example disco and He had with me was in a meeting any signatory. Our whole goal of hospital system was the flat Mccurdy. Go there, doesn't mean anyway. That's just mean we're. Gonna well be set in the begin The media's attention brought people who had symptom some of the blue rushing last Bobby said many, some seventy percent or ninety eight and in some cases but is that when we are talking over when we said we shut down all other services, and I think you and the other doctors mention as we like following doctors and nurses, sitting on the whole area, because these places these are now here's what you cannot tell you that this is a blows. My mind's appreciate them ass. We need, and we use somebody said, is what blew my mind. He said
We can alphabet was the peak in California, Use your mind is the largest possible Santiago feeds it the largest ones, and how many people, you think, we're an icy unity that all this is about not overwhelming the intensive care units, gas units he's amity If they re merits in item five hundred years, it no John explore for I, eighty seven San Francisco and seven its southern away. It was eleven at the peak, so we all know estimated out. You know you are hearing everybody, the Governor Connally ceremony, forty thousand ventilators, and you know, obviously they don't need those numbers is setting them away in giving the other places that are there's like us. The question is why what do you want? people to now find there are risks in everything we do. What do you want to know about the fact that they dont need to live in fear? How can you get that across the them? If you could? As an epidemiological you know, these rates success, will all kinds of diseases and we live our lives normally. What do you want them to know so that, hopefully they can have a little
Sphere can go to the restaurant. Hudson their life and move forward as an epidemiologists. What can you tell them is just the core message. One final message: if you might think that you know you if you touch on some really important parts, but I think that you know what what are the things that people need to understand is that the hospital system in the in the United States are some of the most. And the best institutions around the world they really are, and they are so well equipped to be able to manage a number of different kinds of of crises. I mean they have to deal with nosocomial infection rates every year and they watch that very carefully, and so they understand a lot about infection rates, and so a year. They have an onslaught of illnesses and hospital innovations due to the flow just a regular, flew and- and so this is not sincerely per se new to them. What was no is that we just didn't understand
early early on in January. We did understand the nature of the. The corona vires. We understand death rates within understand. A lot of things now here we are in May, and there is a lot now that we understand, and so it thing about it this way, and I think that, This might be the way to think about it, for people to have a better sense of what we know verses. What we didn't know if I had a thousand pieces, puzzle and I gave all or a panel is ten pieces of the thousand peace and set right down what you think. The picture looks like on those ten peace, every single one of us would get it wrong. We would just get it wrong now. We probably dont have a thought one of the thousand pieces of this jigsaw puzzle, but we probably have a good five hundred to six hundred pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. So having said that, I think that we understand roughly what the rate of transmission is. We understand what the case fatality rates are. We understand that there are people out there that may have it. There is symptomatic of free symptomatic, we understand now we have more attention
and so I think that we can go about our lives living it largely normal, but also being smart about it. Wash your hands touch. The services don't touch your face. If you're ready, learn about something where mass keep a little bit of social distance. We can do things that are really smart, but that we want to take the economy in draconian fashion to do things that asked the american citizens in do and we do every day what we get into the car we put a seatbelt on. You know we we drive the speed limit where we will look over her shoulders and make sure that we get a switch land will go into the car next to us, so we just need to use common sense. Kind of measures, and if we do this, you know most everyone in the United States and refined you'll didn't like it even know. If anyone knows that that that Thank you, and I want to thank Mr Spock them. I had based on that number. You know
read, this is true. You're happy being I'll. Just tell me that our immune system needs to be stimulated to work well and that some this idea of training from social distancing, avoid all germs or kill up everything. Actually we, hence the immune system over time, but staying away. But now we go back into the public people's needs since may not be a strong. Is that true? I just bought that I read exorbitant assembled in the places. Is academia I'll, just play a role: do we need stimulation, could immune systems they stop factor we think about it, you know anyone who has been apparent has kids those that early on the kids get every kind of sickness nor the pan time. It seemed like it's like every week there acquiring some kind of cold or flu or this or that I went out and really what is happening about the body has been infected. It is creating a very robust immune system, and so this is not sincerely a bad thing and, as many physician will tell Yo Psychoanalysis as part of life and there were building up their immunity system. So this is a good thing,
now you're getting a older, obviously arm. You know when you strapped out over the over the years of age. Our immunity systems like everything else when we age when we become older, sixty five and older, if it gets a little bit harder to create a robust immunity system, so we do have a vulnerable population. We need to be sensitive to that people in their 20s and 30s and 40s. And what have you Rrr. Pretty good people going to the beach is probably a good thing to do. I write my bike on the weekends I tell people every week and I take it for out of irish citizens had really out. What did you do as a warning about sixty miles and if I can mile that I have no respiratory infections and saw a good solid as can be I just gotta. Thank you as an epidemiological studies busy you seen the holes and ass. You brought forward and I'm glad you have in your life,
Join yourself in helping other people, I appreciate all the comments you made, I'm looking for to come back to a similar question, so thank you pronounce I'm in an hour shift to doktor rising Doktor Michael rising, and I have the privilege of thing about an hour to get ready. I could have just reported back. It was wonderful. The chief almost officer emulate Us Cleveland Clinic using the analyses, geologists, also, seventy four years old, always look for life and he's happy and storms. At least I use, Mcgovern opened the snake back up. I really wanted to talk with him because He really has put some of their fear aside by helping people understand whose truly rest so doktor, rising personal beg for joining us. Of which thank you I mean I weren't lack today. So thank you for letting me say it in on this on our were really by pressure. Have you from equivalent grant guy? spent your life's helping people to stay out usually possible, tell us who really is at risk here? Because the level of the year is insane?
a better economy were got these impacts of people that it be starting by our reactions. The numbers were wrong by twenty its, so being a union I spoke in the day. You too, beautiful job are helping us understand who really is affected, because when you look at the country of its what seventy two thousand- maybe it suddenly core thousand now DAS Day the entire time forty experts and the bills are from New York in Jersey and you something out even more interesting, which is one of the member percentage of people from the New Jersey better for nursing. Also, remember, I said, was fifty one percent, so tussle over about who really is at risk, so we want, careless. I'm new money, my mother and father, like mothers and fathers me mother, bothered me earlier seventies. Oh I don't I don't take. This might be for anybody, but making decisions on the whole world but affecting them and everyone else. So maybe you I was quite apart from the perspective of what you said. The queen clinical people seem stats, who truly. Does it risks usual?
We can start looking to take care of those opposed to isolating I'll, be people rights and they point was made. You ve made this point before and I think we need emphasise it? If you look at the is very rate. The number of people who die who get it it's over, three percent. When you get the seventy in over, that's a real risk. You have to look at sixteen under it's than two tenths of one percent or about less than twice? The fool a number of you Paneless have made that point we could open. In in Ohio, where we have really good data of the five nine million people who worked day way or used were daily a hundred when a thousand of them, over the age of seventy and We thirty percent them good work from home. So maybe eighty thousand people you need to really protect
six million rough six million, maybe he found over the age of seventy are still working and many of them would do it even with the risk and I'll come back to that in a second but really what you need to do is protect people who, over the age of seventy, protect them from. Risk they would have if they were exposed to the virus. Is there in that three to five percent death rate from I'm getting the disease. On the other hand, most of the economy is in driven by younger people ninety five to ninety seven percent and they don't need to be protected. We made that stake early on in looking at that, the data China in lieu problem come back and regretted, but you could really open up the whole economy and not have much increase in the risk when you look at New Jersey when you look at Ohio,
Josie. I think it's fifty four percent of all the deaths are long term care facilities. Are you mean no, is that we're talking about right, nursing homes and and other facilities like that, in Ohio. We didn't keep track of after April fifteen from April fifteen. The now, if you will, total. That's rub their character this common nineteen related forty percent increases daily bakers were now keeping track of it, but it is the people you have to protect people, if this virus comes back in the fall. The people who need to be protected are those over seventy and long term care facilities and unique to protect them now, from if you will that their own group but the pit come to visit. So you'd want to save testing where the people we'll come to visit those long term care facilities first, so you can really open up the economy and
problem is without the economy, open we're having more deaths of despair. Then we, death from the call made by a virus. That is alcohol usage em. We get. The tax receipts this today so I'll call usage is going up. Sixty seven percent today, go use in jail when you talk about we who forty and forty thousand people a year from tobacco. We should ban that an isolate that, rather than covered by the UN. In fact, Those revenues went up. I think twenty two percent Sophie Anne and worried about suicides and depression. And especially long term, and you don't open the data from the prior periods when you shut down businesses if their shut down for two months, fifty cents, ten presenting the restaurants, don't reopen survive, so that's it a number of the population.
So we really gotta do something today, the governor of Ohio, so son, I'm feeling today. Because he announced that there will be able to get a haircut if you well on the 15th rest your ads opening up the the to outside outside dying. I think the fifteenth to inside the shining with with distancing an oil. We started seeing patients today. So, although I am personally been seeing them virtually up to now, so the patience and seeing the mile actually tour in person United scare me once again, but anyway The point is that the governor there been an enormous pressure on the governors, because the data to China that this was much more, we saw then it has. We to be,
They didn't have the segregation based on age before embraced call more you're under seventy, without a co problem. The data from New York is it snows and no problem. Unless you got morbid obesity, high degree of Body Mass index of over forty. So if you people listening. This wanted just Google body mass unexciting calculate their mighty Massa next very fewer than will be over forty and above seventy to eighty. It's. The call more minute is above eighty, it is age, and, as you know, since I relate the real age, it is probably your physiology gauge and your calendar aged its most important or your example. Doctors, seventy four years old, his novel shape, and you know what you're gonna get back earlier talk about different sixty miles, and so it I got it's. What have you done with your body and you bring of instinct
because we ve talked about Sweden than you talk about Japan, like how do you explain? Five hundred fifty two deaths in a country Twenty five million people and people originally said. Well, maybe it's not all that these countries are less dance. Of course, Tokyo proves that's not, but one That's different about those places, as we don't have the level of obese individuals in America it. Seventy one percent that are overweight, but it's now thirty nine percent are considered to be obese and so bad. With diabetes and, as you said, the statistics show that leads one to three comparability is, it could be. Cancer could be heart disease that could be challenge the ones that are exists, and so sledges breakers numbers acts people the numbers they get lost. You do this to me the day, a blue, my my so you're saying to me forty, six percent of all back of the seventy four thousand deaths. Firstly, half of the member states are produced AIDS, marking a jersey, fifty one
you two percent. What did you say, came from using arms was the number while between fifty and fifty four percent, in all the states that have reported separately, so it's bearing large. If, through those who captain other data along. So in bringing the people that core mobility is so what Energy, healthy people, out of all the people you walking through the issues at its half of the people, are from nursing homes. But I really be taken care of me to focus on that when I do enough energy about that, that's exactly right! So, if This thing comes back those people we need to protect, and we should really- and everybody else should say- hey gotta get healthy by September October. This comes back whose that's the way. Tackling myself get rid of the type two diabetes. You know, sixty seven sixty seven to seventy percent of us at the genes, retired type, two diabetes only about fish, Ten percent of us do habit its life.
I'll trigger, and so you can take care of that body. Mass indexes is largely lifestyle for your disease. Smoking and lung disease is larger, lifestyle triggered, so crime. A kidney disease can be reversed all large degree or at least ameliorate by large degree, by life's choices, so we get to control this, and that's maybe what the lesson here is there. We're going to live longer. We, guy and want to live longer and have those passions to live longer than you Do that by controlling your lifestyle, so it is. Fifty percent of the people have nursing homes. If you have school that fifty percent out of the remaining sixties. Six percent, over the age of eighty, so that sixty six percent. The granary you end up with about four percent. Maybe less have
Of course more. That is dignified prior to death, so it's really quite a small. So we need Two exactly if you said hi yo, we're going to give everyone who has who is working over the age of seventy and so port them and make them isolated and gay, I'm thirty thousand a year Algerians spend two hundred and forty million dollars for those eighty thousand people in some of them. Obviously, don't don't needed in wood work anyway. Governor might wine is over. Seventy, so you'd say he's probably go work anyway, but- assuming that you're going to. The point everyone uses: two hundred and forty million to open up foreign billion our economy. What we should be doing and testing the people coming to the nursing homes every day that is people working in the nursing round them Sure we don't in fact those people. If you will.
A blue, my mind in New York, the governor sent people back to the nursing home and diagnosed covered nineteen may I bet they hope, ship there with a thousand beds and only twenty being used. They had a job at centre. They got the entire hospital. I didn't and watching stay in ever used. The single bag read only beltway milk, one in three major hospital sisters in Cleveland Cleveland Clinic built one in a way we love thousand men ass, their health education camps, where they took over the first war that and started and built a little way. It's a thousand better hospital, whenever number ventilators we needed in an not person is in itself if it comes back ready for the third country. You don't have to have a surge, because what you need to do is protect the people in the nursing homes, test the people and then the rest of us get healthy bring up a really important point. I want to make sure your those numbers about numbers will result has been
that America are people nursing homes were aged, the balance sixty six percent or over the age of seventy, with some form of Co. You were more engineering, sixty six percent or over the age of eighty you, you got another twenty seven percent or over the age of seventy, so that under the age of seventy? What percentage of people arrested? I use a four percent that grant it's like went with them alone: The data is clear from all the states. It's really hard to die from this, if you're under fifty and between an between fifty and sixty. I think it's six percent of that of the people, most of which a fifty and sixty five at six percent, most of which have come, were married, Look at the data, the nation as a whole, so we took the seven four thousand people that have passed this country, just terrific and we take After that, we will have a deadline for nursing. Aren't gonna, take your damn. That's roughly thirty, five thousand, alas, and then we
Take another sixty six percent of about four eighty year old, spin and beyond, which why did spent like secondly, a seventy eight, this country, and then we go another step the seventy. So what you really saying? Is it somewhere five, six percent of all those that so it was temper Would it be seven thousand that sword somewhere about what three thousand boycotts and desolate are people out? Well, even if its early, we have good enough data to say whether its whether its four thousand or ten thousand or ten thousand. But it's a small fraction if you for the whole country of the deaths, are people who are otherwise healthy. Under the age of seventy. But we really have to say, let's isolate and let's really protect speed. Who come in contact with those over seventy and let's get every and under seventy in his good health is possible can really open and if you said everyone hours under sixty who are under one under sixty Bible works, you can open up
economy and stop the deaths in despair which overwhelm. This number were afraid of that than ever? That concerns me the most guys I hears the way people saying all your promoting people going back, we're gonna die. There's all this. Social media, especially as the normal media as well, but what then looking at is hurried thirty, five million deaths. Starvation, that United Nations now projecting we're not talking about these does a despairing, talking. I just where the other day I ll, have you seen the figures that mouth uses up three hunt percent, people are dying about every single day. So rightly we're we're. Looking at things will this little marrow view and Maria enjoy your numbers here, but really put a completely different perspective. I remember seeing a while I was watching the news and I saw the governor come out and he's dead
shut down the state was very early. Was you sad baseline what he was taller than he said at the time? Are we gonna, but we have a hundred thousand cases them in the state in their own twelve hundred cases in the country at that time, and they were saying it's gonna double and we're gonna have been fought for five percent. Those people were gonna die these than the numbers of that's. Why should? On the contrary, of course, the batteries. Shut down based on really good advice he has made such wait. Judgments both his health director and his lieutenant Governor John, you said when we wisely to make the judgments look waken, we open up. What is it in what is destined to spare and how do we open up in the same this way and then what happens if the virus comes back, you really should use his policies. Almost as a model for the country. Unfortunately, numbers were wrong, wasn't spot, but you know it brings, statistics were saying the numbers today in the world. It has been already discussed by the senator and various other people that deadline
where's. Your exaggerated we're hearing their exaggerated the small side wearing a more exaggerated, the upside nurse incentive to do it in why we say we're pretty conference? and that its people from the nursing homes were at risk and those of the people in the over seventy and then the people over sixty with Como abilities that we really gotta project so That's why we're getting good numbers now will take a little time, but the CDC will get the numbers on the ass in despair from alcoholism and from if you will vile overdose and from suicide wool. Those numbers and see, but I fear that that those numbers over and start to overwhelm covered. Nineteen DAS, and so We can get a strategy for going forward on this and made me.
When we, when we go back and look, and maybe some of the other paneless my collaborator, others well or Alan will have the day the debts, I'm from the flu then in, if you well skilled, sing facilities and long term care facilities and people over with more more million. We may find it's the same group, and this is another virus if you well, that is like that, those viruses and exactly the elderly. Go away. It is your message than if I'm hearing you correctly now, I dont want to misrepresent thou tat. You ve clearly is your mouth the somebody that is you're over the age of your under the age of seventy, and you know of course, abilities that's the way about any more than you. What any other disease that you might have it? You live your life about, have no fear about live your life obligations. That was that an average trip you re eating. If you look at the
bore ten football games in in Cleveland as long as you don't have that the expensive seeds which air which over seventy all its use by you. You can go to the Browns Games and joy them and you very little risk for yourself. On the other hand, if you're in those expensive boxes in your over seven area advocate, have a don't come to the game, start, a sense that so pragmatic in real, and it also puts our focus where it should be on taking care of the elderly and, looking out for our group, parents and our parents, and in our and our friends that are in that state, wife, I want to see you like saying: ok, we should be allowed sports, like my friend, was cancelled his wedding like five hundred people, and they said no, no, no, it's now, you know it's gonna be turned to be people other than ten. Then we kept the peace, but there is really no science. It proves that those now
this matter back, the science proves the opposite. It sounds like unless you're in this group you're talking about your seventy four they'll brings up another point: would would you go to the game and why you know Would probably go to the game with an end? Ninety four, I will probably go to a game with an end. I knew five mask until we have good enough, Sir logic testing so I'm under certainly bomb under seventy, and I dont have former abilities, go get my life and I live in fear that what I am hearing from you, and we should get the governors to do that. So they open up. Economy so scattered Scott Jansen, I hope to scott- goes to the I'm glad to give him all the day that you want. I hope it goes to the floor of the Senate in Minnesota. Says they open up to cuz. You could really open up the entire economy where they very few people over the age of seventy are employed. And couldn't work from home, meaning
state of Ohio. As I said at eighty thousand, we God of over six million, while one I love also looking out for those people and providing economic support them if they can't work from home or something at each a getting the test at the speed and binding the answers, but also you ve done something else that I hope is really helpful and people watching can spread. The word maybe she'll this piece of what you're sharing so many, People are saying your young you're threatening us. People's lives. If you go back to work and your pointing out that the deaths of despair started to overwhelm beyond the call the debts by bar and then obviously grow the longer were about of work out of her it's our homes and southward, and so What your view is, is we gotta take Araby elderly. We need to go back to work You don't need to be afraid of that you're gonna destroy other people, that dioxin destroyed people. If we don't let people go back and be permanent, again is that Europe gets exam that is perfectly hooker, perfect
I'll be back and we're gonna returned you're gonna last gentlemen. Here, that's why I'm done Dan Eriksson and doktor art. My say he opened saying that right back Martin argument should say there, the corners of the urgent care they have eight different locations throughout Central California. Their clinics offer private walkin covered my genes ass honestly. We then more tests than anyone in Central California, baited oppressed, number went viral because they question logistics are part of the status quo. They got a lot of applause in your shot down by you, do because it makes the World Health Organization which, by the way we now proven, as has shown that they were not remember them by any stretch of May, have actually been deceiving the country or the World Bank based on what they knew and China. So I like the first can we both in thank you and I'm so sorry what you ve gone through, but I'm so grateful for your courage, what you ve done to try to help educate people. Welcome to the budget
thank you for having us turning there. We should be able to tell us what made you I mean. You took a big risk here. You ve, taken. A lot of work are from people that you know, living in the old merited SNL the baby? They bought updated the facts on it's almost like. I watched the media interview you afterwards and they were hostile towards I can understand why, when they want to know who facts, but it just like they could getting there had delivered it over and over again tell us. First, what made you decide to come forward and do this press conference because it was Well, you got you didn't you do this. You know you're you're living arrived here, you're on the front lines you know. What's going on you deal with real patients? Aren't you even mention only one person was able talked about. You said this to you, kind what you said about you haven't seen a patient and twenty five years and where he'll be day you know doing the testing will people so tough. But what made you come forward and take that risk in Lisbon? The response, while we all the press conference. After about two months we had
the original orders. The edict to you now put on p p test patience, and we told that line for two months, and after doing thousand two hundred and thirteen tests we had about three hundred forty positive. We saw that six and a half per cent of our data are raw data. That was not randomize was positive and media had been calling me in asking me: could you share data with us? Were hearing that stuff? You know from all of the world, but what's happening locally, so I said well, why don't we just do a local press conference I'll just run over the wrong numbers and give my appeal what's going on give kind of a boots on the ground approach to this, and so that's all we did. I thought this was gonna. Be a two minute: do signal local station. Then they said We're doing a live facebook and I said okay, I don't really do you know social media that much and had no idea was going to turn into this. So this is just our opinion on rod data and I think it it.
Kind of resonate with people, because we we aren't we using statistical models. I'm sort of academic models were used. Raw numbers, we have a community and about nine hundred thousand we're seeing you other spit? Their senses was low. Last week they had fourteen pay. Were covered in their out of hundreds of bats three ventilators, and we said well now, wait a second here: the hospitals are laying off daughters, laying off nurses, closing floors what's going on here, so I started. Looking at you know, sir, I started looking it so korean, saying maybe there's a different approach. We could look at start seeing eight decades under sixteen or in school, their businesses are opens, I start looking at their death rate. I thought okay two hundred and sixty four million in the UK with three sixty, I said countries, fleet Marshall Lockdown are not having any better results, and so I started interviewing Doktor Vince,
the sky was abolished. That decision he said you're not going to stop this virus. You can shelter in your house. If you want, you can stay home, it will lose. People are social creatures, they go, they visit each other, they go see their pastor, they go to the doctor. This virus is gonna, move by the, U Shelter in place or not, and they said doktor with tasks is sheltering your place and wearing a mass gonna work, and he said yes, it will keep the sky from falling wow This is so radically different than what we ve been taught were two months every day, twenty four hours a day by the media and, quite frankly, even guide dogs about you, but again Europe, some people, something over. Why should I listen to these guys- and I said well because talked about use good man bodies raw twenty two eyes you tonight not fight. Center temperate zone of fifteen or twenty years this were on. You know best boxy out at the time and you come out. Spain and said you know, the models were wrong and he doesn't believe in the models, but he made the decision based on working in China, a Christian. I didn't
was real members eider. I can use we keep hearing. Somebody got her saying we're making, including a California your govern nuisance. A friend of mine he's been my data destiny programme of great fondness for him, but you know we mentioned earlier one death and Orange County California, and you have called it Jimmy entire time in shut down the beach. They got really angry about it, The data doesnt seem shot like how come I can go to classical around hundreds of people, but again, the church, I drink alcohol, but I can't go for a ride home, just We understand where we keep it science, I had science, but who is telling these numbers to the governors and been around here they're making make these decisions. Can I know they care? I know him. First, He cares deeply about Californians so wire. Continuing to make decisions.
That is so radically different today. Is it just gets stuck in my mind, we do something. I think we have to give it the discussion as to pin it now we did. We tell the line for two months. We we took a safe approach, we locked in our houses, my family was wearing, and ninety five, I said all the kids came home there and zoom right now. We the line that after I look at the data I read globally, I listen. The doktor gives Zackie Doktor Andrews, Techno Sweden, I interviewed the Taos Guide, to zoom interviews with him. So I did some extensive reading inside you know what What we initially did, I think, was appropriate. You know we left. It spent the ban blue. We saw fifty million deaths, nineteen aging, without what we don't want that to happen. So, let's control the spread, let's flat the curve- and I said, doktor will tell you what do you think a flattened the curve and he said it lengthens that disease cycle? Why would you want to do that, so you can have a secondary spike later on. We get secondary spikes from the flu every year, rattle spike in December. There must be a spike in January. This is an
phenomenon of virus, and so when you flattened occur You take a longer cycle longer time to develop hurting immunity and the boy. Statisticians I'm talking to you. So that only makes sense if the house with articles are overwhelmed. Which I talk to all three ceos in my area there sent this is low or I see user open. We have storage capacity, we're ready. So I think the discussion now has to put it to. How do we open up the economy I listen to the interviews by Dr D. Second said: the United States is Climate slatter. Now now you gotta go. But don't? How do you do that? Use that open up all smokes immediately? All kids under sixteen do very well with this disease open up the schools watching for two weeks watch the prevalence watch, the incidents watch, the death rate, and big, make dynamic decisions, but now the thing is the collateral damage of cold. It is way outweigh the disease itself. I can tell you- suicide cases personally, twenty three year old, I can t but anxiety, depression, alcoholism. All in
community that our sky Rocky now because of covert, so I think the conversation asked it to switch now to help get the economy going again, because the collateral damage of the economies shut down is becoming far worse than the virus itself. Why its mind, boggling I'd like to ask you doctor must say right now. You know probably I'm Missy. He yes, but we see. Tell me, are you you're saying the same thing. I watched you as well, and you were both talking about these statistics showing that bad there's no reality to what we ve been promoted, that the numbers just built match what you dislike step up and then tell me if you would, You guys Batman and what was the explanation that big you from Youtube why they took your simple discussion: you're just discussing backs off the beautiful worldwide Well as positions and scientists, we we took a hippocratic oath you do know arm and
to tell the truth, and we looked at our numbers and we had a sum of Stamford preliminary Data was out we're looking at these different studies are saying all this. The epidemiology of this disease is similar to flew and we ever shut down for flew before we habit it. Does makes sense to shut down the economy, the folks not have work and not be able to support their families. You know they can't feed their children and were both bleeding arts. In that way, it should said we have to do something. That's why we came out and and Fortunately, we ve been received by the medical community and by some by some folks in media, actually, most of the media as well. These guys are just pushing their agenda for their urgent cares or this about which is really sad, because I think, most
based on this panel or are you know we're all doing well, but it's the average American that is not doing well and those are the people we need to be careful. We need to make sure we protect them because we are in a position we can't we have. We are their voice. So that's why we came out and I'm a man discussed our results I really my feelings are matter, but I feel so sorry for both of you being so courageous grubbing out taking so much blackbirds assuring real facts. It just shows that when people get fearful, I mean I don't like me, anybody means bad by this. They ll in their had they make everything survive only over reacting in the amount of people that are angry at people opening. I'm starting to open. Some of these states are
like very, very rapid, and yet they have no facts whatsoever, but they have the facts. They were told them the beginning. A maid walked out they're mine and I mean he's in science, really continually updating facts and making new decisions. That's my purse wasn't really one of you. My second question is I again you spoke about. This the immune system needs tremulous to work. When I the child, gets out measles often times a invite everybody online betting got at once, and then you built immunity to it. I told him, you dear, that's only done through just result. What the differences between our. We normally think about science and what's happening, and is it you're the iranian citizens need stimulation was very strong, is isolation. Making a stronger community are weaker. I think it's fear. I think you nail right on the. I think. It's fear, I think we're making decisions are based out of fear, but after a couple
You kind of have to look at the data and say what is the data saying? The Stanford studies, the New York Data University, Pittsburgh: medical center. You know that's right and are all fighting zero point? One of his your point, one to zero point two, which is as important if we are all in the same ballpark as influenza and one thing and I thought a couple of the doctors here on this panel which I very appreciative that you invited as an honour to be here on this panel with these world renowned, physicians and scientists, I'm doing influence as a very dangerous disease. I've had folks in their thirties forties die from an influenza. When I used to work in Europe was Doktor Eriksson. Its lines very serious, but we We are familiar with influenza suicides just a flu. So whenever you have something that your unfamiliar with you have lots of fear and then trying to change people. Was narrative there. There there there mindset,
new data is very very difficult because they have that old mindset in place and as as human beings, we do need to interact with our community in our society Obviously, we are for two reasons: our immunity was down when we don't interact. We don't we don't touch other people or touch different substances in our. Our objects and are on our bacterial, in our view Flora actually go down in concentration, and these are actually good bugs that protect us from opportunistic infections. That's definitely one point, and the second is lots and lots of fear decreases. The immune system, anxiety, depression, lowers the immune system and in the new immune system, has been well well studied and
you are scared and you are depressed than you are more likely to get sick so yeah. So that's that's my stance on what one point I'd like to make Tony, if I may, is that it having a disease process documents. He myself deal with care every day. We want the best care for these patients about. On a second note, when you, start losing your constitutional rights to speak. In other words, We all should have the right to have a discussion on our opinions than as you start saying, hey I dont like your opinion censure that guy now we have a bit of a problem because we all should be free, but we, our lives. Studying this, I didn't studies for ten minutes. This has been twenty years, so we ve spent our life. Studying this. I think the key point is what Americans want to hear it. You know if you if you're under seventy ninety nine percent of people, you're, never gonna hear this on the networks. Ninety nine percent of people will get through this and be healthy. So why are we taking
the constitutional rights. Why are we? tell him, then you can't go to the part. Where is the science behind can't go to the part? Where is the science behind can't go to the beach, but I can go to cause, go and home depot. So we see constitutional rights getting stepped on. I don't think a pandemic should ever take take measures, to reduce your constitutional rights. Why are treating the ill? I'm sorry, Let's now we ve talked everybody individually and you guys have been so wonderful. Your time had gone over butts. Egypt is coupled with questions of Iraq. The soft on people come to me those questions that, but I got was related to the on a personal experience is actually oughta, give it back when it gets the research showing that the ventilators that we bought would be helping people nine, the ten people. Armies ventilators is accorded JAMA. Nine out of ten people are dying and that's pretty
strapped to say the least, and I are personal experience with this, which is a member of my staff. I was actually more companies, but one person was one of my country's lives in New York, and what am I, nurse gone said this: in his lady has gone to the hospital she had a hundred do temperature, Coffee was watching television, so she got very scared, and so she went to the hospital in and out of fear she but short a breath. For battling robots, obey me report later and am I I call for energy doing and we said well, they put her in a collar that would mean a personal comment. I wanted to speak. The doktor, of course, will not speak to me. The family can't see They are my sister in the bomb, and so I called them Let me tell you that your friend of mine, it very well respected position there in New York. He knows people still there, and I said I know you know this research will be talked about it, we'd make known since the end of February that what's different about covered ninety,
at the same mucosal cobbling under pressure from these ventilators is actually doing damage than the ones. Bottles pretty dropped, he's a somebody per passing from a treatment because no one has been in tat, but he said well, stammered care will not measuring it, and so I ask that you would call in Iraq in and by the way when we asked the doktor. Why did you put her in a coma and he said well should be more comfortable. It's really uncomfortable all these machines in tubes down her mouth and support so a common women when they died of carbon expansive? She read the real about? What's happening? Ventilators, the long she's going from a better way to the more likely she buys the research I'd called as well, and the doktor said well the EU will not thing other ventilator. If she doesn't wake up in three weeks will declare dead and the daughter we could is it you put on the collar. She came in with a cloth in a fever, in short, a brass and simultaneously by trying to harm, I think they're all trying to help, but the research is now showing a very different component. There
long story short Dodgery spoke, vision. It would not make a change even called the night physician we happening unfortunately, no he gave him a any reduce the pressure, because what, People really need, according to studies oxygen, not the pressure from these as a result, five days later she opened her eyes, which were so grateful Bore and she stole my hospital budget ceiling, but its it suppose you shall we were all this progress on. You know we're gonna do ventilators and yet that tree in itself at least them much pressure seems to be doing. Damage occurs does not occur. To me is that it's the gentleman medical associations are like you guys his comments about. You know what what what do we do in this situation? What can be done deepening it? Maybe you can do it and then I'd like to hear from doktor might from the commissioner Kinnock has never reproaching I been like eighty percent success was almost the opposite of what the studies are showing in looking around the world.
So, how can any of you got two irksome, for example, because I know you're under daily lines or basically, can you give us any feedback about the treatment within the leaders in what the end ideas, or have you seen this where you urgency, like your seeing the largest number thinking like me, saw up there? You know that you see remind you see. I am you. Six go really small number of people, even at the peak can you make a comment about this or centre Jensen? I see your back as well. Anybody gimme some feedback about this now join not on its own people dying of battle. We don't want your for Michael, but I know he's doing it differently. Side. Let's see what you're experts it, I think, most We have to look at the folks to actually go on the ban to later working here for a few years. We run urging cares and work in the urgent care system now, so we don't take care of patients in the icy you setting to work with ventilators, but patient they actually are. Second, to Vienna ventilator. Most of the time are not doing well at all, pretty bad daring, pretty bad shape
doktor arousing, would you I know you have a radically different, resulting with JAMA showing in New York what why are you guys getting up, and so I will kill it probably tell you the data that I'm not allowed to tell you, because I've seen it that's in the actual date. As of yesterday, we are two hundred and twelve. Were the main agreement clinic comment. I didn t look over a hundred have survived in by home. There and what they say is meticulous support of care, and it makes a difference now jobs are moves in advance so that people are the age limit value of one point: four percent mortality rates, forty four percent: Heaven I've got off the methylated of the people who at an early age grounds, I may get sick
deprived the was nine percent and below the age of sixty five six percent mortality. So again when the slightest in general with the plan? But it is bill and move around people who had obviously support? Imagine an ocean? No, you don't The point about the matter is that something Fourthly, they weren't this woman's forty one years all to give you an idea, so she didn't put that category, but maybe it's like you're in the fire. Rewards and speak. You know where you're really concerned. You know people government it's ok. I was the first doctors response. You wouldn't change anything so does the same regardless of what we do. The second doktor actually change the pressure and reduced significantly so so maybe it just execution is that we're saying back and age? It sounds like I've. Just like me said earlier. It sounds like about eighty. Is that what you're talking about basic? Yes, so so
maybe that in Ohio, more than people who are older, sad, I don't want to meet. You haven't, had DNR certificates. I don't want to be on a ventilator at this time of life or whatever. I don't know this, debates on? Why are our will and our great promise? It seemed a little different. Other places, but it wasn't related an advantage. I think the other thing was literally. Five percent tomorrow and high, while about later average around. Ten days, suppose filled with fifteen or New York reports. So there, some differences, but it is really meticulous awkward care made a difference for these people and eighty eight says well, maybe hope America Ginger, would be as good men, and I know many studies and yet, but I'm here I get off
I woke up the comrades I come in. But people you don't a common regard, sedation to be able to tolerate the too? Well empowering the procedures being done so the day, making agree in importance in secret with a vampire later rather than failure and that less mammoth. I found it too So am I physician and background. So I'm here do any technical things, but will try and do men the nation to get the person, so they don't call fight the Barcelona work near that help them So better I want to make it clear: I'm not suggesting this doctor wasn't doing what's right or any doctors working your tail off to save lives, another dedicated to putting their own lives on the line to do this, but sometimes
the information, does doesn't girls Ridgeway? That's why you see someone came in and said we want. Second opinions, that's You're gonna do something seriously My second! This is why the second and final position is, How many illegible, smarter about solutions with the panel here. You know there's the malaria drugs, I dont pronounce it wealth has pronounced boy, I blacks, inquired classic work and then there's the other mixture with that with obviously buzzing and theirs what a controversy Augusta. I guess I'm a political about this, but I guess the president talked about it media that it was terrible. I saw study where they are, twenty three hundred positions around the world scene was one the most effective approaches. There was a study The I saw the ba have the ba sang to study was not a good study was not peer. Reviewed
Instead, it didn't work, but was also given a people that were already on anyway, which, as you know were hearing, is the most extreme situation. So I dont know and then there's the new drugs. So I like to hear from each of you what's promising right now on your history and your research offer help people who actually do get to this point. Where perhaps in writing. Written really need, and the other half was opposed to having a clear response from symptoms that you know. To this end, the poodle. So what are the tree it's that are really available right now and tell me your. Is about vaccines, if you don't mind as well up be here rode back are in file, problem. Is these viruses. The corona Myers is stranded and are have a tendency to mutate. Tony I'd like to take a chance at a crack at that closer love, your router. Thank you. If you asked about what their peace do we have right now. I think I dropsy Chloric wins
it does matter, use you're exactly right. The timing that you give a drug sometimes makes all the difference in the rule that you give it at time zero. It may be very effective if you give it a time pan. It may not be effective in if you give it to someone when they're on a ventilator, The horse may have left the bar, so I think there you look at how clerical is originally was an anti malaria drugs, but it does immune modulating affectionate does have an eye inflammatory my what it was on high clerk, went for more than a decade for her rheumatoid, like arthritis syndrome, I work has every reason to be tried, conduct unpleasant male clinic, is doing a trial there. In ram desert here, certainly so people regard that just will not for people who have had the disease built antibodies and then we're take their plasma, giving and other peoples that got exactly we do that with other diseases to if a person comes in with what looks like a tenant. They were, they gonna have a problem with an actual tell us infection. We will do
emu globular so that that may work The ravages of you will be studied and then there's a whole idea. What can we do to jack our own immune systems zinc vitamins supple. And I think one of these gotta remember is what you said before these, diseases of despair. When we have. These afflicting is whether we are talking about anxiety, suicide, radiation depression there Also, compromises are immune system and we, we really have to start focusing on it. It may not sure upon a nifty little dashboard like we see the other cases in the corporate. Yes, but I really we're missing the boat here, especially with, interchange of you had with one of the doctors, I forgot using money, is doctor The claimant clinic doktor, where he told you back. That really is you she look at the numbers if you're under the age of sixty- and you don't have come on,
if you and have your immune system, you may, putting yourself in a very good spot and you can live and go about your normal life and an just don't think we're emphasising that enough. I know its not scary. Would I know the whole, energizes. I know that fear paralyzes, but if we put things in context, we can tantalize the american people to engage The issue for themselves and say I'm buying. What you're selling doktor biology is. Quite frankly, you doom and gloom guy, and I think that this is a rest three virus. The ninety five percent was aren't. Gonna have much trouble with. Finally, that the facts and our showing a bit to be there to talk about you. I think you and TAT was the highest. I can he imagine his life trying to protect people, but he is never what this whole life. With these things, I'm telling you You know you're sure these bees conspiracy theories, but I'm not a buyer and you, but I did look in that its foundation at Johns Hopkins in October last year. Did a man,
trial I want to deal with. We had a pandemic like this really three months before it happened. I don't get it my design but to come out explain why the whole economic setting out the whole world for the first time just dropped off and followed it. That wasn't it. I've come to you and I talk to you the damage it. How did we get caught up in this matter barometers that we got fooled. You tell me about China. Now we got all the better it was no doubt Intel clearly, but we did. These rehersal prevent damage responded. We have information from China were. For all in an hour, and we get here, we go out there though, the parent China told us. That is. When we look at the data, they were saying we're having armies, DAS and then walked now and its staff to write, and so he said, let's walk down. We residues practicable
Could you tell me the way we ve bought? It stopped it. So that's why we had to sit back only measures, but it didn't stop undecided. Did it now incredibly didn't apple battle. A data have made. I think we ve made a major mistake, wrote real, quick about the China Data. What s interesting is they peeped around February fourth, it locked down until twenty first day had a chance to develop, heard immunity. That was the advantage you I interviewed doktor, which housekeeper bile statistician he said, they had the advantage of not knowing as much of what was going on. Did it locked down until a couple weeks after they had a chance for hurt him aid to develop, we locked him you early and so they peach, quick and now the pandemic. Is done in places like China, it's done in South Korea. When you fly in the current regulation. The disease cycle, torture, doktor love- it's not here, but I forgot about this. He was talking about. The UK was originally approaching
heard immunity and then they got balls data. I think I'm going accurately and so Bay overreacted and went back to the traditional approach. Because they were talking about a half a million deaths, there were being predicted, thereby they universities that it would be these doubts in the may reduce them. Down to twenty thirty thousand forty thousand times this once if I look at you ouch with active perfectly rational. I want and there are now over two hundred and forty one trials and runs like your index of our other grounds, including attraction cork when there's this for myself combinations, etc. So there, then the right then letting out the contract based on what The result is really you're. All my sin in academic Madison, whose mind of our euro is, I think the Elles you'd, probably look at it two years, I will say news, misled by the data that China is wild. So I,
Naw Man, we are now under Stand really is like one of the other Corona Myers is in the sense that it, Sally, elderly and those more men is much more and that you can open, society and they have to do it: a boy death as as ever Johnson said, the death in despair running rampant over what were over the death from liquor The environment have to open up their economies, not depressed me. I'm just curious as we wrap up any final lots from you about this, and also what do you mean you just what role as the media player not try to make them ability wake us. As you said, you'd have that fact. Was misled? I ve been misled, but now there so much momentum directly what role the media played, what role the need to play to get us out of it, because most people are not hearing any of your voices except
but you medical articles here and there were the average person- is never got a red or few places where you got your boys out. It was crushed it. Ain't have social media. So I got here, dutch press them. What what's your view on the role the media's played? All of your roads made it plain: what are they need to do to help us turn this around now? Do we have this new doubted, gyro personal I'd, say twenty. Thank you for putting together this maize and panel. So that's the first thing I would say thank you, but deal I would say, is going to be just a tablet, more critical of value. From this perspective, We have here an epidemiological and you are taking fat, taking information from some call models. Willy nilly and you're not use a good judgment. Shame on you! I just have to say look. He made to have done some good in the past and we may have funded a lot of studies and may have helped academic institutions. All across the United States fan will give kudos, for that but we also need to be, I think, a properly
credible to say look. This is my judgment and people were listening to you there listening to you so carefully. You have to use good judgment and, in my opinion, He failed miserably had he been in. My epidemiological asked me: what are you about the retaken? That's all I can say about that about you now The other thing I would say is that the lesson to be learned here is be careful. How we general lies what happened in ITALY doesn't necessarily happened in the United States and Russia mounting up and down right now, so true, because in other their reasons, why- and and- and so I think one of the latter and that we have to learn. Is that look we gotta be very careful. We gotta be very sober about the kinds of conclusions will come to and lustrous not willing.
A generalised and the general public, because something happened would move or something happened in ITALY I mean ITALY is a second of other hundred ninety countries in the world. They have the second highest population of elderly and they have the highest, The grim population density of almost any other country in the world, so one good reason you don't need to be a scientist. The reason this out hyper violation, density, alot of elderly people and people flying to and from on China because of the factories due to make the product the Hutus and leave a turn back. What have you that we love to be able to buy. You know you put those two or three elements together: those independent variables in and its easily predicted that they would have a higher rate of people dying as a result. But that the main that we had a generalised, add to another population or Nebraska or Fargo.
The code or something along those lines. So we need to be very, very careful how we generalise info I think that's really good feedback. I can. I saw couple things the media there just blew my mind again: no, not China built by them, but I just you know that leads, as we said earlier right, they have to get. Our attention were no longer and an information society that it had a long time ago were drowning in information were starving for wisdom, which I want to get all of you, and why is this? Is it wisdom as opposed to just more information, one of the challenges that you see is ice operates. He said the Governor South Dakota Universe targeted because she didn't closer. We thought the countries, but there also what five states they didn't was down in their numbers are not going crazy. Even slightly, Ukraine will make their less dense populations, but I, like you, it's probably just give an idea of the gunners Public Carter the brilliant woman stood up and
they were kind of hot spot in the media. Since I looked it up and there were seven deaths in the debate, the map and the quite recently and bill is lighter. I really was oppressed, thou she handles you stood up and said we believe in freedom. We believe our people can make their own decisions and they can begin would you want to know your dreams? Liberties wasting across God you somebody people get Lillibridge. Just a little bit of security will get really have an. She said, you're saying that you know she was shut down. The state and you're saying we're a hotchpotch because we had five deaths in one location. If I took them, state its apply. Like that particular port reactor, your processing plant supplies These would most of its work. She said again legally because it was supplying logical to want to make any difference our market to shut down the state. That's you say, multiple states like this, where remaining shut down just like in Dallas saving, they just open taxes that are being attacked in Dallas, and he said you know the number is not shot out. While the numbers were just more tasks, it was
people There's two point: six million people in Dallas County things, a hundred ten gas from your tired side, down below billion dollars, economy and stored people's lives and greater despair growing. So I guess Question is: does the media was there, we point: what did you do different if we're gonna get people out because people are so you get me to Iceland fear, they think the only way is avoid all human contact. Don't ever go after work or you're gonna, get killed or kill. Somebody also that we finish up you earlier. What roles in media player? What role do they need to play going forward if we're going to help people yeah? Well, in my opinion, I think first of all the media should go back to their basic rules and they should they should report on things. Like sensational, I say so
they ve lost their journalistic instincts long time ago, and now it is it it has become so buyers are necessarily so, and there are many different reasons. None, I gotta get into all the reason why they do it, but the point is the need to go back to their journalistic instincts and discipline, deaf reporting and one of the things that happens. Obviously, is it But there are unintended consequences so any time you do something over here, they're gonna be on the agenda consequences over there and it gets back again to one policy doesn't fit all all situations and in the generalization that happens in New York will not apply and many of the other states. We have thirty million people here and the state of Texas and we have not had you know the number of people that have been infected as less than what one and a half percent of the number of people died that are under to go back to the point of those are under sixty five or even seventy. Five and under is, I had done the calculations for a company and they ended up being
Somebody Y got the likelihood of your dying in taxes base on the thirty million people will be point zero, zero, zero, nine, zero! Six from the epidemiology submit group saw me why. Why would we shut down the entire economy? Now, to your point, tawny? What you make a very good point: that their unintended consequences and what is that people lose their jobs. People lose their income, people can no longer pay rent and and on and on and on girls, and so we have to be you here. You just can't do one thing in a vacuum to the exclusion of everything else. You have to wait, weigh things out and say, look here as where like, I said you know, maybe we didn't have all enough information in January. Granted, ok, fair enough, but here it is in May, and so we have
maybe not a thousand pieces of that Jigsaw Puzzle, but enough to understand what the text on on and we need to make sure that we put people mind at ease and not unnecessarily flame. The fields of fear to the american people shame on the media for doing I was just gonna piggy back and I think this lush too, This is a cookie cutter approach. Everybody gets treated the same. Politicians they find a safe. So we ve seen governors form these little coalitions work in an area that country five six governors was able, let's all do the same thing it's safer and then any time someone whether South, Dakota North good Eye or Sweden, does something outside that then the media is there to literally crucify them. If anything goes wrong, there peace, a there was a moment where they were not gonna go after sweep. Sweden hadn't comply, then
the locked her hand on his those low blip in all of us. If you could just see the parameters were, circling may smelled blood here they come and then all of a sudden the numbers are flattening and look at Swede and, like you said earlier, that Sweden has done a fine job, they kept kids in school. Why? Because that was a logical decision. They didn't a cookie cutter approach, honest to goodness, when we get on the other side of this thing, We should hold people accountable. We should hold doctors, bounty accountable. She should be smart enough to when he says in January. Don't worry about it. This is nothing. This isn't going to bother us and in February sixth yeah go ahead and take a cruise. If you want and then in March she sits, there is no such thing as a deployable vaccine in less than twelve to eighteen months. Be more measures here. Be able to provide some hope. The people I swear, the fear monitoring that he has participated in does nothing
I would have to agree with you on that. I know he's a good man, but I think he's also. We all have our expertise and when you focus only on this area, trying to protect me when I get, I think it's it's gotta, be the highest bidder. Think about all the employment consequences that you all talked about: those deaths of despair and that's not his job and he's also, quite frankly, not out of work. Also he's not experiencing I also said the media was also all I'm unemployed. I think it's. And different story being at all or a little deeper import potentially. But this brings up the final question so doctor Jeanne designed as is coming back in the bar. You know you said there is no question is minded. He is certainly the way we're classifying it right now. Are you probably right? The question is Why does it go away in the first place? and where is it going, but also? What should we do? Because now we know the numbers are very different. We knew these numbers there's. No one will participate in shutting down the economy baby. The killer be elderly and taken care of them.
The better you all know and have collected in its better that's available to anyone now we wouldn't sardonic, aren't you again, but my guess is in places like New York. That's gonna be the first thing that they're going to deal The consequence is that people discussed are horrific. I'm not happy about this, I mean people will find ourselves in a depression. Might, anyway, is the truth, but helping harsh adjust? That's About it is with thirty million people employed, so I guess You weren't going simply of the flu every year same time period. It disappears and comes back Emily, all winter. Please tell me your points of view about what we do worse, a gown and secondly, what do we do when it comes back is clearly it appears that it well yeah so you look at the swine flu in two thousand and and and nine. You know
each one in one. We see this now as it it's a reoccurring. Fluid comes back every year, surely their different integrations of, but nevertheless it comes back and where we are used to getting the floor so that is in the norm or you want to follow the new nor back then it was a pandemic. Now it is not a pandemic, it's an endemic, so we expect that every year and every year we expect a certain number of people become ill. Sir number people to die from it and this carbon nineteen will fall into the same type of our situation as well as long as we're not fearful bother. Fear is much higher because I remember seeing when I present bothers somebody. I jump work within this with you. The current emergency, two thousand deaths- and there was none of the media coverage like now, and it wasn't the end of the world and we are right. You people in fact over time, but you know we feel about it, but this one we been flame very differently yeah. Well, we
We have been condition to to go into fear, if not panic, and so that's the difference that made the difference and again the media has been just they just have not been. You know correct in their response from their journalistic instincts set. You don't go way back then everything now it's all been sensation on in and you know sounded the members have said you know it's sort of now got your mobile phone. One politician of one party does something it's gonna get. And the cell becomes a gotcha moment? Well, that's not what America should be about. What we should do is is we all we live in communities. We live next to each other, we're very social people. We need to all respect our freedoms and our liberties, and we need to do what we have to do, but you cannot eliminate death are all of us in this panel. At some point, I'm going to die
so we're gonna do our very best to avoid it to prevent it and to prolong it, but it's gonna happen, so you cannot stop everyone from living. There lies because you want to put a mitigate this particular death. There's six hundred fifty thousand people die of heart disease, every other six hundred pounds. Some people die of cancer every year like a go off, so people die every year the lots of different things, and we can do a lot of things to mitigate some desperate than sooner or later, we'll die of something else too. We do in the fall out so that when we, follow when they come back and say it's back, it was shut down the economy. Again, sir, now shut down, the seven year old over economy, which is its probably percent of the economy. We keep them
by the boy. That's worldwide. So who know the vulnerable population? Will have testing in the people? Come live fifteen minutes ass soon, but until then he sat down People over the age of eighty, certainly and in long term care facilities, probably over the age of seventy, and then everybody else, and if we're smart people listen to this. They will not help the banana com or merely as an employer, strengthen their music in that way. So that well, they won't problem with this or other mutations in that region. A paper. You bring it back up, and I don't we got some years after that. We do have the power to back down immune systems that people forget that instead just live in or which would solve it. But the question is will the politicians we do that because we bear them their tried, it serve and be there and they're gonna be crucified, some of them if they dont, because this
I hope that media gets you're statistics, not judge, or is there the actual? That's locked arousing equipment certainly is an organisation to ignore right now. No one's really talked much about that. So Senator Jensen, Babylon surgeons, about what you're view what I would say that when it comes back into fall because in most likely will be another way, there's gonna be a ban. Because we're gonna no more, but anyone to take a more laser, focused approach and the interventions we put in place and I think we need to stop playing Wakeham all because I guess been doing. The hard part is gonna, be there. Well could occur before the elections, You could literally see in October a month absolute frenzy panic with it with politicians trying to win an election in the car. The nineteen returning and if we would get an early, influenza season. We can the perfect storm of flu
Nineteen and politicians trying to win real actions, and I would hope that way. You'd be laser, focused and stop playing Wakeham all because what we done this time around saying you know instead, this up, if it, let's assume it comes back down the economy. Or do you agree with what about your approach? Absolutely not you. You socially distance, you ask people, self quarantine. There are vulnerable you let them make their own decisions, people over. Seventy who have significant call morbidity. They know who they are. I take eighty and ninety zero patients every week, and I asked him how you feel about business. It dont, you don't have to shut down economy for me already You go. I gotta go sometime, see us Louis said: a hundred per cent of people leave this earthly things can increase the number of it It's all discussion reminds me of Mark TWAIN. Saying you know, there's what kinds of allies their daily lives
There lies the damn lies in their statistics unfortunately, they ve been manipulated way. The values that have been used politically and I hope, the hell that they're not used. Critically going forward. I don't have a lot of trust that, unfortunately, because the nature of the political system just as we finish up that jobs are lobby or your view, what do we do when it comes back? Assuming a does? What would you do for yourself? What do you recommend for people at home? for our society. I interviewed the Bible, that decisions, and I listened to the chief epidemiologist, a different country that I asked in that same question. I said: what do we do and they said we allow heard immunity to take place. We protect the elderly, we projector, noone compromise and we try. Citizens to take personal responsibility for their own health, and that is the key. I think people are small they know how and when someone is sick, we're not like what we do, we know away from there. You know grandma,
don't go near her. If, if a child has a new compromise, we know not to go around, I think people understand. This is what your grandma taught you. So think I like Sweden's approach because they is really kind of pushed back on the whirling got a lot of flak for their for their viewpoint, but I think it's it's a correct methods or what We go from here on out. When it comes back, we can do at Sweden. Did we keep kids in school? We keep business is going. We allow people, take personal responsibility and separate. We lead we let anyone come from and the elderly separated from the society at that point, and we let hurting me to take its place while the work on a vaccine export assent just one side question, because I heard that tourism dogma this my judgment the other day about masks bad There are studies showing our it's ever They were about to get people come here. People reinventing himself there's a guy in New York, the crashes
six EU by and then of course, there has been a drink. I saw the tasks that were Dinah Good Stands: India, where they just its fruits and got covered a positive result, and I d be just that shades and got it I mean was in It wasn't a chance of all the tasks and that this is just total be asked The question is what what do you think? What what? What should people finally take promised to be around masts. Also, just out of curiosity knives, going to say I was. I was at the store called sprouts yesterday and I was watching the clergy. I gloves in a mass gone. She touched on these substances that staff local she reached under her mask and scratched her nose. Then she again the mask an inch door. I thought the mask is becoming you know this actual and viral sources. She keeps touching and adjusting the actual increasing her exposure. So that's what I see: that's really about quickly
wait when we talk about mass, we have talked about microns and typically, if you look at an end, ninety five mask what that does. Is it filters out ninety five percent of particulate matter larger, in point? Three microns? Well, The question, then, is how big, as a co, avoid particle covered particles about point one micron, so We know that even an end. Ninety five mask has tremendous limitations. Yes, does help some because covered particles will, if you will Well, listen quite almost as they come into the the magnitude. Electrified field of the field made a fine but the bottom line is a surgical master. A cloth mask a really design only for particulates a greater than five. My class typical bacteria are one to twenty micrograms. When we were surgical, masks and surgery, we're if we try to make sure that we need clear for some, were not sprang. A lot of bacteria.
Do the place we're doing surgery, but this idea of people thinking that they're doing something particularly useful, with a mask or a handkerchief or a homemade mascara surgical mass is just loony tunes. Ass questioned Mamma guys had been so extraordinary, and I I want to thank our audience, also prefer still at this stage, we're really sticking with it. You guys are given your hearts and souls your courageous, extraordinary, doctors and researchers, and just so good. The time when you got my hope is that Just some fear it I'll give you a different perspectives, though the begging protect those that really need contained a well. I look out for doctors and our nurses and no wonder putting himself among pudding rivers, everybody else, but we can also figure out. Back to living our lives? We don't now these debts of despair, which can far outweigh ten times a hundred times. A million of you talk about the food insecurity as well around the world. So last message Rigi. What would you want the average citizen to know when they?
covered my team, the future. What should they be overseen sphere last What message board that really Brigitte one for me to be a bit outlined Now all start off. First of all, let me just say this Tony could help to you for taking the time the effort and the energy to put together this panel, so that we can discuss something that, as as, as you have mentioned, is just not good to hear in the mainstreaming you just knife and added to your fifty million euros, who are up pay attention to something that you put out so good as to you on that so what I would say to your viewer ship is what has been reinforced throughout the day, and that is look it if, if you are not in the Baltimore population, under six thousand five hundred and seventy five, don't worry about it-
Do what you gonna do wash your hands. You know, do some common sense. Gotta stop. Maybe maybe that's the problem. Is I'm using the word common sense chance and that is out the door, carbon parts sense, but butter, let's try to get them back. Sensible about backs and let's look put our energy in our efforts and projecting the vulnerable population, which is that those who twenty thirty forty fifty sixty- so That'S- that's the king and and in it, isn't like the flu. Yes, it is like the view. Fluid may not be the flu, but the virus. The flu virus was also Corrado. Viruses owed their viruses as well. So let's not big, go crazy over this much is live a normal life and take the necessary precautions and go about our lives. The way we used a fearful Eriksson, I would say: do your own thinking, I'm up people need
reed. I think it's it's it's it's a little bit dangerous, just to see a five minute clip on one of the news stations and you know decide that to me decisions about your health or the economy. On that, I would encourage people to read. Use standing and really make up your own mind. I think people have a common sense approach to their health and they really You gotta do their own analytics and make decisions about their health based on good facts and not really on five minute clips, that's beautiful, doktor, Rosen Two points one is going to find out what the same people lose give this a pile. Gaston whenever you whenever you there to the governor area, lieutenant governor and their health director, I mean it's got common sense. Well protected? can't do it? well prepared to come back. Rash joy when it does
there is tat will you kindly shut down again because their desks, despair law while it so please Shall I bow to educate your politicians, they don't himself in a rational way, Your regular also your says is the great clinic. Senator of us. Have you cause it out of you? What I, as an m d as a family position, as a senator, try to help people at every level with what is your message? Life is a gift. Grab onto it yourself, in your own house, you up to the task and Do everything you can to optimize your immune system and know that someday some here? whether you like it or not. You pass from this existence to another, so prepare for dogs. I I just gotta, think you all again and the hanging over and over again, People now that we didn't do this without people not to social dissidents are not to follow their governments. Rules is not about. That's, probably us the whole.
Purpose here was a second opinion based on the newest backs, and that's it Science is about you all stuck your neck scoured because in the world right now, people like to keep one narrative people up there, Certainly sometimes more than anything else? And unfortunately world is not certain. You know it's a risky mangas. You all said we're not gonna get out alive It is, but I think, if we get educated witches purpose. Abyss of that we can reduce the beer. We can make more rational decisions and we can take out. Was that we really do need help and also restore our roadmap economies by looking at role models, as you said, advising you know we model China at the towers a regiment of thinking. It was working and it didn't and we miss Sweden. We miss Japan, we must Thailand so we know we must solve the girdle. Hopefully now we start to get some new information makes new decisions? Boss? to all of you. If I can ever serve any of you, your family's, you can call upon you married. I make a difference. I think you know what that areas and
I really feel that I can share with all of you that deeply gratitude, so thank you for all Americans and people of the world will be watching those who else. Lot of another opinion. Some additional it's not, we makes decisions that will protect them. Those they love him praxis. While you guys I've been so generous, God bless you on Anti. Thank you. Well, I thought it would be a journey. Not attract attention was predictable, I'll die. This was a unique journey for you at certain western hearing. All these are the ones that brought the breakthrough. Information that new decisions can be made on the pivot is an incredible privilege. I literally thought this was swept down it's almost three hours. So, if your made it was far along. Thank you. I think you did educate yourself for yourself up your pass it on, and I just want also to say the whole purpose of this
to honour those that have already put their lives on for so many doctors and nurses. Its thinking about somebody police officers. Responders, you know people truck so that we can still have our widely my wife Bula. They always get taken for granted and almost you're not taken for granted. But I'll die in the midst of this will lose track of all they ve done force number one number two. I just wanna give thanks for these incredible doctors that you know really kept. The protocols of saying I'm not gonna do harm it. I'm gonna kick scientifically standing a locker, let any dogma hold me even if you know some of them caught some challenges. Initially, we brought this information we are grateful to swap and I was you know- this is not about not complying with whatever your governments do all of the world Please comply with your governments, give you are not doing enough to do anything, but I Are you do any mass will not be in vain? I take any yet, but I also want to see people in pain and all those deaths
spare, although secondary impacts of people going without food people going into poverty are those that brings that's why I want to put this out. I hope your free Well from those girls. I wanted to give you some educated sources. Innocent people have another cutting edge right now and again both of them. You know someone just want opinions, educate yourself. Please pass this on to other people so that, hopefully they can be discussed. We can allow them to take care of their family, protect those that really need protection freedom was there I'm freed right now and free. Themselves and yourself in all of us from living in a place of beer and know what to do if it invariably back in the fall like so many other I do so we don't have to live in fear or shut down or anger or frustration. And hopefully- Ass? The sun will be people that you can educate our peopled influence Tourism is doing with the governor of a Hidell speaking, the giant different. So these are, these: are people There really was looking out for a splitting yourself in line the best way to honour them is to use a bit
it has to make a difference, burst out laughing. I must say as sites. Thank you thank you for being here is please remember: we him pretty damn resilience. We ve been around two hundred thousand years, we ve expiring every kind of change in the environment, every kind of microbes, reclaiming challenge you could imagine here. We still stand better worse off with better That's all were your women are a long time and you'll have to worry that some little things get a job in the year in your healthy and suddenly you're gonna die or someone who cares? If that's what you programme is most abolishing it back to your wife, and just remember, wife, it's meant to be lived, Sometimes we can be overcome by the drama by what we see and hear every moment by dealing with real challenges that we forget that the slightest don't want to be lives, whether it be winter spring summer, foul, weather, beaten, tough times are good times I'll, be fine. Attitude enjoy in love with a people that you love and your kitchen.
Your grow and contain expansive matter. What happens economically? What happens in the environment? Better call you I've waiting to be. We ve been enjoyed by EU by just fine things to be great or in the midst of challenge, I think we stay resilient. That's how we keep almost above lower, that's always serve our children are family and friends, we fully level passion and hopefully until we meet again, God bless and leave your comments. If you weren't I'd love to read whenever this is meant to you and to those you love by sixty. The tenor of his past is directed by twenty robins and produced. By
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