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Joseph and the way of forgiveness | Author Stephen Mitchell and Sage Robbins on awakening to higher meaning

2019-12-28 | 🔗

The story from Genesis of Joseph and his eleven brothers is what Tolstoy called "the most beautiful story in the world." It's a tale of true forgiveness, and one of finding the higher meaning in difficult or even tragic life events.

In this episode, you'll hear Sage Robbins interview Stephen Mitchell, author of "Joseph and The Way of Forgiveness,” Mitchell's reimagination of the classic Biblical story. The two friends discuss the deep relevance of its core message still today, and the application of the inquiry work of Mitchell’s wife, Byron Katie, as a path to forgiveness in our own lives. With a special introduction by Tony Robbins.

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Welcome back to the pod gases, tony Robins: listen, you been listening along the holiday season. You know that each weekly been featuring one of the ten true gifts of life, the gift of emotion,. Try the gift of growth and transforms are like the guy the joy of glass the tool of loving connection justness of grace and presence and, of course, forgiveness, session we created was really special, made it special. First of all, is the gas that we're gonna have does a person whose scholar, extraordinary author and indifferent of our family many of you, know our passion support for Byron, Katy woman.
Clearly, this method for questioning our negative thoughts are destructive fought so that we can free ourselves from them and she's. Just a genius rule book called the work. In fact, people to go to business, mastering teacher version, the short version of that region to be used in business and some extraordinary tool even if you're familiar buying Katy and the work, you may not be familiar with the fact that her husband, Stephen Mitchell is a total genius, an author he's published, I believe, almost a dozen books now book on the down to change the book of job. They have done They want the odyssey and the gospel according to Jesus and his eggs. Are we imaginations of these biblical stories or these stories with great religious books from around the world? scholar, he brings them to wife weasel way sage, and I were sent one of his books. We decided during Thanksgiving, but we would we together allowed as a friend. I was saying I argue, remarry B and another different James Bond kind of our chosen family and
so beautiful we're so much. We said bring Stephen on unless people exposed to the spot, because, the story is really about Joseph, the biblical story: Joseph and eleven brothers, some Genesis, Tolstoy, the most beautiful story of all time. Story of true forgiveness, about from giving those who wrong does like we're so much better than they are finding the higher the deeper meaning and all we ve been through It is not a story, you know the Joseph starts out of them very egotistical, lad and his brothers turn on him and plot his demise, You can look at how evil and how horrible they are. But as he goes through these spread the mass of injustice and unfairness.
Let's look at all instead of blaming, which is what human beings tend to do right, we try to bring something outside ourselves. He has. This awakening begins to see that there is a higher purpose at all that even the panes them put through even the injustice and blaming as they did this. He begins to see his brothers and all those that title harm him, ass being, actually sent by God characters in a play to help him spiritually, spiritually, mature from the place of victim, Hoddan blame to transformation and finding how to use whatever life brings us credit, good for ourselves and those we love and one Why didn't story for familiar with it? Joseph literally becomes transformed from being and swayed and The lively, tortured and abused tat becoming the right hand of the Faro of Egypt, most powerful man in the world. At that stage? the point which he has the opportunity to his vengeance against his brothers and also of armed him,
cause he's grown, spiritually history given is not to them is forgiveness is to himself for thinking that they were trying to harm him instead of understanding, there's a higher purpose It is just gorgeous story the Bible, of course, in a balanced way to be interesting, but This ability to step into the characters to we imagine what's being implied in restoring gibbey level detail the just brings it to life like no other, and so One very excited to be exposed to the Balkans have a deep touching effect on our family inputs. Justice higher meaning place, and if you ve been situation herself, perhaps where you Why'd you been too tough times recently or maybe a long time ago, things I'm still affecting you encourage you to listen to spawn cast from a different perspective. We all thus the stories drug human history, that's how we ve passed on different values are different meanings. This is little store ever man, spiritual growth is going from it
Mature man is all about himself places such freedom from pain and frustration of anger and resentments. Sadness victim, would have all gone. All the suffering is gone. Finds a higher meaning, and that's the only thing that transport users, I'm sure you ve moments in your life where something, that would solve unfair someone just so terrible and at the time you hated it or even now you never want to go through it again or you look back got it five or ten years later he say to yourself my god. I can see the higher purpose because they happen. I have so much more compassionate became so much stronger. I care so much more. Maybe this ask him open them for you, so that this holiday season or any time as you went to this new year in this new decade, you can really find something deeper that Frazier from pain. That's my feel proud wish for you, you're gonna happen. This doesn't just come to us are two million euro brain is designed to look through its wrong. Its survival brain has its job is your job to find
happening, I gotta find meaning. I think this little story when the great stories of all time and open For you, especially through the eyes Here's, a heart and soul, and the writing of this beautiful man will begin with a few passages from the book read by Stephen starting with the chapter. Humility, in which Joseph is thrown into a pet and left to die by his brothers. These are his thoughts ass. He lay an empty cistern, the way up and the way down are one and the same road and ancient philosopher The stone cistern where Joseph play was the womb of his transformation. He had to descend to the said himself and stay there in that inner darkness without refuge, without her This was the only path that could lead him upward.
And he had to find his way through a world of paradox. Where eggs, oil, is homecoming slavery. Is freedom and not knowing is the ultimate wisdom. No one, of course, want to suffer and get the fuck. Knit among us manage to. From our suffering. What can be learned nowhere else we become. Nearly joyously aware the cause of all suffering. Instead of sleep, they remembered pain, grips into the heart and an understanding dawns on us even against their will. If there is a violent grace, the shapes our ends, humility follows as a natural result, we learn how to lose control. We discovered we never had it in the first place,
humility, looks very ordinary itself oh and good, bye at first, it may seem like dying what you are so proud of when you were flying high, you now rapid eyes as selfish, it falls apart under scrutiny and there is Profound change takes place than you no humiliation or shame, and any of this total surrender to what is it. For that. You have let go into it religions that is incomparably faster than yours. It's the gentlest of comfortable feeling you stand and what's left of you and you die too self and you keep on die. It's like a tree that, let's go of its leaves. That beautiful clothing has fallen away and the tree just
Stands there in the cold winter totally exposed totally surrender. As those who know the story, Josephs brothers decide not to kill him and they pull him out of the pit and they sell him into slavery too. Of ishmaelites on their way to Egypt once in Egypt as a servant and put a farce household. Just rises in the ranks and becomes honoured and respected, not just by those he served. Everyone around him. Listen Stephen explains what Exactly and Joseph that left everyone else in awe yeah. What people centred and Joseph was a wisdom that was actually a mode of love
through his death and rebirth. He had found a way to live the still and handed down break a man. You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind, This is actually a description, not a command, since love of God is now something we can summon by an effort of the will something we arrive at, naturally as the mind deepens and matures, and we come closer to it, the more clearly. We understand that what is most value But in this human life of ours is the unnameable inconceivable, it is every it also nothing because, is beyond our categories of thought. It in its own opposite both and neither nor. In the words of our teacher Spinoza. It is that which went discovered at a time,
it allows us to experience continuous supreme and never Ending happiness whatever may happen to us the capitalists called God and solve the infinite. The unending and that is accurate to as far as it goes. But what about the finite? The ending is he got there? I e here too, is he got that I e this to the whole earth is full of his glory. Sarah thing chant two Isaiah doing to transcend the here and now in order to understand what is most important that desirable even possible, have you come from in chinese and master. Asked the monk was seeking his instruction
monastery of spiritual life said the monk. The master said in the Each time we have sunlight in the evening. We have lamp light. What is spiritual white? The moat baffled was silent the master answered for him, sunlight lamp light. There's nothing mystical about this wisdom is a mode of love, because it's a mode of presence is of attention. The question mind sees it in the same way that it sees the world with awe with deep gratitude. It expresses its wonder in the language of pure reason Clearly, as in the language of ancient scripture, listened, words of our teacher Einstein. I interests religion feeling takes the form of a rapturous, amazement,
the harmony of natural law, three deals and intelligence of such superiority. Comparison with it, the high Intelligence of human beings is an utter. Insignificant reflection from all there are just a few steps to humility. From humility to wisdom from wisdom, In the book of pride verbs isn't kidding when it says happy is the man who finds wisdom that simply the way of it Joseph understood this. I want to introduce you now to the person is gonna hostess podcast, the ordinary saw the most magnificent. When I know my partner, I for my love, my wife, mice, age, she's gonna. Do this interview? Could she was so deeply touches over your first time hosting the pod cast an eye
You can enjoy your time with her, so without further ado. Here is Sage Robins and Stephen Mitchell. Stephen welcome everyone, Stephen! It's such a gift to her You here today and I have to tell you the book Joseph in the way of forgiveness is transformative and transcendent reading it and thank you for being here and thank you is just such a precious gift to hear your own voice. Reading these chapters go with my pleasure sage and very glad to be here with you. What struck me? I've heard storing familiar with you know of obvious. It's a classic, but you raise such law. Into the stories, and I felt you brought forgiveness passion to life. You told the story in a way that was just so unique in riveting on it. We were so captivated know what was so incredible. The family. We read this book like we ve, never read it before we read it Loud as a family, Tony Myself, Marian a varied your of our James, we took turns reading in
another fire, and we read chapter by chapter and we wept. Didn't we lasting of truly wishes. Just extraordinary and weeds pause through will share our own personal understandings, I'm curious. What puts you at this stage to write this book and and why Joseph will Joseph and his brothers, which is the lead story in the book of Genesis has been my favorite story in the whole Bible for decades, and at some point I discovered that my favorite novelists Tolstoy called it the most beautiful story in the world. So there were two of my beloved cards,
This is together in that statement and at some point of couple of years ago it seemed to me that it would be a fascinating adventure to flesh out the story is told in an extremely concise way, so that many of the sentences can be paragraphs four pages, long and meaning press. So I thought I would you The ancient jewish art of mid rush MID Russia's away of creatively expanding a biblical story to, as he said, with flesh and blood to this beautiful embodiment of forgiveness. The Bible and to feel my way into each of the characters. There are many, including some wonderful female characters which isn't often the case in the Bible. Why would step into each character and smell the smells and see the sights and
spanned the story by elaborating on what wasn't touched in the original but was perhaps implied, and it was a year terrifically, fulfilling adventure from me and now for the many people who have read the book and respect. Did to it in such a profound way. Thank you really for myself. But was extraordinarily profound and gosh. Today, forgiveness is needed as much as it was in almost four thousand years ago. Now- and you know it also struck me- it was just the story was so extraordinarily relate a ball and the characters I just felt such an intimacy with them. It felt as if it could have been related Do you know in this modern age? And yet it was a story which was such an ancient story, but I just felt so incredibly relevant. There is actually one more absurd if your open to that. I love you to read through this particular one brought my
faintly. We all just removed to tears, show that beyond leader I and I fell to capture the essence at your forgiveness, it's from the chapter called no blame. Could you possibly read this answer? There was one last thing to help them understand. God sent me ahead of you to save lives. He said that's Joseph speaking when he say in charge of all Egypt, as the bicycle
So the Faro, since they all believed in God's parity, do whatever he wants, wherever God, once at least Joseph presumed that they did being sons of his father, they might be able to realise that there are no accidents in the world. Everything happens according to God's, will everything that happens whether apparently good were apparently bad is meant to happen precisely because it did happen, though the future has infinite possibilities. The past has only one therefore was God's will that he be sold,
to Egypt. They couldn't disagree, since this was the obvious truth of it and how could they blame themselves for something that had no control over? Ultimately it wasn't they? What throne image of v it was, God wasn't they was sold into Egypt? It was God, God was the only creator in this whole drama. They were simply his instruments is actress. Their crime had been for the good of them all, though that happened in their intention. So there was nothing to reproach themselves for what they had done, as revenge was actually a blessing at the long run. In reality, nothing is as it seems to be through the filter of the fearful. Everything, even the most painful experience, turns out to be cured. Grace stunning, thank you, Stephen the particular lines,
Ultimately it wasn't they who had thrown him into the pit. It was God. Reading a member hey where I was in the moment that I read it. It was surely one of the most profound moments for myself reading the book, and you know it since Jenks, I certainly believe in- and you know and understand, and know that life is truly happening for us not to us, and yet we can all go blinded moments and forget that I'm curious if we believe that everything is happening for, Why do you think we get so stuck as humans and argue with reality at such a level? Will going to call on my wife firing Haiti right now, even though she is not here, but I'm gonna go out her my what she would say, obviously in and very correctly as that, whatever our good intentions may be, and, however,
clear. We may be about certain things: there's an underworld actually controls our actions, and these are the thoughts we believe, but we haven't been aware of. We haven't question, for example, if I believe I'm not good enough ex, however, powerful or competent or confidante I may be on the surface at that. Thought is something that's floating around beneath the surface and something that I believe that it will control my actions with regard to the acts. So that's the reason and one of the brilliant things that that she has done in creating the work of Byron Katy, is to create a work sheet that will draw out thought said
if not in question that we may not even be aware of this. This is true even for a long term meditate. I know people who have been doing Buddhist meditation for thirty or forty years and who complicated. School and for the first time are aware of the particular thought. That's been controlling their lives for decades, so you may not able to access thoughts like these through even the buddhist meditation, but there Still there sloshing around and controlling action said. Sometimes quite powerful levels Peter Force. Thank you. I have to just share with our listeners today I person have studied Katie's work and the work is a path of inquiry, and I use it on a daily basis and it's been one of the most invaluable tools and practices which would call it a practice goes any time that I have entangle.
In mind your I get stuck or I just go blind and in my own suffering I sit down and I put it on paper and its fixes no they're the mind moves so quickly and for myself, fixing it on paper and going thoughtfully and intensely through the work has just been an extraordinary practice. So I'm so pleased that you showed that what struck me ass well in, and I found so poignant is the innocence that you brought to all characters through josephs eyes. It touch my heart in the most beautiful way, and certainly we always humans can go blind and blame or victim, their believing some that's wrong. Does it an unforgivable way? I'm curious what you? He'll Joseph advice would be to the readers will Joseph I've. Portrayed him is is as a spear Chile, mature human being and to get from the brilliant, but obnoxious spoiled brat of the beginning
to the master of reality at the end of the book, he needs to have undergone some kind of profound spiritual transformation which I have him undergo when his brothers throw him into. Did he realizes a few things that transform them into somebody who's? Mind is wide open and what I think is so important for some people at least in reading. The book is that it gives the reader a detailed example through a series of episodes through the stories. Pragmatic high points of how somebody who's mind is absolutely clear would react to all sorts of situations, for example, is unfairly accused of brave by this very interesting female character whose in love with him an undergoing all sorts of horrible suffering, because she can't get anywhere with his
how good so it shows how even when he's thrown into jail because of her unfair accusation he's completely unmoved in him. These two suffering because he understands how the human mind works and then later, when his brothers come, is impervious to any kind of revenge or action out of is suffering or in sadness or any anger that he might have had at first. It's just pure openness to them. Who they are and how they are, and the forgiveness doesnt even need to happen, because he understands there's no claim, as we said before, but in each of the chapters. If a reader is open to the premise of the book at first, he or she can
plunges deeply as they want to go into this situation and see how and awakened person would deal with all of these very difficult situations That was my certainly my experience, Stephen and I just found the story itself is really the human experience, and it was so just each page. I found relate above all from all perspectives, all characters, perspectives and I feel like humans, you know we ve all been in all positions. We ve all misjudged aimed or held under grievances, and we certainly all, been stripped Chinese and been humbled, whether it be for like our own, conscious there, sir, allow civil twine or a diagnosis or betrayal. We ve certainly also time in our old pit I certainly have. I certainly have do you believe that one can wake up without such pain. I figured possible. I know of one example in the twentieth century: there was that the great Indian,
sage, Ramadan Mahars she who, at the age of sixteen just experience day radical fear of death and lay down on the floor, and let us take him all the way and and when he opened his eyes, he was enlightened sage that he would said the age of fifty or sixty or seventy. It was all there in him as a sixteen year old boy. I don't know of any other examples. My wife Katie's, for example, had ten years of horrible suffering and self hatred and suicidal thoughts and all the examples I know in the tradition I know best. Witches and Buddhism involves. And undergoing great austerity is and huge, prolonged meditation practices of doing nothing else, but kind and trade on a meditative theme in this could be for a year five years or twenty
There are thirty years. There was great perseverance poured into the practice by all of them in, and sometimes it did take decades. Rarely rarely with an extremely gifted young monk. Was there a total opening towards the beginning, mostly people had to flood through the depths of their personal flaws so insured? It's rare for there not to be any suffering involved. It is possible that there is something I think that's what makes it so reliable just through each story in each page, was just in a way Have our own trials? tribulations and pains that we all navigate and such as the grace- and you know I found it so beautiful and the way
you just a great compassion, Stephen and love and understanding to all prospectus, and I felt like every character you portraying where you showed their innocence and you had to walk and each individual shoes and understanding their unconsciousness and yet their innocence in the same breath and seeing that they really could have chosen an indifferent believe in the thoughts that they believe, then that moment Yes, I I'm very glad that you experience said that way what I love about this book as opposed to books that tell us the word is that the lessons are embodied in story for and it's all, enough to, for example, listen to Jesus saying we need to forgive not only one. Not only seven times but seventy times, seven, which is a powerful statement in itself.
But what a story does is to take us through the difficulties. The blindness is the unpleasant parts of the personality and take us into what it actually feels like to be free of that. So you know it's it's one thing to we, the total forgiveness, is possible or awakening his pessimism thing to actually feel it in your fingertips in your vain through the minute particulars of a beautiful story. On that, I have tried to do in this book now you did it in the most gorgeous waste. Even I'm curious. Would you say that changing our perspective is part of our awakening defer the listeners. What is awakening in? How would you actually define it? Well, I wouldn't find it for welfare
who would have run away with somebody wakes up and they know it. They know that their and its its testable. One of the great things about this n tradition is that there are thousands euro ways of testing this by specific questions. Now a profound awakening experience is but I'd call self evident. It doesn't need to be tested, but there are many experiences of a plaster openings. Tat may feel to the person as if in a well. This is it. This is everything. This is the most profound thing that was possible and that can we be easily to a kind of self delusion and that most enlightenment
variances are fairly short term in people can be in place for a few hours or a day or a couple of weeks, and then the ordinary consciousness gradual steps back, and that's because of that underworld that Haiti talks about. But rarely this does happen. It can be so complete and so utter and profound that your normal state of consciousness never comes back. The suffering never comes back. What happened with Katy, so I'd say what the litmus test is: is the state constant gratitude if gratitude is something that less throughout the day throughout the money, some years and you're never called back to a state where you're, killing anger and sadness. Then you can be. Fairly sure that this is something genuine and the real deal, but if you stepped back into consciousness, withers any
we anger or saw. Then you can be sure that year, believing and unquestioned thought and that's wonderful occasion for questioning whatever thought that is bringing you back, To that end of consciousness once said, certainly the work and inquiry for myself once again has been such an extraordinary tool. When I was younger women, I had the naive reality that awakening or in life, Was this thing to be achieved or the state to be attained and through my in practice and just life having its way as it does with all of us. Just the reality makes Erin said awakening in his sleep. This is almost a part of each breath. You know, I I I think each man
when allows us the opportunity to wake up to what we haven't seen to connect to something deeper to let go to enquire so that we can see a broader, more conscious and graceful perspective them. Thank goodness, there're tried and true tested techniques tat remind us of who we really are, so one of them is education, one of them ass self inquiry away. Katy teacher said- and I am sure there are others that I am not familiar with its well. Yes, absolutely, while that's what so beautiful in there you know life gives us all. The tools has certainly benevolent that we need to be able to You know, unravelled any knots in our minds and connected to reality more accurately even something really struck me, is- and I appreciate it was the fact that you mean the characters in the books. Human, in every way you in a flavour of sexuality throughout their? desires and longings and trials and tribulations. I've had my
in a sense, unless you know you think of biblical times almost is purity in an chastity. Rather than the reality that they re just as human like ass, you know they blood they sweat they long. They had temptations like we do. What made you choose to write so descriptive, Well, you know it was actually a question of entering the characters as fully and deeply as I possibly could and seeing them in the situations of the story gave rise to these. What I hope are vivid descriptions throughout the book, but in particular it was the women characters that I was some interesting well, there's Joseph of Course, that was almost fascinating character from the start, but the women characters have never gotten that much attention. There are three. May
characters who, in the original story, some of them get a good deal of attention, but one in particular, Joseph's wife doesn't get any, and I thought that there would be a terrific opportunity to imagine a young woman who was equal in every way, with intelligence and equal his beauty and unequalled his openness of mind that so that was a wonderful joyful chapter of a right and there's another character. Who is one of the bravest women in the Bible, whom I gave a little bit more flesh and blood to two figures in the story about justice, brother, Tudor and her name is tomorrow, and then there is also the wife of
part of our who some one of the courtiers of the Faro and he has got no very bad rap over the centuries from various some rabbis and priests and ministers, because she's always portrayed as the evil woman who tries to seduce Joseph. But you mentioned innocence everybody's innocent. If you go deeply enough to their lives and look at the thought that their believing that caused them to be harmful to themselves and to others, and so I was able to imagine her to me the sleep, painful falling in love with Joseph and there's not a chance that he can succumb to her seduction because he holds integrity as close to his heart. As his love forgot and every possible betray his master, so she's, constantly disappointed and thrown into despair by his refusal
and I've gone into that cycle of hope in desperation and traced it so that the reader can understand why she would do such a horrible thing as accuse him, a brave when It was nothing like that that happened. So it's a way of taking her out of the black and white world of good and evil of the field. And showing her as a fallible character, and we can all relate to an end. The story that much more beautiful unconvincing, I think I haven't I am so grateful that you mentioned about the description of Joseph wife. I dont member, the exact chapter, but I remember reading it and, as I just said
the into me. Just your description. In your words, you fell true partnership in a true brotherhood in sisterhood of these two beings that, in our completely in love with each other and recognise each other's gifts and honouring of that any at all, so they're beautiful differences and how that near to the other. It was just gorgeous Stephen or thank you and, of course I was imagining the sort of whole Herbert spurious Did you ever business? I love your lady Stephen. I love Katy, two of us then I know at the end of your book. You noted that truth watches over Joseph true forgiveness, is the realisation that there's nothing to forgive. Why did that mean to him and for us will? it's a kind of humility, realizing that when you're forgiving you're not a magnet,
miss I giving something to undeserving you that there is a process that happens if you're understanding is some broad and wide enough that the experience of forgiveness happens by itself, without your conscious effort and then, when you understand that the person you fast sensibly forgiven could help doing what he or she did or said, because he or she was believing the thoughts that occurred at that moment. That's how you see their innocence. It takes all of the effort and the tour ship out of the prison
says and leaves you simply as somebody with fear of seeing innocence everywhere in the whole world of human action that there's not a single person, however guilty in one sense they may be seeing that that translates into innocence and afford deeper sense and some people, and they hear this kind of thing outraged, because it seems that this is a way of letting somebody did something horrible off the hook. And it's not that at all. If you go deeper into it is no punishment or blame involved, and this is something that you.
We can't grass, unless you had the experience to some extent, so people who are interested in having the experience. I would recommend that they go to Haiti's website. The work tat come at filling judge your neighbor work feet about somebody that they haven't forgiven yet and senior felt that gives them any further experience. What it might feel to live in a world of innocence. It's really beautiful such Stephen, and here I mean you ve, mentioned about experience. I think what was so unique about this As well as it was experiential an experiential just this year, human experience alone and for human, you have all been hurt at times, but we ve
so all hurt in our own unconsciousness. You know and how you just you describe the innocence of all of us and just a benevolent nature underneath can be so mist and this path of life and you portrayed it in a way that was just so profound and potent and real, and I think that was just the transcendence than the transformative aspect of reading this book. Now that I think of it? It's not only out of his wife at woman who so in torment, because I've heard last for Joseph is portrayed in a black and white oral categories of rabbis and priests and ministers for ages for millennia, but it's the brothers to it's a whole world of Joseph their portrayed as the enemies redeemable and who are by Joseph Grace forgiven at the end. But if you see people that way, you can appreciate what good reason they had at the beginning. For what
under this arrogant, young man, and I I think I've given reaches the experience of that as well. So until you see Joseph from be terribly offended and heard point of view of his brothers, you can't really who who he is and what he has to overcome at an ego at the beginning of the book. So the whole world becomes not black and white, but not gray either, but all sorts of multi colored refinements of the moral perspective too much richer world than the moral world. It given by conventional religion. Indeed a definite- and it was reading that that was certainly the reality page by page, and I felt so beautiful too, is seen as human beings. We all it anymore. They can resist to go. What do you call the dark net of the soul or into the pit, and you led the reader into the
and there's just such a wrongness and a ripeness in Josephs own stripping and in that humility of being there in being it was dissolving of the old you know. So there could be a birth of the new. It was gorgeous I'm curious! Is there anything else? Just from your perspective that you'd want us to know about the book or about Joseph or about true forgiveness. Will I think we ve covered it pretty It was some details, some depth and I'm very grateful to you for those questions that you asked just maybe to repeat the title Joseph in the way of forgiveness and its Martens press and its available anywhere books are available. I hope some of your listeners weeded and react to it. The way you Antonia there would be one for me I'd love to know that, but I have to tell yourself and all such as their earliest years, twenty nine we selected as our book for our holiday,
in its wording, yes, Oliver Gift for all of our friends and family and those of you listening who decide to downloader pick up a copy. Surely one of the most extraordinary books I've ever read. I eagerly pray that I conveyed that end. My hope and prayer is that your expense reading it and your life will be as best as mine experiencing in and our families has been just every single page was cherished Stephen, and I can't thank you enough and thank you for this time through your reading as well, and for writing just such masterpiece, most true my pleasure- and I am grateful for the invitation sage- the tenor of his podcast distracted by Tony Robinson used by the Tony Robins editorial team with audio.
And sound designed by Jeremy ants. Today's host was seized, robins and our future guessed. What Stephen Mitchell speaking about his most recent book, Joseph and the way of forgiveness, you can find out more about Stephen and his extensive body of work at dummy, doubly w DOT, Stephen Mitchell Books, dotcom copyright, Robins research, international.
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