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How to live in absolute abundance | Finding the gift of gratitude

2019-11-20 | 🔗

When Zach Skow's liver failed at 28 years old, his dogs gave him the will to live. He founded Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue – a non-profit that gives second chances, both human and canine. In this episode, you'll hear his story of overcoming fear and embracing gratitude, and how he's helping others do the same, even in the most dire circumstances.

After enduring a suicide bombing, her father's death and the attacks of September 11th, Lauren Finkelstein knew she wanted a more meaningful life. You'll hear how she turned these tragic events into a mission to give back, driven by gratitude.

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Spare joy, the realise every challenge has ever been brought to me has made me more, I become more so I can serve more so I can enjoy more, Why work here in this life, to bring more good more great, bring inside to brings Bring bring action Why were here? Welcome to the tyrants Pike asked here listening to an episode that part of especial season on contribution called force for good or exploring the ten gifts of life, emotion, drive, growth, joy, gratitude, connection, consciousness, grace presence and forgiveness. You'll hear Tonia. Spanish, guest and then stories of true heroes who show us how they show up in real life. We hope you enjoy today's episode. On gratitude.
I remember locking eyes of myself a kind of leading into the mere, and not recognising at all who I was on my body, My face not my eyes, I was: completely, yellow with this nine months barely four very close veins like feeding this her needed belly button terribly skinny you, what wasn't yellow army was Purple Bruce all my body, I look dad I just started to weep at that moment, I looked behind me and all my three dogs were sitting there looking up at me. I was in the sexiest man alive device. You just heard was that of Zack scout. You credits his three rescue dogs with saving his life when he went into liver failure at just twenty eight years old Zack is the founder of Morleys must stop. Rescue, it's a nonprofit that rescues dogs and then uses them to help rescue people is actually sell.
Rated eleven years sober in that time, he's committed his life to giving as many second chances as he can be. Does this through his dog rescue, as well as through prison, education and skills training programmes? He also sponsors organ transplant patients around the world, but before all this work he lived a life consumed by pain and consumed by alcohol until the point that it almost killed him when he went to deliver, Failure in this episode, you'll hear more from Zack you'll hear about his transformation out of this painful past and how he lives every day, focused on hope in gratitude. No also hear from Lauren think I'll sign founder of save one person, which is a non profit that works to connect people in need of organ transplants with living donors through her work. She saved lives around the world and has enabled everyday people to become lifesaving heroes most times or complete. Stranger Lorn began this work after us.
There is of tragic events in her life had left her wanting more. She knew there were something bigger out there for her and with the guidance of her mentor, she launched save one person. Learnin Zack have both experience, terrible pain and tragedy. Reached on the hard work of rising above their experience. They haven't made these moments the end of a tragic story. They may these moments the beginning of a life story. That's about forgiveness, redemption contribution and gratitude, you're about to hear these stories, but first, let's hear from Tony as he sets the stage and reminds us of the powerful role that gratitude plays if a filled, joyful, So here's the problem, if holidays your site did you want to be there for your family, for your friends, you wanna, take it all, and yet there is this other challenge which is there. These stresses around us and we all are born with two million euro. Bring a brain
It's always looking to protect us from something wrong. Brain was looking for what's wrong and, of course, what's wrong is always available. There's always some challenge to be based, always something be concerned about something be stressed about somebody frustrate about someday, be worried about me anyway. What's wrong is always level so what's right, listen, for this little session, just make sure you in taking this holiday at a greater level. Let's talk about another one of our powers, the power of gratitude, gratitude is the one emotion that is the antidote to wet masses of our life There's somebody emotions at messes up where the outer pick the two primary ones that mess up relationships mess up your career mess up your happiness. What are they fear? I mean reside anger. The great thing about gratitude. You can't be great on angry simultaneously, it's impossible. He can't be grateful. Be worried simultaneously feet
Gratitude is talked about. People talk about gravity journals. You should be grateful. We hear so much that the law familiarity set in that's really what gets in the way of gratitude by the way our brains adjust to what we have so often in seminars. I asked people You tell me where you spend more time focusing on. What's missing are focusing on what you have in it, here audiences, which are most my audiences. Eighty to ninety percent of bogus, though, what's missing, but don't get me wrong, the business finding what's missing in solving it is such a valuable tool for the future your brains, all the time your causing working ports missing, what's wrong, which challenging the house I'm going sustain happiness, joy of fulfilment, this holiday, it's time to vague gratitude, but due to cover some of you know you bend or seminars, we teach a process that today we have little time in a process of priming and a first rate It's a bit is thinking of three individual things: moments in your life,
Looking back in your mind, is if you there and feeling the moment your great before they could be little moments. They can be big moment prior right now, because a moment what's a moment. You didn't expect to happen because expectation kills joy, situation. We expect something happen and the new met someone you. While they are so grateful for a business associate or you learn something to change your life you had a moment. It was the total sacred moment or give the eagle grateful for Maybe a mamma. You met someone, you go in one place, you met someone, you totally love or maybe one of your life today. Just take a moment, think about this, and if you really want to have a completely different holiday and what you want whose training your brain to look or what's right, train rain to appreciate, the all our stress, all the frustrations and our life come from it to me in your brain and its outcome, make you have. Your brain is not designed to make you happy it's designed to make you survive.
This is your job, so the next few weeks and over the next few days, why not just daily practice of at least one in three things. You can feel grateful foreign, don't think about it, to actually existed. In your body focus on it, like you, From that moment, it could be a moment from twenty years ago. Ten years ago could be from today, but let the power rather to roll over you and battle the one it gets in the way that law, familiarity familiarity, says around anything and mouth intend. Take. Just a little bit for granted human nature and the weakest that stop view it and appreciated. Let your consciousness, your heart, your soul, guide you. Instead, Did your head in your mind will change the holidays and that will change your life you're? Listening to the force for good season in the tunnel, Robins Podcast asked learn more about the ten gifts that we're
hearing this holiday season, including emotion, drive, growth, joy, gratitude, connection, consciousness, grace presence and forgiveness. Please visit W W W Dot, tony robins dot com, slash gifts, gee, I f p s and to find honey, robins products and events that can help you identify your gifts, gotta Tonia, Amazon COM, slash shop as each Opie Tony says. You can't be grateful and fearful at the same time, sacks guy, who you heard from the beginning of the set aside, knows what it's like to live in fear and it took him many years and a terminal diagnosis to fly Billy, confront those fears and become the man he is today here Zack, I ll never forget the first time I drank and entire forty of malt liquor by myself, a party in a fight that night talk to the girl. That I was crushing on older girl.
Water on this Mariposa Party wishes they rival high school I remember coming home and thinking like I've found myself. I remember thinking with alcohol had discovered who I really was and who I can really be, like my potential been met until I found out from that time forward. Zack dedicated himself to alcohol. He drank religiously from the time he was fifteen until he was twenty three at which point is addiction deepened. He was drinking twenty four hours a day every single day. I think a lot of my alcoholism is rooted in the idea that I didn't want to spend time of myself. I just didn't want to any time with me. I want to do in time of the person who wasn't oxygen, who was messed up enough to forget what it was like to be in my skin and that's what I prefer at all times was just to be but to be intoxicated enough to forget who I was
the bottom line is I was ashamed of the person I was when I was intoxicated and I was even more ashamed of the person I was when I wasn't and then at twenty eight, better. The beginning of the year of two thousand and eight I started to get sick and I started colors to really get the yellow. My stomach started to swell up my eyes were: yellow is starting to have mental issues. Among a builder by my brain, that was the beginning of a further Zack, continues to get worse and he continued to drink until one night he had a, the point I remember, locking eyes with myself and kind of leading into the mere and not recognising at all who I was on my body my face, not my eyes. I was completely yellow with this nine months, belly. Four very close veins like feeding this, her needed belly button
terribly skinny you. What wasn't yellow on was purple Bruce all my whole body. I look dad. I look like a ghost and I just started to weep. I was the moment. I looked behind me and all my three we're sitting there. Looking about me, I was the sexiest man alive. They saw who I was They saw. The dad was in there remember, sitting in the corner so the toilet with all of them. Under my arms IST weeping uncontrollably committing myself to them. Just saying that, if I can't do this for myself A strong effort for you guys, in whatever happens at least, will give it a shot. At least this actually be me doing it and I'm the step up to the plate and take some swings and if we fail, we fail, but at least we would have given it a shot. We didn't really go back to sleep by a got up at the sun, and we say
on the deck and journaled, and we went on our first walk in that first walk in, I didn't get very far cuz. I could barely walk that was the beginning of kind of the rest of my life and the beginning of my commitment to the rescuing dogs and then people in and all the rest of it it all started, which is that little move that little commitment of I'm going to try, if I can't do it for myself I'll, do it for them really what it was. I just needed to be in service in my own head, worried about myself constantly, August, unselfish things I wasn't getting They were. I had to put my fear in my anxiety the aside and put myself into service and he did Zack began to live his life in service of his dogs of all dogs. He'd find a purpose. Greater than himself. I'm comin up one eleven years, sober by the grace of dog in the grace of God. When once my brain plugged itself into it,
purpose and all of my actions followed a mean everything I did from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed and probably all the dreams and between refocused on my purpose and I never had before. I never had any other purpose, but to drink and use and without us to get better, I mean almost immediately. I got taken, a state of the art hospital that does for transplant Cedars Sinai got sent home, and within a month. I radically better. Not only do I get better didn't need a liver transplant within six months about the time I qualify four liver transplant. I no longer needed one, and I looked like a different person by the time the fur the year two thousand nine came around. I fundamentally looked like a different human being. The jaundiced gone away. The societies have gone away and was still very sick, but I was a completely different, even being sacked given a second chance at life, a gift that he is now dedicated to passing on in honor.
This relationship with his dogs, Zack, founded Morleys Months Dog rescue, to give second chances to dogs. Now, through Morleys months, positive change programme Zack, is using shelter dogs to rehabilitate and give second chances to inmates at some of California Most secure presents our purposes to take rescue dogs from the shelter. Bring them into maximum security, stay prisons and rehabilitate those dogs for four in weeks inside of a prison setting that's where they live, whether that be girls, juvenile facility or north current state prison, and through that process rehabilitate the men rehabilitate the dogs, and at those men and women on a course to true rehabilitation redemption and then, by the time they get out employment laws tuna. Million incarcerated Americans in the vast majority of those incarcerated Americans have virtually no self confidence and no pathway to redemption or a second chance. They are
simply waiting to become failures, waiting to create victims and waiting to become a statistic and because I know how much potential exists in those corn called throw ways. It's my purpose in life. Extract the potential in those throw ways and to show the world what their capable of. I think people don't realize that the next Brandon Tony Robins, they may very well come from the corrections system, they might be sitting a prison right now waiting to get out and don't know where their life headed by, if we simply give them some belief in some direction, magical magical Things can happen. A magical things are happening of the twenty five people that is, release from prison who participate in our programme. Zero of them have gone back to prison and fully half of them are employed in the pet services industry What exactly does that do it? Just for the record. I would reiterate that never served timing. Never serve time in prison and I dont know what it is to be an inmate but
the observations and I've had while working in there are really marvellous to behold. Prison is not a place of emotional exchange and if you were to be vulnerable, it simply being weak, and if you are, we imprisoned you're setting yourself up for a world of pain where I've you're down for if you ve, been marked as somebody who's week, you can have how trouble in your life may be on the line for ass. Our entire programme is based on emotional exchanges and emotional availability and maturity. So we have to be able to track that code. And it really just starts with me- and some of the other trainers being vulnerable ourselves. So my fur this responsibility, whenever we open a programme, is to go in there and tell my story and be vulnerable about what I'm feeling and too given receive respect with them and to provide a place of trust the very first thing that happens with them as they start to play peekaboo with their emotions. We start to identify that their feeling, certain things
and they do so sometimes at a slow pace. But once the boy, gets rolling and they have to give testimonials they basically to get free minute. Speeches ones or giving those speeches. They almost can't turn it off becomes. Probably their most coveted experience is being. The talk about how they feel real human beings in prison for real gnarly crimes trying to we fully and fearlessly address their fundamental hang ups in they work through the press us and watching them work through that process with their dogs by their side. While build one another up is mesmerizing. They tat, into the most real part of their bodies most no part of their souls an extra themselves, honestly four may be the first time ever. So what does it take to crack emotional code in prison. When I in prison from
people who are serving time and people have served. A lot of time is a lot of fear. I see a couple different types of people in prison. There are people have a really hot time with their time, and then there are people that truthfully are grateful that focus on giving thanks It is a constant narrative that I hear from my guys that are succeeding inside and they talk about. It's almost affair thing out of their mouth is it just a mound thankful. I'm thankful this opportunity. We had north state prison graduation on monday- and I heard the term I give thanks or- grateful. I just thank God or I just take my family. I can't thank you enough. Are you enough, SAM? It's those guys that exalting themselves to a spiritual plateau, much higher than the rest of us, because they are forcing themselves to focus on the positive and to give thanks into truthfully get out of fear, because it's easy to stay for in prison is easy to just lock yourself in a bubble of fear and not know how to get out to truly give thanks into truly
I mean really be grateful for the position that you're. We think about that. More we're talking about being grateful, imprison how hard of of spiritual jujitsu, is that to be thankful, that you're in prison. That's a stretch and most people, might be lying if they say it, but the guys that I see talk about our one thousand percent completely gone for four, where they are and what their experiencing. We always talk taking every low point. Every challenge for what it is, an opportunity to grow, know every fail. Everyone ever It is truly, are exercising their true exercising the transition from fear to gratitude I mean your truly exercising that transition because otherwise you won't survive you. Their give interfere and whether away and rich rate into shadow, which happens to a lot of people or you shot that
and you get into gratitude, and you give thanks every single day many many times a day. You repeat your mantra thanks many many times a day and you- convince yourself, your brain, your spirit that you can get through it, and then it happens. One guy important who gave a speech a graduation and he's facing life in prison he's been down eight years, the colonel does not have any sort of pearl hearing in his teacher, so he is an life without the possibility of peril and his party happy as guy now, and he also dozen That is to say, I love you, which I love and he's very grateful. I am very grateful to. God is right: grateful to the position that is in the way he says it is the person he wasn't. He got incarcerated would have heard more people would have hurt himself the person he is now does not resembled our previous person and that this transition I went through or you know I look at old pictures of myself old videos of myself and I don't know what I'm looking at. It's a different person, in this new life is sober life which these guys are living. They too,
Having the same epiphanes as the rediscovering themselves in a we talk about workers in the world, and I know some of the biggest light workers that this planet has to offer and they happen to be ice, waited in random prisons. The Central Valley of California, because those guys have taken Let me truly situations that most of us on the outside could never fathom if a life in prison in the worst possible conditions with absolutely zero hope and one hundred percent no purpose, what are you gonna do with that? you might as well. Just take your life right. We what's the point in guys, that situation and have come It's so much light out of those situations and it made such positive impact on their own families lives on our programmes lies on countless dogs lives. Those
the real light workers, man, those people who are literally operating in the shadows- I mean the deepest darkest places in their doing it with blinding confidence. after a series of tragic events in her own life, Laurent Figel Stein also made the decision to turn her sadness into action. Grateful for everything she did have Lauren, like sack dedicated herself to creating second chance. It's she got resourceful unused her talents and connections to create her nonprofit
if one person to match patients in need of an organ transplant with living organ donors and save lives around the world I worked incited to ashes Cindy transferred savings to everything waiting for four years, and I can't tell you how many times everything, but if the glad you came back or about Michael will see the Jas over and over. The things I can only become meaningless in nineteen o my father passed away. I was summoned eyes, he was the rock in my life and then in ninety thousand and one I was close suicide bomb that kills eighteen people in Jerusalem. I went home and in September alone, which is common time after time
and in our homes, are women, slow motion and early started thinking. Where do I go yeah. So I went to my mentor. And I said what should do with my life- I don't know that These events me, while in to start a new you're, my life, so, although I may not walk around looking like the Dalai Lama, mother Teresa rights in my guess, I want who to the worlds. Contribution, with the guise of her mentors Lauren set out to use her uni gifts to do something meaningful she Take the skills that for so long she used to promote things. She thought were meaningless and use them to save people's lives,
Lauren leverage, the media relationships that she'd formed over the years and her experience telling stories on platforms like tv. She found a new sense of purpose and with that Lauren founded, save one. Listen we're organization that uses media to tell the real human story behind a profoundly life, altering request to become a living. Organ donor. Ripe offices The people would be more willing to give along a love of the liver or a kidney to a person whose story they now, and that sharing the stories of those in need, rather than just a list. Of names are numbers, homesickness, compassion and generosity. Even between strangers, Lauren turned her sadness. Her tragedy at her trauma into gratitude and grace and through who organization, I'm a the world, so there was the woman by any and we will change When things get this man, but anyone seen in sundew zeal in Canada.
In the warehouse reason. Internet were but human, the process in human living baking donor for somebody else, she facilitated. A gene were a people he needs ends. It's the families something the rules, allow ones even undersea and how those gieseler is she wasn t a keyboard. When a donkey niece I saw a man first step down the chimney done for his name is still yeah hundreds people, testing or a new Yorker by the name of the gene and gray ended, his living king donor, yours sit down but after you Sue Ann he can't help but think, like those. Certainly not-
How master. And you can use people to connect the dots it's so simple ass you can imagine the world is gratitude play in a fulfilled life, a life of purpose and meaning Lauren thanks again, a subtle and things in three or four mostly every? I do my timing and turning round and I live in the moment of war when I get sire he turned, What you grateful, for instance, you? That, indeed, is what keeps me alive. I feel balancing these were keeps me in action. And tedious work. It was my body c p. Times in my life.
Seed- is everything got into disrepute? You know you might get a higher sequence and may not have them Perfect words, gratitude by it. What keeps me Do you mind body in Syria, but only runs by cast his directed by twenty robins and produced by the twinning. Robins editor Elsie, with audio editing and sound designed by Germans did he's first gassed was acts gal, founder of Marlene much dog rescue and positive change. Learn more about sacks organization at Marlene months, dot org. Our second guest was learned, single Stein, crater of save one person. You can learn more at save one person dot net copyright, Robins research, international
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