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The art of productivity | Entrepreneur Jenna Kutcher on how to achieve work-life integration

2020-01-08 | 🔗

When we say we want to be more productive, what does that really mean? We all have the same 24 hours in a day, so how is it that some people are able to accomplish so much, and still have time to spend on doing the things that they love? Those who maximize their time have mastered the art of productivity, and work-life integration

One of those people is Jenna Kutcher. You may have heard her podcast, Goal Digger, where she helps her listeners redefine success, chase bolder dreams, and tackle their biggest goals. 

Jenna is an entrepreneur, an expert marketer, speaker and social media influencer. She has a strong voice, speaking out about important topics like body positivity, female entrepreneurship, and some of the more difficult ones – like going through a miscarriage. She’s set massive goals for herself, achieved them, and has created an extraordinary life, one that’s on her terms, and her time. 

In this episode, Jenna shares her approach to work-life integration and productivity – and how she took her wedding photography business, something that relied on her own personal involvement to be successful, and diversified it to the point where it runs even when she’s not there, and generates revenue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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for the european women are a W w, w dot, honey, robins, dot com, Slash r, p, dash webinar, that's W w w dot. Tony Robin Start com, Slash r, p M dash webinar. What does it take successfully create a lasting change in your life you gotta have a vision for what it is. You really truly want something the power you push requires willpower and willpower, never, alas, what will last is having something so exciting so attractive somebody desire so much, then you have a hard time want to sleep at night to get up early in the morning no rocket and take it to the next level Welcome to the tiny robins podcast on any org here, listening to an episode, special season were exploring the five areas of life that many people focus on improving at the start of a new year: health productivity
Santa's relationships in career today we're taking a look at productivity and goal setting something that's top of mind this time of year, we're sitting down to chat with Jenna Kutcher. You may have heard her podcast gold digger or she helps her listeners read to find success chase boulder. Aims and tackle their biggest goals. Jenna is an entrepreneur, an expert marketer speaker and a social media influence her with one point: seven million followers, a million of them on Instagram, she has a strong voice, speaking out about important topics like body positivity, female entrepreneurship and some of the more difficult ones like going through a miscarriage. She has set massive goals for herself achieved them and has created an extraordinary life one. That's on her terms and her time, but life didn't always look that way for Jenna. She started her career in corporate Amerika working ten plus hours a day for a fortune. Five hundred company while she had a promising future and a promotion on the horizon. She just don't see. The point
of making more money, she didn't have the time to actually enjoy it. So gentle made the decision to quit her job and pursue something different, something that fulfilled her, but she was passionate about. She bought a three hundred dollar camera of Craigslist and started. Taking pictures at her friends weddings and became determine to be a successful photographer. She became past NED again, and it's that passion that fuelled her soon enough, she had her own business and a ticket out of corporate Amerika. Today, generous life looks a lot different she's created a million dollar business with multiple revenue streams, she's just thirty one years old, between running her comfort. Speaking all over the world and being a mother to her daughter, calmly and a wife to her husband drew chairs a lot going on, but because Jenna has mastered goal, setting productivity and time she's completely integrated her work with her life. She is able to spend time where it matters with her family and in her favorite place Maui for three months out of the
where she completely disconnects, listen closely as genuine. I sit down for a one on one interview where she shares her approach to success and how she took her wedding. Photography business, something that relied on her own personal involvement to be successful and diversified it to the point where it runs even when she's, not their engines, its revenue twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, so Jenna half task entrepreneurs have this tendency to set these massive goals for themselves right like they build up their businesses. They achieve a certain level of success, but then they find themselves working twenty four seven and are actually operators their handling. The did at a time asks, not owners who can step away from time to time. So how did you do it? How did you go from starting or business ending a solar foreigner working all the time to able to step away and have a business that thrives even when you're not there. What was your strategy?
yeah I. So it was interesting as a wedding photographer, because I was on this upward trajectory. So I had this huge care in front of me. I thought six figures was it like. I thought like once you hit six figures at you, have a made it, and so I booked twenty five weddings and then twenty seven weddings and then thirty wedding, and I was in the middle of that we wedding wedding season, which, if you do the math, we live in a midwife. So I was shooting one to two weddings every single weekend from April two November and then working all week to say caught up on my work flow, and I remember for first time in my life. I was like feeling anxious, like I- I had this inside he about me that I knew that what I had built required so heavily on me that no one else could step and do what I was doing in that they were injured or life happened like by business.
Humble, and so I was just working up up up up and I finally hit this breaking point and I hate sharing that because they feel, like so many entrepreneurs, that our successful today pushed themselves to that breaking point, and it's like I wish I could protect you from ever hit that point, but a lot of times, that's Sweden's necessary to figure out what your next steps are, and I told my husband's screw six figures we just fine when I was making fifty Grand a year, I M gonna cut my work and half next year. I will never do this again and I don't care if we eat Rahman doodles and live in this condo forever. I My time back like I want to be happy again, I want to have time with my family in and be successful at life, and not just in business, and that was actually the season that then ended up. Catapulting me into an entirely new industry.
Cuz. I finally had time again and have always shared as you like time is my biggest currency. I fiercely protects my time and so all of the big pivotal changes that have happened in my business happened when I finally gave myself time again to say what do I want? What's worth it where's my time by spent what is my superpower, and so there is definitely different seasons of hustle and then like hit the brakes and figure out. What's next recalibrate this great, and you know ye, I think you know when you said on foreigners get so focused on a single vision and they just put their heads down and they go, but the real secret nautical have discovered This is diversifying and it's not spreading yourself too thin just putting her hands, indifferent, buckets a revenue streams yet raised. So now you do so much, you're on for nor an educator, a blogger, a photographer, you have a pot CAS called gold digger, Russia's amazing. So how do you make the decision, then? What you're going to focus on at what time? For me, what he wants me
freedom and I really establish shot. This year's, like what does freedom look like in my life and media. I once heard somebody say that the average millionaire has, I think, seven revenue streams at all, like I'm gonna make eights over cheaper saddens, and so I set out to figure out different ways to monetize my brand, my business, who I am what we do and the way that I see freedom is that I could shut down any one of those at any point when I'm just done, and it wouldn't impact my life or my level of happiness. And so when I started to look at what is a true brands, because I think most people set off and they build a business, but This sells a product or service and a brand is the personality behind those like you trust, a brand. You trust their passions and abroad. And is also multi dimensional, because I am I
and it's not confusing to people that one day I can talk about Miss Carriage and the next day I can talk about marketing and then the following day. I can talk about my favorite skin here that I'm using its because it's all based on me in what I love, and so when I look at different revenue streams, I think today I was actually counting. Is ours I thought I had eight, but I think I have ten and when you start to look at life that way it's like this life of abundance, but is also this life of freedom, because I know, if any point I wake up, and I say who really want to do not anymore? I still have legs to stand on it. I know that I still am going to be successful. You have to take some action, and is interesting that you say freedom, because that is the number one goal for a lot of people and Tonia his mastery that even says how many of you guys got into this cause. You wanted freedom, because you are free time, and intermediaries as their hand. Enron aprons has that workin out or yet. So, if you have many things going on, how do you do
that right like how are you prioritize and how do you find time to do the things that are most important? She, whether they be business or personal, then you know how to organise yourself yeah. So I won't smiling as you're saying that, because I can truly say like I feel, ultimate freedom, and I don't think that many of you boiled assume that when you look at the way my businesses and the content that were creating when I was finally, now with my daughter, who is now one years old, I knew that, like ok, I've got to work hard to build this business up to that place where I can step away. Just be a mom and be present with her, so that was my challenge and the way that did. That was, I started with one thing and I got really good at it created, a system and then a handed it off and a lot of times. When I look back, I was critical
of hiring there is so many voices in my head that said, you're not ready to hire your businesses and big enough. You don't make enough money to hire. You can afford to hired nobody's gonna care for this way that you do like who do you think you are to hire, and it really held me back for so long, because I believed all those things. But when I look back, I realise that my group was so tight around my money that I was just letting my time be spent without really understanding where it was going, what the value of it was. And so, while we have eight nine ten revenue streams today, there is only two things that are required of me and my entire business, and that is to be the visionary to be the person in the driver's seat to establish where we're going back to what that's gonna look like and to be the face and the voice, and literally everything else can be taken care of by. Someone else, and so it's been incredible because over the last three years I went from one employee to two, and now we have ten women that are employed by my company and its this intimate group where everyone is
staying in their lane and their living in their superpower, and yet there executing on a level that I would never be able to execute. Especially now is a mom. And so, when I think about freedom and like I have it to day, I was sitting here just a relaxing and working on the strategy and the vision by my team is executing alot of the tasks and they just think as women. We want to take on all the things we believe we can do all the things and while we can do anything, That doesn't mean we should do everything. So you mentioned that you have time to work on your strategy and your vision, which has great because a lot of people are too busy working in their business, that they don't have time to work on their business. So what are some of the techniques for the methods that you recommend to business owners once they have taken that staff to redouble their pay? already, is, and then was the process that you use when you think about your for vision, yeah. So one of my biggest things that I tell people is to first take some time to define
and it's really interesting to me, because I run in a circle with a lot of incredible men who are so successful in their achievement base entrepreneurs that I'm actually alive Sal based entrepreneur. I want to make enough to feel comfortable into your free. I dont need to be on stages. I dont need to be in all these places to be seen. I just want to be seen with my family first and then the world second, and so for me, what I recommend people do is that they define enough. So what does it look like for you to meet your needs, whether that's paying your mortgage or your grocery bill? What is that total Now that you need to earn to give you that freedom to then free up your time and I think, a lot of times we don't even established what that enough looks like and so we're just filling our plates with more and more and more, it's like at Thanksgiving when your play is so fallen. You sit down in your leg. Work do even begin, and so the way that I've been able to be the vision.
Areas by establishing what are enough pointers and only booking enough work to reach that point, and then having that margin that blank space that then I can show whose how I feel that, whether that's with strategy or whether that's where snuggling with my daughter before a nap time, what I love about that life is that, once I have margin I've clarity and once I have clarity, I have direction, and I think so many times people are just so beyond that hustle train, that they never actually take that step back and get that bird's eye view of where they're going. What have you ve also don't take I'm going to think about their. Why so? What are things at Tony? law about is having a clear mission or purpose. So what's your wife The thing that keeps you going through really difficult periods. So
I used to roll my eyes at this, not because I don't think is important, but because I didn't know- and I think it's okay- to say that I think that a lot of times- you see really successful people and they come at you with this really powerful mission statement that was crafted by a copywriter and you're. Like I'm just doing my thing over here like I don't know why, for me, at this year it became incredibly clear. Both of US and as a ceo- and I sat there really ambitious goal this year to save enough money to be was retire any day that I woke up and decided that I was done and I'm thirty one years old and so that was a pretty big goal, but I wanted to tell myself. What I show up when I didn't have to any more and the truth was that I'm showing a bigger and better because I care- and I wanted people to see like
anywhere that you see me these days is because I care about it, and so for me my. Why is to show women that you can do all the things of you desire to be a mom? You can be a damn good mom. You can also be a really great c o and you can be an epic wife and you can be a really good friend and why do all these things? And it's not going to be easy and it's definitely not gonna be clamorous, but that its possible? We have to have a strong enough reason behind it, and so that's my why at least now, first today- and maybe that will change tomorrow. Who knows no matter what you said, hugger building a brand instead of a business and the brand, as you say, you can be authentic Lee you, and that is something that you don't have to work out was interesting as what you just said is basically the people are expecting us to shift into different per
soon as when you see how you act a certain way when you're being a partner. You act is certainly when your mother useless to shift in your specific, completely change and that's what they call work life balance. You have your work in and you have your life, but Tony doesn't caught work life balance. He talks a lot about work, life integration, firstly for lunch, where's, it's really! He that you have that flow that move men fluidly beat off a change persona as every time you do something different. So what does that term mean to you? Work life into I shall what are some of the ways that you think you demonstrate that that would be a great example for other people who are struggling with that same situation, yeah, So I love work life integration, because whenever I thought about work, life balance as a visual person, I see this scale and I think you have to take something from one side and put it in the other in order to try to find the balance, and it's never actually gonna be info balance, and so for me, as I was thinking about work life integration, I kind of laughed because before we recorded this, I was
nursing my daughter and putting her down for her now and then I had to come right back out and get back to work. My entire life is work life integration in its figuring out. Where do I serve by worlds? The bass straight now in this matter, and so over this past year, especially as I've navigated motherhood as a brand new mom. I have had to really get clear on what I need and be able to communicate that, and so one of hardest things about balancing and trying to integrate both of those things? Is that you're always force with decisions, and I heard all about bomb guilt, and I think guilt just in general, is when I'm working handling about my daughter and when I'm with my daughter and thinking about work and I think we're all just walking around feeling some sort of guilt, whether we're staying at home and work. Feeling guilty that we're not earning or where at our job and were feeling guilty that we're not with our child more. I think that we have to learn how to release than in the way that we do. That is by making the best decision that we can in the moment that were in, and so this past year, as looks really
Interesting, because I wanted to just be so present as a mom and then it'll be the middle of the day and amount of meeting with my team, and I am nursing my baby and I'm half in half hour on both things in its like. But this is it like this? Is the jury this is what I wanted, and so I think, for understanding the whole balancing. Nothing will ever be imbalance. There's going to be this ebb and flow where you are forced to choose what needs me the most right now It's never going to feel fully in alignment. I think that's the beauty of it, because it's challenging you to make the best decision in the moment set your in, and so it's been a very interesting you're, navigating the and really painting that picture of what a working bomb can look like and I'm so fortunate, I'm so blest. Will the work from home with my baby in the house, which also poses its own challenges by it, makes me have to figure out. Where am I best needed right now, going into motherhood, I did something kind of radical, especially for an entrepreneur, but I literally black
now? My entire year, I had not a single obligation from speaking to launches nothing on my calendar for a full three energy to five days and first someone that is used to travelling all the time in saying yes to all the things I felt really really off, but I was trusting my into it. In their because I just knew. I dont know what mother it's gonna feel like, and I don't know I'm in a feel and if I'm gonna be up for these things, and I dont want to be half committed to anything. And what was worse how old is. I was hoping and praying that my business could coasts through this year and we figure it out, but we actually ended up growing forty percent and I have worked hard time this entire year. In part time. Being pretty generous when I say that, because I've been in an hour, I call myself in doubt time warrior, but I'm so efficient and I'm so so dialed in on exactly where we're going, and I am also not being stretched a million direct
since, and so while I was at home this year, I was able to have that sense of freedom that I so deeply desire. But I was also able to look at my time in an entirely new end say oh cabin, our right now like, whereas my time best spent work, they make the biggest impact and soldiers being that it is not only possible, but it can actually be a gift. Is so inspiring for women because I had so many fears about becoming a mom, no matter before looking at it from a business standpoint or freedom standpoint or just even like an expansion standpoint like can I handle this, and so many of those fears were just put to rest. When I held my baby for the first time- and I was like no- we got this and I want her to see a powerful mom and want her to see a working mom
So it's just like navigating all of those decisions in the moment, and I think the best thing that we have specifically as women by every single human is intuition. So often these days were bombarded with so much information that we lean onto blueprints and courses and all these step by step, things that have worked for everyone else, deep deep down. If we just were quite enough and we could listen, you're got, we probably already know the answers. So what are some of the tapes are the hacks that you found. That would be helpful for people to know you guys. So, for me I am an efficiency freak and so, when your time gets limited dies when you really see how great you are at time, management, right or work, and with less time these days, we ve got more demands on us, so I figured out ways to multitask in a way that isn't distracting is, I think, a lot of times when we multitask or half in on a million things. They were not actually selling at any. So one of my favorite ones is listening to content wine in the shower.
I know that sounds so silly, but when I'm in the shower, I'm not on my phone, I'm not half in. I can actually be fully present enlisting the only thing I have to do a shampoo, my hair, and I'm pretty sure I can do that, while listening when so just finding those seasons in ways that we can backs Mizar time for me, that's in there shower. Another thing that I've been doing is just choosing my mentors very wisely and protecting the scope of influence that I allow into my life especially as a mom? You get so many opinions, and most of them are really well intentioned, but a lot of times it can make you doubt yourself, and so this year I can. It did this audit, and I said What information in whom I allowing to speak into my life and how does it make me feel? And so when I look at,
social media are when I look at podcast or courses are the things that I'm allowing into my scope of influence. I'm really fiercely protecting my heart in those and understanding that, if I'm giving someone that time and space that has to be somebody, that's going to leave me feeling better than when I first showed up for them. Another thing that I do such a small thing, but it's made such an impact and tony talks about gratitude so much, but every single. I said three voice tax to people that are on my heart and I'm a Christians are, I believe, it's like a God divine intervention. If somebody pops into my head that haven't spoken too in a while, I just grab my phone. I click on a voice and I say hey no need to respond to this by twenty nine thinking of you today. I just wanted to check I can't let you know, I'm praying for you and his wild, because so many times- and I do thou- give him ass his back saying. Oh my gosh, you have no idea how much needed that right now and it helps me to feel connected, especially in a season where I'm pretty much home all of the time and feeling a little disconnected from reality. So those are just
little things that I do. That kind of allow me to really feel like I'm still making progress, even if it's a day where I'm just doing the laundry and making lunch and doing now times where I feel like I'm becoming a better version and myself even in the space of my own four walls. So speaking of that with social media, this is something that really trickier. I were living in a world where it so easily become consumed by and a lot of people can just unplug and they do say. Okay. This is a distraction. This isn't serve me. So women, add and people going on social media diets right. They dont want that false sense of reality and was about about themselves. What we're heaving and where we're out and our lives, but you're an infant. You live in the social media worlds, that's not an option for you. So how do you cope with that constant struggle of being can named by it and then taking a step back and how do you free yourself from the destruction when you need you yeah, So I love social media and it's so funny because I feel like nowadays who barges so frustrated with better their angering it out.
Reverse Anna. Like now. I love social me. I think it's a beautiful place to connect with people and inspire in one huge shift. That is such a simple shift to make that really changes. The way that you look at social media is, I look at social media as my legacy, and so instead of looking at it as a highlight real or away to share your best moments. I think I got some day my daughters, Look at this and see a day in the life of her mom or some day like somebody's gonna, Google MIA, They're gonna be up the sea. My real life, like I don't want to look back and just see the highlight real. I want to see the real life, and so for me just shifting that perspective from just being this marketing machine or this ways to get more followers are notoriety or fame, and understanding like this is my chance to tell my story. I don't know about you, but I'm not great about journaling idols. He bore really great diary like I try to do all of those things, and usually they are their first things to go when mice gets busy, and so my posts are
these little love notes for me to the universe, and I think, when you really think about writing messages that connect with just one person that can impact one person if just one person was truly touched by this, that I did my part and I think so often we're getting consumed by the masses that were losing the. Stitch. So I love social media, but I do definitely set boundaries to protect myself a lot of times. I will ask myself: is now a good time to post and I'll scan the room bike is somebody here that could have my attention face to face. My daughter at my feet is my husband. Wanting to connect is now a good time to post, because I always teach this in. This is a strategy, but don't post and goes like don't just post and get off like the whole thing about engaging is being the Engager like you can't just post. It expects people to engage with your content if you're, not even press.
And so when I go to post, I want to be available and observant for the next twenty minutes, and so looking at my life and thing is now a good time to post, like is the kid in bed is drew doing something else. Is he good okay now I can get on here and that just really helps free me up to be present for my audience but then to shut it off and be back into my life in a twenty minute timeshare. There is great advice I will drive. This has been wonderful. Thank you so much for your advice and productivity and letting a skilled I'll stay peak into your world and how you manage it. So thanks so much for me. I guessed on the terrorist forecasts. Ah, thanks for having so fun, the tenor of this package is directed by Tony Robins and produced by the, robins at a total team with audio editing and sound designed by Germans. Today's gassed was Jenna culture, an entrepreneur, educator, mom and pop castor. You can hear more from her on gold. Digger alive workshop, sailed business pot cast but helps thousands redefine success
and cheese, bolder dreams, or by going to W W W Dot, Jenna Kutcher Dotcom, guys he's gonna get your from the gold digger Pied Gaston as an entrepreneur, I'm obsessed with growing my business, but I am also a mom, a blogger upon gas or an educator and, needless to say, I have a lot of my plate outside of running my own business, super important that I say, rules for myself that our lines as I purpose and that I still have time to spend with the people that are most important to my life. That's why I'm so excited to find out more about Tony's, rapid planning method RPF, which is a system like he used to create his six billion dollar business empire. You want to learn more about the european system register for the weapon our by going to W W W that Tony robins dot com, flash r p M dash webinar, that's W w w DOT, tony robins dot com, slash, are pm dash Webinar.
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