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Creating a community to call home | Discovering the gift of connection

2019-11-27 | 🔗

When Celinne left everything behind to travel, she wanted to see how far human connection would take her. In 9 months, it took her around the world and introduced her to countless new friends.

In this episode, you will hear from Celinne and a recovering workaholic who gave up a career in tech to run a life-enriching soccer camp for boys in Costa Rica.

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Spare joy. The realise every challenge has ever been brought to me has made me more. I become more I can serve more so I can enjoy more why work here in this life, to bring more good, more great, bring inside to brings rigs bringer action. That's why were you welcome to the tunnel is passed here, listening to an episode as part of a special season on contribution, a force for good or exploring the ten gifts of life? Emotion, drive, growth, joy, gratitude, connection, consciousness, grace presence and forgiveness, he'll, hear Tonia Sage, Robins, explain. Each gifts and stories of true heroes
show us how they show up in real life. We hope you enjoy today's episode on connection Al Assad and I started entertaining. It's crazy thought of what, if I just leave everything I've ever known behind what, if I just scrap it all, and are over and actually give myself a chance to design a life that I am proud of. What wanted was to create a purpose and create a that was bigger than myself. What I wanted to get on a path that would impact me an impact. Others One just do this for me: that's for the idea, for my social experiment came up, in which I challenged myself to circumnavigate the globe by coach surfing however, never using the website, but rather using human connection,
the voice he just heard was that of sleep to Costa, who made the daring decision to leave behind the life she thought she wanted the life she had always been told she should to travel around the world by sleeping on strangers, couches people told her. She was easy and she was courting danger. She met him. With him now but at the time, Sweden was so fed up with her life, but she was looking for any way to escape her mundane and meaningless data day compared to the despair she was feeling the plan to travel around the world by couch surfing, dangerous though it might be, was the exact escape she needed. But what Celine discovered on this trip? she didn't need an escaped from her life, which he needed was to dive into the deep end of life to feel things were wholly to express herself more authentic me that a truly connect with those around her So we ve found the literal and figured of power of love and connection, and she rediscovered
self one way today, you'll hear from Celine and recovery workaholic, who has devoted his life to giving back to the community that has given him so much in Costa Rica, you'll, hear theme and each of these stories when we set out to help others and when we open up to them in the process. The connections that we create a dub cheated us to love and connection are gifts for both giver and receiver. Connection reverberates and amplifies as its shared building bridges that take us places. We never thought possible while we have to do is be up into it. Take a lesson to what Tony has to say about love and connection consider, where could human connection take you? It's the days. What do you want me your tree? What would be the ultimate gift for you? What's a gift that you'll never forget, what's a gift that would penance figures saw. The answer we all know is love.
Love is already the oxygen of the sole. Without it we don't survive a baby that is not busily held, Webcam aesthetically the dogs a disease of coffee or the tribes syndrome. Literally, a baby will die, but like physically loud judge. What been universe, or God has given Us- is the great of love because of love. We will do things. We will never do for us out of the wealth of those that we care about the challenges people are constantly looking for trying to get it come in the form reform they walked on the person. They want their angry, their frustrated expectations are met, and yet there is in kind of love, generous love, A generous lover is someone who just gives loved anyone and everyone you get a simple thing called kindness in some times and people's lives. They treat people closest to them and waving never treat a stranger here we are in the holidays and we left the stress on the time get in the way of who we are.
A love it when we experience it at its peoples level were sofa building yet triangle love? Well, that's a tough one trying to give love It's always the iranian think about it. We get the gift when give it we're embodying it. Love is not a thing. Way of being in the Bible. We all know the phrase is patient when this kind, it does not the EU, does not boast, it's not proud, it doesnt as honour others. It's that some seeking is not easily angered, keeps no good. The wrongs, that's called kindness, does not the weight in the evil but rejoices in truth, it always protects it always trust. It always hopes it preserves? Listen if you the most magnificent holiday. If you, transformed from life- and you wanted and so right now step back into the gym slumbered it's inside of you and think about. What am I here to give? What kind Could I share today and think about,
a generous lover matches the physical active intimacy. Certainly, one of your generous lubber there, but it's all those around your dearest friends at your kids at your parents? It's the people in need. The street no condition in this world trade get what we want instantly and technology is really have to make them. Bananas in the weeks that children's to respond by technology legible puts a button, and you get me when I want right now. But that's not how the human being human Spirit the human soul works, so indeed the good times we find so much of this love is hurting because we're trying to get somebody else what speed, this already ultimate give you could give your patience. Your kindness, your ring of others, your acknowledgement York, we to let go of things. Even if you are wrong, what's wrong everybody wrongs, people time somebody means to what if we were give people just a little more room. What have you will just be a little bit more generous
Would you time or you, energy or your weariness or your connection, that willingness to connect with people that willingness to give to people you Even now will change your life, faster than any principle, but I know you know Could the living is giving so give that? Well, I think of it. This way, there's baby love ass. The boy time are: babies really These really generous lovers. Are babies, really loving people always say yes, and no? It's not true of you. If you give them what they want. Nothing scream and cry. That's ok that stage of life, but some people Forty and are my level one world one dimensional world level. Who is horse trading? Ok, whether you I'll give you this. If you give me that some people do it consciously it's a trade, relations and we will realise their doing then, just giving hoping that they'll get money, don't they get mad known, feels love by horse trading. Then there is real love adjust. Who you are you just go
because what you are made of and when we do that, that's when we feel them hostile. Why that's generous lot in the ultimate gems lovers? Fourth: dimensional: that's what you love, someone who is really map and could do you mean you keep them in your way that isn't you I'm abuse you Look around. You see some good grades in history, their people that were able to give love, even though we know it's only hurt by means of the Dalai Lama. Well, again praise Yours straight, a part of this. This country and some of them actually heard his family. He doesn't down on them. He also be released. The pain that they ve been through. We all are capable of What will the well, I'm sure, someone's, been unfair to you, but you ve been generous right when people are just remember were all doing the best we can with the resources we have in a state with a snap and somebody unfairly about bad about it. Afterwards, members, somebody's nab, situ being a generous lover, is also just being forgiving. Just letting go remembering
a world do the best we can and we can be kind of people in those moments. They never forget it. Bonds us at a deeper level of connection and well than you ever get everything being perfect things. When your business you'll challenge you can heal it, then you can take care of your client your bond with a more powerfully move. There is no problem at all so dull the problems as a reason not to love. Look at problems is a reasonable. More would have your when he was filled with kind of present and active press. Giving the presence of kindness of love and generosity, If you decide to make that decision- and you really want the next few weeks, this way might become just a habit. The changes, your whole life, just a holidays does together be generous lovers today and every day when catch ourselves allow ourselves to build the spirit of a holidays which is joy.
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when you're Amazon com Slash shop as each Opie networks. As wake up call came on a trip to Costa Rica, and since then he may drastic changes to prioritize more of what truly matters to him. Mad decided to leave behind the Tec World, a lifestyle that was eating him alive to finally pursue his dream of helping kids need through mentorship, matzoh need in how Costa Rica he saw their kids were in need of mentoring, leadership, training, life skills, training and a community of other kids, who would lift the math and eventually left them out of poverty through his work with the kids matters integrate himself into his new community, where he feels a powerful sense of connection with the boys in the programme and even with their families,
He is witnessing first hand the importance of community and the impact that love and connection has on everyone. One hears Matt from California in two thousand to I moved a phoenix so on, live in Phoenix two and a half years prior to ever visiting Costa Rica and at that time do vacations, I didn't do weekends and I had a friend of mine that would come to my office like clockwork every week or once a month, and he would me I may to Costa Rica property here I was just no. No, no I'm not enter thank you. Long story short December. Two thousand and forty show up at my house, and it just so happened. I was buried in a big business deal and there wasn't going to be any movement from the other side for a couple weeks. I said yes about nine days. I say twenty I went home for Christmas to spend with my family and came back to Costa Rica in it. It's our cliche to say that I really fell in love with the country, but I did, and for that first year I was never back in the states for more than a week or two at any given time. The last
my trip I was back in the city- I wasn't on the beach. I was getting ready to fly home and I walked down into the barrio of a really tough neighbourhood, a neighborhood. Now that I'm aware of the police, don't even like to go into remember, walking down into it, and the other kids are plain soccer on the street and parents and some of the younger children, or is it not the doorsteps yo outside literally he's ten Jackson couldn't, MR just the joy in their eyes. It was on. The energy was incredible. And I knew at that time, that I was missing something these people were so exponentially happier than my very a fluent circled influence back home, my colleagues, my friends and I we're, really missing something, and I wanted to learn it in experience. It Mammy the decision to move to cause to regret that day and soon he founded his organisms in rail, Hocker and Costa Rica to fill an important void and local kids lives to provide them. The consistency that would allow
and would allow them to thrive. Mission for ya. Go is to educate and empower and help our youth here to become the leaders of tomorrow that the world needs more leaders and to give you a clear this, She may be of the organization we're like the boys and girls club, except with a focus on leadership, cultivating abundant mindset and, of course, soccer. It's, the ones for we play in the kids here, love at such a big. The culture. Our goal is to help these kids become leaders and ultimately live richer. Appear more fulfilling lives and help break the poverty cycle. Fired starting the organization we Hudson age or challenges. Either we don't have the resources here, so you don't have the after school activities, weekends, and so many these kids come from single family, home single moms. They work six days a week for tender hours a day. Kids are on the streets, be alone or end position to be
demise, her end up a negative groups and activities and an Israeli compounded, we're really just filling out void and trying to round up with the best people him something positive for the number one things we could He was just consistency. The more days were open the better off I've seen what happened on the days we're. Not open and a group a kid, were hanging out with people that maybe we prefer they work, but not provide so much more than consistency and leadership, skills training for the kids in Costa Rica he's giving them a place where they feel connected, supported and encouraged to grab your real hocker he's, providing them with powerful community of Pierce, its related as a team, the kids or family, the families that they can? then participate and what what I've learned as we haven't chess impacted the kids in a positive way. We ve really impact the entire family unit in the community as a whole.
Inspired many more people in their community, including the the local municipality. The government are stepping up and doing more. We certainly don't get credit for all their hard work, but it's nice to know that you know, through the ripple effect that we're making a difference. So it is its connection at community and working together and we discuss not just as they are what's an organization. Is the kids what we can do to improve our community and through working together, as you know, that connection and bond grows. We have a young boy named jets. Why he's an incredible soccer player and incredible young man? I met him about two years ago and just has challenges at all. He has only challenges he's from a very tough neighbourhood and city in San Jose and his father was shot out in front of the house one when he was approximately six years, and so the organization is his family and the
moms and organization or moms I at times you know I serve as a father figure but truth. You know he's done as much for me in the organization as we ve done for him, but we ve been able to his life in and get him back in school in earnest pause of grace. And if we can do two things were jets wall and those kids, we can help them can need to develop a soccer players which throaty very good, at least the talent compared to the? U S and weak increases. Academics may get it too, certain level he can earnest scholars two division, one school, a definite division to school life. Changing, but let me say just a few minutes ago: it's not just the life changing for the kids in the programme. If, like changing for everyone, the programme touches or the kids for the families of the community and format himself, that's the power of community, that's the power of he'll intentional human connection. I think community and family in support system is everything
just one of the secrets to success in life. I die, don't believe any of us get to where we're at my fighting myself certainly did not get to where I'm at in life. All by myself. There's more people that I can listen to help me get here. Think we're all. Seeking many of the same thing, whether capping enjoy but connection. So it's where the love comes. And we all want to be loved. That's what we provide for the kids. In that it doesn't matter whether you're nineteen years old, thirty years old or sixty. We all wanna be loved. We all want to feel validated that's right, we
I want to be loved Tony says that love and connection are together. One of the six human needs that everyone has love and connection is absolutely vital to a fulfilled and happy life, and when that need isn't met, you feel it deep in your gut and that's where Selena found herself listen to Celine describes the darkness she felt in her life a life devoid of real, authentic love and connection, and what she did. Change it. I was about ten years old when I came to the U S. My first memories is just as an old child who didn't speak a League of English. I was thrown into lately, strange environment, no from Rome at one of the capitals of the world to a suburb freezing cold. It was snowing at the time that I came in the middle of Connecticut. I was complete for in this environment that I didn't really understand and
My memories since I was a child and being a teenager and through early dawn hoods is just feelings: crippling sands I've just solitude and loneliness and feeling, Nobody really understood who I was or what I had to say, or just my identity and the first barrier entry was obvious, which is, I didn't, speak English, so I literally could not communicate with my peers, but even I did. I remember him out to sea impact on because I wasn't wearing the right close aiding get it. There was from Europe, I remember nothing invited to any of the parties or any of the advance, and just it was an ice leading experience for what I do remember whenever I was being counselor mentor by people was just this pressure of what I didn't need to do, a full. Didn't need to become. You know this whole like learn English, so well that nobody ever knows that you don't belong, get really really good grades and just kill it so that you can go to really good school and then you need to put a corporate tax,
can work hard and be good and make lots of money and be successful. It was all slake from the moment I could speak, was. The only thing I understood was that there was one path for me to walk, There was a one way for me to go in order for me to be successful and I had to fit into that moles or we cast out again. So that's exactly what slain did she threw herself into her studies was accept two prestigious college and eventually landed a job at one of the top marketing agencies in New York city. But something wasn't right. I struggled with society crippling anxiety and depression, because I still feel it. I was allowed to be. Who I wanted to be really was My core. And instead I just had to listen placeholder life that was assigned to me to college and then going into corporate Amerika. Always feeling like
this pressure, the suffocation of Lithuania's the I never felt like. I could really connect with anyone. I never felt like anyone, understood me, of course, Satan I wasn't being myself I wasn't even allowing myself now I was hiding from me and of course I was having a really hard time, creating real connections with the people around because I head and finally, that I shamed people who were themselves because, of course I was drafting and after all of that lifelong preparation following the rules dealing with, anxiety, silly was laid off from the job she spent life chasing and when that happened, something shifted in her all of a sudden. I must have this weird rake in matrix. Something broke for me where I realized, the bad maybe there's something that isn't this out there.
I had this thought, but I didn't entertain it. I kept looking for my new job. I put my has four having a common? I go, get any job, I'm gonna do everything I can add. I remember for about a month everyday. Go and linked, and I do everything I could for me to get some job, but then I go. And I do actually wanted to. I would go to the party. Would meet my friends. I started writing at summer. I started my blog discovered this piece of myself that I never knew existed, because I don't have the time or spaced ever entertain that piece of me I realized tat, I loved, writing and actually I loved sitting in a park and striking a conversation with a stranger it made me feel us alone and I having time for my friends and actually being able to give them the time and day in attention, without being distracted by my phone and all of a sudden, I sort of entertaining this crate. He thought of what is ages leave everything I've ever known behind what, if I just scrap it all and act,
they give myself a chance to design a life at I'm proud of. It was this boys that kept same? What? If you just leave behind and follow your heart instead and follow your purpose. Instead, on one day that decision one I realize. Ok, I'm gonna do the crazy thing, but he has to offer purpose, what I wanted was to free of purpose entry to project that was bigger than myself What I wanted was to get on a path that would impact me and impact others idea. One just this for me. That's where they dear for my social experiment, came up in I challenge myself to circumnavigate glow couched surfing. However, never using the website, but rather using human and action my. Why was to rediscover what it means to be human and what better, if you do not, then to connect
with humans around the world and put myself in a position where I had to look them in yards where I had to be vulnerable were hard to trust people where it had, but my fee. Others, even though I didn't have it and one to do something that would give back as they travel the world not only what I stay in these people's homes, but I wanted to do something for them to help them whether that was something as simple as helping them around the house, or even something as complex as listening to the arms and being somebody who actually sat there with them and really was present or them I went off on the story and July twenty sixteen and I travelled across Europe and Asia and Oceania all the way back to who ass and threw him connections through talking to everyone and telling everyone my story and my purse and my mission, I ended up
France or my dream to travel the world to meet people to make something better of myself to actually pursue my passions of travelling of rating, meeting others connecting and year. I ended up staying in the homes of over a hundred people over twenty countries across I've continents, humor connection took silly around the world from New York and back again in the year that she spent travelling. But this trip also taught her something. I realised that We spend so much time acting ourselves. First, you know with social media or with all the shiny things that we have as the two thousand and nineteen society are shiny technologies and when we think about work about how get that promotion? How do we get? The next client was an ex was by sales, funnel what an old
new, comes down to it and, I believe, has come down since the beginning of time is the end. There is always people The person who's gonna, give you a job. Is it person the person who's gonna, stand by your side and be your friend. Your partner is a person and we seem to be ignoring the humanity, behind anything you can connect to somebody and you get through the somebody like there being who they are as people when you get through them. Emotionally anything else is possible, mountains will be moved exception, Will we made loopholes, he created when you actually connect with a person for me I didn't really trust people but when I realized is out What I me is that, when me helped me. They saw in me what they saw in themselves, which is a home, Furthermore, it deserves
for deeper connection too. Have more out of life. The people who helped me, They share this with me, this common humanity with me, or we want more. We dream more And so we're gonna help you, because we we're leaving you because we also believe in our selves, determined by cost, is directed by twenty ravenous and produced by the twenty Robins editorial team, with audio editing and sound designed by Germans. Today's first gasped was Matt Marks founder of Rail Hocker.
Costa Rica, you can learn more about rail hocker at our Eco J C, O dotcom. Our second guest was Selena Costa copyright, Robins Research, international.
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